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  1. Cuzin MonacoMan... As the Fonz Happy Days says "Exactamondo" scenes were shown out of sequence. The "actual" 1st jump is indeed the college. But not the 1st that we see. We see Elm St. 1st.
  2. Cuzin Spike... Yep wife's are the boss.
  3. Credit and Gift cards(Scammer money LOL)
  4. fall as in the sarcastic saying "Have a nice trip. You see you next fall."
  5. I just put everything on my Facebook Messenger to Don't receive requests. For messages I shut it all off. To many bitcoin etc scammers on there. To many on there wanting favors credit cards money gift cards etc etc. Stick with people that I know ARE NOT like that! Stick with those whom I know are REAL! Stick with those who already in my contacts and they do not pull that crap on me! I am done dealing with NEW people on Facebook Messenger. NEW people are always nothing but scammers!
  6. Cuzin Hobie Hartkins... Season 2 Mason Dixon's Girls.
  7. Nope. They don't suspect any foul play at all. Wow!
  8. 'SHINE(Moonshine)Hobie's favorite drink.
  9. Boss:"An' I, even I draw the line when it comes to dope an' drugs fer any amount of money!" Rosco:"Any amount." Boss:"They make 'em shifty, swimmy headed an' unpredictable." Rosco:"Like him!"(Points at Enos.)
  10. QUICKSAND- Daisy falls in it in Baa, Baa, White Sheep.
  11. Update on Ami. She may have been squatting(living in that apartment illegally)she was using an extension cord for a heater. She kicked her boyfriend Dakota out. He may have set the fire and murdered her to get even or hired some friends to kill her for him. Also found out she was a druggie. He(Dakota) came over her place New Year's Eve day and they smoked a bowl. Later the fire and her death. Something is fishy. Also she knew this Randy Michaels guy who went missing last year and hasn't been found yet. He's probably dead. Seems like someone wanted to eliminate Randy and eliminate her too. Tell me it's not fishy?
  12. The row of homes on Andrews Ave are gone now too.
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