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  1. Oh I love racing...just not of milk or people getting sick. LOL.
  2. Awe Roger. You just made my entire year! Thank you.
  3. Sorry to say, Roger, but that doesn't sound too fun. HA!
  4. Y'all accomplish your 2022 goals? I didn't...so time to start thinking of how to make better goals for 2023. Or at least find ways to reach part of my goals. HA!
  5. Um...we need a Christmas 2022 list. LOL. Just over a month away...
  6. It does sound fun...:)
  7. OOOooooo that should be an interesting and fun race to watch! Hopefully no one gets hurt!
  8. Awww thank you Roger. I've missed all of you and it's great to be back. *HUGS*
  9. Thank you Roger. It's great to be back.
  10. Thank you Meadomufn. It was kinda frustrating...I tried signing up as a new member and even that didn't work out. I was excited when I saw this thread this afternoon and went and checked it out and it worked! It's worth the wait. I am glad you got it figured out...thank you for not giving up! Thanks again.
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