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  1. Hey Can you please add a post to my new story " Fever ". in the retired round robin section ?.

  2. Wow. quite a story Roger. I've gotten into a few shows that way myself. Somewhat like your story, I got into Andy Griffith years ago because it came on after some cartoon show I used to watch. I got into Beverly Hillbillies because of the word "vittles" My Latin teacher used it as a derivative and told us it came from that show. I immediately loved it and got into Green Acres because they both came on back to back Friday afternoon on TVLand.
  3. Not too bad. Been really getting on to my artistics, but not sure if anybody round here would care about em or not.

  4. Ooook random question, but who do you have crushes on? Me and my second cousin LOVED Sheriff Grahm. I oddly have to admitt that I had a thing about Leroy/Grumpy (I guess mostly because recently he has moved from being one of my least favorite dwarfs (because I always was a little something about him like how he hated Snow in the movie) so now he and Dopey are like my top two favorites with Doc just beneath them. I have a couple others I think but I have to say Snow would have to watch me with Charming I mean really.
  5. Yeah, it is fun to see where it goes next. I have to admitt that I was a tad dissapointed that Jiminy only had that one episode where his parents got turned into dolls. I would have liked to see more of him. But, Pinocchio (or I guess maybe rather August) wow, I mean that guy is slightly crazy. Though now I'm kinda like he went to Pleasure Island in the REAL WORLD? Though my mom and me are kinda curious if he'll be human again at the beginning of the next season. Just kinda wonder.
  6. OOO. Yeah, Charlie really does some great stuff. There's one song (or maybe two) specifically I get a little worked up every time I hear it when he says things about our government because I kinda agree with them. (especially one line he has in one song that says something about John Wayne being president. You ask me him, Jesse and Charlie would be the three perfect ones)
  7. Me too! I'm like between this weekend and next I'm like aaaaah none of that!? I got the season I DVD so I'll be watching that until the 30th. Any fav characters? Me and my mom (and my grandmom) love Henry.
  8. Seaon II starts the end of this month, but the series started last October. Basically it's every fairy Tale character you've ever known, but they're trapped in the real world in a plot conducted by none other than Rumpelstiltskin and Snow White's evil step-mother.
  9. Rockgrass is a new word to me, but that's pretty cool. I've recently (ok about a year ago I guess) gotten into a new radio station my dad listens to called bluegrass junction on Sirius XM radio. I've heard A LOT of Del McCoury on there.
  10. My dad has gotten me into these southern gospel groups. Del McCoury is one my dad really loves (and me) Any one like any other Bluegrass groups gospel or not?
  11. Hey Hoss. I got a few pics uploaded. Go under "Seven Dwarfs" lemme know what you think

  12. Good point. But they'd probably need quite a few of them.
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