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  1. Never heard of her. I bet she can't ride a wheelie like Emma Tisdale.
  2. You beat me to posting this by a few minutes Skipper. The Queen of Country Music is gone. I am very saddened. I guess everybody knows what episode I'll be watching tonight.
  3. Do you think they will still have them? After all, you described it as "Some years back"
  4. Nope. It's a really big time Christmas place and that's when we went. I don't remember seeing Dukes stuff but I might have.....memory's not as good as it used to be.
  5. Rosco...."that's a NAUGHTY NAUGHTY"
  6. JUST (first word ever said on the show....Waylon singing)
  7. Thanks for sharing this Jim. It is really awesome and made me think......They did a lot of different things with the General in 7 years but never made a body out of glass. It would have been fun to watch it jump a creek.
  8. What year though and how long did it last? Was Andy the only one who left? Just not getting enough money or was it something else?
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