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  2. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton who achieved his 100th F1 pole position today. To put that in perspective, the only other driver with seven world championships, Michael Schumacher, only reached 68, and Ayrton Senna only had 65.
  3. That would be great Skipper! Give it a shot!
  4. Hey James! It's good to see you! Welcome! You'll like it in here!
  5. This is something I may have mentioned before, not sure but we've got some newer people in here since then ( More citizens of Hazzard! ) and I thought I would mention it. There was Huey Hogg and then his older brother Dewy Hogg.....we're missing one that never was shown....Louie! They should have had a show with him in it! They HAD to be named after the 3 nephews of Scrooge McDuck! That's a cartoon and Scrooge McDuck's 3 nephews are 1. Huey 2. Dewy 3. Louie.
  6. WOW!! That's a great job! I'm totally impressed! ( come by the car lot and I'll give you a little of my finest and we can look at all the red cars I have on my lot! )
  7. This was the first pic I saw of this and I didn't see the front part.....I was just glancing through it. I thought this was an actual overhead shot of a REAL one!!
  8. luxury off roading? What's wrong with this concept? Think about it. Off roading, " Roughing" it, etc.......luxury? " Well, I want to get down and dirty but I don't want to get TOO dirty........I don't want to get " Too" " Down" either!..........HUH???? You either are or you are NOT!! YOU CAN'T BE BOTH!!
  9. How's this.... You'd have to be dumber than a hick, to think hicks are dumb! ( They dun learned me real good in that there school I dun been to! ) .....I majored in English......with an emphasis on grammar!
  10. That reminds me of the way that Wheeler Dealers added painted "wood" panels to their Jeep Grand Wagoneer. You don't get to see much of the process in the video below, but the end results are clear to see.
  11. Well, unfortunately I'm totally ditching the engine....finally the evidence was overwhelming that I needed to go with the smaller-block engine, finished in blue. So I purchased the engine parts from the AMT Duster. Starting over. In the meantime, here's what happened with the interior. Two modifications to be made: the steering wheel and the air vents. In one episode (Gold Fever S2E2) the instrument panel is visible, showing the dashboard to be the style with two air conditioning vents. I discovered this after I'd started painting, so, strip the paint, add the parts and start
  12. Yesterday
  13. Yes, but it was awesome when they came back. Welcome to the HazzardNet James. Tell us more about your love of Dukes. Favorite character, episode, scene, quote, etc. How long have you been a fan? Have you ever met any of the stars? Do you have any Dukes toys or DVDs?
  14. Good luck.. I wonder if she has ever been here before.
  15. Last week
  16. (Season 3 episode Topsy Turvy.) Skipper:"Don't drink that! Gilligan, you just drank that Captabora Extract!" Gilligan:"I know it!" Skipper:"Well!?" Gilligan:"Now I've got 5 pies!"
  17. Cousin Roger... The Skipper can try to get her here.
  18. She is awesome. I wish we could get her here on HN.
  19. Thanks. I don't mean to brag but I just made it up right after I saw your post. I hereby give you my full permission to all rights to use it in any way you want and make money doing so. Amen.
  20. I didn't see the movie but I thought the name of the car was Christina. see? If you don't watch the right shows, you wind up ignorant, like a Dumb Hick!
  21. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Here's the Gen 7 Cup cars https://www.jayski.com/2021/05/05/manufacturers-unveil-nascar-next-gen-cars/ Unfortunately with this there will ultimately be layoffs following the final race of this season as teams will not need chassis or body fabricators as well as other jobs that will now be handled suppliers https://m.nascar.com/news-media/2021/05/05/vendors-parts-suppliers-list-next-gen-car/ Wonder how long it will be before they move to a single engine manufacturer like they did in the truck series.
  22. Christine Fun Fact: In this scene the blackened headlight is actually sprayed with hair spray to keep it from reflecting back into the camera lens.
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