Role Playing - Original Characters

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RP section for y'all that want to role play with the original characters of the Dukes of Hazzard only. See forum rules for more information.

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    • Lucky you Roger.  I dont have cable and my TV doesnt get NBC for some reason so just had to check  my phone. Was really surprised when I woke up and saw they won. So happy...they may actually have a chance this year.  Sorry your Steelers lost. The Bears lost last week to the Giants who only won three before their I feel where you are coming from.   Which was why I was fearing their game against the Rams. Am glad they bounced back when it counted the most. Hopefully your Steelers will too. (Just be grateful the Bears got Kahil Mack when they did from the Raiders...)
    • I watched the game last night Garrett and your boys really looked like Super Bowl contenders by beating the Rams who only had one loss. My Steelers lost to a terrible team, the Raiders, who only had 2 wins. I bet you enjoyed last night! Congratulations!
    • I'm in 5 leagues this year...but am only winning in one. So I have hope for one league.  And in those leagues,  I dont recall having any Steelers.  Will have to check. I have Burton and Trubisky in a few leagues, dont think I have Robinson.  But he would be a great one to have.  Good luck in your leagues Roger.  Oh and by the way its not depressing this year to be a Bears fan. This is the best year they've had in like forever! LOL. They beat the Rams last night. They are sitting pretty at number one in their division.
    • Hey Garrett, I picked up your Bears QB this morning as a back up if Big Ben gets hurt. I was surprised he was available. I also have Trey Burton who I always play and your Bears WR Robinson who I never play but makes a good back up. Do you have any Steelers?
    • This is the thread where everybody posts how fun it is to be a Steelers fan and Garrett posts how depressing it is to be a Bears fan. How many fantasy teams are you in Garrett and how are they doing? I'll finish second in one and am in the playoff hunt in the other. Sunday is a big day for us fantasy players. Good luck Garrett!
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