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My New General Lee


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Hey y'all!! :)

I've been a Dukes fan for as long as I can remember,so when the opportunity came last summer to build a General Lee bike I was more than willing.

I worked round the clock,stopping only for food and sleep,for 3 weeks until finally my General Lee was complete. I had stripped the bike down to metal,and replaced every single part with a new part. I spent nearly every day of the summer tearing around the country roads of Sligo.

Unfortunately just before easter,the General Lee was stolen from outside my school. Two weeks ago, I finally decided to accept that I wouldn't get the General back,so I began to look for a new frame to work on. Last Saturday I struck gold,and picked up a ten year old mountain bike for €20 (I know it seems pretty expensive for a 10 year old bike but it was rust free and ran like a dream). I set to work yesterday stripping it down to the frame,and today set to work stripping the original gold paint off. Tomorrow I'm going on the hunt for primer (its the only thing I haven't got) and will hopefully be painting the primer onto the frame on wednesday. Ill try and post pictures and keep y'all updated as I go along.

My goal is to have the bike fully rebuilt by next friday (its a tight schedule i know) and ready to take on holidays with me. :)

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Thanks MaryAnne,and Ill set up a photobucket and upload pictures this weekend.



Today I went off to a local upholster, and picked up a meter squared of chestnut colored leather for €3!!

It was more than I needed to cover the saddle,but I now plan on using some of it to cover the handle bar grips (its seldom that we have very hot weather and the bike will be stored in a garage,so the handles shouldn't heat up too much!!).

Hopefully tomorrow I can find somewhere that sells primer and strong spray on glue.

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Hey y'all.

I'm hand stitching a leather saddle together and there are going to be a few wrinkles on the back of the saddle. My dad suggested I get a metal plate and put it over the wrinkles. I thought it was a good idea and then started debating over what to write on it. Finally at about 11 last night it hit me.

S this morning I set off to the local jewelry store,and came back with a 1 inch by 3.5 inch piece of gold colored metal with the engraving CNH320 on it. Its basically a mini version of the Georgia licence plate that we see in high octane.

I know some of y'all probably think its a stupid idea,but I remember a thread about someone building a General Lee,and somebody said "at the end of the day its your car,so you do as you please with it."

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Sorry I'm so slow uploading pictures.

Anyway here's the remaining build pictures and a few from various cow paths and trails


No MaryAnne,they don't really care. The garage is practically mine,the only other things in the garage that aren't mine are a couple cases of beer :)

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Nice work CD. I see you even found a Maudine the mule lookalike on your travels :).

... the only other things in the garage that aren't mine are a couple cases of beer :)

I'm sure you're probably a good Catholic boy who's pledged not to touch that some of stuff until you're legally allowed at 18 ;).

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Whilst building my Rosco bike http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8454 I tinkered with my General a little bit and ordered some of the Rosco decals for the General




My original General Lee that was stolen by a couple of...oh wait this is a family friendly site so I won't say what I was gonna say,I'll leave that up y'alls imagination


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