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Dukes Meet Bill Elliott

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Garrett jumps slightly at Daisy's excitement and nods at Jesse. "They'll catch up," he slowly states, offering her a smile before turning back around to watch the race in time for Bill to slip on some mud  that was on the track and the orange car catches up, leaving the rest of the cars behind. "Told ya." Ernie gives him a glare and Garrett just shrugs. "Sorry Ernie. Every race needs a little drama at the end."

Ernie sighs. "True that," he responds as he mutters something into his walkie talkie to Bill before saying, "we are about to the finish!"

With that everyone yells around them, jumping in excitement as Boss stands feet away, holding the checkered flag. "They are about here, Ladies and Gentlemen!" Hogg yells into his speaker, "They are neck and neck. Bill Elliott against Bo and Luke Duke. Who's going to win?!"

Everyone around them begins to cheer out for Bo, Luke, or Bill. Jesse and Daisy yelling out for Bo and Luke with Ernie yelling out for them all. While Garrett remains silent, hands shoved in his pocket, holding onto his lighter.

With that, the orange car and Bill's red and white car cross the line. Looking identical. The crowd goes silent, waiting for Hogg to announce who the winner is.

"And the winner is," Hogg pauses as the cars stop as the cross the line, "never mind. We got ourselves a tie! The first time in history we got a tie at our great race. Bo and Luke Duke tie with Bill Elliott!"

Garrett watches as Bo and Luke climb out of their orange car, followed by Bill Elliott. Smiles cross all three of their faces as they all high five each other as the other cars pass them by and Hogg fights to read off the names of the cars as they go through.

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On 1/14/2024 at 12:13 PM, Garrett Duke said:

Garrett jumps slightly at Daisy's excitement and nods at Jesse. "They'll catch up," he slowly states, offering her a smile before turning back around to watch the race in time for Bill to slip on some mud  that was on the track and the orange car catches up, leaving the rest of the cars behind. "Told ya." Ernie gives him a glare and Garrett just shrugs. "Sorry Ernie. Every race needs a little drama at the end."

Ernie sighs. "True that," he responds as he mutters something into his walkie talkie to Bill before saying, "we are about to the finish!"

With that everyone yells around them, jumping in excitement as Boss stands feet away, holding the checkered flag. "They are about here, Ladies and Gentlemen!" Hogg yells into his speaker, "They are neck and neck. Bill Elliott against Bo and Luke Duke. Who's going to win?!"

Everyone around them begins to cheer out for Bo, Luke, or Bill. Jesse and Daisy yelling out for Bo and Luke with Ernie yelling out for them all. While Garrett remains silent, hands shoved in his pocket, holding onto his lighter.

With that, the orange car and Bill's red and white car cross the line. Looking identical. The crowd goes silent, waiting for Hogg to announce who the winner is.

"And the winner is," Hogg pauses as the cars stop as the cross the line, "never mind. We got ourselves a tie! The first time in history we got a tie at our great race. Bo and Luke Duke tie with Bill Elliott!"

Garrett watches as Bo and Luke climb out of their orange car, followed by Bill Elliott. Smiles cross all three of their faces as they all high five each other as the other cars pass them by and Hogg fights to read off the names of the cars as they go through.

"Well now, a tie, I'll be John Henry. I sure didn't figure on that folks. But then again, it was a long shot. An' this is Hazzard, where long odds is even." The Balladeer cheerfully says. Bo and Luke go in stands to celebrate with Daisy, Jesse and Garrett. Bill and Ernie come over, and by now, all the other drivers have converged around the Dukes and Bill congratulating them. Boss Hogg comes over now, and offers free soda pop and hotdogs for everyone to eat and drink to celebrate this momentus occasion in Hazzard County history.

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Garrett Duke watches from afar as Bo, Luke, Bill, and Ernie gather around while the newspaper photographer take pictures of them in celebration of the race. He forces a smile before he withdrawals back to his car, eyeing the damage, and calculating all that will need to make it perfect once again.  

"That could be you up there," a voice breaks the silence and forces Garrett to quickly turn around to find Cooter standing behind him, his hand shoved into his grease stained pants pockets, "if it wasn't for Hogg and Coltrane."

Garrett only shrugs as he steals a glance over at Bo, Luke, Bill, and Ernie who are now shaking hands for the photographer. Looking back at Cooter, he dryly states, "But it's not."

"Thanks to Rosco and Boss," Cooter reinforces what he had said earlier. 

"It don't matter now," Garrett pauses once again as Boss and Rosco quickly drive past them and out of the race track, leaving a cloud of dust behind them. For a moment, Garrett allows his anger to settle within him before he abruptly turns to his car in an attempt to sidetrack his anger of what had happened. "I guess what matters now, is getting him back up and running again."

"Sure thing. I got my tow truck ready. We can tow it to the garage and get it started. Ernie said he can join us once  he's finished with his obligations over there," Cooter says motioning back towards them as the photographer seems to be putting his camera away and Bill and Ernie turn and face Bo and Luke as they start to talk. "He'll be back to normal within an hour. If that." Cooter pats Garrett on the back. "Perhaps one of these days you and the boys will have to race it out to see who's better. For now, let's get him doctored back to shape."

Garrett quietly nods before Cooter jogs off to get his tow truck to return a few minutes later and Garrett helps him hook it up.

"You ready?" Cooter questions, motioning Garrett to the cab of the truck. 

Garrett nods, before looking back at Bill and Ernie. Looking at Cooter, he says, "Let's go." With that they both climb in and drive off to the garage in town.

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Jesse and the boys are standing around celebrating the race and Jesse excitedly asks "Hey! I just got an idea! Bill and Ernie, any chance you can come over to the farm for some crawdad bisque?!" 

Luke breaks in before they could answer. "Um, Uncle Jesse there ain't nothing better than your bisque but I think Bill has to get going right away." 

Bill responded right away. "As a matter of fact, the indoor car show I was supposed to be at got canceled because the pipes burst and flooded the place so I don't have anywhere to be!" 

It was Daisy's turn "Uncle Jesse, we were all planning on heading over to the Boar's Nest." 

"Great!" Jesse snapped back. "That will give me plenty of time. Crawdad bisque ain't like making instant oatmeal you know. It takes time....so take all the time you want drinking that cheap watered down beer. While you're doing that I'm gonna cook!" And off he went. 

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Garrett and Cooter arrive at the garage after a long awkward ride of silence and slowly get out of the truck where they both help to unload Garrett's car. As they begin to look over the damage of the car, the CB in the cab crackles and Cooter is quick to go over to the truck, throw the door open. "Crazy Cooter speaking," Garrett hears him say before he begins to run a hand over the damages on the car. Regret and anger ride rapidly within him. Regret that he had signed up for the race and did this to his beloved car and anger at who had cut his brake line.

"I won't let this happen to you again," he mutters to his car as he pats it on the hood just as Cooter closes the door to his truck and Garrett watches him run back over to him.

"Hey Garrett," Cooter offers a smile, "everyone's meeting at the Boar's Nest. The boys. Bill and Ernie. For a post race drink and then heading over to the farm for some of Uncle Jesse's crawdad bisque." Cooter pauses with a crazy smile. "You wanna come? I'll give you a ride."

Garrett eyes him coldly for a moment and then eyes his car. Looking back up, he slowly shakes his head at the mechanic. "I appreciate the invite, but I'm going to pass. Tell them I said hey," Garrett forces a smile at the mechanic.

"Ya sure?" Cooter offers a second time and Garrett gives him a nod. "Well...ok then. Feel free to what you find here if you want to work on your car," he states and Garrett gives him an appreciative nod. "I'll see you around."

With that, Cooter happily jumps into the cab of his truck and makes his way around Garrett's wrecked car and back onto the street where he sees Rosco stepping out of the sheriff's station and he gives him a curtious wave before driving off towards the Boar's Nest. 


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Later, while everybody was at the Boar's Nest....everybody except Jesse,  Boss and the Hazzard law that is.....

Jesse is at the farm slow cooking the bisque when he hears Cletus on the CB. "Cousin Boss, are we ready to go over to the Boar's Nest for the raid?"

Boss responds angrily. "Cletus! I told you to not talk about this! Maintain radio silence you lugout!" 

Rosco then chimed in. "Well Boss, Cletus is a lugnut but you don't have to worry about radio silence. Ain't nobody else in Hazzard listening, 'cept us and Enos. They're all at the Boar's Nest completely clueless that we are about to arrest Bill after you made it look like he stole all the ticket money. Khee Khee! Who knows how much he'll pay to get those phoney charges dropped!"

Jesse didn't wait to hear Boss yell at Rosco. He immediately got on the phone and called the Boar's Nest pay phone and warned Daisy what was happening. 

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Garrett Duke was in mid repair of his car, when he heard Cooter's CB on the counter begin to squawk. At first he ignored it, assuming it wouldn't pertain to him until he heard something about the Boar's Nest. Knowing everyone was there, he slowly stands up, wiping his grease stained hands upon his faded denim jeans. Listening to Rosco's comment about framing Bill, makes anger rush rapidly within Garrett. Looking at his car,  he now feels helpless and stranded until he thinks of his neighbor.

Glancing around the dark garage, he spots Cooter's phone and he rushes over there and dial's the only phone number he knows in Hazzard. After three rings, the familiar voice shouts out, "Yo! You got Roy. What can I do for ya?"

Garrett eyes the sheriff's station through the open door and moves deeper into the shadows as he sees Rosco quickly tip toeing to his car. Hearing Roy breathe impatiently on the other end, brings him back to where he was. "Yo Roy," Garrett states with a smirk, "you answer you phone like that to everyone? What if I were the law?"

"I'd hang up on you," he quickly responds, "but you are the only friend I got, so I did a process of elimination."

Garrett grunts. "I doubt I'm your only friend," Garrett resorts, "I saw Nile and Ramon over there a few nights ago at your party."

"OK fine," Roy pouts, "I was trying to be nice. You are the only friend I got who calls when they need help and words gone around that you've been in knee deep in trouble with the law lately. I'm sure that wreck at the race took a deep blow to your ego. It was only time before you come calling begging for my help."

Garrett rolls his eyes as he lights a cigarette as Rosco drives away, his tires squealing. "I don't beg," he dryly states, "I just know I can trust you."

"And you can," Roy states and Garrett envisions him sitting on his holey and well-worn brown ugly couch, with his boots up on his wooden coffee table, with a huge smirk on his face. "What can I do for you? You in jail? Need more bail money? I'm your man. Lucky for you, I got paid yesterday."

Garrett rolls his eyes. "It's not like that. I just need a ride," he finally states, "I'm at Cooter's Garage with my car and I need a lift to the Boar's Nest."

"Ah you heard that too," Roy states on the other end, "Say no more. I'm on my way."

With that, Garrett hangs up and smashes his cigarette out before walking to the end of the garage to wait for Roy. A couple of long moments pass before Roy's rusted out yellow Chevy truck pulls in. Garrett quickly climbs in, looks at Roy, and states, "Thanks for the ride. Let's go."

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Jesse was frustrated. He couldn't make moonshine anymore because of his agreement with the federal US of A government. He used to take a lot of pride in his skills but now he took pride in making crawdad bisque and didn't like being interrupted when in the middle of fixin' it. 

But he knew he had to have priorities. The boys might need him. Bill might need him. Maybe Ernie and Garrett too. He thought a moment and decided the best thing to do would be to turn the burner down to as low of heat as possible. He knew the bisque wouldn't taste as good if it cooled off to room temp and then reheated. 

He grabbed his red hat and headed toward the Boar's Nest. On the way he turned on his CB and went to channel 7. That is where the Dukes always went when they had trouble. Sure enough Luke answered and told him they had Bill and Ernie with them and just left for secret old still site number 4. 

Jesse smiled imagining the look on Boss's face when he raids his own Boar's Nest only to find Bill not there. Then his face turned angry. He knew Boss would accuse Bo and Luke of aiding a "known criminal". At least he figured Boss would label Bill that. 

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Garrett eyes the parking lot of the Boar's Nest as Roy turns into the parking lot and drives through it for a long moment before finding a parking spot by the door. As Roy throws the truck into park, Garrett states, "There's no ugly orange car in the parking lot."

"So?" Roy questions as he yanks the keys out of the ignition and throws the door open.

"Well," Garrett states, staring ahead at the old building before looking at Roy, "no ugly orange car normally means no Bo or Luke. Which means, no Bill or Ernie."

"So? Since when you care about them?" Roy questions as he steps out, "It'll leave more beer for the two of us."

Garrett rolls his hard eyes at him and shakes his head in frustration. "We're not here for the beer, you bird brain!" he snaps as he eyes the parking lot once again.

"We're not?" Roy gives a pouting and disappointing face and Garrett lets out air in frustration. "OK fine. Are you coming? Maybe they're parked out back or maybe Cooter had to tow it away."

Garrett shakes his head before he reluctantly opens the door and steps out as he watches people walking into the bar. "What are we going to do if they are here?" Roy asks as he as walks up to him, "What are you going to do when the law crashes the party? I mean you aren't exactly friends with them either."

Garrett eyes him coldly for a moment. "We will warn Bill and Ernie," with that Hogg's white convertible comes driving into the parking lot, followed by Rosco's patrol car. "Let's go." 

With that, they quickly walk to the door and walk in before the law could find them. The noise of the crowded bar echoes loudly as Garrett and Roy slowly walk between customers, glancing around the bar. "I don't see them," Roy shouts in Garrett's ear, "Where are they?"

Garrett eyes him for a long moment before Rosco dramatically throws open the door and shoots into the ceiling and everyone goes silent. "Freeze!" Rosco yells as everyone glares over at him, "Everyone freeze and hush your lips. We are on official business." He walks in and followed by Commissioner Hogg as they get to Garrett, Rosco purposefully runs into him, making him fall to his knees. He quickly stands up and rushes to get to him, only for Roy to quickly hold him back. "You too, Duke! Khee khee!" Rosco yells at him, eyeing the bar before back at Garrett, "Where are they?!"

"Where is who?" Garrett stares blankly at Rosco as he shoves Roy off of him and Hogg stops besides Rosco.

"Don't play dumb with us, boy!" Hogg shouts at him, pointing his lit cigar in his face.

"Um Boss," Rosco states, "he ain't playing, on account, he is dumb!" 

Garrett shakes his head as patrons of the bar stare at them, anticipating a fight.

"Very true, Rosco," Boss states before looking at Garrett, "let me rephrase my sheriff's question in a way you will better understand it." He hisses, blowing smoke into Garrett's face. "Where's that fancy race car friend and his mechanic? Where's your ugly brother and your cousin...you know, Bo and Luke Duke?"

"Yeah. Them!" Rosco nods, waving a finger into Garrett's face and he quickly swats it away and Rosco glares angrily at him as he goes for his handcuffs, "I'll cuff and scuff you for assaulting an officer once again, Garrett Duke!"

"Rosco! We aren't here for this loser. We are on official business. Now Garrett Duke, " Hogg glares at Garrett, "if you want to leave here a free man, you will be telling me where everyone's at."

Garrett gives them a cold smile. "I wouldn't tell you," he finally states, "even if I knew where they were at."

"You expect us to believe that you don't know where they are at?" Hogg asks angrily, "I wasn't born yesterday. Where are they?"

"We just got here, Boss," Roy finally speaks up, "we don't know where they are. Honest."

Boss and Rosco both look angrily at him. "No one asked you," Rosco spits at him, "this is between your criminal friend and us."

"Well," Roy sputters, "I'm just trying to be helpful. Since y'all don't seem to believe him."

"There's nothing to believe. He lies all the time," Boss snaps at him, "now if you know what's best you'd get back in that truck and get back to wherever it is you came from."

Roy looks at Garrett and them. "I'll be fine. Go," Garrett nods at Roy to listen to the law, not wanting to get him in any trouble he may be in. Roy eyes him questionably for a moment and Garrett once again nods at the door for him to leave and he slowly backs away and walks outside. 

"We'll ask you one more time, Duke," Rosco finally states after Roy disappears, "where are they?"

Garrett gives a frustrated smile. "I told you. Roy told you. I'll tell you again. I. Don't. Know," he states as he grabs a cigarette out of his pocket and lights it, blowing smoke back into their faces, "but all this is getting us nowhere, now, is it?"

Rosco eyes Boss who shrugs and nods. "OK Duke. You are under arrest for assaulting an officer. Namely me. And for not cooperating with the law," he takes out his handcuffs, "I'll need you to put out that nasty thing."

Garrett eyes them both coldly and looks around for an escape, but with everyone circling around them, he finds none. Shrugging, he takes a step over to a table and stabs out is cigarette into an ash tray and puts his hands up as if he is about to cooperating, before turning abruptly around and runs to the door in hopes of the people moving out of his way, which they do. Once past the people he runs back outside and into the parking lot and jumps into the bushes as Rosco runs out, looking both ways before Deputy Enos and Cletus pull up and block his way. Garrett watches as they discuss stuff at the car, before they park their car and Rosco eyes the parking lot once more and steps in side.

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The General Lee arrive at the still site first. Bo, Luke, Bill and Ernie climbed out. 

"Hmm, Jesse should have gotten here before us" said Luke. 

Ernie responded right away. "I think I hear a vehicle." 

A moment later Jesse's Ford pulled in and parked behind the bushes beside the Charger. He got out and grunted. "I haven't been up here for years. It hasn't changed much." 

Bo piped up, "Well Uncle Jesse, Boss Hogg hasn't changed either. He's still a no good low down sidewinder. I can't believe he'd stoop so low as to frame a geniune NASCAR star." 

Luke laughed "As many famous country music stars he has framed why do you act surprised?" 

Jesse sat on a big log. "Now what are we gonna do about this mess?" 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Back at the Boar's Nest, Garrett remains crouched down behind a large leafy bush with a mouth full of parking lot dust as the law finally drives away. After they are out of sight, Garrett stands up, spitting out the dry dust and glancing around a long moment before he steps out from under the bush. As he does so, he sees Roy's truck back out and quickly pulls up alongside of him. Garrett sighs a sigh of relief before throwing open the door and climbing in. Closing the door, he turns to Roy and says, "I thought I told you to leave."

Roy shrugs. "You can even ask my ma, I've never been good at listening," he grins crazily, "I bet you're glad of that now."

"If you say so," Garrett dryly responds, refusing to show any emotion.

"Anyway, I stayed in my truck and waited to see when y'all would come out to see if you needed any help. But lo and behold, you took the coward's way out and hid," Roy states as they leave the parking lot, "which just left me to wait until you decided to brave enough to reappear."

"I ain't no coward," Garrett hisses, "it was either go to jail, fight the law and add more charges onto their fake charges of me, or to get out of there. I chose to get out."

"I know, I know. I just wanted to get a rise out of you," Roy smiles smugly and looks over at Garrett, "and it worked."

"Just drive," Garrett states as he sinks down into his seat.

"Where to?" Roy asks.

"I don't -" Garrett starts to say before he spots the sheriff's car up ahead turning off onto another dirt road, "follow the sheriff at a distance. Don't let him spot you. He spots us, we are both going to jail."

"Woo hoo a car chase!" Roy laughs crazily, "A slow car chase, but hey...it's still a car chase!"

Garrett eyes him before he lights up another cigarette. "I'm glad you're excited about it," he dryly states, "I'm just hoping they'll lead us to something or somewhere seeing as how we got pulled into this mess and then left out to dry."

Roy nods. "Maybe Bo and Luke kidnapped Bill and Ernie!" he says with excitement in his voice as he slowly turns where the sheriff had turned, "That's why they weren't at the Boar's Nest as we had been expecting! Ooooo they gonna be in trouble!"

"So will we if we get caught," Garrett states blowing out smoke, "don't let him see us."

"Ten four grumpo," Roy responds, "but what you think Bo and Luke are doing to Bill and Ernie? Poor Bill and Ernie."

Garrett just rolls his eyes and stares out the window. 

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Not long after Jesse sat on the log Bo sat on the General's hood. The other three stood. 

Bill was visibly shaken. "Now, I appreciate you boys explaining that everybody in Hazzard knows Boss is a crook and nobody will take these charges seriously."

The 3 Dukes nodded and Jesse muttered "Yep". 

After a pause Bill continued. "But things are different out in the big 'ol world. Most law enforcement agencies have good folks running them so naturally whenever someone is arrested people draw assumptions." 

Bo chimed in, "Well Mr. Elliott, folks is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That there is a genuine US of A right." 

It was Luke's turn. "You're right about that Bo but that doesn't always match reality. Here everybody knows that most folks who Rosco arrests were set up by Boss Hogg and are most likely innocent. But in places where the law is respectable, most folks assume a person doesn't get arrested unless they deserve it." 

Ernie added, "Including the press. I can just hear them now, all shocked that Bill Elliott is a two bit thief." 

Bill looked real nervous now. "Just the very accusation could end my career. Even if it comes out later it was a set up. There's folks out there who just never forget things.....even if they should. I know what will happen. They will claim I'm guilty but bought my way out of it." 

Jesse tried to reassure him. "I wouldn't worry quite yet. If Boss is trying to shake you down for money he'll want to keep this as low key as possible. It can still be contained. We just have to turn this ship around." 

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Staring at the bumper of the sheriff's car that lies a mile or so ahead of them, Garrett quietly tries to think of what they are doing by following the sheriff. How are they to follow him without being caught? Especially in Roy's old beat up ugly truck. What will they do when they find out where Sheriff Coltrane is going? "Dang it Roy," Garrett breaks through the silence of the truck, "this is the dumbest idea you've ever had. I mean, what made you think of following the sheriff? What you gonna do when he stops?"

Roy look crazily over at Garrett before looking back at the road. "The dumbest idea I've had? What was I thinking?" Roy  raises his voice, "My golden memory recalls all this being your bright idea, hotshot. The only dumb thing I did, was to listen to you and to do as you told me to do."

"I know, I know," Garrett rolls his hard eyes at him, "it just sounds better saying it was your idea. Not mine." Garrett goes silent as he lights another cigarette, "What are we going to do when we find out where the sheriff is going? How are we going to find Bill and Ernie?"

Roy shrugs behind the wheel as he waves his hand to wave off smoke. "I don't know. You tell me, boy genius. It all was your idea,"  he states, "though I do know, that I told you not to light those dumb things in my truck. They're horrible."

Garrett eyes him hardly before sucking it on it once again before smashing it out and taking care of it. "I didn't realize you were so sensitive," Garrett rudely responds before falling silent once more.

"Well...it is my truck," Roy disputes, "and I am doing you a huge favor by rescuing you from your hiding place and following your bright idea to stalk the sheriff. I guess I always did look good in jail house orange."

Garrett shakes his head before his attention is grabbed by the sheriff turning off the road and onto a lesser-known back road and he quickly sits up in his seat. "OK now we are getting somewhere, Roy!" he points at Rosco, "That there road leads to a dead end and to those caves. I think I heard your buddies talk about that being Hogg's hiding place!"

"Ah! Maybe that's where Bill and Ernie are at!" Roy naively states.

"Ernie and Bill disappeared with Bo and Luke," Garrett states, "why would they take him to Hogg's hiding place?" he shakes his head.

"I don't know. I don't know anything at this point," Roy answers. "What you want me to do now?"

"We can't follow him. We'd be made for sure," Garrett responds, "Just keep going. They're probably going to have some pow wow of what they want to do now that they can't find Bill and Ernie."

"Hmmm. Too bad we can't listen in to that conversation," Roy states before going quiet and turns to Garrett, 
"you'd earn top respect from your brother for that kind of information." 

Garrett stares at him. "I don't care for his respect or anyone's. I've already spent a night in jail over all of this. No way am I spying in on their crooked law...who already hate me enough as it is," Garrett states, "but we do know where they are at for the moment. Maybe they'd care to know that."

"But how you plan on doing that? In case you forgot," Roy pauses, "your family kidnapped Bill and Ernie and are no where to be found. You'd think they'd let you in on their surprise of not showing up at the Boar's Nest as it was planned."

Garrett grunts. "They don't care," he states watching the trees go by his window, "I am sure they are hiding at one of their hiding places and talking about their own plans to get Bill and Ernie out of this mess."

Roy nods quietly before leaning over and grabbing the CB handle from the dash of his truck.

"What are you doing?" Garrett questions.

"What we should have done from the get-go instead of listening to you," Roy rolls his eyes at Garrett and switches the channel and then pushing the button on the side of the black CB handle, Roy says, "This is Roy Silas. Anyone out there on the Duke net?"

Garrett eyes him as he places the handle down and Roy grins at him. "Now we wait," Roy responds as he turns onto another road and Garrett looks out his window and they await to see if they get a reply in silence. 


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Bo sighed "Well, what the heck are we supposed to do next?" 

Jesse spoke "In a situation like this the first thing you do is consider your options." 

Bill was skeptical and the tone of his voice displayed it "Options? We have no options. My career is over. There ain't no way I'm surviving a scandal like this. It don't matter how innocent I am." 

It was Luke's turn "The way I see it we have 4 options. We sure can't go back to town or even the farm. Boss and his flunkies will be watching them like chicken hawks. But we gotta find a way to prove Boss is running a scam and expose the whole thing before the national press gets ahold if it." 

Ernie look confused "That don't help much Luke. But you would clear things up a little if you would tell us the 4 options." 

Luke responded quickly "4 people who are out there and can help us, Daisy, Cooter, Garrett and Roy." 

Bill looked a little hopeful. I don't know about the other 3 but Roy is pretty good in these situations. It sure would be nice to see him right now." 

And right on cue the CB started squaking. Luke laughed "Would you settle for hearing him?" 

Bill smiled and then picked it up and responded "Perfect timing Roy! What's going on out there?" 

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Roy looks excitedly over at Garrett and says, "See?" Before pressing the button on the CB and turns serious, "Oh hi," he stutters, "is this one of the Dukes?" 

"No sir," the voice confidently responds on the other end, "this here is Bill. I'm hoping you two got some great news for us. We can sure use it right now."

Roy looks nervously at Garrett. "Bill. As in Bill Elliott?!" Roy yells into the CB and Garrett rolls his eyes at Roy and grabs the CB out of his hand.

"Bill. This is Garrett," he finally responds into the CB, "I apologize for Roy. Seems the cat got his tongue," he rolls his eyes at Roy. "We don't have much news, but we do know where the marshmallow and his dummy are located right now. Where are you located at?"

The line goes quiet for a long moment before Bill comes back with a location. "Luke says we can use anything at this point," Bill slowly finishes.

"We are on our way," Garrett responds as he places the CB back down on the dashboard. "Leave it to you to get star struck when his career is on the line. You do realize that Elliott's NASCAR career is as good as over if the press get a hold of this?"

Roy shrugs. "Well I find it backwards that you may be spending the next twenty years in jail in Atlanta and you're worried about some NASCAR driver's career," Roy spits back at him, "I mean, does Bill even think about that and what you are facing if and when the law catches up with you?"

Garrett shrugs it off. "At least I'll be back in Atlanta. Maybe I'll thank him if I get caught," Garrett offers an ornery smile, "besides it's not about me. You'd rather the law get away with their crookedness? Bill worked his whole life to get where he is only for Boss and his greediness to ruin it. Atlanta prison will be worth it."

Roy shakes his head. "If you say so. You better be right as I'm sure I'll be going down with you," Roy dryly responds as they pull up behind The General Lee and Jesse's white truck. Garrett is quick to hop out of the truck to join Bill and Roy slowly follows up to them. "Howdy ho," Roy grins at everyone in a greeting.

Seeing everyone looking at them in anticipation, Garrett quickly gets to the point, "I had Roy follow the sheriff's car at a distance. He went down to those caves that Hogg hides out at. So I am assuming Hogg is there and he is meeting up with him there. Roy here was too chicken to follow him there to find out." Garrett gives a dark grin as he elbows Roy who only shakes his head and steps away. "Sorry we don't have much news other than that. They were wanting to arrest me when y'all didn't show up at the Boars Nest as we all thought you were and I had to make a quick get a way."

"Who's the chicken now?" Roy throws back at him.

"No. It's smart not to follow them to the caves. You'd be in jail for sure right now," Jesse firmly states, not wanting to deal with Garrett's attitude. "Where that leave us now, Luke?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Luke sighed "The way I figure is we gotta get rock solid proof that Boss is pulling a scam on Bill and we gotta get it as soon as possible....before the press gets ahold of it." 

Bill perked up, now having a glimmer of hope that he might still have a career left if this can be contained. "So, now that Garrett and Roy know what's going on, we gotta get Cooter and Daisy in on it." 

It was easy to tell on Luke's face that the wheels inside his brain were spinning. He snapped his fingers crisply. "I got it! Remember last week when Cooter took an old odd shaped bowl from Jesse's old still parts. He made a long distance listening device out of it." 

"What can we do with something like that?" Bo asked. 

Luke responded "Not us. We can't stick our head out of here but maybe Cooter and Daisy can make a recording from the outside of the cave of Boss admiting he's trying to extort money from a famous NASCAR driver." 

Jesse was not one bit pleased "Oh no, that would mean putting Daisy in danger." He then looked at Bill and hated the thought that he may have driven in his last race if they don't do anything. "....but I'm sure that's a risk she would want to take." Jesse smiled but it was a nervous smile.


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Feeling like the odd guy out among everyone, Garrett silently eyes everyone before taking in his surroundings and wondering why he was even here to begin with. They didn't need him any more than he needed them.

Looking for an escape route, he breaks the silence. "Roy and I will go. We should have done that any way, but wanted to touch base.

Garrett feels everyone stop and stare at him and he quickly nudges Roy. "Yeah. No need to put the pretty lady in danger," Roy shrugs as Garrett turns and heads back to the truck before anyone can object. As he opens the door, he hears, Roy add, "we will do it and report back."

Garrett quietly closes the door and lights a cigarette as he waits impatiently for Roy to join him. As Roy gets in, Garrett quickly smashes out his cigarette while rolling his eyes and putting the cigarette in his pocket. "Bout time. Let's go," he motions Roy forward and Roy silently does as he is told.

"Are you crazy? Rosco and Boss already want to send you back to Atlanta to wear the same color as your brother's car!" Roy exasperates before throwing his hands up. "Never mind. Don't answer that. You are crazy. But why you taking me down with you?"

Garrett shrugs. "Guess I didn't think to ask." He goes silent. "You can drop me off at the road and I can do it myself if you don't want to do it."

Roy shakes his head. "Not a chance. But orange is not my color!" he finally states as he retraces his ride back to the road where they had seen Rosco drive down. Parking it, he looks at Garrett, "What's the plan, hotshot?"

Garrett shakes his head as he just recalled Luke's idea of recording it with Cooter's device. "Well. I don't know. I just wanted out of there. What you got to record them with?" 

"See...this is why Luke comes up with the plans. Both you and Bo just jump without thinking!" Roy snaps and Garrett eyes him harshly at him comparing him to Bo.  "Relax, bro," Roy states as he sees how angry Garrett was and grabs something out from under his seat. "I got a tape recorder we can record them with."

"A tape recorder?" Garrett questions.

Roy sheepishly grins. "Yeah my brother had this genius idea that we could record messages to one another and mail our recordings to each other in greeting. I never used it or the blank tape he got for me as I thought it was a dumb idea," Roy shrugs, "but it would help y'all now if Hogg would say something we could record it as evidence."

Garrett nods and gives a brief smile. "Great save, Roy. I'll let you control that. We can sneak down the hill here and walk alongside the cave as to not get to the entry and hopefully not be seen or heard. You ready?"

"Let's go," Roy smiles crazily and they both silently step out and quietly shutting their doors to step down through the wooded area that leads to the top of the caves.

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  • 3 weeks later...

At the same time Roy and Garrett were approaching the cave, Daisy and Cooter showed up at the old still site number 4. They had a meeting with Bo, Luke, Jesse, Bill and Ernie and got caught up on everything that was going on. 

Moments later they heard an engine and saw flashing lights. Enos and Cletus had been following Daisy and Cooter, unbeknownst to them. Within seconds after stopping  the deputies hopped out of the patrol car. Cletus was grinning but Enos looked upset. Cletus laughed, pointing his pistol in the air. "All right Mr. Elliott, you are under arrest for theft and embezzlement. And the rest of your gang is under arrest for aiding a known criminal.....And where are those hooligans Garrett and Roy? They are under arrest too! Especially that Garrett....talk about a shady character." 

Jesse was outraged. "Arrest! Why I'll show you a thing or two Cletus Hogg. I'm making me a citizen's arrest." He charged at Cletus but was quickly stopped by Luke. 

Luke looked straight at Deputy Hogg. "Now, just hold your horses Cletus. If we can show you fine law enforcement officers that Bill had nothing to do with the missing money, it would be against the federal US of America Constitution to arrest him, now wouldn't it?" 

Cletus's face looked confused, as it often did. "Um, I don't know." He scratched his head and looked at Enos who responded. "It sure would Luke. We couldn't arrest none of y'all if we had that kinda proof." 

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Garrett and Roy silently make their way down along side the cave on opposite sides. As Garrett reaches the bottom he watches as Roy skids down and quietly yells at him to be quiet. As Roy finds his place he waves the recorder in the air before placing it on the side of the cave and shows Garrett that there is a blank tape in it before closing it and pressing record. Garrett rolls his eyes at him before voices in the cave catches their attention and Garrett gives Roy a thumbs up.

"What are we doing in these here caves, Boss?" Rosco is heard saying as movement within echos off the walls.

"What you think, numbskull?" Boss' recognizable voice thunders in the cave. "We are hiding out until Cousin Cletus and Deputy Enos arrest Bill, his crooked crew chief, and the entire Duke clan!" Boss laughs smugly. "I can see it now, Rosco. The headlines will read: NASCAR legend Bill Elliot and his crew chief are behind bars for stealing money from a small local town that was already struggling to survive!" More laughter erupts. "Meanwhile, they will get locked up in Atlanta with the Dukes. Bill and his crew chief will probably get bailed out, but their names will be mud after this. No one will pay to see crooks like them race until they are sentenced for twenty years. The Dukes will be in jail from here on out until they are released in twenty years." More laughter, "Life will be magical, Rosco!"

"That sounds lovely, Boss," Rosco laughs in return, "but one question, Boss."

"You and your stupid questions. Sure would be nice if for once you'd keep up along with my plans and follow through with them," Hogg protests, "What's your stupid question?"

"I don't have a stupid question, Boss. I have a question," Rosco argues.

"Just say it, already," Boss yells and the aroma of cigar smoke fills the air.

"What money did Bill and his friend steal?" Rosco naively asks, "And what did the Dukes do to play part of it? I mean Bill came to race in your race. He brought you the crowd, the money. Why would you want him in jail for?"

"Boy Rosco. You do get dumber and dumber by the day," Boss snorts out, "this money, you numbskull! But we are going to say we found it in his car and that he stole it. The Dukes are hiding and helping the fugitive out. Heck, they probably helped him get the money. This whole thing is going to erupt and we will come out smelling like roses and looking like the good guys. Meanwhile they'll be in jail and out of our hair!"

"But Boss," Rosco speaks up, "but you ain't got much hair."

"Shut up already, Rosco. We've been through this already. I want Bill and the Dukes in jail. I'll get their farm and make it into a car dealership of Hazzard. And no more pesky Dukes getting into my business. Or no more of Garrett's rotten attitude," Boss states in the cave and Garrett gives Roy a smile and a thumbs up, "he should have been arrested before all this started."

"I tried, Boss. You wouldn't let me, remember?" Rosco innocently asks.

"You hush!" Boss yells before his CB starts to crackle. 

"Cousin Boss. You there?" comes Cletus' familiar voice.

"This is he. Watch your tongue and tell me what you have," Hogg hisses into the CB of the car that he has parked in the cave. "Please tell me you are on your way with the criminals to the jail."

"Um," Cletus stutters on the CB, "not exactly."

"Not exactly?!" Boss' voice thunders against the walls of the cave, "What's that mean?"

"Well the one with dark hair says we can't arrest them when they have evidence that they didn't steal the money," Cletus shly responds on the CB.

"Evidence? What evidence?" Boss yells into the CB, "There is no evidence, you numbskull! They stole the money. Go and arrest them and I will deal with them!"

"Um yes sir Cousin Boss," Cletus hangs up with uncertainty in his voice.

"What is he talking about, Boss?" Rosco questions.

"Well I assume the dark hair one being Luke. But there is no evidence. He's bluffing," Boss snorts, "but he is throwing a curve ball. Your deputies may need help.  I'mma stay here with our evidence. You will need to go help Cletus and Enos to arrest the Dukes and Elliott."

Garrett eyes Roy with wide eyes and motions for Roy to go up and into the woods. Roy and Garrett then quietly move from their area and climb up the hill and into the woods where they meet up with each other above the cave and behind some big bushes and trees just as Rosco backs out of the cave and drives away. "Dang it," Roy cusses, "he's gonna see our truck."

Garrett nods as he watches the patrol car go up and past their truck and on the direction to where the Dukes are with Bill and a moment later they see Hogg urgently leave the cave and glance around the area. "Rosco must have called him over the CB when he saw our truck," Garrett whispers as Hogg disappears within the cave after a couple of minutes, "OK we need to run up to your truck and make to them to give the tape to Luke."

Roy stares at Garrett in disbelief. "You really want to go to jail, don't you?" he finally hisses, "I rather you wouldn't take me with you."

"Kinda too late to chicken out now, Roy. But if you wish I can do it myself," Garrett begins to rush towards the truck, making sure to stay covered.

As they get into the truck, Roy turns it on and yanks the steering wheel to turn around and to follow the same direction as where Rosco had went. "I'm here. I'm just not as bold as you want to be," Roy reluctantly says handing Garrett the tape recorder.

"I appreciate your help. Rosco will probably park where we were earlier. We can park up the hill and climb down the other side to get to the Dukes to give them the tape recorder and tape."

"Ten four my crazy friend," Roy says.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Rosco got on the CB "You dipstick deputies. Where are you anyways?" 

Enos and Cletus looked at each other while the 4 Dukes, Cooter, Bill and Ernie watched and listened. Cletus told Enos to answer "After all, you are the senior deputy." 

Enos quickly responded "But you are the county commissioner's cousin...er, second cousin twice removed, er whatever you are." 

Cletus "Um, yes but I can just tell by Rosco's voice that he ain't none too happy." 

The CB rang out again with Boss's voice this time. "Now you listen here you lugnuts, one of ya better answer or you will both be working in the Hazzard County Sewer Department as taste testers!" 

They fought their way to the CB but Enos got there first. "Yes sir Mr Hogg and Sheriff Rosco. We are up here on Willow Drive just past Jensen's Hollow at the old Duke still site #4." 

"All right" responded Rosco. "I know exactly where that's at. Now don't let anybody get away because if you do I'll give you a job that is even worse than taste tester at the sewer. I'm gone." 

Cletus grimaced "Yuk, what could be worse than that?" 

Jesse had a disappointed look on his face. "I tell ya what can be worse than that. Spending the last 40 years thinking still site #4 was a secret and finding out the law knew about it all along." 

A minute later a distant siren was audible. Daisy panicked, what are we gonna do now?! Oh my! I think I'm going to faint. She fell on Enos who fell on Cletus and the 3 of them hit the ground like dominoes. 

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