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A Day in the Life of a Duke

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*sounds out of breath*

Boys, I got some trouble here! Them varmits has spotted me. They's gotten out of their car and is heading my way but they's a long ways back there. *huffing and puffing* so I might be able to lose 'em. I'm heading into the thickets to try and throw 'em off my trail. I'm going to try and make it to that bear cave just west of where that APC broke down when Hard Luck Jones stole it.

*trips over log and breaks antenna completely off*

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*remains focused on the road, working out in his mind what would be the best and fastest route to take. When it really mattered, he could work these things out quicker than Luke even could. It was just most of the time he was having too much fun with his driving to really think about where he was going. This time though it mattered and so he knew where to head.*

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*although his walkie talkie was ruined in the fall over the log, Jesse was unhurt and continued on toward the bear cave. His heart beat fast due to fear and anger.......fear that his nephews may be in danger when they intervene and anger that he was being chased on his own property*

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*makes it to the bear cave and can hear the voice of one of the bad guys off at a distance through the briar bushes. Walks into the dark large stone cave. After going deeper inside, he uses his hands to guide his way back into the darkness figuring that the two guys didn't bring flashlights and wouldn't bother feeling their way inside since they weren't sure he was in there*

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*sits down in complete darkness. After he had been there 5 minutes he heard whispering*

(Jesse CAN'T hear them but thanks to the magic of HazzardNet, we can)

"Hey Lefty, do you think he might have gone in there"?

"I don't know Carl but you're more than welcome to check it out if you want. They don't have caves full of spiders, bats and snakes in Chicago so I think a redneck like you would feel more comfortable in there"

*Carl sits on a log to consider his next move*

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