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    The Dukes of Hazzard(1979-1985, Gilligan's Island(1964-1967), The Andy Griffith Show(1960-1968), Moonrunners(1975), Rescue From Gilligan's Island(1978), The Castaways On Gilligan's Island(1979), The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island(1981), Christine(1983) movie and book, Eddie Macon's Run(1983) movie and book The Dukes of Hazzard:Reunion(1997) The Dukes of Hazzard:Hazzard in Hollywood(2000) The Dukes of Hazzard(2005), The Dukes of Hazzard:The Beginning(2007)Country Music: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw and Johnny Paycheck

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  1. I decided to word this a little better. "I've learned from experience that people often make false claims when selling things, but in this case, it didn't matter because my mom stepped in and fixed the issue! The seller made a mistake, but mom turned it into a positive outcome and I finally got the braided Skipper's hat I wanted" and to add more to it. Other sellers who advertise the Mouse Braid, their customers receive it. So that's clear evidence that my seller Bluenox pulled bait and switch on me.
  2. My experience has taught me this... People lie to sell things. But it doesn't matter anymore cuz my seller's lie about the braid isn't an issue anymore. Mom made and installed the correct one for me on the hat.
  3. Good Guy Agent 014 Dream sequence Season 3 episode The Invasion Skipper/Gilligan's mother:"Here! Let me take that heavy bag off your arm so you can eat." Gilligan/Agent 014:"No! I just realized something!" Skipper/Gilligan's mother:"What?" Gilligan/Agent 014:"You're not my mother!" Skipper:/Gilligan's mother:"How did you find out?" Gilligan:/Agent 014:"Because my real mother would make me wash my hands before I eat. Besides, my real mother is a woman!" Skipper/Gilligan's mother:"What're you gonna do to me 014 kill me!?" Gilligan/Agent 014:"No that's to good for you. I have a torture for you worse than death!" Skipper/Gilligan's mother:"You mean!?" Gilligan/Agent 014:"Exactly! Sit down there at the table, eat your soup, and don't spill a drop!"
  4. Season 4 The Great Bank Robbery Waylon Jennings:"Friends, if Boss only knew that money Rosco seen was from his bank, he would be chokin' on that Pork Chop."
  5. Season 1 Wrongway Feldman Mr. Howell:"Knowing Wrongway, it's hard to tell which way he went!" Wrongway Feldman:"I'll tell ya where I went! I'm right here. Skipper:"Wrongway, you're alive" Wrongway Feldman:"Surprised huh?"
  6. Season 4 Coltrane vs Duke Waylon Jennings:"Meanwhile, the judge was delayed by eatin' at the Chickasaw Diner. You know what, some folks have been delayed permanently eatin' there."
  7. X rated movie in Days of Shine and Roses
  8. Hey y'all... Remember what happened to me? My seller did the bait and switch. I received Gorget Braiding instead of the Mouse Braiding that was advertised Well, I've been thinking, all the Gorget Braiding hats I see on eBay, could the exact opposite happen to someone else? They order expecting to get Gorget Braid, and their seller could put Mouse Braid on instead?
  9. Her hair sure like gold in the hot morning sun!
  10. Season 4 Double Dukes Turk:"What do we do with 'em now?" Moody:"Crate 'em. Put 'em in dead storage. Get it? Coffin Works, dead storage!" Him and Turk laugh, Bo sarcastically joins in. Waylon Jennings:(About Turk and Moody) "You know, them boys are about as funny as findin' a rattlesnake in yer bed!"
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