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*whistles, chirpier now that he was actually awake, dressed as usual in his jeans and yellow shirt, the blue one not underneath this time as it felt too hot outside to wear it, towelling his curly hair dry that had curled more - if that was even possible - now that it was wet. It wouldn't get brushed, it would just dry and then be as it normally was. Tossing the towel into the wash as he walked past, he smiled at Jesse and Luke as he came into the kitchen, grabbing himself a cup of coffee.*

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Jesse *tilts head* Now Bo, I don't think yer a hearin' me right. I really want you and Luke to go out and have some fun. I let the other two young-uns take it easy on their birthday *tilts head again* unless it's a real emergency, and I want you to do the same.

Boss was at his office and he says "Now Lulu, what is all the fuzz I'll get your car fixed soon enough by why in the world do you want one of those Brand New Buick Grandnational. They ain't that special it's the samething as a Buick Regal just a little bit faster."

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(Julie...cant you see how we're rp'ing here? actions go in ** and speech is written normally, plus Boss hasn't been tagged into the rp yet. So please dont post!)

*sighs softly, nodding a little and looking to his feet*

I know Uncle Jesse s'just...my birthday always kinda reminds me bout how much ya done fer me...how many years you's put inta raisin' me an' all...I just...wanna give something back you know.."

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Jesse *lovingly* Well Bo if ya wanna give somethin' back like ya say ya do, you can start by making an old man happy.....and the way to do that is go out there and have some good clean fun. Every time you and Luke ride the roads of Hazzard County, I'm there with ya boys. Ya might not see me but I'm there. 'Sides, I relive my youth every time you boys come home with another story of how you shucked and jived old Rosco and Boss.

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