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    They've got enough Dynamite in that thing to blow it higher than I am!
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  1. I just watched Swamp Molly. You guys ever notice when Bo is in the " Naked Baby Ice Cream " truck, that there are cars in front of him as he braces for the hit from behind but when he gets hit and lunges forward, there is clear space to go into the water?
  2. Linus ( He was the only one I think who believed in him!)
  3. I'm back on the first season and the first episode is " One Armed Bandits" and it turns out that Luke loaned his car to Cooter and he never gets it back! OK..... 1. What kind of car was it? 2. Why did Cooter need it? 3. Why didn't Luke ever get it back? Nobody seems to have thought about this!
  4. ZZ Top....She's got legs....she knows how to use now....she never begs......she know s how to choose now.......
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