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  1. Yes, but it was awesome when they came back. Welcome to the HazzardNet James. Tell us more about your love of Dukes. Favorite character, episode, scene, quote, etc. How long have you been a fan? Have you ever met any of the stars? Do you have any Dukes toys or DVDs?
  2. Good luck.. I wonder if she has ever been here before.
  3. She is awesome. I wish we could get her here on HN.
  4. Thanks. I don't mean to brag but I just made it up right after I saw your post. I hereby give you my full permission to all rights to use it in any way you want and make money doing so. Amen.
  5. We watched the movie Iron Lady today. Wow! Like her or not Margaret Thatcher was one tough cookie. I was surprised that there wasn't one mention of any member of the royal family. I get that they are two totally different things but it still surprised me.
  6. General Hospital (my wife has been a fan for over 4 decades )
  7. Happy anniversary! I loved that movie! Predictable but fun. Great special effects., The local dirt track opens on Friday. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm recording the final race of Supercross dirt bikes tonight.
  8. Great information and fantastic pictures. Thanks so much for this! Very cool stuff Andrew!
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