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  2. Smokey and the Bandit- The Legend https://youtu.be/YSifjtCB10E?si=fTMKWRyo05aPNSbr
  3. Season 3 The Great Hazzard Hijack Waylon Jennings:"When it comes to cross country Racin', General Lee moves out real smart. But runnin' is only half of cross country racin'. The other half is knowin' the course."
  4. Sorry we missed it. Belated Happy birthday. Looks like Rosco is coming up soon with a BD.
  5. Oh my goodness! I can only imagine the stories you have heard. Thank you so much for preserving their legacy. I also dabble in writing. I wrote a romantic fiction 30 years ago. Never tried to get it published but family and friends liked it. I have also worked on and off for 15 years on a book that deals with what moral values might be like on other planets....similiar to C S Lewis's space trilogy. It would be labeled Christian science fiction. Also, have had hundreds of letters to the editor in several newspapers and magazines over 4 decades. The only time I ever got paid was a piece I did for Astronomy magazine.....$200. Didn't even expect money for it!
  6. BULLETS hit the General Lee but never hit people.
  7. I think Enos is in it too.....some versions call it Enosh.
  8. radar gun (definitely inferior if they are hair dryers)
  9. The Dukes of Hazzard Fun Fact: Gy Waldron wanted at least 2 of the names to be biblical. Luke & Jesse.
  10. He also wanted at least 2 of the names to be biblical. Luke & Jesse.
  11. AVERY(Bad guy in Dear Diary) "And don't try anything funny. Because you know how good Avery is with a gun!"
  12. i also wondered why it isn't miss emma tisdale instead of miZ
  13. Yesterday
  14. Welcome! I'm glad to see you. I play Hobie Hartkins on here....you know...a car salesman and the town drunk! LOL! It's great to have you!.......and no, I take a nip every once in a while but I'm no town drunk! ( I'm not a car salesman either!) If I ever make a comment or a joke you don't understand, just ask. It will have something to do with The show and everybody here will get it but the new people might not!
  15. I bet, since the Dukes were country ( like me! ) they ate YAMS
  16. In 'The Hack of Hazzard', the boys drive a taXi.
  17. Tell us more about your love of the Dukes. How long you been a fan? Do you have any favorite episodes or a favorite character? Seen all the episodes? Met any of the stars? Have any collectibles? We want to know everything......Dukes related.
  18. Thank you, Roger Duke! I was curious if Jerry Rushing had any input on the name, but it looks like it came just from Gy Waldron.
  19. Y'all as of this past June 9, 2024 Skipper Duke is 37!
  20. "Exciting News, Gilligan's Island Fans! As your go-to Alan Hale Jr. (Skipper) Tribute Artist, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm expanding my horizons! In addition to honoring the original series, reunion movies, publicity materials, Alf crossover episode, and Surviving Gilligan's Island (Eric Kramer's portrayal), I'm now venturing into... Sherwood Schwartz's The Real Gilligan's Island reality series remake! Get ready for side-by-side tributes, where I'll recreate iconic poses and scenes with Skippers Bob and Jim from Season 1, and Skippers Ken and Charlie from Season 2! Stay tuned for more updates, and let me know what you think! Your support means the world to me!"
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