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Found 20 results

  1. Thanks to RogerDuke for this suggestion. This is the place to post trivia questions for others to guess. Or if you have a question about one of the episodes and can't find the answer, post it here and maybe someone will answer it for you!
  2. Hi, I am a new member here, and want to say HI to all my fellow Duke's of Hazzard enthusiasts. I have watch every episode when it aired live on TV. I was hooked on this show ever since then. And I am still hooked on it now. I am glad it is back on CMT starting today (Jan 5th) at 2 Pm. I will be watching it for sure! I have a 1969 Dodge Charger SE with a 383 CI Big Block (335 HP), and a 727 Automatic Transmission. It is a Numbers Matching Car and is a complete car. Everything there is what was put there from the factory. This car is a Factory A/C which is 1 of only 38 ever made this way. I have to put the A/C parts back on, but they are in the trunk for now. I have had the motor re-built, and the trans is going to be re-built to handle the motor. And the Rear will be gone over and get the necessary work done to that. Then, I must decide what I am going to do with the body. Right now, the body is all in primer. Should I keep it original green or make it a General Lee (Hemi Orange)? That is the question. Not sure Yet, but I will keep you posted. I was at Duke's Fest 2008 and met every living Cast member except Tom Wopat. BUT I was able to Meet Tom Wopat at a Convention in New Jersey. I wish I could Have met Sorell Booke (Boss Hogg) and Denver Pyle (Uncle Jessie), But they are no longer with us. Well, I don't want to bore you with too much, so I will end it here. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!! Rich
  3. Dukes of Hazzard Fun Fact: Did y'all know the General Lee's confederate flag was originally planned for the hood, but WB decided when they saw the design on paper that it looked stupid that way, so they moved it to the roof? And originally, the car was to be called Traveller #99 and be primer gray.
  4. Rowdy purchased XP29H9C273905 (a 1969 Dodge Charger) in Dec. 2010 and 2B3KA73WX8H282431 (a 2008 Dodge Charger) in Sept. 2011 The 1969 Charger body will be mounted on the 2008 Charger frame then given the General Lee theme using the 1969 exterior and interior. All videos about this project build can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=12BAFD6A40C8AAAD thank y'all for watching!
  5. Jenyfer was driving her 1957 chevrolet belair convertible from running an errand for Uncle Jesse. The car was not running on all 8. When she pulled in on the Duke Farm Bo noticed it was not running right . She got out of the car and took the items to Uncle Jesse. Bo went over and raised the hood on Jen's car The engine was still hot to check the plugs on the car. Jenyfer asked Bo " Why is the hood up on my car" He said as he put his arm around her " Darlin' I noticed the engine was not running right and I wanted to check to find out so I can see if I can fix the problem. The engine needs to cool off but what size is the engine?" 283 she answered it was a birthday present from my Uncle he gave it to me on my 16th birthday which was this past July 4th. I was born July 4,1963." Bo told her he was born in 1960. Uncle Jesse for got to ask Jenyfer to pick up another item . Bo told her it was Ok to take the General . Jenyfer got her purse because she also needed to make a deposit to her bank account . Bo kissed her and told her he loved her and she told him she loved him too. Jenyfer started the General and headed on down the road . All of a sudden Jenyfer looked in the rearview mirror and seen a white VW with horns on the hood . She noticed the driver was not driving normal. She sped up to get way from him but he caught up and was beside her . He ran Jenyfer off the road the car spun and crashed in to a brick wall. She was knocked out and was there for at least 2 hours before help came. Bo started to get worried .Then he heard Cooter on the CB telling the Dukes that Jenyfer was in a very bad car wreck and she was seriously injured and was on the way to the hospital . Cooter was towing the General Lee behind his tow truck . Cooter told Bo that Jentfer was very badly hurt. Bo was very upset and broke down . Luke went to comfort his cousin . Then the Duke family went to the hospital to see how bad it was. The doctor told the family that Jenyfer had a broken arm , ankle and was badly cut and it took 23 stitches to close . Bo took a peek and seen she was also badly bruised Bo said " Uncle Jesse I plan to find out who did this to her and when I do and who ever it is will regret they did this." Uncle Jesse told Bo to simmer down . We will report this to Roscoe. Cooter already told Bo that is had been reported and its being investigated but will need to talk to Jenyfer when she wakes up. The Dukes left the hospital but Bo wanted to stay with her. The 2nd day Jenyfer opened her eyes "were am I " the nurse told her she was in a bad car wreck and was in the hospital."The police are waiting to talk to you about this. " Bo was sitting in a chair next to her bed. Jenyfer told the nurse to send the officer in. The cop asked Jenyfer about the details . Jenyfer gave a description of the other car involved . Bo knew right then and there who the other driver was . Hughie Hogg Boss Hogg's Nephew. Bo decided he was going to go after Hughie . The cop told him to calm down and he will take care of the matter. Bo said "That low down weasel did this to my girl and he going to pay for what he did to her." Jenyfer told the investigating officer " When you catch this creep I want to press charges" The next day Jenyfer came home from the hospital but had to stay off her feet. Bo even carried her to the Couch and sat her down. She got the remote to the TV and changed the channel. Then she came across a movie that was released back in 1968 and was originally filmed in black and white. Daisy made some pop corn and got Bo and Jenyfer some cokes. Bo asked her what the name of the movie was. Jenyfer told him Night of the living dead . She said "Why don't you sit down and watch it with me." Bo sat next to her and she leaned her head against his shoulder. Boss Hogg found out what Hughie did and kicks him out of hazzard. He told his nephew that he did not want him to step another foot in Hazzard again. Boss went to the Duke farm to see Jenyfer. Uncle Jesse told Jenyfer JD was here to see her. Jenyfer nodded it was ok. Boss told her that he was very sorry about what Hugie did to her. Jenyfer told him that it was not his fault what happened. She told him I will bring a doctors excuse . Boss told her " I want you to get better you are 1 of my hard workers."
  6. Hello, first time poster. I made a Dukes of Hazzard / General Lee inspired electric guitar that I thought Dukes of Hazzard enthusiasts may be interested in checking out. I stripped and repainted it in the General Lee image, and wired in a device to play the car horn ("Dixie") with a press of a button through the amp. View the following youtube video to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3Jyo--GwtM Thanks!
  7. Hey y'all, I just got season 5 as a present from my sister.I'm just wondering what to expect.I know that most people don't like season 5 because Bo and Luke aren't in it,but the stunts are meant to be really good. I'm just wondering what y'all think of season 5 and why
  8. These can get hard to find, but sometimes they're available on ebay. This auction ends in a couple days, fyi! http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5574629099&toolid=10001&campid=5335841440&customid=vectorwheels&icep_item=260797220721&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg These things aren't getting cheaper. If you plan to build a General Lee in the future, it's not a bad idea to stockpile parts now if you've got the room and the $ to do so.
  9. The Buy it Now price on ebay is $12,999.99, and the seller is considering offers. All the offers to date have been refused by the seller; something like 14 offers have come in so far. The car is on ebay for 5 more days as of the time of this post. This General Lee runs, has had some work done, but there's more to go. Check out all the photos on ebay. At first glance this General doesn't look too bad, but as you look through all the pictures you get a better idea of what you're dealing with. The photo I posted here is the best of the bunch, but don't let it fool you.
  10. For those of ya'll who haven't seen our latest homepage update, LEE 1 sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $121,000. ( $110,000 plus commission fee which is paid by the buyer.) Another General Lee on the market is this one being offered by Byron Cherry, a/k/a Coy Duke. There is a General Lee replica for sale on Craigslist, which reportedly was owned by the late Christopher Mayer. (HazzardNet makes no warranties about this, we're just passing along the ad "as is." ) If you know of any other General Lees for sale, feel welcome to tell us about it!
  11. If you have a General Lee, or a Hazzard County patrol car, or Daisy's Jeep, or Cooter's tow truck or Uncle Jesse's pickup, Cooter wants YOU. And your Hazzard car, for the 3rd annual Hazzard Run, October 1st and 2nd. The deal is this: You pay $30 to participate, and you drive your car from Cooter's Place in Nashville TN to Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg TN, in a convoy. In return you get public adoration from spectators, a dash plaque, a t-shirt, and some amusements at Cooter's Place. Rick Hurst and Ben Jones will be attending. Great opportunity to hang out with other car owners and blow your own Dixie horn. Here's a spectator view supplied by one of our members last year: If you don't have a Hazzard car (don't feel bad, most people don't) you can still watch the cars parade into Gatlinburg and enjoy the car show, meet and greet Ben Jones and Rick Hurst, and hobnob around. There's no charge for gawking. For more info, click on one of the ad links we've got about Cooter's atop the Forums page or home page. Or call and give the store clerk somebody to talk to at 615-872-8358.
  12. Pick your price range, pick your project level. Ebay has two offerings on General Lee replicas. The first is from Volo Auto Museum, auction was going for $24k the last I looked at it. Volo General Lee This second General is battle-weary and needs TLC. Much cheaper, but more work... Project General Lee
  13. The famous Hazzard County Stunt Show, presented by the Northeast Ohio Dukes, will be at the Lake County Fair on August 20th! There are NO cast appearances involved, this is a car stunt show only. But it's a great show, featuring the General Lee and police cars in live, dirt-flying, chase-and-crash action. Here's a link with the where and what: Hazzard County Stunt Show They always pack the place, so get there early for a good seat!
  14. For those paying attention to the home page, y'all know we're listing the Boar's Nests we can find that may relate to the Dukes of Hazzard in some way. I'll keep track of 'em here. I've got a couple more in addition to what's already on the home page. As a bonus, I've found a couple more pics of the aforementioned BN Daisy Duke contest in Allen's Grove. This is the talent portion of the BN Allen's Grove Daisy Duke contest. The competitors must slide in and out of a General Lee and show their style and grace. This guy standing behind the contestant is a safety assitant, to make sure a lady doesn't fall while performing this feat of agility. This gal has the...assets, for the Daisy Duke gig, but she looks to be confused on how to climb in and out of the car. Nobody seems to mind. And next...oh, I should post the actual Boar's Nest list I have so far, before I post more cheesecake photos. Awright: ***The Boar’s Nest - Allen’s Grove, WI - Dukes related **The Boar’s Nest – Center Valley, WI - Dukes related The Boar’s Nest - Mingus, TX The Boar’s Nest - Athens IL The Boar’s Nest – Ham Lake, MN Boar’s Nest BBQ - Fayetteville, AR Now, another pic! Here's a gal that looks a lot like Daisy. And Daisy Duke herself, Catherine Bach, in classic style:
  15. One of the most coveted Dukes of Hazzard collectibles out there are the General Lee pedal cars. Pedal cars are popular collectibles in their own right, and when you add a TV show brand to it the price goes way up. Still...I think the price on this one is too steep. I'm not sure what the going rate is for pedal cars though; maybe it's reasonable for the condition. Last time I saw a General Lee pedal car on ebay it was going for $400, but it was in a lot rougher shape. General Lee pedal car
  16. Here's a General Lee paper model that looks fun to put together. The design is in a PDF file. I'm not sure what thickness of card stock paper would be best for it, so if somebody tries this and nails it down, please let us know. If you have patience and a sharp scissors, try some arts n' crafts, Dukes of Hazzard style! The download link appears below the photo: http://www.4shared.com/document/EXlDjJ1X/General_Lee_II_B.html
  17. Good ol' boy John Schneider, otherwise known as "Bo Duke" from The Dukes of Hazzard, will be appearing at the Philadelphia Comic Con June 18th and 19th, 2011. A General Lee will also be on display. This show is crazy big, so if you plan on going, study up on the schedules, event times, parking, venue map, and all that stuff. Here's a link that you can follow to John's page for the event. Click around from there for the show details. http://www.wizardworld.com/johnschneider.html
  18. RowdyGowdy's Dodge Charger was purchased in August 2007 and fully restored to a General Lee Replica by May 2008 just in time for Dukesfest in June 2008 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway!! The Complete Before & After pictures can be found here: http://www.dodgecharger.com/forum/index.php/topic,37826.120.html Miss an episode? Find them all here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0918521 Rowdy's General Lee on CarDomain: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3003399 Check out the YouTube vids here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=12BAFD6A40C8AAAD Before (August 2007): After (May 2008): Joey Paul Gowdy 6'4": Lindsay Freeman 5'6" & Labreeska McLeroy 5'2":
  19. Hi, I have jsut come back from Las Vegas where I attended the "Knight Rider Festival" put on by Paul Casey. While I was there I was talking for some time to a guy from vancouver who has owned 4 General Lee's and is now building a Fall Guy Truck. He also owns a Crown Vic (as I do too) and I wondered if anyone knew who he is and if so could they put me in touch with him as I'd like to keep in touch and speak to him again. Many Thanks, Steven.
  20. Avalon Resort near Paw Paw, West Virginia is having their annual car show THIS Saturday, September 27, 2008. I was wondering if anyone knew of a General Lee car that was in the metro Washington, DC area. Thanks much.
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