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  1. Jeff Gordon on Jimmy Fallon 75 years of NASCAR! OK I had to share because it is my number one driver! Love Jimmy Fallon's description of Jeff Gordon's rookie season picture. "You look like a baby with a mustache!" LOL
  2. What a great way to celebrate such a great show! I love the pilot!
  3. I assumed that is who you meant...but the king will always be Richard Petty to me. HA.
  4. cat (Black and white cats are known as tuxedo cats)
  5. Only 5 million? He's cheap...maybe try the Yankees. They seem to pay well.
  6. He's eating with Richard Petty? Tell him to send Jimmie Johnson my way! Hope he's OK.
  7. He was actually going to do that, but NASCAR told him that wasn't allowed. Though he may have fixed it so he could...I can't remember the outcome now.
  8. South LOL Hobie. I'm all for my Diet Pepsi and eleven is late for me, though do normally see it during the weekends myself. But only because I'm too tired to go to bed. HA. You really are hard core!
  9. Now we are back to NASCAR as all that started out in NASCAR and it kinda ruined Brandon's career as it's now overshadowed with politics and sadly all he did was do his job...win the race.
  10. Redneck (I'm going by your avatar, Hobie. Love that you love to party )
  11. Jeff Gordon is a 49ers' fan...so let's go 49ers!!!! Plus their kicker use to be a Bear...he should still be a Bear if the Bears weren't dumb and trade him. He's good as Gould! (Robbie Gould)
  12. OK I lied. the Clash isn't at Bristol...it in LA. I'd just prefer it to be at Bristol. My favorite track! LOL.
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