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  4. Friday morning had the Dukes and the Davenports up and moving early. With Luke and Dixie out of town working, Cooter was about to get some extra help at the garage, better known as Hazzard Central. With the Post Office and Courthouse in plain view, what better location to watch and listen from. Bo, BL, Cooter and even Daisy were all at the garage before most people in town started to stir. Sadie was curled up by the desk snoozing. By 9am the town was a hive of activity, with people going about their business. Bo wiped his hands as he straightened from under the car, he and Cooter were working on, “Think I’ll go over to the post office and get my PO mail, want me to get the garage mail too?” Bo said. “Yeah, that’d be great Bo, Mr. Hawthorne is coming to pick up his car”. —----------------------------- Bo jogged across the street, taking out his wallet as he went in the post office door. Miz Tisdale was covering BL. Dixie had thought it best, if she didn’t work today inlight of the mail fraud accusation. “Morning Bo” Miz Tisdale greeted ”How’s your Uncle Jesse?” “Morning ma’am, Uncle Jesse’s fine. Can I get the mail for PO box 100 and the garage”, Bo got a number then, waited for Miz Tisdale to call it showing his license when she did. Taking the mail he went back over to the garage. At the garage Bo laid the garage's mail on the register, then thumbed through his mail. He had 5 envelopes. He opened each one and found they all contained a crisp five dollar bill. “Anything interesting?” BL asked. Bo shook his head ‘no’ “just the expected $5 for a picture.” —------------------------ A little before noon, Luke had wrapped up the classes he had taught the new group of Smokejumpers. He filed the last of their certificates and closed the file cabinet. "I'll see ya Monday, Ryan." Ryan gave him a surprised look, "You're not leaving me with them? Are you??" "Afraid so. I told you that you'd regret that collar brass sometimes." Ryan nodded. Luke had set him back on the ground when his head was in the clouds about his recent promotion. "Well, have fun and drink one for me." Luke gave him a half smile, "I hope this weekend goes that smooth." Minutes later he had his truck in the wind heading back to Hazzard while hoping the others hadn't managed to get into too much trouble without him. He frowned at that thought and rethought it, ... no he didn't want them to get into trouble with him, he hoped they all managed to stay out of trouble. —----------------------------------- Just after Luke pulled in, Daisy pointed out the garage door toward the Courthouse. "Boss going in." The others looked to see the white clad little fat man making his way up the Courthouse steps. —-------------------------- Some time later, both Rosco and Cletus were seen going inside the Courthouse too. Then, shortly after Cletus went to the Post Office and returned to the Courthouse. Luke motioned to Bo to go with him out of the garage toward the Courthouse. Under Boss's window, they heard.... —------------------------------------ "Are you sure there wasn't any mail in that there box?" Boss asked. Cletus replied, "I'm sure Cousin Boss. Just like every day since I got that mailbox. No mail”. —--------------------------- Luke and Bo exchanged looks, a lightbulb going on, Boss Hogg definitely had some scheme going that had gotten BL arrested for mail fraud. Luke motioned for Bo to follow him back over to the garage. —--------------------------------- Sadie dropped the ball at BL’s feet, wagging her tail waiting for BL to throw it again but BL wasn’t paying attention, tuned in to what Luke was saying instead . “Bo have you gotten anything in the mail that was ‘off’? Luke asked. Bo thought a minute before nodding ‘yes’ ”I got a letter from Tennessee, wanting to know where their bill of sale was and they didn’t seem too pleased.” Luke thought for a minute. "Bo, did you keep those envelopes from those picture orders? I wonder if that was one of those hundred dollar bills you got." —---------------------------- Bo frowned, "You mean they weren't from no fan club?" Luke replied, "I don't know yet. BL could Bo have gotten any mail at his box that wasn't his?" Luke further explained his thinking so she didn't think she had done anything wrong, "I'm wondering how long his box was closed before he opened it?" "Hmmm" BL thought "I guess it's possible but I don't recall seeing nothing when I put the mail in. Maybe something could have stuck together and I didn't notice, Cletus wanted that box but it was already taken". "Cletus wanted that box? He asked for it specifically?" Luke asked. Bo asked, "Was that when I rented Box 100? "Yes to both questions" BL answered. She added, "When Bo asked for a big box I gave him the first open one being 100. Cletus came in as Bo was leaving and asked to rent box 100. I told him it was rented so he took box 101." Luke frowned, "Bo were those envelopes addressed to you?" Bo was getting a sinking feeling, "Yeah, well most of 'em. Some just had P.O. Box 100 on them.” —--------------------------- Just about then Luther Davenport, Cooter's father, backed a flatbed truck up to the garage door loaded with various boxes of parts and supplies for the garage. “A bit later the garage CB came to life requesting the wrecker to come to Hazzard pond. It seemed Rosco had run in the pond again. “Luke, you mind getting Rosco? I got some things here to take care of” Luther said. Luke looked at the others, shrugging his shoulders “Sure no problem, Luther” Luke replied. —--------------------------------- Dixie’s thunderbird turned in at the garage, just as Luke was pulling out with the wrecker Bo, BL, Daisy and Cooter, wasn’t sure they had heard and seen what just happened. —------------------------------ Chris broke the stunned silence that fell over the young folk “How come Luke knows so much about how to operate the wrecker? Chris asked. “He’s been doing it a long time,” Cooter said. "Y'all drove it before y'all got your license didn't you Cooter?" Dixie asked since she had not been around at that time. "We sure did." Cooter replied as he was helping unload the truck his father had brought in. Dixie picked up the notebook beside the register. Nothing had been logged down, "Where did Luke go?" Luther scolded at her question before thinking. Dixie gave her father a look. Raised the notebook a bit and said, "I was going to log the wrecker call for you. I used to do that a lot too." “He went to fish Rosco out of the pond," Daisy said. "Him being in there ain't my fault this time" Bo stated proudly, gaining chuckles from everybody but Chris, who didn't get why Bo would say this with pride. Chris thought that there was a lot of history here that he didn't know as he kept sweeping. Dixie wrote down the wrecker's destination. She wanted to know what the others found out but with Luther there wouldn't ask. "I think I'm just gonna head out." Dixie said as she started heading to her Thunderbird. BL asked, "Want some company?" Dixie replied, "Keep doing what y'all are doing. I might be back out in a bit." Dixie hoped it sounded as if she were heading home as she backed out of the garage lot. True enough she was heading in the general direction of the Davenport farm at least wise until she got to the turnoff for Hazzard Pond. BL looked over at Bo, her eyebrow cocked, he looked back no doubt remembering Dixie and Luke both being MIA the other night after they’d all met at the Boar’s Nest after work like usual. BL still hadn’t got a confession out of Dixie about her and Luke being back together but she’d bet the farm, Dixie hadn’t gone home. “I got to do something, be back shortly,” BL said, heading to her GTO. ”C’mon Sadie let's go for a ride”, BL said, Sadie sprung over the side of the car. A drive out to the Davenport farm might not confirm Dixie followed Luke but it’d confirm she didn’t go home. When Dixie got to the turnoff for Hazzard Pond, she took the turn. About a mile later, she grinned widely as she saw Cletus' patrol car with Cletus and a very wet Rosco P. Coltrane heading back to town. Easing up the road, taking in the sight before her, Dixie watched Luke unwinding the cables, pulling them down the hill toward the water and the patrol car about 6 feet out in the pond. The bank was steep and alone, Luke would have had to have made several trips down the hill. Dixie cut her engine and came to a stop without Luke noticing. She walked over to the wrecker and called down to Luke, "Need any help?" Luke laughed as he saw Dixie standing beside the wrecker ready to help him, much like she had been at age 15, though she didn't look like 15 now, hell she hadn't looked like 15 then he thought. "You wouldn't want to wade out there and hook that thing up would you?" Dixie grinned widely, "Now I wouldn't be opposed to a swim, but wading out there to hook up wasn't what I had in mind." Luke had figured the last part of her statement even before he asked, "Just keep giving me slack then." There wasn't any way around it. He was going to get wet, so out to the car he trudged through the water and sandy mud that made Hazzard Ponds bottom. —--------------------- BL eased on her brakes, slowing the car as she passed the Davenport farm. As expected no Thunderbird was in sight. Not wanting Dixie to accuse her of being nosey and spying, even though she was doing exactly that, BL turned back the way she'd come, instead of taking the short way by Hazzard pond. Getting the patrol car out of the pond, up the bank and ready to tow became the first priority. Once that was done, Luke sloshed back to the wreckers control panel wet from his thighs down. Dixie teased, "How's the water?" Luke replied...."Wet", giving Dixie a wicked grin, Luke tossed her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry, toting her down the hill, stopping at the water's edge, he proceeded to pull Dixie off his shoulder and pretend like he was going to throw her in the water "1...2...3..." Luke counted. Dixie wasn't expecting to be picked up and carried to the pond! She held on tightly, "You would..." Balladeer: Yes he would and did! Luke had done exactly what Dixie had expected him to do by tossing her right into the pond. He promptly took off the only dry piece of clothing he had on, dropping his shirt to the ground as he kicked off his soaking wet boots and socks, then headed into the pond. Dixie moved to the edge of the pond and discarded her wet tennis shoes and socks, "You're gonna pay for that." Dixie said playfully. Luke replied, "I'm scared to death." Dixie had moved in a bit closer as she managed to cut Luke's feet out from under him, sending him totally under the waist high water for a split second. Dixie was trying to hide the mile wide grin as Luke stood back up and moved in closer to her. Luke was also smiling at Dixie's antics, right up until he reached out, pulled her close to him and gave her a long hungry kiss…. —---------------------- Back at the garage, a tan Rolls Royce pulled up to the garage pumps, Cooter got out of the big wrecker just as Chris started to pump gas, walking over to check the car out, it wasn’t everyday a Rolls stopped at the garage. “Howdy ma’am” Cooter greeted. Cooter said as he gave the Rolls a good looking over, "We sure don't get many of these babies through here." He was practically drooling. “Hello, could you tell me where I might find JD Hogg we have some business to discuss”, the well-to-do redhead woman asked handing Cooter a business card proclaiming ‘Bobbie Jo Jefferson, realtor Acme realty,Atlanta GA.’ “You should find him over at the courthouse” —--------------------------- Chris finished pumping the gas and took the money inside asking, "What is with Cooter?" “Cooter’s in love” BL said,grinning. “In love, he just met the lady 5 seconds ago” Chris statd. Chuckling, BL shook her head ‘no’, “not the woman, her car.” —---------------------- Dixie broke the kiss”you should get back to the garage, before Dad sends out a posse or comes looking for you hisself”. Luke nearly groaned, he didn’t relish either possibility happening but he wasn’t ready to let Dixie go and go back to town either. “I’m goIng to run home and change into dry clothes, then I’ll come to the garage,” Dixie said. “Ok” Luke said, pulling Dixie to him for another kiss. Letting Dixie go, both putting their socks and shoes back on, went their separate ways, Luke buttoning his shirt as he walked up the hill to the wrecker. Dixie was still pretty wet to get into her car with her wet clothes on. "Luke, is there anything to cover my seat in there that they won't miss til I can get it back on the truck?" Luke replied as he opened a side compartment, "There's a couple of tarps back here." He covered the wrecker seat, then the driver's seat of the Thunderbird. "So, do you think we can get away with going to the dance together?" Luke asked. Dixie replied, "I was really thinking that you might not ask." Luke brushed her wet hair back, "Well, I hadn't asked anyone else either." Dixie shook her head, "It's not the same. I kind of miss the evil looks I used to get walking into the Boars Nest with you." Luke said, stepping in closer, "We've been to the Boars Nest about every evening since you came back." "Again, not the same thing Luke."Dixie replied as she looked up at Luke. Luke eventually broke away from her. "Dix if you don't head out now...." The remainder of his thoughts were left unsaid. "I already really need another dip in the pond." Luke added. Dixie managed to give Luke a very innocent look with just a slight mischievous grin, "Sorry. I'm going." Luke watched her walk back to her car and waited for her to pull out. He let out a groan, gave the cool water of the pond another wishful look, then headed back to the garage. —------------------------ Dixie made it to the Davenport farm, tucked the tarp in her trunk then hurried inside, upstairs she grabbed another pair of jeans, underwear, socks and shoes. She hurriedly peeled off all her wet clothes, dropping them all in a heap on the floor, then ran a dry towel over herself and through her hair, quickly dressed, then headed back to town. With the windows down and moonroof open she hoped her hair was dry by the time she got back out of the car at the garage. —--------------------- Luke backed the wrecker up to the garage bay, getting out and going to the controls, letting the patrol car down and unhooking it “How’d you get so wet Luke?” Cooter asked. “I had to fish Rosco’s car out of the pond,” Luke replied. —-------------------- Dixie’s thunderbird came whizzing into the lot, BL raised her eyebrows when Dixie got out wearing different clothes than when she’d gone home, her hair was wet too. “What’d you change clothes for Dix” “Took a shower when I got home, the jail was HOT today” Dixie replied without giving it much thought. BL thought to herself something was hot besides the jail. —----------------------------- "A shower doesn't seem like a bad idea about now." Luke said as he came back in the garage after unhooking the patrol car and then moving the wrecker back outside. "Say, Cooter, does that old shower in back still work?" Cooter replied, "As far as I know. But it hasn't been used in ages." Luke said. "Well I think I'll give it a shot." He headed out the front of the station, walking away from the shower in question. The others watched him walk outside, then looked at each other. Noone had any idea what he was up to. Luke walked to his truck, grabbed a small duffle bag, then headed toward the shower. A couple minutes later the old pipes of the garage complained as water ran through them once again. In no time flat Luke returned. In no time flat, Luke returned freshly showered, shaved and dressed in dry clothes. He even had on different dry boots. Mainly what Dixie noticed was that he also smelled wonderful. Bo and Cooter nodded to each other in approval. Bo asked, "Are you prepared for every situation?" "I try to be, but I wasn't expecting to need to change here. I keep a bag in the truck in case I get toned out or wet." Luke said. —------------------------- Just as Luke was heading back to the garage from putting his duffle back in his truck, Clyde pulled into the lot. "Hey Daddy, what are you doing here"? BL asked. "I came to see if your Uncle wanted to join me at the Boar's Nest for a beer." Luther had joined the group "I don't think I better Clyde, still too much to do here, thanks anyway" Luther replied. "Go ahead Dad, we got things covered here." Cooter said. —------------------- "Thanks son," Luther said. The Davenport brothers got in their trucks and headed out. Once the older men had left Dixie asked "did we miss anything while we were gone?" BL told them about the Rolls royce. "It was a realtor looking for Boss, said they had business to discuss," Cooter added.“ Once everyone was caught up on most of the day's happenings, Cooter said, "So they have all left over there for the day. Are ya'll ready for a cold one?" Bo was the first to accept. "Sure sounds good to me." He said, wiping his hands on a shop rag. Luke replied, "I could do that. Ladies?" "If I'm gonna have anything ready to wear tomorrow night. I need to get sewing." Dixie stated. “Come on Dix, just one beer won’t hurt, I got sewing to do too,” BL gave Dixie her best puppy dog eyes. “Alright, just one beer,” Dixie agreed. Soon the garage was locked up tight and the group of young folk were on their way for a much needed beer. —------------------------------ The Dukes and Davenports pulled into the Boars Nest five wide, parking by Daisy's Roadrunner. They walked into the bar in a group and were glad to see it had not begun to fill up yet. There was Luther, Clyde and a few other older men there. Being that it was payday weekend, the place was bound to fill up soon. Luke motioned for Daisy to bring them all a beer. When Daisy brought the beers over, Cooter asked, "So where is everyone? We figured getting a table would be hard." "They'll be along. Maybe they went to clean up first."Daisy replied. Before Bo could reply that most of those guys never cleaned up, a very fancy old lady walked in and stopped at the bar. After speaking to Charlie the bartender, she made a beeline for the entrance of Boss Hoggs office. She didn't bother knocking as she let herself into the office and closed the door with a loud thump. Uncle Jesse came in just after the woman went into Boss Hogg’s office, speaking to a few of the older farmers. Then spotting Luther and Clyde, he went over saying “Howdy Luther, howdy Clyde, haven’t seen you in a coon’s age. “Cabinet shop’s been busy Jesse” Clyde said. —-------------------------- In Boss Hogg’s office, things were a little unnerving, Boss Hogg’s fancy lady visitor was Camilla Raines, the ex-wife of a mobster down in Savannah. “Mind telling me why I got these, instead of a deed of ownership certificate on a spacious vacation home lot, like the ad in the paper said” Camilla slapped a stack of pictures of Bo with General Lee on Boss Hogg’s desk. “I..I…have no idea” Boss stammered, confused. Camilla raised her voice a bit, "I am getting my Ex-husband's money fair and square which wasn't an easy thing. I'm sure he wouldn't want me ripped off. I made a down payment on a vacation home and land and that's what I'm going to get, right Tubby?" Boss Hogg stammered, "Right." "Good." Camilla tossed a card with her address on it. "I'll be waiting, but I won't wait long for my certificate." With that she was gone leaving Boss Hogg a chance to see the stack of pictures of Bo Duke and General Lee. Boss nearly turned 3 shades of purple. Boss Hogg grumbled. —------------------ The Boar’s Nest, not being too busy yet with people spending their paychecks, made it possible for everyone sitting close to Boss’s office to hear what Camilla had said, when she raised her voice. “So that’s what he’s upto” Luke said to noone in particular at the table. —------------------------ Boss Hogg got on the CB radio, "Rosco! Rosco! you best be walking through my office door pronto!" Rosco had been out at speed trap number 2 all day and hadn't had so much as a nibble. "I'll be there in two shakes of a little lamb's tail.” —-------------------------- Five minutes later Rosco came hurrying through the outside door to Boss Hogg’s office ”what’s up Boss? I got here as fast as I could” Rosco said. Boss took a puff on his cigar “Rosco I want you to watch them Duke and Davenport kids” Boss said. “All of ‘em?” Rosco asked. “All of ‘em!” Boss replied. Rosco counted on his fingers then said “but Boss there’s 6 of ‘em”. "Well, Rosco, you can count. I'd bet your salary that they are all 6 right on the other side of that there wall. They are up to no good, especially that Bo Duke." Boss declared. Rosco opened the door, quickly counted and closed the door. "How did you know that they were all here Boss?" Rosco asked. —------------------------ A slow song began to play on the jukebox, forgetting that Luther was at the Boars Nest too, Luke stood, holding his hand out to Dixie “want to dance?” “Would love to,” Dixie said, taking Luke by the hand, moving out onto the dance floor. —------------------ Jesse had taken a seat with Clyde and Luther. He and Clyde were studying a chess board between them. Luther was watching the game as the three carried on a normal conversation about crops, cabinets, garages and such. Jesse said, "Luke said, you asked him to give one of the kids a ride in the wrecker the other day. How did that go?" "Danged fool kid didn't even know what a clutch was when he was asked to move the wrecker." —--------------------- Clyde spoke up, "Yeah, I heard that Dixie showed him up." "That's not funny Clyde." Luther warned. Clyde laughed a little, "It is where I sit. Why don't you want the girl to learn your trucks Luther? She works at Tri-County, I think she can handle herself." "Her mother would have a fit if I let her run around in those trucks." Luther said. Clyde replied, "You and Cooter can't do it all, for forever." "I know that Clyde, that's why I wanted a trainable kid to teach. Hell, I've even kicked the idea around about maybe talking to Luke. I swear I can't get past the fact that in some situations he handled that wrecker better than me or Cooter." Luther stated truthfully, then he glanced up from his beer and saw his baby girl wrapped tightly in the same Luke Duke's arms. "Then, I see something like that and it makes my blood boil." Clyde and Jesse turned to see what Luther was seeing. “I see your point brother, would probably feel the same way if it was my little girl” Clyde said. “But don’t you think it’s time to let that part of the past go? Dixie has apparently. You said so yourself, that Luke handled the wrecker better than you or Cooter at times. I think you should talk to Luke, in my opinion,” Clyde counseled his older brother. —--------------------- When Luke and Dixie came back to the table, BL looked at her watch “Dix if we don’t want to be sewing all night we better go.” BL said. The group said their goodbyes and the Davenport girls headed out."I’m gonna take Sadie home and get my stuff, I’ll come on over then”, BL said. “Ok, see you in a bit”, Dixie replied. Finishing their beers the guys headed out a few minutes later. —---------------------------- “Huh?...Oh..yeah, I’m on it Boss”, Rosco said, opening the office door leading out into the Boars Nest. Closing it again Rosco said, “they ain’t out there nomore Boss.” Boss Hogg grumbled, "Not there? What do you mean not there?" Rosco explained, "Gone. Disappeared,Blip. The only one still here is Daisy." Boss Hogg exclaimed, "Then you find Bo Duke and follow him!" Rosco headed out the door quickly. —-------------------------- At the Davenport farm, BL and was just arriving. Dixie had insisted BL get her stuff and the two were going to have a sewing marathon that night until they were done. After carrying in her stuff, BL declared, "First things first. Cousin! I have got to go pee. That beer went right through me tonight." BL said, heading for the bathroom. Dixie teased, "Well, you know where it is, just take the time off from sewing your dress." BL saw the clothes Dixie had been wearing when she stopped at the garage right after work, on her bedroom floor in a heap on her way to the bathroom. “Since when did you start leaving clothes on your floor,instead of putting them in the hamper?"BL asked, nudging them with her bare foot. "How'd these get soaking wet?" —--------------------- Dixie cursed to herself but replied innocently, "I figured I could save time by showering in my clothes. Wash me and them at the same time." BL couldn’t help it, she giggled at Dixie's reply "Funny, now how about the truth this time. You know I won't tell anybody anything, I’ve never told on you before,we used to tell each other everything" BL said. Dixie considered BL's plea. It wasn't like she was 15 anymore. "Alright, but you have to contain yourself." Dixie stressed. BL tried to contain her excitement but was about to burst. "I rode by the pond earlier to see if Luke needed a hand getting Rosco out of the pond." BL added, "Rosco is gone when you get there right?" "Right. I helped with the wrecker controls. We got the car loaded and then one thing led to another. Then Luke tossed me in the pond." "So ya'll went skinny dippin'?" BL agged Dixie on. "No, we were both fully clothed for the most part." Dixie said, remembering well the site of Luke without his shirt. "Most part?" BL pushed her luck. Dixie shrugged, "Luke did take his shirt off and well, after we were wet we did ditch our socks, boots and my shoes." “My lips are sealed” BL made a zipping motion over her lips. “Does this mean you and Luke are unofficially together?“ Dixie nodded ‘yes’ “sorta” “If Luther gets wind of this he’ll blow a gasket.” Rosco wasn’t seeing much of interest, out at the Duke farm just Bo sitting at the kitchen table,putting a picture of himself with General Lee, in envelopes. Luke had his boots drying on the porch so he had gotten out a 2nd pair that he was busy polishing. He looked up to see Bo signing more pictures. "Are you still messing with those pictures?" Before Bo could reply. "Let me see one of those." Luke reached for an envelope that Bo had just laid down. It was addressed to Bo Duke P.O Bo.x 100 Hazzard.. Yes, that was Bo. "Are all these addressed the same way?" Bo replied, "Mostly, some just put the P.O. Box address on them." —------------------------ “Luke, come out to the barn, I want to talk to you,” Uncle Jesse said,heading to the kitchen, getting his red cap off the hook by the back door. “Yes sir” Luke said, putting on his boots, following Jesse to the barn. Luke had no idea why he was being called to the barn for a serious Uncle Jesse talk but he would obediently go. Inside the barn Luke leaned against a barn pole with one of his boots propped up on the pole. Jesse Duke was a man of few words and mostly stayed out of his boys business where women were involved, but there was a lot different this time. "So I hear you've been driving the wrecker again." Jesse began and then let the conversation go to Luke to see what he would say. "Yes, Sir. I've done a couple runs lately." Luke replied. "Why?" Jesse asked. Luke shrugged, "Luther asked me to show the kid the wrecker once, then there was a call today and I guess he didn't want to get wet like I did." Jesse studied that answer, "But, why now?" Jesse asked. Luke replied, "Beats me. Maybe it's because I haven't been around much until lately." Jesse nodded, "Or maybe he needs the help. He and Cooter can't do it all for forever." "That's why I drove in high school. I never would have stopped driving. That was his choice." Luke said. "Luther has been thinking about asking you to drive for him again, especially after hiring that kid who didn't work out so good. Said the kid didn't even know what a clutch was." Jesse said. Luke chuckled a bit "no he didn't, Dixie showed him up good." Luke said. Jesse jumped all over the opportunity to get to the part of the conversation he was hoping the conversation turned to, "Well, now that is another thing I hoped to talk to you about. Dixie." Luke nearly kicked himself right straight in the rear end for opening this can of worms. He shifted from one foot to the other. "What about Dixie?" Jesse asked, "How many gals have you been out with, danced with or even bought a beer for in the last 4 months?" Luke hadn't really thought about it. "I don't know. Why?" Jesse said, "Well, there was Sarah Jane the first night you was back in town. Then the next day there was Becky Mae, then Dixie walked in and I haven't even heard you telling Bo or Cooter none of your stories about the girls in Hot-lanta." Luke might not have thought about it before but really couldn't deny what Jesse had said. Luke replied, "Ok." "Now, son, you know I try to stay out of such things but do you see starting things up again with Luther's daughter when he is just coming around to consider letting you drive again is such a good idea." Luke was just a might rubbed the wrong way with his Uncle's questions. "First off, ..." Luke stopped. Walked off, took in a long deep breath, let it out and started over, "Uncle Jesse since I've been back, I've bought Dixie and everyone at the table a dozen beers. I've danced with her a handful of times. We have talked once without a cousin ten feet away, once and half the County made a big deal about it. Today I bought her a beer and everyone else at the table. A good song came on, we danced. I ran a wrecker call for Luther. She pulled in to see if I needed help. Her running the controls sure beat 15 trips up a wet slick hill. We both got the car out and hooked up. By that time I was wet to my knees. She said something cute and I threw her in the pond. That sums up our relationship." He made quotes around his last word. "As for the wrecker, I like to drive it. Really get a kick out of driving it better than Luther, like in the snow but I don't have to drive it. But, have you had this talk with Bo? It seems from where I sit that he and BL have been playing a bit of tiddly winks themselves." —---------------------- Uncle Jesse took in what Luke said, "You threw Dixie in the pond? Son, I don't know how you do it! You threw that gal in the pond and she's still speaking to you?" Jesse tried hard to hide his grin. Luke gave his Uncle a full grin when he replied, "She's going to the dance with me tomorrow night." "Well that maybe, but I'd still think twice about rubbing Luther the wrong way over her." Jesse said. "I hear you. Believe me I do. I've tried to be friends, friendly. I've tried to tell myself it's a bad idea. I've tried to lay low. Uncle Jesse, did you ever have a girl get at you that way?" Luke asked. Jesse replied, " Yep, .... once, ... Only once. I married her." Luke studied his words as he watched Jesse walk away. "Hey, I asked once!" —----------------------- At the Davenport farm, the sewing marathon was going slow “Dang it!, I did it again, Dixie fussed. “Did what? BL asked. “Broke a needle, it’s the third one in 2 hours.” Dixie said. She didn’t like to sew much anyway but hated to have a deadline. BL didn’t mind sewing but hated to feel rushed by a deadline. All was quiet and going as well as could be expected for the Davenport girls,when a ruckus in the chicken house startled them. “What in the world? BL declared looking at the seam/mess she’d just sewn. “I don’t know,” Dixie said, looking out the window but not in time to see Cleatus, who Rosco had sent to watch the 3 Davenport cousins, one of his rare moments of true smarts. “Must have just been a varmint, that’s moved on now” Dixie shrugged. The peace returned until about 45 minutes later, when the dog began barking, sighing Dixie put down her sewing, going to the window “hush up Bandit!” No sooner than Dixie had sat back down and started sewing. Bandit started barking again, Dixie rose again to tell Bandit to hush. Seeing something or someone in the light from the full moon, scurrying across the yard, sent a shiver up Dixie’s spine. “BL get Cooter and Dad, there’s someone out there.” BL put down her own sewing, heading to alert the 2 men, a knot of fear in the pit of her stomach. Waking her cousin and uncle,telling them what Dixie had seen, she then went back to Dixie “I told ‘em, they’re going to check it out.“ BL said —--------------------- Cooter and Luther crept out the back door, Luther with shotgun in hand saw the dark figure Dixie had seen in the moonlight, pointing it out to Cooter, raising the shotgun in the air, Luther fired both barrels ‘BOOM’. “Ahh, don’t shoot” Cletus called through the dark. “Cletus!” Cooter and Luther said at the same time. Cletus thought real fast, "Yeah it's me! Cletus!!" He knew that the Davenports were just a might crazy and seeing two of them with shotguns was not a comforting feeling. Luther pointed the barrel of the shotgun downward after reloading, he said, "What in tarnation are you doing creeping around MY property at this hour. You scared the girls, the dog and all the barnyard critters, not to mention nearly getting a first class ticket to the pearly gates". Cletus knew he was in deep with Boss Hogg but was right worried about his hide, "Rosco made me come out here.” “Why? We ain’t done nothing” Cooter said. “Alls I know is Rosco said that Boss said for him to watch Bo, Luke, Daisy and you, Dixie and BL.” Cletus answered. Luther frowned into the darkness “something sounds fishy to me” Luther grumbled. Cooter fussed, " The only thing fishy here was the cat's dinner.WE, He pointed to his father, "were in bed and them girls have themselves wrapped up in about a half a dozen yards of material up there, so you can go back and report that we are just fine out here." Cletus was about to say he'd been told to stay there all night, but another look at the Davenport men changed his mind. Luther thundered the butt of his shotgun into the ground and growled, "Git!" That was enough to put Cletus into 'git' mood as he began making his way back to his patrol car. ^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. So, the USA and England go through to the next round. The USA now play the Netherlands on Saturday, and England play Senegal on Sunday.
  6. They made the pancake syrup lady Aunt Jemima take her picture off the bottles and they made Uncle Ben take his picture off his Minute Maid Rice and they made The Cream of Wheat guy take his picture off of Cream of Wheat/Quick Farina hot cereals. I heard they are replacing the Cookie Monster with a politically correct version called Veggie Monster.
  7. Thanks Roger, there i more to come I just didn't get a chance to post yet.
  8. Follow the leader(Rescue From Gilligan's Island)when shark pulls Gilligan off the huts boat, and Skipper and Professor try to save him. Then the shark is dragging all 3 by the rope attached to Gilligan, Mr. Howell says "Egad, this is no time to play follow the leader!"
  9. NEDRA Volz (BL Davenport has me thinking about her with that Postmistress story)
  10. boat (we're gonna need a bigger boat)
  11. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Next year in F1, Daniel Ricciardo returns to Red Bull as a reserve/test driver, while his place at McLaren is taken by 2021 Formula 2 champion and current Alpine reserve driver Oscar Piastri. F2 driver Logan Sargeant takes Nicholas Latifi's place at Williams. Nico Hulkenberg returns to F1 to replace Mick Schumacher at Haas. 2021 Formula E World Champion Nyck de Vries joins F1 to replace Pierre Gasly at Alpha Tauri. Gasly moves to Alpine to replace Fernando Alonso, and Alonso moves to Aston Martin to replace Sebastian Vettel. Driver line-ups at Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo remain the same as this year. In other news, McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown has called for a change to the current driver qualification system to make it easier for IndyCar drivers to join F1 by employing a similar 'super-licence' system to Formula 2. It was also announced last week that next year's Chinese Grand Prix has been cancelled due to the country's Covid policies.
  12. HossC

    NASCAR news

    I've been a bit lazy reporting the last couple of races of the F1 season because the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships had already been decided. The season finished on November 20th, but it's taken me a week to post the review. Like last year, the final race of the season was in Abu Dhabi, but this time without the controversial ending. For the race, the top three teams qualified in pairs, with the Red Bulls on the front row, the Ferraris on the second row and the Mercedes on the third row. This year's champion, Max Verstappen, got a good start and never looked back, taking an easy win for a record-breaking 15th time in a season. Lewis Hamilton had a first lap incident with Carlos Sainz and great game of cat and mouse with Sergio Perez, but eventually had to retire with hydraulic issues. It's the first year of his F1 career where he hasn't had a pole position or win. Charles Leclerc held off Sergio Perez to claim second place in the race and the Drivers' Championship, and also secured Ferrari's second place in the Constructors' Championship ahead of Mercedes. A fair bit of the weekend's coverage was devoted to four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel, who has decided to retire from F1. He managed to claim a single point for finishing 10th in his final race. You can watch the race highlights here.
  13. MOROCCO Bound (Animated episode)
  14. The next morning a few minutes after unlocking the post office and turning the sign from closed to open Cletus appeared, automatically without being told, he took a number and, retrieved his wallet from his pocket to show his license, Bo only a few minutes behind from the other days, came in taking a number and readying his own license. —----------------- Thursday had been quiet, BL parked her GTO in the lot behind the post office after delivering the mail, same as she had all week,"c’mon Sadie “. “You're under arrest for mail fraud, naughty, naughty BL” Rosco said, removing his cuffs from his belt. “Mail fraud! Rosco, have you gone squirrely? I ain’t nor would I be involved in mail fraud” BL said “Tiddly tuddly, this says otherwise,“ Rosco fanned out 5, $100 bills. Giving up on arguing, BL went with him over to the courthouse then saying,”I want my phone call”. Who to call was the problem, she didn’t want to get her daddy involved, so ruled out calling home or the garage. “Mabel, can you get me Tri-Counties Jail please?” BL held her breath, as she waited hoping Dixie answered instead of one of her coworkers… "Tri-Counties Jail, Officer Davenenport." Dixie said answering the phone automatically with the standard greeting. "Dixie, I need you to pick me up after work, Rosco arrested me for mail fraud, ME can you believe it?" "What? What in the world? Has he lost his mind?.... Nevermind, answering that." Dixie replied. "Why don't you call Cooter? He's across the road." "I was afraid Luther would answer or at least overhear and he'd tell Daddy." BL blew out a breath. "Dang it! Sadie's still at the post office, can you get hold of Cooter to get her please? This is my one call." Rosco pointed to his watch, telling BL her time was just about up. —------------------- When Dixie got off the phone with BL, she was glad that no one else was currently around. She made a call and found out Judge Druten was on duty for Hazzard County. She placed a call to his office and found out he would be in Hazzard later that afternoon. After taking care of a few things, Dixie was changed and on her way to pick up Sadie then head over to the Courthouse. Before entering the town of Hazzard, she passed General Lee... —----------------------------- After hanging up with Dixie, Rosco took BL downstairs to the first cell. Bo wondered what Dixie was headed toward Hazzard so early for, he picked up the CB mic. "Lost Sheep 2 to Little Shotgun, you sick or somethin?" Dixie was already pulling over into a wide spot, "Turn around a minute." Bo turned General Lee on a dime and pulled in behind Dixie, "What's up?" "We got Trouble." Dixie stressed the last word. "BL's in jail." That wasn't a phrase Bo thought he'd ever hear in broad daylight, "What? BL's where?!?" Dixie explained what she knew and they both headed to the Post Office for Sadie. ‘ —-------------- When they arrived at the Post Office they found Sadie laying on her blanket giving Boss Hogg a look, he was muttering about incompetent Sheriffs and dipstick deputies…. Both heard the very distinct sound of General Lee pull up and stop out front of the Post Office. Sadie jumped up and began wagging her tail. Boss Hogg mumbled under his breath about not having the time to deal with any no account Dukes. Bo and Dixie found the Post Office locked and the closed sign out. Dixie knocked on the door and knocked harder when she saw Boss Hogg inside, "I need to get Sadie." For a moment he had forgotten about the Davenport girl’s dog. "Alright, alright, this ain't no place for a flea bag." Boss unlocked the door and opened just wide enough for Sadie to make her escape. —------------------------ Over at the courthouse, Judge Druten looked BL in the eye, clearing his throat saying “BL Davenport, you are being charged with mail fraud. Bond is set at $2000 If found guilty of this crime you could be sentenced upto a year in prison. Do you understand this charge and the penalty?” BL felt her knees weaken at the mention of prison, ”yes your honor”, BL answered weakly. At the mention of prison and seeing how BL answered, Bo started to protest her innocence. He had no sooner opened his mouth when Dixie gave him a sharp elbow to his ribs. He caught Dixie's slight shake of her head, 'no', he wisely hushed. Dixie asked politely, "Is that cash, property, or bondsman?" Judge Druten studied the young woman and felt he should know her but he could not place her. "Yes, yes it is Miss." "If I can call Danny, I have the $215.00 right here," Dixie said. Judge Druten motioned her to the phone. Dixie had the call placed and said, "Danny this is Dixie from Tri Counties. I could personally use you over here at Hazzard Courthouse to go a bond for my cousin." Now Judge Druten knew how he knew her, she worked at Tri-Counties Jail. BL looked at Bo and Dixie desperately ”I don’t know what’s going on but I ain’t done nothin”. ”Of course you ain’t darlin’ we're gonna get to the bottom of this. Ain’t we Dixie?” Dixie had a determined look in her eyes ”We sure will, you just wait whoever is framing you will get theirs.” Balladeer: With BL's bond paid, the Davenport girls and Bo headed to the Boar's Nest. —----------------- Luke pulled into the Boars Nest after his rather long drive from work. As he got out of the truck, Bo, BL, and Dixie all pulled in together from the direction of town. "What's up?" Luke asked. Dixie said, "You do mean other than me having to bond BL out of jail. Right?" "What?" Luke asked. "We'll tell you inside." Dixie replied. —---------------------- The group went inside, making their way to their usual table in the back. Cooter came in right behind them, Daisy came over to take their orders but before she could speak, Luke said “Dixie, why did you have to bond BL out of jail?” Cooter and Daisy looked at Luke, like he had 2 heads “what?!” They asked in unison. Daisy sat down in the empty chair, she had to hear this for herself. Dixie told them all the story as she knew it. “I don’t know what but Boss Hogg is upto something. He was in the post office when I got back from delivering the mail.” BL added the part of the story Dixie and Bo didn’t know. "That's funny," Dixie said, "He was there when Bo and I stopped to pick up Sadie." Luke frowned, "Well, whatever he's trying to set up, he's had all the time in the world to invent any evidence he needs." Luke's comment wasn't at all popular with the group and was met by each protesting that they had to do something. Luke tried to settle the others down, "Now exactly what do we know? Did Rosco give you any idea how you are supposed to be committing mail fraud?" “Not the slightest but he was acting odd the other day but that ain’t nothing new for Rosco” BL shrugged her shoulders. —----------------------------- “How was he acting exactly?” Luke asked. “He had some letters or something that he was real anxious to mail. I told him the mail truck would be there any minute to make the morning mail pick up, that he’d have to wait until the afternoon but he kept hanging around.” Luke took a long drink of his beer as he thought, "Has anyone in town sent or received anything strange or out of the ordinary?" He asked. "I've only worked a few days, but the only thing I've thought was weird was that Cletus rented a large box but hasn't gotten any mail in it. I mean Bo rented a large box but he's at least got some mail in it. Then, there was that $100.00 bill that fell out of his mail the other day." BL explained. “That could be something, Have you seen any more money?” Luke asked. BL shook her head ‘no’, “I just put the mail in the box that the mail is addressed to, don’t pay attention to whose name’s on it,” BL said. Looking at Bo, deciding her innocence being proven was more important than rules, “Was there more than once you got $100 Bo?” BL asked. “Yeah a few actually”, Bo answered. “I figured that those $100 were all fan clubs, a fan club wanting a picture for every member,” Bo continued. "Bo. How many fan clubs want your picture?" Luke asked. He hoped it wasn't many. Something just wasn't setting right about it with Luke. "I don't know 4 or 5 maybe," Bo replied. BL looked at Luke, her expression saying 'what'?. Luke rubbed the back of his neck tiredly, "Something isn't right here. It's just not adding up." Luke looked to Bo in disbelief, "You really have over $500.00 for pictures of you and General Lee, ... and you don't think that's odd?" Bo was a bit hurt, "Now, Luke you are just mad that they want my picture or are you upset that you are missing out on some extra cash." "Pictures that you are looking at fifty cents on a pop. No, you have fun with that." Luke declared. "But, I'm not, see when they order in bulk I save envelopes and some postage too." Bo argued. —--------------------------- Balladeer: It was times like these that made Luke wonder why he'd come back to Hazzard instead of sharing a place with his team much closer to base camp. Dixie got up and headed for the jukebox. Luke zeroed in, forgetting all about pictures and money. Balladeer: That’s why he came back, folks. ^^^^^^^^^^^
  15. Hmmm, that gives me an idea. You could still come to the race but you can be the one who shoots the starter gun and waves the checkered flag. Except....we've never really used the checkered flag. Nobody has ever finished all four laps so if you left right after the race started you won't have to witness all the carnage. If you are on probation and can't shoot a starter gun, I'm sure Bo or Luke will lend you a bow and dynamite arrow.
  16. The next morning, BL was sorting the morning mail delivery, noticing Bo had quite a stack building, she wondered again why he was suddenly getting so much mail. Bumping the growing stack on the table, a few of the envelopes fell to the floor, bending down to retrieve them, a $100 bill floated to the floor, "Now reckon why someone's sending Bo $100?" BL said to herself. —-------------------- At the Duke farm things were pretty much starting out as normal, well the way normal used to be before Luke became a Smokejumper. He was drinking coffee at the table when Bo came into the kitchen dreading doing all the chores this morning himself. Bo took note that Luke wasn't in his normal hurry and rushing to get out the door as Bo got his own coffee. Several minutes later, Luke asked, "Are you going to sit there all day or are you ready to get at it?" Bo frowned, "I'm going, I'm going. Why are you rushing me?" "Well, if I don't rush you, I'll have all the chores done by the time you finish your coffee." Luke said. Bo's head shot up quickly, "You're not working today?" Luke grinned at Bo's sudden revelation, "No, not today, but I'll make up for it when this class gets further along and we jump all day on a Saturday. —----------------- Around 10 Jesse sent Bo and Luke into town for some fence posts, before heading home they stopped by the post office, so Bo could check his PO box, "Mornin BL, me and Luke were in town getting fence posts for Uncle Jesse, thought we'd get the farm's mail too and I want to check my P.O. box," Bo said. "Ain't nobody getting or checking nothing until they take a number." BL replied, just as Cletus came in. Luke took a number and handed it to Bo before Cletus could get there, and mumbled "For Pete’s sake." Bo promptly handed BL his number while giving Luke an annoyed look. He also reached for his wallet. "Here ya go Darlin". BL peered at Bo's license then said, "I shouldn't ask, being a postal worker but I'm asking as a friend, what are you getting all the mail for suddenly?" "I'm sending an autographed picture of me with General Lee, for a small 5 dollar fee. You want one? It won't cost you a cent, cause you're so pretty," Bo replied grinning. "I appreciate that Bo, but I'm gonna have to pass. Somebody sure wants one, a bunch is more like it, must be for everybody in a fan club, cause a $100 bill fell out of an envelope this morning when I sorted the mail delivery." —------------------------- Luke whistled low, he hadn't thought Bo would get many takers at $5, he sure never thought someone would send $100. "Really a $100 worth of pictures of little ole me. What do you have to say now Lucas?" Bo rubbed it in to Luke who had wanted no part in his scheme. "There's fools born every day." Luke said. Cletus on the other hand chimed in, "That's great Bo! Wow! A hundred dollars for a five dollar picture.....they will get at least ten, ... Maybe even fifteen pictures for that." Luke suddenly wished that he had worked today with logic like that his head was beginning to hurt. —-------------------------- That evening after dinner, Bo sat at the table autographing pictures and putting them in envelopes. He still couldn't believe someone wanted $100 worth of his picture, what was really unbelievable was, he'd come across not just the one BL had discovered but there were at least 4 more envelopes with $100 bills in them. Luke looked up from where he sat reading the newspaper. "Are you about done in there?" Luke asked as he finished his coffee. Bo grinned, "No, I'm not." Luke sighed, "I was going to ride with you to the Boar's Nest, but I can take the truck." Bo frowned at that comment, "Well, I can finish this later tonight. Besides, I need to get Daisy to get me some more pictures printed and get some more of these big envelopes." Luke looked at the supplies that Bo had spread across the table. "Bo how much is it costing per picture to send them out?" Bo shrugged, "Not that much.“ He gathered his receipts together and handed them to Luke." Jesse put his paper down and began to listen closer to his boy's conversation. Luke took a piece of paper and pen and began writing the prices down. "Is that all you need to send them out?" Bo replied, "Except the stamps." Luke nodded and added the price of the stamps. "Now how many pictures did you get made from this stuff?" Bo replied and Luke divided the cost by the number of pictures. "Four dollars." Bo smiled, "See. A dollar profit isn't bad." Jesse spoke up, "How much are you paying Daisy to make them there pictures?" "$1.50", Bo replied. Luke subtracted that and then circled the total, handing Bo the paper a big circle drawn around -50 cents, "Where are you getting a dollar profit, cousin? By the time you add up expenses, plus Daisy's pay, you're in the hole by fifty cents." Luke said. Bo groaned miserably, his get rich quick idea, wasn't working out so good, optimistic as always he reasoned things had to get better. “Luke that can't be right.” Bo said as he looked over the list of expenses. Jesse cautioned. “You will fill each order and pay Daisy.” Bo saw the looks from both Jesse and Luke. "Yes sir", Bo said dejectedly. Dividing the pile of cash when he'd finished filling the orders. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  17. The list certainly has quite a few questionable entries. What I found weird is that the picture they used for #23 is a publicity shot of Joaquin Phoenix as The Bandit from the re-make 'Smokey and the Bandit Rides Again' which was originally due for release in 2020. As far as I can see, this reboot has disappeared without trace.
  18. The next morning, nothing was forthcoming from Dixie still as they got ready for work, "See you at the Boar's Nest after work?" BL asked, “Yeah, I'll be there," Dixie replied, she couldn't not go, BL would really think something was going on between her and Luke. "Good, I should be a house owner by then. Miz Tisdale and me are going to see Boss at lunch, so Miz Tisdale can sign it over to me." BL said "That's awesome BL!" Dixie said...glad BL was letting go of the, her and Luke together notion. —------------------------ Dixie was on the road heading to work.This was the time of day she had to herself and could think. She couldn't believe how her family was acting because she dropped off the radar for a couple hours. She knew her father hadn't wanted her dating Luke when she was a teen, but that was several years ago. They hadn't really had five minutes alone since she got back into town to talk. The moment they took the time to actually have a conversation and everyone wanted to get all up in the air. Dixie looked at the car clock. She had to stop thinking and drive or she was going to be late. —------------------- Nearing the Smokejumpers Training Center Luke was also thinking about last night and how Bo had acted, not to mention how he figured the Davenports had acted by the tone of BL's conversation with Bo. He felt kind of bad that Dixie had said she didn't want to get into all the drama that had happened before she left town. He really hoped that didn't mean she was thinking of leaving town again. He shook those thoughts out of his mind as he pulled in to work and needed to get things set up for the classes he was teaching today. —--------------------- BL was sorting the mail getting more aggravated by the minute, each time she had found something addressed to Bo, the envelope had smelled flowery, stuffing letters into slots, she came across three more envelopes for Bo Duke and only one of them didn't smell flowery. The bell over the door jingled, Bo and Cletus came walking in together. "Hey BL" they said in unison. —------------------------ "I'm here to get my P.O. box mail and might as well get the farm's mail while I'm here,"Bo said. "Yeah me too, well not the farm's mail, just my P.O. box mail." Cletus said. "Nobody gets nothing until they take a number", BL said. Bo gave her his lady killer grin as he took a number, "Yes, Ma'am, here ya go and I got my ID right here too." Cletus took the next number and got his license out waiting his turn. Half of her wanted to wring Bo's neck but when he flashed his lady killer grin she weakened. Instead of being snippy and jealous sounding, she looked at his license, more for show than to identify him. Leaning to the left, BL retrieved a small stack of mail that was both Bo's P.O. box mail and, the farm's mail, "That's the farm's and your P.O. box, didn't see no point in putting a few letters in that big box." BL explained. Seeing the larger stack of mail than he'd been getting, Bo smiled widely. "Thanks, BL." Bo said without offering any information as to what the mail was or who all the good smelling letters were for. —---------------------- Cletus showed his ID and license to BL. She turned to look in his PO Box and said, "I'm sorry Cletus, there's no mail for you today." Cletus shrugged his shoulders, and replied. "That's alright BL. See ya tomorrow." Later in the afternoon BL and Sadie were delivering the mail, as they got near Hobie Harkins home BL said, "This ones a special delivery, from the U.S. government it says, so you are going to make sure Hobie gets it. Sadie gave a woof and bounded out of the car with the registered envelope. Hobie was sitting on the porch when he heard a car pulling up and out of it jumped a wolf! He tried to stand up quickly but his moonshine pickle legs weren't having it. "Wolf! Wolf!" Sadie kept on her path toward the drunken man who thought she was a wolf and actually ‘woofed’ at him. Hearing the ‘woof’ Hobie tried harder to focus and now made out the dog that looked a lot like "Lassie". Being very relieved that she was a dog and not a wolf, "Well, hello there Lassie. What on Earth are you doing here?" Sadie, tilted her head curiously, stretching out her neck cautiously, Hobie's fearful reaction at first, making her movements more gentle. "Is that for me Lassie?", Hobie asked as he took the envelope with an unsteady hand. Returning to the car, Sadie jumped in the back seat. —------------------------- Dixie walked into the Control as the Shift commander hung up the phone with a glum look hand me that X list Dixie, Joey won't be here tonight. Dixie handed him the list but said I know whose turn it is ... Mine. Well do you want 4 or 8 he asked, relieved it wasn't his turn. 4 is fine Dixie said. As he wrote it down he answered the ringing phone yes she's right here Dixie was surprised to get a call at work and not having any idea who it could be she answered officer Davenport” “Well officer Davenport this is Senior Smokejumper Duke here.” “Luke” she said “Hey I don't want to bother you at work” “You're not” “I'm going to be late so I figured on going to the farm for dinner before going to the Boars Nest. But I wanted to talk to you about how everyone acted last night” “Me too but I'm working over 4 hours. I'll stop if I see you there”. “Sounds like a plan” —------------------------------- After dinner Luke came in from changing shirts to find Bo opening an envelope, putting a five dollar bill in his shirt pocket, reading the contents, signing a picture, addressing a large envelope and sealing it with the picture inside. He watched as Bo opened a second envelope and began the process again. What are you doing? Making money Bo replied Putting another 5 in his pocket And keeping my loyal fans happy since they can't see me on a big track this season. —------------------------------- BL pulled into the Boar's Nest parking lot, giving it a once over survey, she didn't see Dixie's Thunderbird or Luke's truck. Shrugging she figured they both were working over and would be there later. “Be back in a little while Sadie.” BL said, heading inside. "BL have you heard from Dixie?" Cooter asked, before she even got sat down good. Shaking her head 'no' BL replied "she probably just got stuck with last minute overtime." Daisy came over asking, "Want a beer? Need a refill fellas?" Getting yes's all around, Daisy went to the bar, coming back shortly with three beers. —-------------------------- Dixie finally got a break after dinner was served at Tri-Counties Jail. She glanced at the time and knew the garage would be closed. She dialed the number to the Hazzard operator and had the Boar's Nest rung. "Boar's Nest this is Daisy." came the answer on the other end of the phone. "Hey Daisy, it's Dixie. Can you let anyone who needs to know I'm working over a bit and may stop by there on my way home." Dixie said. Daisy replied, "Sure thing." —---------------------------------- Hanging up the phone, Daisy went straight to the usual table, where Cooter, BL, and Bo was, “Dixie just called, to let ya'll know she's gotta work over a bit. Said she might stop on her way home," Daisy delivered the message. "Thanks Daisy, " Cooter said. A few minutes later Luke walked into the Boar's Nest, ordered a beer at the bar and made his way over to the table. "Hey all. You know after working over and uncle Jesse's dinner I almost didn't come out after I showered." "You not come out for a beer??" Cooter ribbed him. Luke replied, "I said almost!" The evening continued with the guys keeping up their banter while they sipped a round of beer. —-------------------------- Dixie neared the Boar's Nest after changing clothes at work. She noticed everyone else's vehicles there so she pulled in. Once inside she let her eyes adjust to the low lighting then made her way back to the empty seat at the table where everyone else was seated. "Sorry I'm late ya'll but duty called." "About time, you got here sis," Cooter said. Dixie had a couple beers then said, "think I'll call it a night, it was a long day." Not wanting to feed Bo's suspicions of him and Dixie rekindling things between them, Luke waited until everyone else left an hour later, despite being tired and just wanting to go home and go to bed early. —------------------------------ Dixie had hung back just a bit after pulling out from the Boar's Nest hoping but not really expecting to see Luke's truck catching up to her. She was pretty sure she understood that he'd stay until at least someone else left so they wouldn't think that he was meeting her. Dixie would be glad for a day off tomorrow as she went in and got ready for bed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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