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  1. (Season 3 episode Topsy Turvy.) Skipper:"Don't drink that! Gilligan, you just drank that Captabora Extract!" Gilligan:"I know it!" Skipper:"Well!?" Gilligan:"Now I've got 5 pies!"
  2. Cousin Roger... The Skipper can try to get her here.
  3. Christine Fun Fact: In this scene the blackened headlight is actually sprayed with hair spray to keep it from reflecting back into the camera lens.
  4. BRB(Billie Rae Bates) classified herself as "a geeky nerdy girl!" Wow!
  5. Dukes of Hazzard Fun Fact: The Bassett Hounds that played Flash P. Coltrane were Sandy and Ruby.
  6. Cousin Roger... Wow you posted this on my birthday!
  7. Cousin Hobie & Cousin Roger Thanks for your reactions.
  8. 2 Nice articles Billie Rae Bates did about me and my Gilligan's Island item collection. https://brbtv.blogspot.com/2020/02/check-out-these-gilligan-goods.html https://brbtv.blogspot.com/2021/04/congrats-to-bobby-for-finally-snagging.html
  9. BRB TV's 1st blog about me. https://brbtv.blogspot.com/2020/02/check-out-these-gilligan-goods.html
  10. Gilligan's Island General Discussion. https://brbtv.blogspot.com/2021/04/congrats-to-bobby-for-finally-snagging.html
  11. Sorry y'all. I have checked it out via evidence provided by Cousin HossC. It turns out, Racing For Home bad guy Black Jack Perril was not voiced by Jack Palance(Curly)from the City Slickers movies, but voiced by Jeffrey Ford. However he shares similarities with Curly such as looks and clothes. But the resemblance ends there. Also turns out that Geologist/bad guy Johnny Rob in Daisy Dukes It Out was voiced by Jeffrey Pillars(Uncle Jesse Duke)who also played Uncle Jesse Duke in Racing For Home. Not Billy Bob Thornton. Sorry about the misinformation y'all. However once again, Johnny Rob shares lo
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