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  1. Rosco has a birthday coming up on Monday so save the date and head on down to the Boar's Nest to celebrate. Khee khee!
  2. You guys don't know what you are talking about. The Dukes of Hazzard was and still is, perfect in every way. LOL
  3. assassination (President of US James Garfield)
  4. We had fun. My grandson is 20 and hanging out with him was pretty cool. I used to have him every weekend but we've drifted apart a bit so it was especially nice. We went to one south of Geneva Ohio called The Great Lakes Medieval Faire. It's really awesome but is the only one I've ever been to so I don't know how it would stack up against others. I'm sure some are better and some worse. They didn't do the jousting on horses because they were at a different place thus weekend.
  5. I took my grandson to a medieval festival today. We go every year but it was canceled last year because of covid. Speaking of which, today is the one year anniversary of my first covid symptom, leading to 2 weeks of sickness. Hey Hoss, you folks dealing with the Delta variant?
  6. blanket (He loved his blue security blanket)
  7. Oh, sorry for stereotyping. I thought everybody over there was a football fan. Just kidding. I thought you were a bigger fan though.
  8. RogerDuke

    SRX Series

    So cool to see Bill in the top 10.
  9. Must be talking about Daisy
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