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  1. subdivisions Actually, he developed many things and I think he and Leonardo Da Vinci were the the 2 smartest people/greatest minds ever! ( As far as dying a virgin, as an adult.....there's no excuse! LOL!)
  2. Sir Issac Newton......He invented Calculus! Complex!
  3. NASCAR'S sounding more and more like a soap opera!! ( kind of like professional wrestling! LOL! )
  4. Now why did SHE refuse to go in??? Hmmmm..... Happy Birthday by the way Hot Shot!!
  5. I hope it gets better for you bud! A citizen of Hazzard County shouldn't have to deal with all of that!
  6. This one took me a second...lol...I'm not the quickest draw in the West!! GEORGIA ( where hazzard was supposedly at.......it's really Hazzard Ky.)
  7. I hate math too! It was my worst subject! Calculus ( I'll see if anybody figures out what I'm thinking, should be the next word....lol!)
  8. people watch the Dukes and think farm life is EASY but I know better. I've raised animals, cut wood, bailed hay etc. IT'S NOT!
  9. ohhh...Shame shame...!! Everybody knows your name!! ( you remember that one y'all?) boring
  10. How's this?....." HOW many times have I told you, nobody goes into that office ( Rosco's office) , except Boss, the dog or me, when I'm not here? .....I always thought this was funny!
  11. CLETUS only got his job because boss hogg is his cousin!
  12. I don't remember her when she was on the show, having that gap in her teeth.....terrible!
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