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  1. It wasn't Doc Petticord, but it looked a bit like him. Pat (Patrick) Crenshaw played Doc Petticord in 'Double Sting' (season 1), but his character was only named "Doctor" in 'And in This Corner, Luke Duke' (season 3) . Parley Baer started playing Doc Appleby in 'Coltrane vs. Duke' near the start of season 4, but then didn't appear again until 'Too Many Roscos' near the start of season 6. In 'Dear Diary' (near the end of season 4), Doc Appleby was played by a different actor, Elmore Vincent. This was his only appearance in Dukes and one of only 29 acting credits between 1956 and 1983.
  2. You can't post it here either - HNet is a family friendly site. Don't do it again!
  3. BENTLEY The car in 'Repo Men' was actually a Bentley S2 with a Rolls Royce grille. FYI. You've played this twice in s row and the county was always Sweetwater (one word). I think I've only missed one day on HNet in over ten years, and that was because I couldn't log in. I just don't have time to post every day.
  4. Welcome to HNet, Pete. I've never collected the Johnny Lightning merchandise, but I'm sure that other members will have done. NB. I haven't approved your other post yet as we don't usually include personal contact details in public posts. I'll let Meadowmufn decide on that. In the meantime, you can use the private messaging system here to talk to other members.
  5. So why didn't you say that in your post?
  6. Skipper, I've said this before - please don't post links without at least a brief description. A lot of people won't click on them.
  7. They're being posted on YouTube, but Skipper hasn't bothered posting links since the early ones. I'd hope that most of us have them on DVD anyway.
  8. He's a very talented young driver who's already sewn up his third World championship this year, but he's won 17 out of the first 20 races so far this year (and his team mate won two of the other three), so the season's been rather dull. Personally, I think that Lewis Hamilton should've won his eighth World championship when Max won his first because the officials didn't follow the restart rules in the last race of the season that year. There's been some good battles down the field this year, but the season belongs to Red Bull.
  9. I've also slacking on my F1 reviews. Just take it that Max Verstappen won!
  10. ANTIQUE Technically, a vintage car is one built between 1919 and 1930, so the General is an antique car (45+ years old). This site even lists a 1968 Dodge Charger as an example of an antique car,
  11. Small correction, but it's a well-known quote: "And since when is it against the law to fix up your own car when somebody else busts it up, huh?"
  12. Skipper, very few people are going to click a link with no description. It's actually a short (5:47) video on Facebook called 'Dissecting A GENERAL LEE: How This Car Survived!' where they take apart the freeway launch car from the movie and look at the damage.
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