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  1. Yep, heard that this morning. Blessings Waylon, we sure miss you.
  2. K, here's a production blooper. The VERY FIRST TIME we see Daisy's "new" car, the '71 Satellite, is Season 1 Episode 11, "Money to Burn." It's a dramatic entrance with it coming in right under the camera before looping around to park. I discovered while researching the black stripe that the left stripe must have been MUCH wider at the top than the right side. You can see how it goes across the roof, and how not only is it not perfectly parallel, but that it's DRAMATICALLY wider on the left than on the right. I'm guessing maybe the paint crews were under a really tight deadline t
  3. Thanks my friend! Well, the replacement engine was finished (AMT '71 Duster), a small-block to replace the kit's big-block which apparently any smooth-hooded Satellite would never have had. HOWEVER, many problems arose: 1) Drive shaft too short for the new engine (was lengthened, see previous) 2) Once installed, found it sat 'WAY too low. Had to redo the already-redone engine mounts to raise it several mm. 3) Once totally installed, found it was still much too far back. By this time I was far more committed....I would have had to lengthen the drive shaft AGAIN, and redo
  4. Man, sorry to hear that Spike....it's a dang shame when honest folks don't even know whether to help or not anymore. A year and a half ago I witnessed a breakin in progress in the wee hours; I called it in, but the Tucson Police have been so underfunded for decades (dare I say "de-funded) that they didn't have an available unit until 4 hours later.
  5. Thanks for all the kind comments! Most folks know that auto glass has a slight tint to it, a sort of bluish-green. I prepare a solution of clear acrylic floor polish (formerly Future), tinted with a few drops of blue and green food coloring. Clean and polish the windscreen and rear window, and dip them into the solution. Position them upside-down so the color settles slightly to the top of the glass as it dries and cures. I never leave the tires looking unused/showroom-new, especially for a car that spends its days speeding up and down country roads. I sand all over each
  6. Okay, once the paint cures, it's time to fully detail the engine bay. I use as many photos of the real thing as possible and try to copy what I see in them. Since every one of them seems to be different, I end up just using the best possible features to scratchbuild and copy. I keep a supply of 4-5 different sizes of plastic-coated wire in varying colors, plus fine metal wire. Several details on the firewall as well as the water reservoir and horn were scratchbuilt. Master cylinder & servo housing were painted with Alclad lacquers (Stainless Steel & Titanium)
  7. Hey there, Really late to this show, I think I *thought* I'd been in here but apparently not (if I ever go senile, nobody's gonna notice). If in a pinch, the MPC decals aren't bad, although the flag is seriously undersized. Hands-down the best, which I used on my super-build, were by Dukes decal specialist Tim Sherry, but its very tough getting ahold of him, at least in my experience...seems like he's gone through a few email addys. Last I heard he was on FB, which I don't use, so I can't vouch for how his response-time is on there. If you can get decals from him, then you're in
  8. You're kind to say my friend, thank you Only helps that I love doing it....
  9. Late in Season 1 when they switched to the '71 Satellite, they painted it in a yellow to match the original '73/4 Roadrunner. For the RR it had been a factory standard for that particular year, but apparently for continuity (and hoping the fans would not notice the change) they painted the new Satellite in the same shade of yellow as the Roadrunner. Thus it was a non-standard color for a '71 Plymouth of any sort. After much research, and following an online discussion, the color seems to have been "Yellow Blaze." Fortunately Scalefinishes.com, who produces factory-matching colors for a
  10. The toylike one-piece rear suspension/exhaust system was separated, and both sides of the exhaust cleaned up until presentable on their own. The exhaust tips were clipped off, as per reference views, and re-shaped and drilled. Everything was painted and finally installed. Eventually all of this will be thickly coated in Hazzard County dust.
  11. K folks, it's been a tough end of the school year unlike any other, so I'm finally able to return to the project. Rear tires are slightly larger than the front ones, and going into my spare tires resulted in only mismatching tires of differing sizes. Fortunately I was able to source tires of the same type/appearance and apparently correct sizes from Fireball Modelworks. Fortunately they also fit the wheel rims that a fellow modeler was kind enough to send me. Then the inner wheel hubs had to be reduced in size to fit the tires; had to do this now so as to know exactl
  12. A much larger problem arose; actually two related problems. 1) The suspension and exhaust system is all molded as one piece, looking toylike 2) The rear suspension needs to be boosted to accomodate larger rear tires. This will necessitate the total rebuilding of the aft ends of the leaf springs. First, separating the exhausts: Then, adding to the chassis frame to accomodate the extended rear suspension.... Also found the new engine was too short for the driveshaft; so the driveshaft had to be lengthened by 3mm. Amazin
  13. The new engine arrived Friday; smaller-block engine from AMT's 71 Duster, will be heavily detailed and wired. Still needed modifications to the front area with making an attached alternator and other mounts for the pulleys. Also drilled out holes for the spark plugs and wires (very time consuming on a tiny distributor). Also modified the engine mounts so it could accomodate the smaller engine block. Not a perfect fit, but it's better.
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