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    The Dukes of Hazzard(1979-1985, Gilligan's Island(1964-1967), The Andy Griffith Show(1960-1968), Moonrunners(1975), Rescue From Gilligan's Island(1978), The Castaways On Gilligan's Island(1979), The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island(1981), Christine(1983) movie and book, Eddie Macon's Run(1983) movie and book The Dukes of Hazzard:Reunion(1997) The Dukes of Hazzard:Hazzard in Hollywood(2000) The Dukes of Hazzard(2005), The Dukes of Hazzard:The Beginning(2007)Country Music: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw and Johnny Paycheck

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  1. They made the pancake syrup lady Aunt Jemima take her picture off the bottles and they made Uncle Ben take his picture off his Minute Maid Rice and they made The Cream of Wheat guy take his picture off of Cream of Wheat/Quick Farina hot cereals. I heard they are replacing the Cookie Monster with a politically correct version called Veggie Monster.
  2. Follow the leader(Rescue From Gilligan's Island)when shark pulls Gilligan off the huts boat, and Skipper and Professor try to save him. Then the shark is dragging all 3 by the rope attached to Gilligan, Mr. Howell says "Egad, this is no time to play follow the leader!"
  3. Gilligan's Island Why did they ever want to leave? 1. Free food 2. No bills 3. No contact only the other castaways and they didn't have to speak to each other if they didn't want to 4. No Covid and other junk
  4. (Season 1 Little Island, Big Gun) The Indigo Mob comes looking for Jackson Farrell. They see castaways dressed as natives. Lucky:"Looking for white man! Criminal."(Makes gun and hold up gestures.)"He hold up bank!" Hank:"I guess they don't speak English." Lucky:"Looks to me like they don't speak anything. Get a load of these 2-"(Looking at Gilligan & Skipper.)"It's hard to believe they're human beings!" Lucky:"Well, let's go." They start to leave. Castaways make gibberish noises. Hank:"Oh. So you do talk?" Lucky:(Sees Ginger Hank eyeing each other.)"I think she's tryin' to tell you somethin' Hank." Hank:"I'm tryin' to tell her somethin' too!"(Bites the air.)Lucky:"It's a good thing she can't understand English. She'd slap your face." Ginger(Slaps Hank's face.)Hank:"It must've been the way I said it?" Skipper:(Gibberish chattering.)Mr. Howell:"Moolah moolah moolah!" Hank:"That's funny, I coulda swore I heard him say "Moolah moolah moolah" even the most primitive native tribes must know about money." Lucky:"Maybe he's askin' for a handout." Mr. Howell:"Indeed!" Lucky:"How do you like that? Even the natives are hen-pecked. Let's get out of here!"
  5. Cuzin Meadowmufn... Did you play the Driver series with character John Tanner?
  6. Yes you should look at buying them. The games are on eBay.
  7. (Season 3 Carnival of Thrills) Luke Duke:"Come on Bo! We need 10 more miles an hour! We need 65!" Bo Duke:"I'm gettin' it! Hang on!"
  8. (Season 3 Carnival of Thrills) Luke Duke:"Well cousin, I gotta say, I'm glad I'm here." Bo Duke:"I'm glad yer here too."
  9. (Season 3 Carnival of Thrills) Daisy Duke:"Uncle Jesse? Isn't that beautiful?" Uncle Jesse Duke:"Yeah. It's stupid. But it's beautiful." Luke Duke:"Well, I guess it's catchin' then Uncle Jesse." (To crowd on microphone)"Folks this here's Luke Duke! You just sit tight, 'cause Bo's gonna do that jump just like he promised."(To Uncle Jesse and Daisy)"See. If I copilot he can keep his eyes on the road." Daisy Duke:"Luke! I don't know whether to kiss you, or kill you. So I guess I'm gonna kiss you!"
  10. (Season 3 Carnival of Thrills) Luke Duke:"Cooter. Crack open that hood there. I got a sneakin' suspicion." John Zimbra:"Take a look that gas line."
  11. (Season 3 Carnival of Thrills) Uncle Jesse Duke:"Bo! Now Luke wants to tell you somethin', an' I want you to stand there, an' listen to him, an' I don't wanna hear one peep outta you! Understand!?"
  12. (Season 3 Carnival of Thrills) Luke Duke:"Boss. It sounds to me like yer workin' some sort of scam, to cheat this little lady out of her carnival."
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