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    Wife! :) dog, snake and fish mom :) ....Dukes, dogs, music, knives, fish...lol lots of stuff really...drawing, trucks, the country life..


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    Country girl livin in the south.
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    Hazzard County
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    Dukes, Horses, Dogs, Trucks, Country Music, 4 wheelin, jet skiin'
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    School: Bo Duke's school of drivin' & Work: intern in the chemistry lab at the local power plant

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  1. I'MM BAAAAAACKKKKKK -sissyduke01 about to change my user name. It's been so long since I've been on here...can't believe I got logged back in! Happy to be back!!!! 

    1. RogerDuke


      It's so good to have you back!!! Anything new in your life? I hope you've been popping a Dukes episode in the DVD player on occasion. I have. During these crazy times it's necessary in order for me to keep my sanity. Today is a good day.....sissy has returned. 

    2. RebelDukeSwaim


      Thanks! Yep last I was here I was fresh outta high school and now I'm 1000 miles away from home and very happily married nearly 4 years now. Absolutely loved going through the series with my husband at our first apartment. But it's been a while since we have gotten to watch em sadly but we need too. I'm still just as much a fan as ever. Mom of 3 dogs, a snake and and bunch of fish lol. How has life been treating you? Its rough for me but I'm so happy with my husband 

    3. Hobie Hartkins

      Hobie Hartkins

      It's great to see you here and I hope you'll stick around.....I hope things get better for you too!

  2. Had always said I would never watch the 2005 movie and hadnt other that the first few mins. until tonight. It was on cmt and i watched about the last half hour and all i can say is horrible just horrible!! Complete and total discrace!!!! Only thing good i have to say is that the driving was good but other than that it is total crap. Dont let my opinion offend you.
  3. Just felt like sharing. Click link for pic (trying a new image hosting site) http://postimage.org/image/yl1v8ouy3/
  4. I thought about getting one off ebay but never did....then I ended up at the knife factory in TN like I do every year and decided I couldn't live without it any longer so I paid $47.
  5. And here is my autographed picture!! He also signed the back of the postcard in the first pic!
  6. Ok Photobucket hates me again so here is an attatched pic of all my new Dukes stuff.
  7. Thanks and no Cooter wasn't there. And yes closest thing to Hazzard.....I hate leaving! Thanks Roger. I will have to check out those other knives.
  8. Yayyyyy!!!! I finally got my Buck 110!! I got it from the Smoky Mountain Knife Works!!!! So happy!!
  9. Got to go to Cooters in Gatlinburg this trip! Got to meet Rick Hurst for the first time. He is such a nice guy, he gave to 2 autographs for the price of one. Also got lots of Dukes stuff. Had so much fun!! Might post pics later. (And I finally got my Buck knife 110 like Bo and Luke's)
  10. He is doing great now. in case you found more info on him than i did....where did you find your info? I leave Irish out just cuz its to long to call him and i just like Eagle better.
  11. I gots myself a horse! Well sorta....I'm kinda sorta leasing him! He is a 5 year old Thoroughbred gelding. He's an ex-racehorse............in 6 races he never finished better than 8th but i love him anyway. His full name is Irish Eagle....I call him Eagle...but I might start calling hium Red...it fits him. I think he might be kin to Maudine.....he's a bit of a brat. He blows his self up when you tighten the girth, he has tried to lay down when i tighten the girth, once while I was riding him, and he likes to take me under tree branches. He didn't get the love and attention he deserves when he was at his owners house. But now he gets hugs and kisses all the time. One day i might get to call him my very own!! <3 (Tried to upload large pic but photobucket won't work fer me right now )
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