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  1. That would be great Skipper! Give it a shot!
  2. Hey James! It's good to see you! Welcome! You'll like it in here!
  3. This is something I may have mentioned before, not sure but we've got some newer people in here since then ( More citizens of Hazzard! ) and I thought I would mention it. There was Huey Hogg and then his older brother Dewy Hogg.....we're missing one that never was shown....Louie! They should have had a show with him in it! They HAD to be named after the 3 nephews of Scrooge McDuck! That's a cartoon and Scrooge McDuck's 3 nephews are 1. Huey 2. Dewy 3. Louie.
  4. WOW!! That's a great job! I'm totally impressed! ( come by the car lot and I'll give you a little of my finest and we can look at all the red cars I have on my lot! )
  5. This was the first pic I saw of this and I didn't see the front part.....I was just glancing through it. I thought this was an actual overhead shot of a REAL one!!
  6. luxury off roading? What's wrong with this concept? Think about it. Off roading, " Roughing" it, etc.......luxury? " Well, I want to get down and dirty but I don't want to get TOO dirty........I don't want to get " Too" " Down" either!..........HUH???? You either are or you are NOT!! YOU CAN'T BE BOTH!!
  7. How's this.... You'd have to be dumber than a hick, to think hicks are dumb! ( They dun learned me real good in that there school I dun been to! ) .....I majored in English......with an emphasis on grammar!
  8. I didn't see the movie but I thought the name of the car was Christina. see? If you don't watch the right shows, you wind up ignorant, like a Dumb Hick!
  9. They probably thought, " Ah....bunch of dumb hicks....they'll never notice!" Well....fooled you didn't we mr. producer/writer!!
  10. CApitol City Hospital ( trying to keep things near Hazzard! )
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