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  1. I stuffed myself the past few days lol. Work had a potluck on Wednesday and then had two thanksgiving dinners yesterday. Definitely feeling it today, probably skip breakfast this morning. I'll definitely never forget this Thanksgiving. I'm 43 years old and people trying to dictate how I'm going to live my life like I have no choice. We're still in shock after being blindsided yesterday. We never agreed to it or even had any input yet apparently the decision has been made and my family thinks it's a done deal . I don't know how the heck the discussion from last week that my dad's house needs renovated to bring it up to live-able code automatically turned into we're moving in and and taking care of him. I and my wife never agreed to that. In my opinion the house should be sold as is and my dad should move into an apartment or senior assisted apartment. It's probably going to cost $20-30,000 just to bring it up to current home code regulations and fix the things that he let go when he was in good health.
  2. Spike

    NASCAR news

    If y'all didn't catch the last lap at Martinsville last week here's a replay of Ross Chastain's insane video game move to make the final four. The Championship Phoenix race is on at 3pm est tomorrow on NBC.
  3. It's like I'm living a Twilight Zone episode right now where common sense doesn't exist and multi time convicted felons have more rights than law abiding citizens. Our nightmare from two years ago is back and apparently the previous manager erased all records and history of complaints against them as the new manager can't find anything on him, even the no trespassing order. This is not even a resident and he has more rights than the residents do . I even sent the new manager videos from our ring doorbell camera from 2020 showing him threatening us and other residents. She said they were very disturbing but there's nothing they can do without that no trespassing order. I guess it's going to take this psychopath to physically attack someone before they actually give a . I can not believe we're going through this again. What in the actual is wrong with this world these days!?! Like I don't have enough going on in my life right now!!!!! WHY WHY WHY????!
  4. Hope you get better soon Roger. My dad was in and out of the hospital again. All the meds that were prescribed to him dried his kidneys out and put him into renal failure so he was rushed to the ER. They caught it early enough to reverse it. However his kidneys are only functioning at 40% due to him waiting so long to go to the hospital back in September for the heart failure. He was discharged again Monday and he's doing ok. He's getting his wisdom teeth pulled sometime next week. Then they will schedule the heart surgery a few weeks after that. Wife got clearance to go back to work this week so she dived in and even did overtime. Nothing like taking it easy your first week back lol.
  5. Sorry guys just don't get much of a chance to get online other than to check my email. Turns out it's a bit more serious. At most he's going to need a quintuple bypass and repair or replace the mitrovalve(sp?). The doctors are confident that everything will go good and he'll feel much better than he has in years. Gave him a 94% chance of survival and good outcome of the surgery. Unfortunately they, like all the local hospitals post covid, couldn't get a dentist to come to see if any of my dad's teeth needed pulled or if he had any oral infections. So they released him to get that done. Turns out he has a gum infection but his teeth are good to go surprisingly so they got to treat the gum infection then once that's cleared they schedule the surgery. He's currently staying with his brother so they can keep an eye on him. On the way home from the hospital last night the brakes went out in my car. I guess if you want to look at the bright side of that at least it happened on a 35mph road while we were coasting to a red light so was able to get it woed down and pulled off the road. Timing of this could have been better though lol. Luckily the shop is able to fit it in this week so the wife had it towed there.
  6. Triple bypass and fixing a valve. I'm a mess. they assume he had a heart attack a while ago but he never mentioned it to anyone. Trying to get his affairs all in order just in case.
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