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Yeah we would have to wait for that person to get back. Unlike a round robin, you take charge of your own character and speak for your own character only. Also, not everyone is going to be involved in every single part. So we might be at the Duke Farm, so Rosco and Boss wouldn't be there until someone posted something like *looks up and hears sirens* "Uh oh, I'll bet that's Rosco." Then that would be a sign for Rosco to come in.

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Okay, got it...next question...

If I (or somebody else) posted something that was way out of line and wasn't consistent with the story do you send them a private message with a polite request to edit the post or do the moderators take care of that? The reason I ask is because I've never done this before so if I mess up somehow, don't be shy about telling me.

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Urm, good idea...but really we want something closer to the Duke show...I'd prefer not to have anyone landing in hospital on this one...

You're right. I always wonder why women, writing fics, injured or nearly killed their favourite characters. :innocent: (me too I nearly killed Enos a couple of times)

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So your a sexist pig huh ", just woman writers what kind of bologna is this ?".

Sexist pig? :rofl: Well, I'm a woman too, despite my avatar.

And I like fic involving some injuries and so on (angst, drama). I only wonder why women are more inclined than men to write something 'bout angst or to hurt someone they like in their fic. :-? I like it too, and sometimes I wonder why. Oh my God.... it's a psychological speech. Sorry.

Btw.... What does it mean "bologna"? The only Bologna I knwo is the city of Bologna. Or do you mean that kind of bologna people eat?

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sorry my bad I guess I read the message wrong ", would you be interested in

writing a role play story with me about Luke getting into a bad accident ".

I'm waiting for BoJamesDuke's start. :)

Anyway, every rp is good for me, but not several rp together.... 'cause I don't have too much time to stay in front of the screen.

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lol hey guys, I am going to get started on the rp very soon now that we have all the characters. I'm still trying to come up with an idea at the moment though. Oh and please, can we try and keep this friendly.

I do want to go through what kind of rp style I would like people to write in though. I'm using the same style that I use on my rp site. That is actions go inbetween ** and speech starts with Speech marks. Therefore a post might look like this.

Bo: *whistles as he drove the General down the back roads of Hazzard, tapping a tune on the steering wheel before glancing to Luke*

"Hey Luke, you recon we got enough money to buy some new parts fer the General t'day?"

That is how I want things to be set out so people can understand what is being done and said :)

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Hey y'all... while we're waiting for Bo to start the official RP might I suggest a practice session? Reason being is it's BoJames' birthday and I think it'd be fun to rp some birthday wishes while we wait so.....

Luke: *comes in from doing all the chores, a devilish smirk on his face, having pulled a feather from one of the chickens and twirling it in his fingers; he soon makes his way to the bedroom and lifts the blanket on Bo's bed tickling his bare foot with the feather* Wake up birthday boy....

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