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(lol well I'll admit anything's fun with my sis)

"okay." Bo held his hands up "I ain't gonna do nothing."

"So who are they?" Luke asked smiling.

Uncle Jesse said nothing, but had a questioning look on his face.

Daisy said "Some adopted Dukes..thats what I meant to talk to ya'll about..I should have asked first...but I...I don't know..."

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Jesse still had a questioning look in his eye, but smiled all the same "Daisy, if they're Dukes they're welcome. I'm not sure what we'll do exactly, but I don't reckon Bo and Luke would mind sleeping in the barn so they could have their room?"

(You've seen Green Acres right?"

(no lol)

Daisy said "I'm sure they wouldn't...I'll miss hearing Bo sing in his sleep though..."

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