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  2. (Season 5 Dukes Strike it Rich) Uncle Jesse:"I thought you were gonna sew that up?" Daisy:"I did a little Uncle Jesse."
  3. Christine Fun Fact: All the white cars in the opening scene later became Christines.
  4. George LeBay:"Sonny, you ever owned a car before?"
  5. Loving Christmas. Definitely the most wonderful time of the year. Losing my daughter will make it a struggle at times this December though....but I know she'd want me to be happy.... so I'll have to focus on what she would want.
  6. Skipper missed this Z so we'll go with an A next.
  7. YANCY Peckinpaugh(Uncle Jesse's undercover name in the gambling truck.)
  8. (Season 7 Dukes in Hollywood) Waylon Jennings:"Friends, in Hazzard or Hollywood, if there's trouble, it'll find the Dukes."
  9. Yesterday
  10. This Christmas my wife and I are having a Turkey dinner. I guess it'll be another 'Dukes' style Christmas. In the Great Santa Claus Chase they had a Turkey dinner so I guess we're getting closer. lol
  11. The Duke Boys ZOOM around in the General Lee!
  12. (Season 2 Not Guilty) Skipper:"Gilligan, the Professor made that guillotine to spilt open the coconuts, now, we gotta believe that until we can prove otherwise!" Gilligan:"Skipper, it's gonna be pretty hard to prove otherwise when your head is rolling around in the bottom of the basket!"
  13. Since the Dukes were country ( like I am), I figure they had to have eaten YAMS ! ( do you guys know what yams are up there?)
  14. Last week
  15. In The Ghost Of General Lee The General Lee crashes in WATER(lake).
  16. Eagles Greatest Hits https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm4I8tP6UbWb0J2Kb7L0LCXTCGTjhxOFl&si=jJzRpARIpn68sd8c
  17. (Season 5 Vance's Lady) Vance:"What's he blowin' about?" Coy:"Looks like he's had one to many fer the road!" Vance:"What's he tryin' to do? He's gonna drive us off the road." Waylon Jennings:"Now from the look on Jenny's pretty face, I figure she knows who the driver is, and the fact that she ain't sayin' nothin' ain't good."
  18. Leigh Cabot:"I'm sorry Arnie I can't. Not here. In that car." Arnie Cunningham:"What are you talkin' about? Why not?" Leigh Cabot:"Because I hate that car! You care more about that car than you care about me!" Arnie Cunningham:"That's crazy Leigh!" Leigh Cabot:"Who do you spend more time with?"
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