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  1. I've just watched the scene a few times, and I think that the three parked cars (Jesse's pickup, Swamp Molly's pickup and the General) appear to be in the right places when the angle changes. There's room behind them for the truck to enter the water. A couple of things I did notice: 1) Rosco's driving a '74 Plymouth Satellite when he gives Enos permission to make the arrest, but in subsequent shots he's driving a '75 Plymouth Fury. 2) From when Rosco speeds past Enos to when he hits the truck takes about 12 seconds. Even if he was only going at 30mph, he would still travel 176 y
  2. We've had over 1,000 new cases a day over the last three days, and about 70% are meant to be the Delta variant. Luckily, there seem to be less deaths and hospital admissions than last year. Indoor dining was supposed to reopen later this month, but that may now be delayed. They seem to think that a lot of the Delta cases are coming from the UK, and the UK is ending nearly all of its restrictions today, against international advice! I had my second vaccination about a month ago, so hopefully I'm as protected as I can be. Also, where I live is regularly among the counties with the lowest in
  3. I played a little at school when I was around 10 or 11, but then did athletics in my early-mid teens. I can't even claim to be a football fan - I watch a few matches during the Euros and World Cups, but otherwise I just keep an eye on the scores so that I can join in conversations!
  4. Well, as y'all may have seen, England were in the final of the Euros football (soccer) tournament last night, and lost to Italy when the match ended in a 1-1 draw and went to penalties. For various reasons, the England football team doesn't get a lot of support from outside England, even from the other home nations. Couple this with a feeling that this was their year (it's their first major final since they won the '66 World Cup and the final was in London again), and you didn't have to look far today to find people who were happy with the outcome. Suffice to say, being an Englishman abroad, I
  5. As we discussed recently in the Every Which Way But Loose thread, William Smith also played Clint Eastwood's opponent, Jack Wilson, in 'Any Which Way You Can'. Looking at his credits on IMDb, it seems he was still acting up until last year.
  6. These are all hugely impressive, and they make a great collection. I think I'd add a Mustang, but would it be Lucifer, the Double Zero, or Black Tillie II...
  7. Police (I'm going by British slang)
  8. Your memory's better than you think, Hobie, because you're correct!
  9. Beautiful - just make sure you don't take it near any cliffs!
  10. I can't beat that (I don't think I've ever seen one in real life), but I was in London 18 years ago when the last three Concordes flew into Heathrow one after another. Even at the end, a single Concorde would still get attention, so you can image how special it was to see three.
  11. Thanks for the extra pictures, Andrew. The Tomcat is one of my favorites too, along with the A-10 'Warthog' Thunderbolt and Russiam Mil Mi-24 Helicopter.
  12. Well, there was that terribly racist episode where they made fun of the visiting Englishman, but apparently "we all can't be perfect"!
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