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  1. John Schneider was on the latest season, great episode. You can watch it here https://circlenow.circleallaccess.com/apps/321/1471097-1501079/d8551a222422bc70f462f7f0f2d73403-1471963-1502027/3855a42a6cdc27c63880476f81228e03-1223211-1250541/2ee46b9a705d6975b8d93c7e4ff70060-1517647-1553011/98ecb64ab2c99775438be48e4d74e00d-1572910-1614614?mode=details
  2. Been a hot minute since I've checked in. Yeah I'm still alive and kicking. Wife's been having some health issues going on over the summer that we hope will be taken care of soon. The car search is still ongoing, in fact I'm in the middle of "negotiations" on one but they're being hard headed because of the uaw strike even though afaik I'm the only one that has made an offer on it in the 38 days it's sat on their lot so far. I didn't make a low-ball offer either, I offered right in the middle of what KBB says it's worth, they have it priced above KBB. Almost bought one of my dream cars but I passed on it for a few reasons. It was a '09 Pontiac G8 GT, showroom new condition even though it had 75k miles on it. The owner even vacuumed and wiped down the interior after every drive. Was such a beautiful car I couldn't turn it into my daily driver. Plus the owner really didn't want to sell it but has 6 cars. He contacted me the other day asking if I'd be interested in one of his other cars. Work has turned into a depressing place because one person couldn't take a joke. They got a free paid day off while the rest of us got our a**es chewed out. So now all the holiday party's for the rest of the year have been cancelled cuz it all started with someone's birthday party a month ago. All the coworkers agreed no more party's till that person retires, quits or gets fired. It's so quiet there now you can literally hear the bugs skitter across the floor lol. I've been listening to a lot of Dale Earnhardt jr podcasts to kill time while I work now. Speaking of him put out a series on his dad called Becoming Dale Earnhardt about his dad's first season in Winston Cup series, well worth listening to if you're a fan of NASCAR in the late 70's early 80's.
  3. Yes Yahoo done away with the Groups section quite a few years ago.
  4. Wife and a friend surprised me yesterday by dragging me out to go fishing. First time since around 2013-14. Good to know casting is like riding a bike, you don't forget how to. I was the only one that caught a fish , and that little bullhead let me know it didn't appreciate being caught by stabbing me with one of his pokers while removing the hook lol. Stopped at a pizza joint after fishing since it was highly rated by locals, yes it was good. Was a nice way to cap off my birthday weekend, especially after the lousy Saturday visit with my dad that lasted just 10 minutes but that was as much as I could bear. Was going to go test drive a few cars Saturday but after that visit I cancelled that as I didn't want to drive anybody else's car angry. Unfortunately the interest rate sale is ending at the credit union and I won't be getting a car before that ends so I'll be paying the higher interest rates or I could just buy another SL that popped up at a local dealership and just keep driving a boring car till electric cars take over.
  5. I bet the rehab nurses and PT's threw a party Friday as my dad got released. Going to have to see if a local Starbucks or Tim Hortons has a bunch of $5 gift cards to hand out to them as an apology for his behavior. I don't know what has gotten into him but my patience is wearing thinner than a strand of hair. The way he has treated his brother the past few months is shameful. Friday I had my fill, told my dad he should be nicer but he didn't like hearing that so I left before I said something I'd regret. I came home and finished off a bottle of JD.
  6. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Penske Enterprise which owns the track and Indycar series is giving her a new car Interesting how far nascar has strayed from its roots. Chase Elliott has been parked for one race for spinning Denny Hamlin into the wall. Growing up watching nascar in the 1980's driver's rarely got penalized this severely for wrecking opponents. Usually the drivers worked it out amongst themselves or the France's would slap them with a huge fine. Corey Lajoie will be driving the #9 this weekend.
  7. So this week keeps getting crazier While at work yesterday I received a notification from my ring camera... https://ring.com/share/f1612370-321b-4e03-9548-befc12c5e11b A careless idiot neighbor threw his cigarette butt in the dry grass. This is the 2nd video of the fire. After seeing this and noticing our next door neighbor wasn't out yet I did a 100m sprint to my wife's work building to get her phone and called the neighbor to alert her to get out. When she got to the door with her dog the maintenance guy for the neighboring property was able to put the fire out with a garden hose before it spread to any of the buildings.
  8. Been a weird holiday weekend so far. My dad got triple bypass surgery Friday, he's doing ok but has a long way to go. Crazy neighbors next door got the boot out finally. However now there's a new crazy neighbor in the next building over . Cops have been here 3 days in a row for her. We came home from the hospital Friday and she was in the parking lot screaming obscenities at everyone, have no idea why. I live streamed the Ring camera to catch it on video. After talking with the on site maintenance about her I will be sending the video to management.
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