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    • Next morning Uncle Jesse saw Cooter’s car parked alongside Luke’s truck and Daisy’s car, so he naturally assumed Cooter had stayed the night. He didn’t find the boys andCooter asleep in the barn as he’d expected, instead when he went back inside, he found the Davenport girls and Daisy cooking breakfast. Jesse wasn't really surprised that the girls stayed with Daisy but since the boys weren't in the barn he was now more than curious about where they were, after all he didn't run any broady house, "Here's some fresh eggs ladies. Where are the boys?" The girls looked at each other, each hoping the other would answer. Just then the phone rang. Daisy offered, "That's gonna be for you." “For me, how do you know that?” Jesse said, answering the phone. “Duke farm, this is Jesse” “Uncle Jesse it’s Luke” “Luke, where are you boys at?” ”Jail…” "Jail! What in tarnation for? Why, ain't neither one of ya been in jail since Bo went off to run NASCAR and you went to Smokejumper school." Jesse fussed. Luke was trying to be patient but Rosco was rushing him. He just needed a break to jump onto Jesse's train of thought, "Uncle Jesse, we'll explain everything on the way home. Rosco's rushing me." "You just put Rosco on the phone." Jesse said. —-------------------------- Luke knew that tone and winced at it as he handed Rosco the phone, but not without saying, "He wants to talk to you." Bo frowned, "That bad?" Luke nodded his head 'yes'. Rosco cleared his throat and said very official like, "Good morning. This is Sherifffff, RoscOooooooo P. Coltrane and how can I help you this lovely Sunday morning? Git. Git. GIT!" “ROSCO What in tarnation, are them boys in jail for?” Jesse was fired up. W…Well Jesse they was fighting and as usual it was their fault.” “Who was they fighting with?” Jesse asked, trying to stay calm. He looked over at the girls. “Ernie Ledbetter, who else?” Rosco said.”And Luther Davenport.” he added. LUTHER DAVENPORT!” Jesse looked at the girls again but none of them would make eye contact. Dixie knew what was coming when Jesse hung up the phone. “Have a seat ladies and tell me about last night”. —----------------------------------- Back at the jail… After handing the phone to Rosco Luke went over and made himself as comfortable as he could on half of the narrow bench that was on 3 sides of the old cell.  Bo looked at him again like he was crazy, "What are you doing?" "Waiting." Luke said as he closed his eyes. Back at the Duke farm, Jesse poured a cup of coffee and waited to see which one of the girls answered him first. Daisy saw the pleading look on Dixie's face and began, "Well, after Cooter took his date home early, I rode to work with him. The others came with us since it was early." Jesse tried to remain silent but it was hard not to say something about early enough to stay out of jail. BL said, "Everything was OK until Ernie came in and Luke and Dixie were dancing, then, ... then, ...," All eyes went to Dixie. Dixie knew she was the only one close enough to have heard the exchange, "Erie called me a name to Luke,....." She put her hands up, "You know Luke. That is all it took." BL picked up the story, “next thing we knew total chaos erupted. Uncle Luther even got in the middle of it. Bo and Cooter were trying to break it up…unsuccessfully when Rosco came in.” “Rosco had Charlie call Cletus on the CB for backup and asked Dixie to call Tri-Counties for a transport van, cos 2 patrol cars wasn’t enough.”Daisy told him. Dixie picked back up, “Luke gave me his wallet and keys before he was taken out. Bo and Cooter saw what he did, so they gave their keys to BL and Daisy.” —------------------------------ Rosco had called Justice of the Peace, Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg, to tell him that he had a jail full of people needing a bond set. Jesse Duke filled his cup and poured a second cup, "Dixie, would you care to join me on the porch while they fix us up some breakfast?" It was a question, but left no room for decline as he left with both cups of coffee. Dixie replied lowly, "Sure, Uncle Jesse." She sent a pleading look for rescue to Daisy and BL. On the porch, Jesse handed Dixie her coffee and waited for  her to get comfy. Then, said, "Honey, what did Ernie say to Luke?" Dixie looked at the porch floor as she repeated the slur Ernie had made toward her. Jesse pressed, "What got Luther in it?” —---------------------------- Dixie kept looking at the porch floor,”He just can’t let mine and Luke’s past go, we were dancing and Luke said something in my ear that was private and I guess Luther saw us closer than he liked and it got under his skin, even though him and Luke called a truce. He’d been drinking…”, Dixie trailed off not knowing what else to say. Jesse listened then asked “where do you want this relationship to go, or are you just trying to get back at Luther for interfering in that past you say he can’t let go of?” He tried to ask the question as gently as he could. Dixie was about to let Jesse have it but took a deep breath before speaking “I don’t want to start or cause trouble for any of us, I’ll be with him as long as he’ll have me. That’s what I told him yesterday when he asked me if I was on board openly seeing each other.” Jesse said “ok” He had no doubt, the young lady before him was sincere. —------------------------- Bo couldn't believe Luke, he'd been up all night basically pacing the floor and now that Uncle Jesse should be on the way to get them, Luke layed down. Bo had tried to get sleep last night but had managed to be kept up all night by Luke. Bo hadn't been at all happy about the way the night ended or being in jail either. He sat down on the bench with his back against the bars to wait. Boss Hogg came into the Courthouse and made his way to his office. Seeing 6 sets of paperwork he saw dollar signs! "Rosco, How on Earth did you manage to arrest six people after I left last night?" "Well, Boss, I'll tell you how it happened." He laughed his trademark laugh. Before Rosco could say two words the phone in Boss Hogg’s office rang, forgetting that Bo and Luke were in the cell, Boss picked up without closing the office door, “Hazzard County Courthouse, JD Hogg speaking.” “Say hello from Rosco”, Rosco said. Boss waved him away,listening to the Mob boss, who happened to be the ex-husband of the fancy lady who visited Boss at his Boars Nest office. He wanted to know what his ex-wife was spending his money on,”a spacious vacation home,with beautiful views.”  Luke wasn’t asleep but pretended to be, he was listening to every word.  Boss barely got the phone hung up, before it rang again, “Hazzard County Courthouse, “You got what? Pictures of a dude with an orange car!” Boss exclaimed, getting Bo and Luke’s full attention. Getting two more calls about getting pictures instead of deeds of ownership certificates, Boss pointed his cigar at Rosco. “Do you know what them last two calls were about?” Rosco shook his head ‘no’ “no Boss”. “They wanted to know why they got 20 pictures instead of a deed of ownership certificate for a vacation home.”Bo and Luke looked at each other Bo saying “so that’s what he’s upto.”  —------------- Downstairs Cooter was thankful, that after Rosco had told Luther to hush that he had laid down and passed out. Cooter had slept some lightly. His eyes were open the minute Luther rolled over and began cursing. Luther couldn't believe it and had no recall of why he was waking up in jail this morning. When Rosco brought the phone down, Erie made his call.  Then, Luther instructed Cooter to call Dixie to come get them.  Cooter put the call through.  After a full minute of rings he hung up. "What?" Luther said. "She didn't  answer." Cooter said. "Call Cylde." Luther said. Rosco said, "Nope, naughty naughty. You only get 1 call, Cooter." "Give me that damned phone." Luther took the phone and placed his call to his brother. —--------------------------- Rosco was now out in his office when the Leadbetter’s people showed up and bonded them out. He made his way downstairs to get the ring leader of last night's trouble. Seeing Luke still in the cell Ernie smirked “see ya around jailbird” he said over his shoulder. On their way out the Ledbetter’s met Clyde on his way in,  “Rosco, get my brother and nephew”. Clyde said. Bo and Luke were starting to get antsy, Jesse used to come bail them out as soon as they called.  Rosco brought the 2 Davenport men upstairs and Clyde paid their bail, “Luther, what in the world got into you? You ain’t been arrested on a Saturday night, since you had kids”. “Too much beer got in him”, Cooter muttered. —------------------  Jesse pulled up at the courthouse as the Davenport men were pulling onto the street. Jesse was glad for the opportunity to get his boys without having to deal with them and Luther running into each other. "Alright, JD. What's it gonna take to get my boys?" Jesse boomed. He'd been doing this for too many years. Luke was holding his breath after hearing Boss Hogg’s conversations this morning. He wasn't at all sure they would be released on bail. Boss Hogg, however, named the bail at $200. Jesse paid it, signed the papers and waited for Rosco to open the cell. Luke still wasn't sure this was going to work even after the cell door opened.  Bo stepped out first and Luke none to gently hurried him towards the door.  Jesse had seen them anxious to get out of jail before but picked up on Luke's urgency. Once in the truck and away from the curb Jesse said “let's have it.” —----------------------------------- “It wasn’t our fault Uncle Jesse, Ledbetter shot off his mouth like he always has and I shut it for him”, Luke said. “We swapped a few licks, then he sent me crashing into Luther’s table, next thing anybody knew, all chaos had broke loose and Luther was in it but he only wanted to fight me, which didn’t make much sense cos we agreed to a truce before the dance, shook on it even. Then Rosco came in and saw it all, don’t know who called Cletus though.” Bo jumped in, “Me and Cooter sorta just got dragged into it, Ernie was about to get Luke again, while he was trying to defend hisself from Luther so I punched him. Cooter was trying to get Luther under control. He’d had too much to drink,” Luke finished the tale, “Rosco had Dixie call Tri-Counties for a van because there wasn’t room in 2 patrol cars.” "We gave the girls our keys." Luke said. Bo added, "Yeah, we gotta get up with them and get your truck and Daisy’s car." Jesse broke in to stop the speeding trains of thought, "Hold it, jist hold it one danged minute!" Jesse said, pausing to let them both hush, "I want to know why you, Luke, were in such a hurry to get away from the Courthouse? I saw you shove Bo at least three times on the way to the car." Luke replied, "I, we, heard and learned some stuff while we were waiting, but the girls need to hear this too. I'll just yell for them on the CB so we can all meet up." Luke reached for the CB mic.  Just as he keyed the mic, Jesse reached over and cut the radio off. "There's no need to radio them. They are at the farm with Daisy." —----------------------------- A few miles down the road Clyde broke the silence “Luther,what got into you? You ain’t spent a saturday night in jail, since before Cooter was born. Luther mumbled something about his girl and a Duke.  Cooter just gave his uncle a look that said it had nothing to do with Dixie. —------------------------- At the Duke farm Luke told everyone “me and Bo heard something while we were waiting for Uncle Jesse, lets go out on the porch, with something cold to drink and I’ll tell you.” Daisy fixed a tray with a pitcher of tea and enough glasses of ice for all. Jesse sat in the old rocking chair, Luke and Dixie were on the porch swing, Bo was on the edge of the porch, BL sat on the step below leant against his leg. “Shouldn’t Cooter be here to hear this too,” Daisy asked .------------------------------- Clyde made a non committal sound, he didn’t believe Luther that this was about Dixie. As soon as Clyde “dropped them off, Cooter headed to the Duke farm, without telling Luther where he was going. Pulling up at the Duke farm, he saw everybody on the front porch,”Hey, what’s up?” Cooter asked. —-------------------------- "Grab a seat, Cooter. The boys are fixin' to tell us what they heard at the jail." Uncle Jesse said.  No one paid any attention to Luke's arm across the swing, behind Dixie, as she snuggled in closer to the freshly shower and shaved older Duke. Bo started, "Darlin' you ain't gonna believe this..." "If Boss Hogg is involved and making money, I'd believe just about anything," BL said. Cooter headed to take a seat on the porch banister, only now seeing Luke’s arm on the back of the swing, behind and around Dixie, who was doing her own snuggling of Luke. The boys repeated what they had overheard at the jail. "Does any of this make any sense BL?" Luke asked, then added, "Is there any way Bo could have gotten mail intended for Boss?" “I guess Boss must have already told that the money should go to PO box 100, so yeah Bo could have gotten Boss Hogg’s mail.” BL said. “If we can get hold of how, they know what PO box we can get Boss to clear you darlin” Bo said. “Yeah but how are we gonna do that? BL asked. —------------------------- Back at the Courthouse, Boss Hogg asked Rosco, "How, just how, could my customers have gotten pictures of Bo Duke instead of their money getting to me?" "I don't know Boss, maybe you should have asked Bo, before he made bond." Rosco said. "Dang. Danged and double danged!" Boss said, knowing he had had Bo and Luke behind bars and let them go without answers. At the Duke farm. Everyone had collected all the recent newspapers, magazines, and trading papers. Each was looking to see if they could find and look at any ads that could be being mailed to PO Box 100 Hazzard, USA.  Rosco was cleaning up the jail from all his prisoners and found a racing magazine. He thumbed through it and found none other than Bo Duke's ad for an autographed picture. “Jit,jit Boss ain’t gonna like this”, Rosco muttered. Taking the magazine to Boss Hogg’s office, Rosco laid it on the desk saying, “Look at this Boss”. Boss Hogg looked at the ad, "That could explain a lot." Now he just had to figure out how to tie the Duke boys in with the Davenport girl. —--------------------------- At the Duke farm in one of the papers from Atlanta, Cooter saw the ad,"Luke look at this." Luke indeed looked at it. The paper was old. "This here paper is from Atlanta, let me call Phil and see when it started running." Luke went into the house to make the call “Thanks Phil, appreciate it”. Luke hung up the phone and came back out on the porch.” Phil said the ad was placed the Wednesday before you got the post office job, BL”. “When did you rent the box? Luke asked. “It was Monday or Tuesday,” BL replied. Back at the courthouse, Boss Hogg paced in his office, puffing on his cigar trying to come up with a plan of how to tie the Duke boys in with the Davenport girl. He had sent Rosco on patrol so he could think better. —---------------------------- Later, the Dukes and Davenports decided to try their luck at the Boar's Nest in hopes of seeing or hearing something. Boss Hogg made his way out front to get some pickled pigs feet to help him think. That's when he saw it.  There was Bo Duke dancing with the Davenport girl from the Post Office and not far off was Luke Duke dancing with the other Davenport girl. That was it, surely they were in cahoots! —---------------------------- It was stifling hot in the Boar’s Nest, so the Duke boys and Davenport girls had gone outside to cool, the CB in BL’s car crackled to life “Rosco you out there?” Boss Hogg said. “Roscoooo P. Coltrane here”. “Rosco, I want you to get over to Holly Hills pronto.” “What for, Boss?” Rosco asked. “NEVERMIND WHAT FOR, JUST GO!” Boss Hogg shouted. “Wonder what’s so urgent?” BL wondered aloud. Luke replied. "I don't know, but what do you say we find out?" Dixie replied, "I'm game." Before Bo could say anymore, Luke suggested rather strongly, "While we are gone, ya'll can keep your ears open here." With that, he and Dixie were in his pick up and gone. “Well, are we supposed to just sit here in the parking lot til they get back?” BL asked.  Bo shrugged, "Might be a long wait, Darlin'." “As long as they don’t completely forget what they're supposed to be doing,” BL said. —------------------------------ At Holly Hills, Luke slowed up and parked out of sight. He reached in his turnout bag and grabbed a camera before heading off to see whatever it was Boss surely didn't want seen. Cresting the hill Luke whispered “Luxury vacation homes, my Aunt Fannie”, zooming in the powerful lens of the state of the art digital camera used by the Smokejumpers to take pictures at fire sites. At the bottom were several tiny homes, all built in one grand style or another to look like full size houses of the same styles.  “Hey Dixie, ain’t that the house in the ad.?” Luke asked. Dixie raised the binoculars,scanning the tiny houses “Sure looks like it, make sure you get a picture so we can compare it to the house in the ad,” Dixie said. Luke took enough pictures, especially of the one in the ad, "There, now we can get them printed tomorrow." Luke eased his truck out easily without being spotted. Since he was already at the lake he figured to circle around just to see if there were any more little houses around.  —--------------------------- Feeling confident they had what they had come to get, Dixie kicked her shoes off, pulled her feet up in the seat and turned to face Luke as he drove, she began running her fingers around and down Luke's neckline of his shirt getting lower and lower as she managed to undo a button or three..... Luke’s jeans got a little bit tighter with every touch of Dixie’s fingers against his skin and every button she undid,”keep that up and I’m going to need a cool dip in the lake,” Luke said. "Are you sure about that dip?" Dixie asked. Luke was sure she knew exactly what she was doing to him and doing it purposely. The next wide spot off from the lake, Luke stopped the truck. He nearly couldn't get stopped soon enough for his taste. Once stopped, he was out of the truck and managed to shuck his clothes off down to his boxers before he hit the cool water. Dixie watched from the truck until he hit the water. She got out and went toward the lake, "Luke? What are you doing?" She asked, smiling widely. "Cooling off. Care to join me?" Luke asked. The cool water had the desired effect on over heated areas of Luke's body. Right up until Dixie called his bluff by kicking off her boots, tossing her shirt and bra. She stood watching Luke watch her as she undid her jeans then met him in the water. —----------------------- Back at the Boars Nest, Rosco was just going into Boss Hogg’s office to give a report as BL and Bo sat back down at the table, to wait for Luke and Dixie to come back. It being a sunday afternoon, there wasn’t much of a crowd in the Boar’s Nest so there wasn’t alot of noise, Bo and BL listened to Rosco’s report to Boss because he had forgotten to close the door completely. “I hope Luke and Dixie got some good pictures,”BL said. Bo put his arm around BL just a bit tighter, "They will, Darlin'. I know it sounds easy to say, but things will really be alright." BL leaned into Bo smiling, she still felt goosebumps being in his arms, despite her worry about court, “I know you're right Bo.” Bo added, "Besides the dinners chip beef ain't that bad at Hazzards jail and at Tri-Counties you and Dixie could visit while she's at work " BL pulled out of Bo’s arms, punching him in the bicep, “that’s not funny Bo!”, BL exclaimed, folding her arms. “I was just teasing darlin, don’t be mad,” Bo wheedled, giving her his lady killer grin. "Bo, if Rosco is back here talking to Boss,...." BL began, "Where is Luke and Dixie?" “They are probably just taking their time coming back,” Bo said. Bo was probably right BL decided, they hadn’t been arrested Rosco was back she reasoned. —-------------------------- At the lake the cool water had calmed Luke down, right up until he felt Dixie in his arms. All other/reasonable thoughts had left their minds as years of pent up desire reached its boiling point. Since Luke had his pickup, setting up a pretty cozy camp hadn't been hard. He had laid out his tarp and blanket then before it got dark had built a decent fire. Dixie currently had his lighter blanket wrapped around her like an oversized towel while Luke had found his swim trunks he kept in his work bag. Dixie was sitting in front of Luke as they were watching the fire.  Luke was usually the voice of reason asked, "Are you in a hurry to get back?" Dixie turned in his arms and replied, "Nope." "Good." Luke said as he put a couple more pieces of wood on the fire. He had been watching Dixie in the fire light. He brushed her hair back from her face as Dixie moved closer he began kissing her deeply. —--------------------------- “Where are they Bo? They should have been back way before now” BL said. Bo kissed her forehead “they prob’ly decided to watch things awhile, don’t worry darlin”, Bo replied. BL picked up the CB mic “Little Shotgun, Lost Sheep 1, ya’ll got your ears on?, come back. Little Shotgun, Lost Sheep 1, this is Sweet Talker.” BL tried to raise Dixie and Luke on the CB but they just wasn’t answering.  “C’mon we know where they were going,we’ll go look for’em.” Bo said, starting up General Lee as BL climbed in. A little ways from Holly Hill, BL saw what looked like smoke rising into the sky “is that smoke”, BL asked.  “Let’s see”, Bo said. Swim trunks and blanket had been shed. Dixie and Luke were very involved in some very unlady and ungentlemanly things, so much that the sound of the General Lee didn't register to either of them. “Down there’s where the smoke’s coming from,” BL said. About 100 yards off the road they saw Luke’s truck, “we found ‘em”, Bo said as they got a little closer they could tell the couple was very involved.  “Holy toledo!”, both BL and Bo said in unison, covering their eyes. “Good thing we came looking, if Luther got a wrecker call out this way and came to investigate the smoke Luke would be a dead man”,BL said. Bo keeping his eyes on his lap, hit the horn, the sound of ‘dixie’ breaking into the quiet night. —----------------------------- Dixie jumped and reached for the blanket. Luke was close very close, "Don't stop. It's just Bo. Don't stop." He doubled his efforts to recapture Dixie’s fullest attention. Bo did have the good graces to shut off General Lee's headlights.  Luke pulled Dixie tighter, entering her deeply. Dixie was trying very hard to be quiet. She was glad her nails were short or Luke's back would be bleeding as she dug her nails into him and pulled him tighter to her with her legs. Luke knew he'd succeeded in pleasing Dixie as he found his own release and really didn't care that Bo knew. Dixie and Luke were now trying to remember how to breathe. Giving Dixie and Luke a couple minutes to catch their breath, Bo climbed out of General Lee, keeping his eyes averted from Dixie,  ]“I thought you were smarter than this? There are at least 100 better places, with more privacy in the next 5 miles down the road”Bo ranted. “Bo..”,Luke tried to break into Bo’s rant. “What if it hadn’t been me? You didn’t even stop to consider whether or not somebody might be with me, which there is, or did you forget BL?” Luke cursed when he saw BL leaning forward, head in her hands, so she couldn’t see anything, she shouldn’t. —--------------------- Luke swore, "Sh--!" Dixie saw Bo looking away as he was talking to,  ..... well ok, maybe fussing at Luke was a better choice of words. She reached for the blanket and again put it around her like a large beach towel. She then found Luke shorts and put them in his hand as he replied to Bo. "You are right on at least a couple of points there,.." He now slid his shorts on. He felt about ten as he said, "There were some extenuating circumstances. Sorry BL, you can get out now." BL slid out General Lee’s window when Luke said it was ok now. Sitting on the tarp BL looked at Dixie, blanket wrapped around her like a beach towel.  “Are you deliberately trying to antagonize Luther?” BL asked. She wasn’t thinking about how Clyde was going to react to her not having been home yet since leaving Friday morning, except to take Sadie home, Friday afternoon. “No”, Dixie replied. “Well what did you see?”, BL asked.  “This”, Luke said, getting the camera and a flashlight from his truck. “You’ll be able to see better once they're printed.” Bo sat behind BL, putting his arms around her as Luke scrolled through the pictures with one hand, holding the maglite in the other. BL stated the obvious, "They look too small to be luxury homes." “That’s cos they ain’t luxury homes, Boss just blew up the picture in the ad so it looked like a luxury home”,Luke said. Dixie nodded her head 'yes', "They are very tiny.” Luke said, "Are you all staying with us?" He had a piece of wood about to put it in the fire to keep it going. “How about it darlin’?”, Bo asked BL while massaging her shoulders. “Yeah”, BL said. She was more relaxed now, than Bo had seen her all day. Luke tossed another piece of wood on the fire then he put the camera and flashlight back in his truck. —-------------------------------- Luke had to dig deep in his bag but finally found what he was looking for, a full quarter of Jesse's finest. It had been a long while since he and Bo had had a night like this with the girls of their choice. Luke intended for it to be a good one. "Anyone care to join me?" “I will” Dixie said, adding as she took her clothes from BL,”be back in a second”. Dixie got up, disappearing behind what little coverage there was. ”Me too”, BL said. It had been a rough few days and Bo’s massaging hands had her relaxed.Coming back after dressing, Dixie took the tin cup of shine Luke handed her. Luke had found a couple tin camping cups he kept stowed in the pickup. Bo got his own camp cup and his sleeping bag, from General Lee’s trunk, something had told him he might need his camping gear, so he’d put it in the General before going to the Boar’s Nest. Spreading out the sleeping bag, he sat down, patting beside him “come sit with me darlin”, Bo said to BL. —----------------- Everyone was enjoying a drink of shine while relaxing by the fire near the water. The evening temperatures were nearly perfect with a bit of a warm breeze blowing.  Dixie and Luke had always been comfortable together, for the most part way too comfortable. Dixie knew that BL and Bo had always run around together but really hadn't known them to date or well date steadily. Maybe it was something, maybe it was nothing but it seemed that they were acting a bit closer tonight. Dixie took a long slow drink of the shine, "I really missed all this while I was gone." "All what, Darlin'?" Luke asked. "This. Just coming out here. Stopping at a random stop and being able to set up camp, have a drink with friends and family. By the way, exactly how long were you planning all this?"  Luke smiled, "I really wasn't planning anything." —---------------------- BL said, "Yet you had everything ready to camp out?" "Remember I work in the woods. If I have my truck even at base camp, I'm golden. If we jump or hike in then we are limited to what we want to carry besides everything that we have to carry." Luke noticed Bo's hands doing a bit of wandering as they were all talking. Wandering hands was not unusual for Bo Duke, but the fact they were wandering over BL Davenport and she wasn't objecting was different. “Camping gear maybe but do you always carry this?”,BL held up the jar of shine, before refilling her cup. “No, I planned to bring the shine”, Luke admitted. Bo pushed BL’s hair to the side nuzzling her neck.    Luke was always the planner, "Say Bo, before we get too settled, we need to go grab a bit more wood." Bo gave BL a kiss and said, "We'll be right back." Bo didn't complain because he had actually wanted to talk to Luke in private. Down by the water, Bo checked his wallet and found what he expected. He had just one rubber. "Luke, would you happen to have an extra?" Luke wasn't thinking along his lines, "Extra what?" —----------------------------- While the guys gathered more wood BL and Dixie had some privacy and BL wanted to talk, “Dixie, have you lost the good sense the good Lord gave you?”, BL asked. Dixie couldn't help but give BL the slightest grin, "Meaning what?" “Well for starters, how about being parked so close to the side of the road, doing what you were doing”,BL said. "I'll admit I'm probably more than a bit to blame for that." Dixie bit her lip and grinned mischievously. “There’s no probably about it”, BL tried to give Dixie a disapproving look but didn’t quite pull it off. Dixie shrugged her shoulders and took a long drink of shine, "It was a long time coming." She couldn't help the grin as the double meaning of her statement struck her funny bone. “Better ease up on this stuff”BL shook her cup, swirling her shine around. “We got to work tomorrow”, BL took a long drink, ignoring her own advice. "I have a holiday, they missed giving me. I'm off tomorrow." She said taking another drink of shine. “Got an answer for everything tonight don’t you?, What are you gonna tell Luther about not coming home?”, BL gave Dixie a smug look. Dixie said, "Maybe I'll just tell him what I do isn't any of his business." Before BL could reply, the guys were back with the wood. Luke asked, "What isn't any of who's business? —----------------------------- “You know what. There’s a pretty girl waiting for me over there,” Bo said. Luke finally caught Bo’s train of thought, “I think so, let me check”, Luke took out his own wallet, he had a few rubbers and gave one to Bo. “Here, lucky for you, I have a few”. They gathered more firewood, then returned to the campsite, Luke threw a couple sticks on the fire.  Bo let his hands wander some more as he and BL started to kiss, a little at first then deeper with each kiss they shared. The campfire wasn’t burning as hot as their passion though. Luke had managed to move his stuff just a bit out of the light and a might further away from Bo and BL. Luke certainly had no plans to sleep beside Dixie with Bo and BL on the other side of the fire. Once everything was laid out they settled back in to watch the fire, sip some more shine and cuddle under the stars. Bo and BL picked up where they had stopped earlier, Bo slid his hands under BL’s shirt undoing her bra. At the same time she was unbuttoning his shirt, trailing kisses all the way to his belly button. Not giving Luke nor Dixie another thought, clothes were shucked and they were soon spent and breathing hard, Bo’s sleeping bag around them. BL wrapped in Bo’s arms, drifted off into peaceful slumber. Kissing BL’s temple, Bo too found sleep easy. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    • Cuzin Hobie yeah. I goofed. Yer right thought to be shot in a episode and That's false.
    • I like listening to their accents while they commentate!   Abu Dhabi....I like the way that sounds......Abu Dhabi...Abu Dhabi!! LOL!     I like the way they say GAIR RAHG! ...lol! ( Garage)
    • OK...they were thought to be SHOT ....or DROWNED?  ( The question was SHOT and so it was false but they WERE thought to be drowned!)
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