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  1. penguins (Ya can't get further south than that. Hobie is a northerner compared to them....almost said Yankee but I know better)
  2. It's down to 4 teams. The Chiefs will play the Bengals. The Eagles will play the 49ers. The winners of those 2 games go to the Super Bowl.
  3. Chiefs beat the Jaguars and the Eagles crushed the Giants yesterday. Watched dirt bikes last night. It's in California so lasted until after 1:00 AM my time. Pretty snow covered. Been snowing all day here.
  4. meal (You're never too old for a Happy Meal)
  5. Here's the NFL playoff picture: Today the Chiefs face the Jaguars at 4:30. The winner of that game faces the winner of the Bills-Bengals game who play tomorrow at 3:00. Today the Eagles play the Giants at 8:15. The winner of that game faces the winner of the Cowboys-49ers who play tomorrow at 6:30. Edit: times are Eastern Standard Time
  6. Hmmm, I don't recognize those other two either.
  7. True. Young actors should never allow themselves to fall in a rut. After all those years of watching Andy Griffith I remember I didn't like seeing him as a bad guy....I can't remember where....wasn't a series....movie I think. And I will never watch Schwarzenegger or Stallone in any of their comedy stuff....no way! I won't criticize anybody else for doing it but it's not for me.
  8. On the happy side, I'm pumped about pro dirt bike racing this year. Another big race tomorrow (Sat) night. They have a new system this year called Supermotocross because they wanted playoffs like every other sport has. You get points for Supercross, which is racing in stadiums. You get points for Motocross, which is racing outdoors. And then they have a 3 race playoff for everybody who has accumulated enough points in both to qualify. I hope Emma Tisdale makes the playoffs! Let 'er rip! You know how they hang a stick in front of a horse to get it to walk? They should fly a drone in front of her with a picture of Jesse on it.
  9. That's brilliant Garrett! They will probably get so desperate that the next step they will take will be sign-on bonuses. I'll tell her to do it then!
  10. McCutchen won't make them any better. They'll still be worse than your Cubs but he will sell tickets and merchandise. They're paying him 5 million for one year so it should pull a profit for them.
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