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    Born and raised in New Hampshire. Grew up watching the Dukes! Moved to Germany in 2009
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    Herxheim, Germany
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    The Dukes Of Hazzard. Motorcycles
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    Computer Operations USAREUR HQ RMV

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  1. That's some pretty cool shots. I remember having a few of those cards (not the whole set) when I was kid. Brings back memories!
  2. It was sad to read that Christopher passed this past year.
  3. Happy Birthday Dina!

  4. I tend to surf the net more when the weather is lousy and usually taper off during the summer months. Perhaps spring has sprung early in many places. Wish it was the case here in SW Germany.
  5. feliz cumpleaños a tí, un abrazo desde argentina.

  6. Just read this thread for the first time, I'm shocked! I just tried contacting Mr. Hewatt to see if there was anything left. I doubt it at this point but just maybe I'll get lucky. A shot in the dark so to speak.
  7. Mine is truely a boring job in comparison. Armed Security at a Nuclear Power Plant. As I said, boring as heck.
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