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  1. I was going to say sir, but that didn't seem to fit well either. LOL. It was odd to type that out as well. LOL
  2. "Good morning Hazzard County!" the chipper DJ on the radio yells out as the sun begins to shine through the darkness of the early morning, "It's the morning of J.D. Hogg's big annual race and this DJ just got word that there is a big NASCAR name that will be in the mix. If any of y'all watch NASCAR, y'all will be excited to know that I got an inside source that says that Bill Elliott will be racing his number nine car in today's race!" The DJ goes silent on the radio momentarily, "Which may put a dinger in the normal outcome of the annual race that has been won by them Duke boys in the orange General Lee in the past few years. Will the Dukes be able to outrace the legend himself or will the legend be able to ruin the Dukes' good luck?" "Good luck?" Cooter questions the radio that plays in his shop, "Luck got nothing to do with them boys winning!" "I also go word that Garrett Duke got himself arrested last night as he got in the way of the sheriff's pursuit," the DJ continues on, "so that will be one less contender the Duke boys, as in Bo and Luke, will have to worry about. Now my source says his driver will have the horse power to win today's race with their eyes shut. So the money is on line as to who will win the race. If you are wanting to come by to watch the race and put a friendly wager on who the winner will be, the race will start at noon sharp and the winner will win Hogg's annual $1000 plus a year full of bragging rights. I wonder if all this has got them Duke boys nervous for once as their good luck will be bound to come to end sooner or later. And with my source's driver being so good plus Elliott himself being in the race, this year may be the year their luck runs dry." "Fat chance Hogg lover," Cooter rolls his eyes and angrily turns the radio off before stopping to stare blankly at his own racing car that he had signed up to race in today's race. "Mr. Davenport," an unknown voice thickly laced in southern drawl breaks through the thick silence to force Cooter to jump in surprise before slowly turning around to see a man with a red racing hat over light brown hair. "Sorry sir. I didn't mean to startle you." "Oh no. Not at all. I was just lost in thought," Cooter slowly stands up, "May I help you?" The man shyly shrugs as he shoves a hand out towards Cooter. "I'm Ernie Elliott. I'm Bill Elliott's crew chief and brother. You may have heard a thing or two about him." He firmly shakes Cooter's hand. "If what you heard was good, it's true. Anything bad, is a lie." Cooter laughs. "Yeah I heard a thing or two about your brother and I'm pretty sure they are all true," Cooter states as they drop hands and he motions his newcomer into his garage, "I do believe this is the first that a professional crew chief has come seeking me." Ernie laughs nervously. "Well I am sure your shop is the best around, but I am here seeking help in town. Rather for my car," Ernie slowly starts. "I have heard a thing or two about how you and Garrett Duke don't normally see eye to eye on things, so I am willing to accept that you may not want to help me out." "Woa wait a minute here," Cooter states with a smile, "I just heard about Garrett being arrested. I am not too big of a fan of him, but I am not a fan of our law either." Ernie nods. "Y'all got a crooked law system here. It's almost funny," Ernie slowly states before he slowly goes into the past couple of days of how he met Garrett and then the Dukes. "Bo and Luke are out practicing with my Bill. Bill really didn't want to go out and practice. He feels reliable for Garrett since Garrett has stuck his head out to help us to make all this possible. So Bo and Luke sent me to you. So here I am." Ernie shrugs. "This is what I get for running through the stop sign and into Garrett's car...right after he left your shop the other day." "Karma!" Cooter yells with a smile. "I say that towards Garrett. Not you. He comes running his attitude at me. He deserves to get hit. Sadly it collected you and Bill," Cooter slyly shrugs, "But with that said, I'll be glad to help you get Garrett out. But first, what he do to get arrested?" Ernie stares at Cooter for a long moment before slowly telling him what he heard that had gotten Garrett arrested. "Sounds like ol' Rosco at his finest," Cooter responds, "surprisingly he actually was able to arrest someone. Bo and Luke are always smart enough to escape from his schemes." "Always?" Ernie asks unbelieving and Cooter slowly shrugs, "Because the only reason they escaped, was because Garrett shoved him off the road." "Oh, yeah, that," Cooter slowly responds, "so what all do you need of me?" Ernie shrugs. "Well at least take me to whoever I need to see to pay for his bail so that he can at least race in today's race," he responds. "Let's do it," Cooter tosses down his grease stained rag and walks out of his garage and motions Ernie to follow him and they walk across the street and into the police station. "Alrighty alrighty, hold it right there," a familiar voice rings out from behind them as they step into the police station and they both turn around to find Sheriff Coltrane standing behind them with his hands on his hips, "why is this grease bum in my building?" "He's actually helping me. I'm Ernie Elliott," Ernie responds, "I'm here to bail Garrett Duke out of jail." "Garrett Duke?" he questions in disbelief, "Who would want that lowlife out of jail?" "Well," Ernie responds, "my brother for one. You may have heard of him. Bill Elliott." "I ain't no dummy!" Rosco yells, "Of course I've heard of him. But why would he want Garrett out of jail?" "First of all. That's a double negative. Which makes a positive. So you just called yourself a dummy," Ernie states with a smirk. "You hush it boy! You are working on joining that jail bird downstairs!" Sheriff snaps at him. "Just saying it as it is," Ernie shrugs, "but back to Garrett. Bill has made it clear that if you want him in your race today you will drop your charges against Garrett Duke before the race or else Bill and I are leaving and taking our sponsors with us." "OK. Well good bye," Rosco shrugs nonchalantly. "Wait a minute Sheriff," a short round man in a three piece white suit jumps out through a door way, "didn't you just hear what he asked you?" "Well um yeah," the sheriff stutters, "he wants us to drop all the charges that I have against Garrett and let him walk free." "Good. Go do it," the short man states lighting a cigar. "But Boss. I arrested Garrett fair and square. He broke the law. He ran into me. He assaulted me. Your sworn officer," Sheriff Coltrane argues, "you can't just expect me to drop all charges against him on what he says." "Oh yes I can you numbskull! You refuse his request a well known NASCAR driver is withdrawing from my race. He withdraws with his sponsors so does the fans that will come to watch as will all the money they will be bringing in for me. Um...I mean for Hazzard!" Hogg holds his cigar up in anger. "Now go down there and drop the charges against the Duke boy." "He also deserves an apology," Ernie states, enjoying the skit before him, "I mean he was only looking out for the best interest of his cousins that you were wrongfully going after. You have caused him great trauma through all this!" Rosco glares at Ernie for a long moment before looking at Boss who nods in agreement. "This is the worst day of my life!" Rosco sulks as he turns around and goes down the stairs to where Garrett is locked away at. Garrett looks up from staring down at the floor as he had been trying to listen into the conversation that was taking place upstairs, but only to hear voices that he couldn't place. As foot steps echo down the stairs, he looks up to see the sheriff angrily walking down the stairs and as he reaches the cell where Garrett sits, he reluctantly takes out a set of keys. "OK Duke," Rosco's voice is stern and full of anger, "your luck has finally went your way. For now." Garrett watches him slowly open the door before he stiffly stands up. "What you talking about, Sheriff?" he slowly asks, waiting for a trap. "I am here to release you and drop all of my charges that I rightly had against you," Rosco slowly responds. "Rosco!" Boss' voice echoes down the stairs. "And to tell you that I am sorry for arresting you and putting such trauma upon you," Rosco states as he rolls his eyes at Garrett. "You are free to go." Garrett flashes a rare smile at the sheriff before nodding in appreciation at him. "Why thank you sheriff," he slowly states and Rosco motions him up the stairs. "Next time," the sheriff whispers in his ear as they get to the stairs, "you aren't going to be so lucky. Next time, you'll be getting your free trip to Atlanta. Understood?" "Yes sir. Loud and clear," Garrett states as he quickens his step up the stairs and as they reach the top floor he is relieved to see Ernie and Cooter. "Ernie and Cooter. A sight for sore eyes." Cooter forces a smile at him. "I'm sure you didn't get much sleep last night," Ernie places a hand around Garrett's tense shoulders, "but I spent last night working on your car. You think you will be ready to race against Bill this afternoon?" "Really?" Garrett's eyes light up as they walk out of the sheriff's station and Ernie nods. "I'll be ready!" "Great. I'll take you to your car. Bo, Luke, and Bill are practicing now. You and Cooter can join them," Ernie responds as they head outside and back across the street to Cooter's Garage.
  3. I ordered them from Columbia House I think. They sent them two at a time every so often.
  4. Welcome back Joseph. You are always welcomed here.
  5. Thank you Hoss. I should have looked up more. Yeah I got them all on DVD and VHS. LOL
  6. Ice (Vanilla Ice - AC Hammer) LOL
  7. OK I got a dumb question. Available where? I've had all the episodes on DVD for some time now.
  8. Garrett Duke slowly steps out of the diner where he had stopped after he had left the old family farm and glances around the small town before lighting a cigarette and walking over to his beloved car. Momentarily his gaze rests upon the old garage where Cooter is seen outside working on a car and shakes his head before climbing into his car and slowly driving away from his parking spot. Originally he had planned on going back to his apartment after supper, but feeling lost and alone, he finds himself driving back out in the country area just to get out of town and to just drive and clear out the thoughts of the past events. The loud wail of the sheriff's familiar siren interrupts his thoughts and he sees the bright orange car far down the road with the sheriff's car right behind him. Part of Garrett would love to see the sheriff win just one time to arrest Bo and Luke and to see them locked away in jail. Then they wouldn't give him such a hard time and he could go on and live his life without them pestering him and interrupting his life. Then again, it's not their fault he is stuck in this dumpy town. And the sheriff and his partner are corrupt and dirty and don't deserve the chance to ruin anyone's lives; even Bo and Luke's. Shaking his head he quickly turns onto off road and parks between a couple of big bushy trees and watches from afar as Bo maneuvers the orange muscle car down the road in attempt to shake the pesky sheriff off their tails and to limit their chances of being arrested. Part of Garrett feels he should stay out of it. They could outrun the sheriff with their eyes covered. But the other part of him refers back to his old street life of crime and would love the opportunity to ruin any chance of any police achieving what they want...especially Hazzard's. Garrett grins as the orange car goes by in a blur and glances and waits for the sheriff's car and just as the loud annoying siren gets closer, Garrett pulls out and braces himself as the old patrol car runs right into him. He grimaces at the damage he just did to his own car, once again, but he did what he had to do. Garrett shoves his car into park as he watches Rosco throw his driver's door open and stumbles out of the car, landing on his hands and knees before angrily getting up pointing at him. As Rosco approaches his car, Garrett slowly rolls down his window and says, "Sheriff Coltrane," he pauses to light a cigarette, "it's fancy meeting you out here. In the middle of no where." "You hush boy!" the sheriff yells at him, "You gone and done it! You pulled right out in front of me and banged up my patrol car!" Garrett shrugs. "So it seems like I did. But I'm sure it's use to it by now," Garrett pauses momentarily, "I'm sure your buddy Cooter will give you your member discount for how much service you bring to his crummy shop." "My ol' buddy! Any friend of Bo and Luke's ain't no buddy of mine!" Rosco angrily sputters pulling out his handcuffs. "Well then. I guess that makes us friends, then!" Garrett grins coldly at the sheriff. "You hush it boy!" Rosco yells again at him, "I ain't got no friends with the last name of Duke. All you Dukes are trouble!" Rosco pauses in frustration at the conversation . "Never mind about who my friends are and who aren't my friends. That's none of your business! What is your business, is, is that you are under arrest for damage of public property and aiding and abetting Bo and Luke!" Rosco giggles, "You finally get your wish to return to Atlanta, Garrett. This time you'll be wearing orange and behind bars." Rosco laughs again at his own jokes. Garrett only shrugs. "It won't be the first time I'll be wearing orange behind bars in Atlanta," he smirks, blowing smoke at Rosco who coughs and tries to wave it away, "and trust me when I say, it's a lot better than this trashy town of yours." "Trashy town?! Duke! You make Bo and Luke look like angels! At least they see the beauty of Hazzard and working their own way to protect their beloved town. You on the other hand only disgrace us with your ugly face and bad attitude. I'm doing everyone here a favor by arresting you!" he yells at him before taking a deep breath and continues on with an authoritative voice, "OK Garrett. I need to put out your cigarette, get rid of the butt, and step out of the car. Nice and easy. With your hands up." Garrett eyes the sheriff with cold smokey gray eyes as he smashes out his cigarette and puts it in the ash tray. "Well I did the first part, but as you clearly see," he motions to the patrol car that continues to be smashed against his drivers door, "I can't get out." "Don't be a smarty pants dummy!" Rosco yells motioning across Garrett's car, "Give me your keys!" Rosco throws his hand open and waits for Garrett who slowly complies by throwing the keys way past Rosco and into the ditch. Without flinching or looking at the keys, Rosco points across Garrett's car again and sternly says, "Slide over, nice and slow. Keep your hands above your head where I can see them and get out the passenger door!" Garrett sighs heavily and disappointed by the fact that Rosco thought about his keys and then wasn't distracted by him throwing them past him to disarm his idea of running away from him. "OK, OK!" Garrett yells at him as Rosco impatiently points again across the car and Garrett slowly climbs across to the passenger side with his hands up while Rosco runs around the hood of the car to the other side. As Garrett gets to the passenger door with his hands up, Rosco pulls the door open and pulls Garrett the rest of the way out and shoves him against his car, face forward. "Garrett Duke," Rosco states in his authoritative voice once again, "you are under arrest for aiding and abetting and getting in the way of the police as well as for damaging public property. Namely my car. And attempting to harm a police officer." He continues on reciting the Miranda Rights. "Let's go punk!" he giggles as he walks Garrett past his car and to the backseat of his patrol car. He shoves Garrett into the back of the police car and states, "It's a shame you did all this for Bo and Luke and they are no where to be seen to help you. They are probably celebrating the face that you will now be out of their hairs for the next thirty years!" With that, Rosco slams the door shut and climbs back into the patrol car where he backs up and drives back to town where they ride in silence. After what seems to be an eternity, they arrive and Rosco pulls Garrett out of the car and leads him into the sheriff's station where they are greeted by Boss Hogg. "Looky, looky Boss at who I caught!" Rosco giggles, "Fair and square too!" "Oh yeah?" Boss asks smugly, "What charges?" "Well, I was after Bo and Luke, and he came out of nowhere and forced me to run into him. So I got him on aiding and abetting Bo and Luke, damage to my police car, and attempting to harm a police officer. That's me," Rosco states confidently. "I'm glad we all figured out who the police officer is," Garrett sarcastically states as he eyes Boss with cold hard eyes. "You hush it!" Rosco yells at him. "Nice work, sheriff," Boss smugly smiles at him, attempting to ignore Garrett. "Lock him downstairs and call Atlanta to come retrieve their criminal before yesterday! We want this punk out of our town and for good!" "I'm on it, Boss," Rosco giggles as he shoves Garrett forward and down the stairs where Rosco fingerprints him on the table before shoving him into the jail cell and slams the door shut as hard as possible before locking it and pocketing the keys. "Enjoy your stay, Garrett. Because them Atlanta boys will be here soon to take you back home...where you belong!" Garrett coldly eyes the sheriff who slowly turns away and walks up the stairs. Garrett listens in as he hears Rosco on the phone before going and sitting back down on the old, tattered bed that hangs on the wall. "Well there goes the race," he mutters as he begins to ponder on how many times Bo and Luke were here on wrongful charges.
  9. If that's your favorite driver or team that dominates, it's fun and exciting, but not so much for everyone else. Or if you are just a fan of the sport. That's a lot of races to win and only a few that he didn't win. That is always disappointing when the officials get a call wrong that determines how the game goes and who wins...
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