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  1. NEDRA Volz (BL Davenport has me thinking about her with that Postmistress story)
  2. boat (we're gonna need a bigger boat)
  3. Hmmm, that gives me an idea. You could still come to the race but you can be the one who shoots the starter gun and waves the checkered flag. Except....we've never really used the checkered flag. Nobody has ever finished all four laps so if you left right after the race started you won't have to witness all the carnage. If you are on probation and can't shoot a starter gun, I'm sure Bo or Luke will lend you a bow and dynamite arrow.
  4. What would you rather see Hoss, a 0-0 tie or a 5-5 tie? I like high scoring sports events.....but a lot of fans love defensive contests. Give me a 12-11 baseball game any day over a 1-0 game.
  5. But I thought you were a big racing fan. You are right though, it's not that fun. Unless you are only a spectator....then it's a blast.
  6. Score prediction: USA 3 and England 1 (that's one, not won)
  7. Bear (Sonny Shroyer played Bear Bryant in Forrest Gump)
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