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Whatr are yalls favorite tv shows besides DOH?


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I also like the 80's (although I was like 5 when they ended haha)



-Knight Rider

Today's favorites are:

-Gilmore Girls


-Law and Order

-Joan of Arcada

But I stay for none of them awake in the midle of the night, what I did for The Dukes!!!!!! (when they aired the episodes at 1:45 A.M. and I didn't had a VCR to tape it :D )

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Besides DOH I watch:

The Jeff Foxworhty Show

All My Children

One Life to Live

Little House on the Prairie


Star Trek (original version only, I just like the dicussions between Spock & McCoy)

7th Heaven

Yes Dear

I used to watch Smallville untill Jonathon Kent died.

DOH and the 1st 3 shows on the list are the only shows I watch regularly.

The others I watch when I feel like it. I don't like to watch tv a lot.

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Outside of DoH, my favorite shows are:

-Touched by an Angel

-Joan of Arcadia

-The Monkees


-Beauty and the Beast

-Due South

-Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

-Star Trek: The Next Generation

-Quantum Leap

I never thought I'd get such a big list of shows I like, but I'm trying to get most of the ones I like on DVD. :)

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Well Dukes of Hazzard is number one of course but the rest have no order,


- Survivor

- Simpsons

- Cowboy U

- Smallville

- Supernatural

- Fraiser

- Friends

- Ghostbusters

- The Naked Trucker and T-Bone Show

- Southpark

That's probably the top ones, if I get to watch them. Right now I don't really watch anything than an occasional Duke's ep and Supernatural and Smallville. Don't have time.

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- Ally McBeal

- Buffy: the vampire slayerDue South

- Charmed

- Criminal minds


- Doctor House

- Fraiser

- Friends

- Gilmore girls

- Grey's anatomy

- Happy Days

- Law and order

- Scrubs

- Seinfeld (does anybody remember Seinfield?)

- Third watch

- X-files

My brother just gave a Season seven season set of X-files recently it's missing the one disc but that's okay he bought it from the library.

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