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  1. This is on my list. Find one of these and paint it like Miz Tisdale's. Cheaper than a General Lee. Even cheaper than Jesse's truck....and more fun too.
  2. They didn't really go out on a date on the show but as I recall looked pretty comfy in the back of that limo. Does that qualify as a date?
  3. Peaceful (Even though Hazzard County is paradise it isn't always peaceful)
  4. It's no secret around here that Emma Tisdale sets my heart on "FAST IDLE". Jesse Duke is my hero but I have no idea why he didn't take her out more often. I bet she would have even let him drive the motorcycle while she sat in the sidecar. They're so cute at that age. Happy birthday in Hazzard Heaven today Emma. Or as Jesse puts it "Emmer".
  5. Waylon JENNINGS birthday today
  6. Happy birthday in Hazzard Heaven Waylon.....Born June 15 1937 died Feb 13 2002. We miss you, ya old Ridge Runner.
  7. I need to get you guys back on track. Fire is the last word. We are now looking for a G word. This is not word association so your word has to be related to the Dukes. If it is not clear how, then you need to explain it like I did with fire.....G word next....
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