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Role Playing - Overview

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Awrighty, I think we all know how role playing works. :) The purpose of this forum is to have y'all that want to role play with just the original characters of the show be able to do so. This means that created characters will probably not be encouraged here. It will be up to those who start an RP to set their own rules for each story, defining what characters they want to use and then letting folks volunteer to play the parts. This means that things won't be as open as in a Round Robin format, so please do not just jump in to an RP unless you have signed up for a role! Otherwise, Rosco will have to cuff ya and stuff ya! LOL.

Okay, now that I've covered the basics, here's the important part....have fun! :D

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Where is everyone? Would anyone be interested in an RP? I could come up with an idea if anyone would want to join me in an RP...Please let me know.

Seems to me those untitled stories of mine could work here...not sure where else to get help writing them besides where I posted them...also need to come up with titles for them. There's four to choice from...the first one is the most recent story I started it a few minutes ago...or today anyway.

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