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  1. Sending hugs your way Roger. I am sorry you are going through this. Please know you gave her a great life and foundation for life and that she would want you to be happy and healthy. Please take care of yourself. I am here if he you ever want or need to chat. I am not good with words, but I'll be glad to listen.
  2. I'm sorry Spike. That is frustrating.
  3. Hobie . . .those words right there are fighting words. This Toby Keith fan may revolt and never come back again at the sound of that. With that said, here's my word: Heartless (I apologize if any of you are fan. I once was...and now I definitely am not. LOL)
  4. I am so sad about this. I love the Oak Ridge Boys. My sister was planning on seeing them in September. I may have went, but probably not because I'd have to take a vacation day. One of the other Oak Ridge boys just lost his son over the weekend. Just so sad.
  5. Well y'all...I've really been slacking when it comes to NASCAR and HNet. I got another week and two days and my class will be over and I'll have a few weeks off from classes. They were at Chicago's road race last weekend and it sounded like an exciting race. I was grocery shopping so, I missed out. I was going to do better about watching the races. But apparently not. I haven't watched one, but kept track of Elliott throughout the races. Now that it's not on FOX, it'll be more difficult for me to watch. I just don't seem to have the patience to sit down and watch it as I did back with Gordon and Johnson were racing. Dang, I never missed a race. I do miss that. I'm sure once I sat down to watch it, I'd be hooked... Anyway, enough about me. Chase Elliott came home 21st...he needs to get back to first! LOL. Anyway, his teammate, Alex Bowman broke his winless streak and went home with the win. I am excited for Bowman. He's a great guy. (Then again, he's a Hendrick driver and I like all the Hendrick boys. Elliott just happens to be my favorite.) I guess early on in the lap, he made a mistake and got into Bubba Wallace. While Bowman was on his cooldown lap, Wallace hit Bowman into the wall. Bowman later apologized for his earlier error and said how bad he felt and that he understood Wallace's anger and said he didn't think Wallace should be punished. Well NASCAR punished Wallace $50,000 for the hit. Wallace went home 13th after the race. I'm not a fan of Wallace or him wrecking Bowman, but at the same time, at least he waited until after the race to do it and not ruin the win for Bowman. But maybe that's because he couldn't get to him. I'm sure tempers are hot and so forth, but it's not in Bowman's style to intentionally wreck people either. It doesn't look like he was penalized points, which normally 25 points or so is taken from the driver, so maybe NASCAR took in Bowman's interview and all. Chicago Street Race Race Results, Lineup | Official Site Of NASCAR Bubba Wallace penalized following Chicago incident | NASCAR
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