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  1. “Married?!” Jud demanded in shock. “Yep.” Sam said. “I'm heading back to my place now.” Luke said. “See you then.” Sam said and hung up. “He's heading back to his place.” Jud jumped into the SUV that the air force gave him to use. Then rushed back to his brother's place. Mary Ann, C*** and Luke went to 'Daniel's' place. They were met there by Jack O'Neill. "Jack..." Luke started. “So this is your wife. I came over as soon as Sam called me.” Jack said. “Mary Ann, this is Jack O'Neill.” Luke introduced them. “Nice to meetcha.” Mary Ann said. Jack smiled. “You guys need a place.” Jack said. “That's what I told Sam.” Luke said. Cue anyone
  2. I only have enough to buy one season in september. I own 1, 3, 6, and 7 what would be the best season to buy next? Season 2, season 4 or season 5?
  3. Could alway use Cooter if we run out of c's.
  4. But what if we run out of other letters.
  5. Cooter looked between them shocked a moment and rested a hand on Luke's shoulder. “If this had to happened... I'm glad it's you, Luke.” Cooter said and then hugged his friend now brother-in-law. Luke returned the hug. “Luke?” Mary Ann asked. “I told you when we met my real name is Luke Duke just people around Colorado Springs know me as Daniel Jackson.” He explained. Mary Ann nodded. “Almost forgot.” “As in one of my best buddies, Mary Ann.” Cooter said. Luke smiled. “So that's why you suggested I call Cooter, Luke.” Mary Ann said. “Yeah. Hey, Cooter, you do realize that now you really are a Duke.” Luke said. “Oh yeah, you married my sister.” Cooter said. “Yep. I should call Jud and the family.” Luke said. “Yeah Jud's out looking for you.” Cooter said. “He's looking with your friends Teal'C and Sam.” Luke pulled out his cellphone and called Sam. Sam answered it quickly. “Sam, are you still with my brother?” Luke asked. “Daniel?” Sam asked. “Yeah, Sam.” Luke said. “Where have you...” Sam started. “In Vegas getting married.” Luke said. “You got married?” Sam asked. “Too Cooter Davenport's little sister.” Luke said. “Do you want me to tell Jud?” Sam asked. “Please... me and Mary Ann do need to find a place.” Luke said. “We'll help you look?” Sam said. “Me too.” Cooter pipped in. “Thanks.” Luke said. “I'm sure, Jack and Frasier will to.” Sam said. “I'll talk to him about that later.” Luke said. “Sam?” Jud asked. “Luke's back in Colorado Springs.” Sam said. “Where was he?” Jud asked. “Vegas getting married.” Sam said. Cue anyone
  6. Did you know I have a celebrity stalker? Yup. John Schneider from Dukes, Smallville and The Haves and Have Nots sends me email about his schedule, new movies, music... Everything! It's great knowing what he's up to and having my own "Celebrity Stalker!" I thought of you right away because I know you watch him. That's why I'm sending this link to the sign up form. Give John your whole name and email and you'll be on the list too! No kidding. It's really John Schneider and it's a whole lot of fun! Here's the link: https://forms.aweber.com/form/18/1753621618.htm As John says... Onward! I don't know if any of ya already are signed up for his emails and thought ya might be interested if you aren't.
  7. Actually Snellville is a city in Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States, east of Atlanta.
  8. I was told it was season 6 but not on that seasons dvd i just bought.
  9. SonjaBudd


    Maybe we should message Meadowmufn about it.
  10. Braker One Braker one I may be Crazy but I Ain't Dump CRAZY COOTER COMING at you any of ya'll out there on the Hazzardnet. I searched and it didn't show as being used on here.
  11. SonjaBudd


    Everytime I try it's unavaible... I wonder at times if it ever will be avaible again.
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