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  1. Waner Brothers Said that statement was INACCURATE after the outcry on the net by the fans. The flag may not be on the box art but the flag IS on the car.I've even heard they have put a removable strip of orange film on the flag so you can't see the flag when you buy it but the flag is there under a removable film strip http://www.wkyt.com/wymt/home/headlines/Warner-Brothers-will-not-remove-Confederate-Flag-from-the-General-Lee-168083116.html
  2. You must not have heard but there was such an outcry by the fans to that announcement on the Internet and social media that WB recanted that statement saying it was "inaccurate". So my argument still holds water.You think it's any cheaper to fix a newer Challenger?? Think again. As I said with suspension upgrades and engine upgrades a 69 Charger will perform as well or maybe better than a new Challenger. By eliminating jumps you have NO reason NOT to use the original car Confederate Flag intact.Cost will be just as much to fix the old as it would the new or very close.Your plan is not to total any cars so as I said sheet metal is as easy to fix as plastic probably easier. Congrats on the new baby by the way.
  3. Yeah I believe there were 2 versions and they sound just a tad different.I don't know what kind of material the original is or at least the correct name for it and I should know.LOL I appears the same material as integrated circuit boards are made of but maybe not quite. I would say Nylon would be a good substitute or a HDPE plastic something that can take a bit of abuse but be light and as non abrasive as possible.100$ is better I still may do my idea just to see how successful I can be and could do it for lots less than 100. My current one works but would like to have a new one and one for my spare set of horns.I'm going to hold on to my spare set just in case my compressor ever went kaflooey.I don't want to have to pay 800 for a new horn.LOL
  4. Ouch maybe I should consider selling my spare set.LOL
  5. To add on to my previous reply.I don't think many LEE owners have these particular set of horns.The company no longer exists and finding a set is kinda rare even on ebay.I don't check there often but I've rarely seen a set of these on there.J.C.Whitney sold these back in the late 70's early 80's.That's when I got mine for Christmas 1982. Yes I had my car back then. LOL Getting a lot of orders to reduce the price isn't likely to happen unfortunately.There is very little demand to my knowledge.Most guys are using FIAMM or WOLO.These Jubilee/Jubil-Aire sets are indeed to my research the exact set used for the original sound bite or actual cars that had them.They are well built and designed and you could change the disks we have been discussing to a different tune.I think there were like 12-15 tunes to chose from. If anyone has a LEE these are the horns to get IF you can!
  6. Is this Indygenerallee from CGLFC? Yeah 225 is too pricey just for a disk. I bet I can use my disk as a template and make one out of plastic.I'm a machinist/toolmaker originally but never got a journeymans card.
  7. They are also called Jubilee air horns and yes I have 2 sets of these horns one plays Dixie and the other plays Raindrops keep fallin on my head. I could use another Dixie disk as mine works but is slightly damaged due to wear and tear.However Aluminum? I would think that would be too abrasive.I mean metal to metal as the top is metal where it would spin against and it's slightly spring loaded.The original material is like carbon fiber type of material best way I can describe it. I would think a tough plastic would be better.If you've used an aluminum one with no ill effects I would be interested.
  8. Well We won!!! Warner Brothers is now saying the Confederate flag is going to STAY on the General Lee and saying the original story was"inaccurate" about banning the flag from future model kits or Die cast. Sounds to me they are just covering their arse from a potential big boycott and loss of possible revenue judging from the outcry on the net IMO.
  9. Simple DON"T buy any of them that is missing the flag.Speak with your pocket book.I know there will be a few people who will buy one just because it maybe more collectable down the road but I refuse to buy one. I'm waiting on the day that they will have the nerve enough to try and make me remove the flag from my personal owned General.I can see that coming if this political correctness keeps going like it is.
  10. What you are suggesting are all the things I don't want to see happen. If you introduce a new car it should NOT bare any resemblance to the original General Lee. If you are going to eliminate any jumping and rely strictly on speed then you may as well stick with the original General Lee just with modernized suspension and a even more beefier engine.You can buy upgrades for a 69 Charger(or any old MOPAR) now that will make it handle near as well with any modern car. A base model Challenger goes for around 30K so cost wise you really aren't saving a bunch.With no wrecks or very minor wrecks you aren't going to be destroying any classic cars to the point of no return so just fix them with replacement parts.They are re-making just about every sheetmetal part for a Charger now.Also with minimal wrecks you wouldn't need a whole mess of 69 Chargers as they did originally.
  11. Not to rain on anyone's parade here.I think it's cool you are trying to keep the Dukes legacy alive.I can still see the one major problem.If anything would ever come of this project and it would become a movie or TV series.I've mentioned this in previous discussions of re-booting the show as a series or a movie.What is to become of the General Lee? You can't change it to another car.Sorry I ain't buying that and I don't think most of us will.It has to be a 1969 Charger period end of discussion.So where are you going to get cars if this thing would ever take off? Don't even think about deleting it altogether that is not an option either.A new Dukes will not go without General Lee. I would not want it relegated to a emergency backup status either cause I've heard that idea as well. General Lee has to be as integral to the show as in the original.Then you have the Anti Confederate Flag thing now.I've heard rumors that any future General Lee models or die casts are going to be sold MINUS the flag.Yeah like anyone is going to buy those.NOT!!
  12. Very appreciated everyone. I've been in some sort of Dukes club since 1991. Aneesh and I basically started the Official Dukes club back then,just kept goin from there.
  13. I'm within a day(2days on leap years) of Catherine Bach Mines Feb 28th and hers is March 1st
  14. He was on more than 1 episode. I think as many as 3 possibly more.I know he was thought to be "dead" in the one episode and he pops up out of his coffin during the funeral and has "unusual powers" than he did before. I also recall in another episode a woman was smitten with him and to get a local "witch" to cast a love spell she had to pay with becomming a wild animal at night.
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