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    I am a teenage girl that loves music. I am country and don't like to be pushed around. I love the Dukes of Hazzard of course!
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    North Carolina
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    Music, Horses, Cars, ETC.
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    High school student

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  1. Background: Bo, Luke, and Daisy is siblings instead of cousins. Little 6 year old Daisy was helping her Uncle Jesse cook dinner in the kitchen while four and eight year old Bo and Luke stood looking at the cookie jar. "Uncle Jesse can we have a cookie?", Bo asked. Jesse looked down at him and sighed, then turned towards the cookie jar, taking it off the shelf, "there's only one", he said. Bo looked between him and Luke and stepped back saying, "you can have it Luke, you go first." Luke looked at Bo a little shocked before saying, "thank you Bo", and taking the cookie from his uncle. Jesse smiled, "ok boys you go and play in the living room while me and your sister cook dinner." The boys nodded and ran off towards the living room to play. Fifteen minutes later Jesse was calling the boys to the table. "Boys time for dinner!", he called. Bo and Luke ran to the table and Luke helped Bo into his chair then got into his own. ~8 YEARS LATER... Bo is 12, Daisy is 14, and Luke is 16~ Daisy was working at the Boars Nest for Boss to keep him from taking the farm from them. She looked around and saw Bo and Luke looking at rack that contained car magazines. She walked over to them, "there's only one left boys." Bo looked at the magazine then to Luke, "You go first Luke", he figured Luke would let him read it sometime. Luke took out the money and handed it to Daisy then picked up the magazine, "come one Bo lets go to the pond and look at this." They stood up and started to walk out, "bye ya Daisy", they yelled. ~6 YEARS LATER...BO:18, DAISY:20, LUKE:22~ Daisy walked to the mailbox to grab the mail, when she saw the letter from Bo and Luke she tore it open quickly. The letter said... "Dear Daisy, we get to come home tomorrow, hope you and Jesse are doing ok, love Bo and Luke." She ran into the house yelling for her uncle, "Uncle Jesse come quick! The boys get to come home tomorrow." Jesse rushed in and took the letter from Daisy reading it and praying to God that his boys got home safely. ~NEXT DAY WITH BO AND LUKE~ The driver stopped in front of the station Bo and Luke stood wounded and waitning, "where to", he asked. "Hazzard County, Georgia", Luke replied as him and Bo started to climb on the bus. The driver stop them, "I'm sorry but there's only room for one more." Luke looked at him, "what, no my brother has to go with me." The driver looks at him and shakes his head. Bo looks at Luke, "Luke it's ok, go home to Jesse and Daisy." Bo gave Luke a sad goodbye hug then walked away from the station. ~4 MONTHS LATER~ Bo had been home two weeks and had been to the doctors twice. This last time they said they gave him about two weeks to live. Now he layed on his bed with Luke, Daisy, and Jesse in his room. He started coughing and sputtering, the color of crimson red covered his teeth and lips. Luke knew he was almost gone as he looked at Daisy for a moment she started to cry, he pulled her into his arms trying to soothe her but his heart just wasn't in it. Bo grabbed his hand, "L-Luke I want you to understand that," he coughs, "this i-isn't your f-fault." Tears came to Luke's eyes as he layed down gently on one side of Bo and Daisy laid down on the other, "I know brother it's just hard." Right then Bo took a sharp, deep breath, and his eyes slowly closed, ending the last beat of his heart. ~2 DAYS LATER~ Luke stood alone at a grave marked, "Bo Duke", he sighed, "Bo why did you have to go first?" Luke walked home and as he walked inside Jesse was the first person he saw. "Daisy needs you," he said gruffly. Luke walked to Daisy's room, "Daisy what is it?" Daisy handed him a piece of paper with Bo's hand writing on it, and it said, "Luke, Daisy, I know my death will be hardest for you because I was your brother but just remember I will always be with you in your hearts and that I always love you. And Jesse, I know this will be hard on you too because you raised me like I was your son, I guess what I'm saying is, Goodbye Dad." Luke looked up at the ceiling, tears falling down his cheeks before collapsing on his knees, "why couldn't it have been me that died? why did Bo have to go first?" He whispered and Daisy knelt down beside him crying tears of her own. And they thought they could almost hear Bo saying, "because it was my choice to go, one of us had to." THE END ~PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK AND IF I SHOULD WRITE ANOTHER ONE~
  2. Dukes of Hazzard RP - based on the show but we can make it up as we go Need - Luke Duke - Bo Duke - Judd Duke - Coy Duke - Vance Duke - Jeb Duke - Jesse Duke - Rosco P. Coltrane - Enos Straight - Boss Hogg - Cletus Hogg - Lulu Hogg - Flash -Random people ~If you can't find a pic for one of them you can use a random pic~ Me https://im4.ovipets.com/?img=proxy&url=http%3A%2F%2F25.media.tumblr.com%2F7f601eaedc6f82be51dbad4025d36ad0%2Ftumblr_mp35lsRkMC1r12ymio1_400.jpg&p=8d083 Name: Daisy Duke Age: 17 Female Perso: meet Bio: Waitress at the Boars Nest during the afternoon after school. Her uncle and cousins almost had a heart attack when she started wearing her shorts. Relatives: Bo Duke (cousin) Luke Duke (cousin) Jeb Stewart Duke (cousin) Coy Duke (cousin) Vance Duke (cousin) Jesse Duke (uncle) Religion: Christian Nationality: American Crush: ask
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