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A-Z Game

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Let's see if this catches on! I've seen something similar at another fan site for another show from a different country, and it proved really popular.

Rules are simple, just keep it in order, each post containing a word appropriate to the next letter of the alphabet. Could just be a single word, or a name (either character, actor or production crew), or part of a quote, phrase or saying....anything from Dukes works. 

I'll do the first few and see if this gains traction. 

Granny ANNIE


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Roger, I've already got Z in mind, but it involves cheating---er, shuckin' an' jivin'. They use it for a couple of the letters at the other fan site I stole this idea from. I'll show y'all what I mean when we get there.... :) Got one for Q up my sleeve as well, maybe a couple more, but gotta check to be sure....

And Kahn Road is a great one, never would've got that myself! :cheers: Same with Illinois 500, great one Hoss!


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