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    LOL can I just say this on here now so there is no more confusion, I am in fact FEMALE! lol
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  1. Sorry I cant make this guys, would have been nice but my new job means I have to be up early for work, so 7pm is midnight and beyond for me and I have to be in work at 7am. Need my sleep to be able to cope with a 12 hour christmas shifts unfortunatly! I wish all of you the very best for christmas and the new year, as long as the world doesn't end, if it does...its been a pleasure knowing you all, see you on the other side!
  2. Wow thanks everyone for the warm welcome back! I've missed you guys very much! And awww Roger that's so sweet! It great that your still here!
  3. Thanks everybody! Life has been really hectic recently, I'm catching back up with quite a few places xD
  4. Awww thanks Hoss!! I've missed being here!
  5. Hey all! I'm not a new member but a returning one from where I've been hiding in a place I hate called real life. University, Work, Family Deaths, Family Drama lots of things have kept me away from the site but all that is about to change. I plan to be on here as regular as I did before, posting where I can and writing with you great people here at Hazzardnet. I've missed you all who I knew before, and say hi to everyone new whose arrived here since I last signed on which was probably a while ago :S I'm so glad to be able to get back here!!! BoJames
  6. Happy Birthday BoJames! :)

  7. Ack!! I've been away too long due to internet problems and busy life getting in the way and this is what I come back to?!?!?! I'm so glad your okay Rog, Hazzardnet wouldn't be the same without you around!
  8. Big LOL's, your song makes me laugh Brian And you took the violent bit the wrong way, I thought everyone knew that if you take a violent exception to something it means to be really really really really against it, or to make an obviously big stand against it, maybe that's just me or my country I don't know. I just really dont see why this whole name has caused such big outrage, why people are feeling like they've had their feelings hurt and also why everyone keeps harping on about the show being 'all about' family values. It wasn't all about that at all, even John's admitted its had its risque moments and some people who have watched the show have had the same violent reaction to it Muffin did because they don't agree the show should be advertising running from the law, shooting at people with bow's and arrows, knowingly breaking terms of probation and painting a confederate flag on the top of their car - promoting slavery which I have heard before and don't completly agree with. Yeah the show has family elements to it, and it is a large part of it, but none of it was completly good wholesome family fun to everybody. Ben was a part of the show, he and Alma have their reasons for calling the group what they did and the people in it have their reasons for sticking with it. It's been raised, as Daisymae said, as to the suitability of the name with them but its not been changed for a reason and none of us as far as I know understand those reasons completly. I think in the end, we might all have to agree to disagree on this one, mainly because its 7am here and I'm in a more peaceful mood than the tired, angry one I was yesterday night after a 13 hour day at work lol. I'm sorry if any of the post I put yesterday offended anyone, especially Muffin, I just didn't want Daisymae to be upset over something that isn't her fault when she's just trying to answer a question which she is. By the way......I am in no way affiliated with the Hazzard County Mafia, any and all opinions and commentary i've passed on the group are completly my own and in no way express the thought and opinions of the Hazzard Count Mafia themselves xD
  9. Hazzard County Posse? Isn't that just as bad as mafia huh? Groups who go round shooting other people in gang wars and doing drugs and all that are called posse's, at least they are over here. We also, by your standards, can't call them a Gang, Crew or Homies because they will mean bad things to different people. Not everything in Hazzard was named in fuzzly family friendly words. POint is, Bo and Luke arn't in the Hazzard County Mafia because they are fictional characters, and Muffin is the only one who i've encountered whove had such a violent and hostile reaction to the name. Other people can take it in the humor with which it was intended. By the way, just to prove a point, the word mafia in the english dictionary has a few definitions, one of them being 4. often mafia Informal: A tightly knit group of trusted associates, as of a political leader.
  10. Woooooaaahhhh hostility alert?! Come on meadow, its not like these guys go round beating people up, fleecing them for money and taking people out like hitmen nor do they claim to do any of that in the name of Duke! Daisymae was just answering a question and lets face it, we all harp on about how family friendly Dukes is, but seriously...look at first season especially, how risque was the show really? How many inappropriate inuendos were there? They ran from the law - even if it was as corrupt - they're on probation, the boys are the biggest skirt chasers around, they fling themselves off of cars. Nowadays as I see it, if you call yourself a mafia, it doesn't neccisarily mean what it used to. Its more of a joking way to describe a good bunch of buddyroes, a closeknit family of friends. I've heard many people go around describing themselves as the so and so mafia and they're the nicest people....although they also call themselves the so and so 'massives' as well which is kinda dorky LOL Maybe its not the best name, maybe people will take it the wrong way, but those people have a reason for calling it that. Who are we to judge them for what they call their group? If they went around causing trouble, yeah I could understand the outrage, but....'What's in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet' Yeah that's right, just a little shakespeare off the top of my head there xD Now lets all chill and listen to some music....John Schneider anyone?
  11. Oh Roger, always soooo negative!! I will convince you to watch them again you'll see I don't remember which episode it is because I Haven't seen it in a long time, when Jesse's in the hospital and the cousins are in the room and Bo doesn't want to leave Jesse always makes me cry. Brotherly Love when Bo's begging Luke to wake up gets me....Carnival of Thrills when Bo leaves at the end and Jesse's talking to him makes me cry...Bo and Luke's hug at the end also gets to me... Goodbye General Lee when Luke wins the archery contest, the look of hearbreak on Bo's face makes me cry Needless to say there's a lot of episodes that makes me blub and most of it is caused by the boys LOL
  12. Hey ldhensen Good to have you on site. Just to say about your what were you thinking moments, its true when a train is barralling towards you that you get out of the car, absolute common sense. However you also have to remember that General's doors are welded shut, and while the boys are of course quick at getting in an out of them windows, wouldn't the damage to them have been far worse if they didn't slide out in time? Least with a car they between them and the train one of them would survive. Also, General I think is meant to be more than a car to the boys. They built the engine and the car together, and we're supposed to take into account that Luke was just out of the marines - probably back from Nam in wartime - when they did so its a symbol to Bo and Luke of their closeness as cousins - brothers even, Bo has always been reluctant to leave General behind or do anything to old GL, I cant stand watching episodes either where the General is in danger! LOL Goodbye General Lee makes my heart pound even though I know its all gonna be okay! LOL Just my two cents
  13. Add into that also there's supposed to be two people in the front of one of those generals and one in the back and there clearly isn't in those...
  14. Ooooo...I like those ideas! Rosco's a bit tricky for me cause I dont tend to write with him a lot but I could give it a go! Anyone else?
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