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  1. What a week this has been. Dad got out of the hospital Tuesday. Found one of the elderly lady's I mow for dead in her bed Wednesday. These mid to upper 90's all week long have done a number on the plants and us. Wife had my birthday today planned out but of course "Mr. Dependable" was needed . So after the plans were ruined, might I add by the way for nothing I figured I'd get the lawns done so I could at least sleep in and relax tomorrow.
  2. Spike

    NASCAR news

    According to NASCAR insiders Martin Truex jr will announce his retirement tomorrow.
  3. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Personally I think team radios should be off limits to the public because drivers are adults and will let the cuss words fly and other remarks not fit for PG tv. Children shouldn't hear that anyways. So far it doesn't appear NASCAR will be punishing Martin Truex jr. In other news Fox and Indycar have reached a deal. Fox will broadcast all 17 Indycar races of Fox stations. To make this happen Fox has moved all but 5 of the cup series races they will get next year to FS1. As an Indycar fan this is great news...but as a NASCAR fan this means I'm only watching 5 races on Fox next year. Though some of those were already moved due to the USFL games anyways.
  4. Spike

    NASCAR news

    After getting stuck in traffic during one of the pit stop cautions he ranted about the other drivers and calling them retarded. And of course it is now making the rounds on social media with people hoping he gets fined or forced to go to "sensitivity" training.
  5. Spike

    NASCAR news

    In the NASCAR Rumor mill today.... Kyle Busch is rumored to be possibly going back to Joe Gibbs Racing if Martin Truex Jr retires, which is a possibility after his R-word rant at Sonoma he might get cancelled by the easily offended. Noah Gragson is rumored to be heading to RCR and RCR is rumored to have bought a 3rd charter, possibly one of the SHR charters.
  6. Will Will Power just won the Indy Road America race.
  7. Since apparently they were told to do that by the district manager I figured I'd take it a step further and soaked the ground in weed and grass killer this morning since we're not allowed to have flowers there anymore so nothing will grow there for a long time. I am so over dealing with all the BS from this new district manager. Can't have this can't have that can't do this can't do that, fine for this fine for that. About ready to tell her to stick a 2x4 where the sun don't shine.
  8. It's based off the video game of the same name. Years ago Nissan did a tournament with Gran Turismo and the best sim racers got a shot at a Nissan factory race team. Got home from picking the car up at the tire shop today, turned out to be something I ran over though I've never seen a screw like that before, anyways the lawn crew was nice enough to weed whack our asters and allysums.
  9. It's been a fun past few days... Tuesday at work I came out to a flat tire. My hypothesis is that the lawn crew accidentally shot a screw or bolt into the sidewall because the tire was fine until the mowed and left. On 1st break it was fine, on lunch it was fine, after work flat. In my wife's building they have a portable air pump so they brought that out and was able to get it to hold air long enough for me to get it to a nearby tire shop. Got the call yesterday that the tire is unpatchable because of where the screw/bolt was but they didn't carry the brand tire that was on it so I asked if it still held air and told them I'd pick it up after work since I found another shop that sold the same tire. Well somewhere between the lift and parking lot the object fell out and left a hole and the tire wouldn't hold air anymore. So I finally gave in and told them just give me the cheapest tire they got that they can get on it today since the only options I had to choose from where Chinese knock off brands anyway. Guess I'll ride on that for a month or two and buy a whole new set. Ever since a regional chain out of Detroit took over that locally owned shop last year it has gone into the crapper. Also yesterday my boss got all defensive when I told him what happened with the tire. Thought to myself I'm not blaming you, just said it was most likely something got shot out of the lawnmower when they were mowing. During the winter when these guys plowed and salted the drive 4 coworkers got flats too so it's not like I'm the first one to complain about them. Heck if I didn't need the money I would call off from work today.
  10. Spike

    NASCAR news

    The Xfinity race Saturday was way more exciting especially the victory lap Shane VanGisbergen did with burnouts and drifting almost the entire Portland track. A bit of sad news...Parnelli Jones passed away today. He won the 1963 Indy 500, Baja 1000 twice, 4 NASCAR Cup series races and multiple other disciplines of Motorsports races and championships.
  11. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Kyle Larson finally got the waiver so he can continue in the championship hunt. Austin Cindric won the race Sunday in a surprise twist. Christopher Bell was the dominant car but blew up late in the race. Ryan Blaney would have won if he didn't run out of gas on the last lap. Another interesting thing I've noticed about some of the younger drivers this year, they're doing snuff during the race. Austin pulled a snuff pouch out of his lip during his victory speech. He isn't the only one either.
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