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  1. Stuffed myself today. Good thing I've lost nearly 8 pounds in the last month cuz I'm pretty sure I put it back on today. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  2. The Dukes (and Dukes fans) are sometimes down, but never out!!
  3. Doh! I wonder what happened to you. LOL. I didn't realize how bad or complicated this login thing was. I made the switch over to https YEARS ago, so I'm baffled as to why the login issues just started in the past year. So weird. Glad it's all sorted now though. Welcome back!
  4. I'm pretty sure I got all the DOH games that came out around that time. Never really got into them and I like driving games.
  5. I'm playing around with some of the settings and did some pretty hilarious stuff tonight. Hopefully, I'll have a few more videos out this week. Depends on how much time I have.
  6. I recently bought BeamNG.drive and have been playing around with it. I found out they have a General Lee mod. There's no Charger in the game, so it's basically just General Lee livery on a somewhat similar car body. Crashing is extremely fun in the game because of physics. So, I figured maybe Rosco would take the General Lee out for a little run. I recorded it and made a short video of it. Added a few sound clips from the show at the end too. I hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsLKta98Svo
  7. If you watch Star Trek: The Original Series, you'll run across Paul Baxley in about 10 episodes. He's only credited in about half of them.
  8. I believe the manufacturer is Kissing Crane. They have a few Dukes themed knives. I know they're available on eBay. Here's a handy affiliate link for anyone who might want to buy, I get a teeny commission that goes towards keeping the lights on at HazzardNet.com at no extra cost to you (shameless plug ). => https://ebay.us/tG4agG
  9. I hope that fixed it for you. Man, that was a tricky bug to track down!
  10. I think I may have figured out the solution to the login problem. It had to do with not updating instances of http to https. I think I've resolved the problem. Please let me know if you still encounter issues. -Mufn
  11. Well, this is a dilemma. The upgrade requires PHP 8.0, but I have another software install elsewhere on the site that is not compatible with PHP 8.0. Therefore, upgrade has been delayed until I figure this out.
  12. Time for another software update. I'll probably be doing it late tonight PST time or Sunday.
  13. I was born in Southern California (does that count? LOL), but my mom's from Arkansas and we visited a lot of relatives in the South growing up. Dad grew up in the country, just outside of San Diego. Both mom and dad's family often ate whatever they could shoot. To this day, my mom HATES rabbit because they ate it so much and she just never cared for it.
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