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Christmas Comes to Willow Swamp

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"The groceries and fruit basket?"

*notices Luke still looks confused*

*voice angry* "I swear if that boy would stop fer just one second and take a little break from women and NASCAR he might amount to something. Besides, it's December, NASCAR season's over. Ya think he'd be listenin' better. He was supposed to tell you that you boys need to head on over to Willow Swamp and take some vittles over to Roxanne Miller and her two kids and spend a little time fixing that fence on their north property line.

Ever since Boss put her husband Danny in jail on that trumped up charge, she ain't been doing so good. Old Boss is going to do every thing he can to git his hands on that farm since he found out how much natural gas them geologists said might be on it."

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Uncle Jesse don't get yer feathers in a ruffle now...Bo probably tol' me an' I forgot...*of course he knew it wasn't true...but if there was one thing Luke hated more than anything else was when someone was accused of wrongdoing and was not able to defend themselves....besides, he could make Bo pay him back for covering his hind end later*

Just the fence needs mendin? *asks as he climbed down the ladder and went to get the post hole digger as well as the bucket of nails*

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*lifts top off metal barrel that has chicken feed in it*

Ya won't be needin' that there pounder. It's just some barbed wires. It ain't no big job...and while yer back on their north 40, check around for some Christmas trees so ya can go back later this month and cut down the best one. The way things is a going, Danny ain't going to be out by then to do it.

*pauses and looks down at the ground*

I just pray he'll be out for the Christmas after this one. Boss sure has him framed good.

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*out driving the General Lee, having gone into town to look for the family christmas presents. He didn't have much money, he'd mainly gone to look for ideas because he could possible make something that looked like it if he got the right ideas. It wasn't until he noticed the time that a spark had set off in his brain that told him there was something important he had to do and that it involved him having to get home to Luke*

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*cringes at the angry tone - that was what he was suppoed to have done today. The fact that he had forgotten also probably meant that Luke had covered for him seeing as he hadn't told Luke they were supposed t'go there either which in turn meant he would be doing double chores....his muscles ached at the thought.*

"Aww heck Uncle Jesse I's sorry. I'm on my back t'the farm right now, I ain't that far away. I knew there was somethin I was supposed t'do t'day I just forgot is all...I's been shoppin fer christmas presents that's all...."

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*voice still angry but settling down a little*

Shepherd out

*turns to Luke who was standing behind him*

I told Roxanne you boys would be there an hour ago so when Bo gits back tell him to call her and explain why yer late. I'm heading out to that spot just east of the back 40 to pick put out our tree.

*phone rings* (audible through open kitchen window)

*When Luke takes a step to go answer it, Jesse calls him off*

I'll git it. It's probably Roxanne. If it's not her, maybe it's Santa Claus calling to give an old goat some Christmas spirit. Lord knows I could use it right about now.

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*sighs as he didn't get a response, dropping the CB. Wasn't fair really, all he had done was go to find some christmas presents for his own family. He didn't mind helping people, he liked spending just some time with Luke to talk about racing as they worked or something...it wasn't fair though that his Uncle was mad at him just because he forgot.*

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