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  1. Sadly Teresa is killing it or has killed it.
  2. Garrett and Roy silently make their way down along side the cave on opposite sides. As Garrett reaches the bottom he watches as Roy skids down and quietly yells at him to be quiet. As Roy finds his place he waves the recorder in the air before placing it on the side of the cave and shows Garrett that there is a blank tape in it before closing it and pressing record. Garrett rolls his eyes at him before voices in the cave catches their attention and Garrett gives Roy a thumbs up. "What are we doing in these here caves, Boss?" Rosco is heard saying as movement within echos off the walls. "What you think, numbskull?" Boss' recognizable voice thunders in the cave. "We are hiding out until Cousin Cletus and Deputy Enos arrest Bill, his crooked crew chief, and the entire Duke clan!" Boss laughs smugly. "I can see it now, Rosco. The headlines will read: NASCAR legend Bill Elliot and his crew chief are behind bars for stealing money from a small local town that was already struggling to survive!" More laughter erupts. "Meanwhile, they will get locked up in Atlanta with the Dukes. Bill and his crew chief will probably get bailed out, but their names will be mud after this. No one will pay to see crooks like them race until they are sentenced for twenty years. The Dukes will be in jail from here on out until they are released in twenty years." More laughter, "Life will be magical, Rosco!" "That sounds lovely, Boss," Rosco laughs in return, "but one question, Boss." "You and your stupid questions. Sure would be nice if for once you'd keep up along with my plans and follow through with them," Hogg protests, "What's your stupid question?" "I don't have a stupid question, Boss. I have a question," Rosco argues. "Just say it, already," Boss yells and the aroma of cigar smoke fills the air. "What money did Bill and his friend steal?" Rosco naively asks, "And what did the Dukes do to play part of it? I mean Bill came to race in your race. He brought you the crowd, the money. Why would you want him in jail for?" "Boy Rosco. You do get dumber and dumber by the day," Boss snorts out, "this money, you numbskull! But we are going to say we found it in his car and that he stole it. The Dukes are hiding and helping the fugitive out. Heck, they probably helped him get the money. This whole thing is going to erupt and we will come out smelling like roses and looking like the good guys. Meanwhile they'll be in jail and out of our hair!" "But Boss," Rosco speaks up, "but you ain't got much hair." "Shut up already, Rosco. We've been through this already. I want Bill and the Dukes in jail. I'll get their farm and make it into a car dealership of Hazzard. And no more pesky Dukes getting into my business. Or no more of Garrett's rotten attitude," Boss states in the cave and Garrett gives Roy a smile and a thumbs up, "he should have been arrested before all this started." "I tried, Boss. You wouldn't let me, remember?" Rosco innocently asks. "You hush!" Boss yells before his CB starts to crackle. "Cousin Boss. You there?" comes Cletus' familiar voice. "This is he. Watch your tongue and tell me what you have," Hogg hisses into the CB of the car that he has parked in the cave. "Please tell me you are on your way with the criminals to the jail." "Um," Cletus stutters on the CB, "not exactly." "Not exactly?!" Boss' voice thunders against the walls of the cave, "What's that mean?" "Well the one with dark hair says we can't arrest them when they have evidence that they didn't steal the money," Cletus shly responds on the CB. "Evidence? What evidence?" Boss yells into the CB, "There is no evidence, you numbskull! They stole the money. Go and arrest them and I will deal with them!" "Um yes sir Cousin Boss," Cletus hangs up with uncertainty in his voice. "What is he talking about, Boss?" Rosco questions. "Well I assume the dark hair one being Luke. But there is no evidence. He's bluffing," Boss snorts, "but he is throwing a curve ball. Your deputies may need help. I'mma stay here with our evidence. You will need to go help Cletus and Enos to arrest the Dukes and Elliott." Garrett eyes Roy with wide eyes and motions for Roy to go up and into the woods. Roy and Garrett then quietly move from their area and climb up the hill and into the woods where they meet up with each other above the cave and behind some big bushes and trees just as Rosco backs out of the cave and drives away. "Dang it," Roy cusses, "he's gonna see our truck." Garrett nods as he watches the patrol car go up and past their truck and on the direction to where the Dukes are with Bill and a moment later they see Hogg urgently leave the cave and glance around the area. "Rosco must have called him over the CB when he saw our truck," Garrett whispers as Hogg disappears within the cave after a couple of minutes, "OK we need to run up to your truck and make to them to give the tape to Luke." Roy stares at Garrett in disbelief. "You really want to go to jail, don't you?" he finally hisses, "I rather you wouldn't take me with you." "Kinda too late to chicken out now, Roy. But if you wish I can do it myself," Garrett begins to rush towards the truck, making sure to stay covered. As they get into the truck, Roy turns it on and yanks the steering wheel to turn around and to follow the same direction as where Rosco had went. "I'm here. I'm just not as bold as you want to be," Roy reluctantly says handing Garrett the tape recorder. "I appreciate your help. Rosco will probably park where we were earlier. We can park up the hill and climb down the other side to get to the Dukes to give them the tape recorder and tape." "Ten four my crazy friend," Roy says.
  3. Brad Keselowski broke his 110 winless streak to win today at Darlington. Keselowski snaps 110-race drought, gets Darlington win | NASCAR NASCAR Darlington Raceway Race Results, Starting Lineup | NASCAR
  4. I'm sorry to hear your guy lost Roger. That is always disappointing.
  5. Tyler Reddick will lead everyone to the green flag on Sunday at Darlington... Tyler Reddick claims Busch Light Pole at Darlington | NASCAR
  6. That would be helpful.
  7. Yeah I am not a fan of how they are airing NASCAR. Then again, I don't really sit down and watch it any more. I keep saying I should. But once it's off Fox, I really can't. I do subscribe to Amazon Prime, so I can actually watch that. So that part benefits me. Not TNT though.
  8. I'm sorry to disappoint Spike. I was going to report about Kyle Larson winning, but got talking to Hoss and didn't want to switch the topic. Thank you for covering my rear with all the news! Analysis: So far, 2024 shaping up to be an all-time NASCAR season I don't know if you posted this or not, but Dale Jr will be with TNT and Amazon next season.
  9. It's always interesting who will thrive on new rules and changes and all that. In the long run that is exciting that one driver can dominate so heavily and the season be won by one team. Kinda like in NASCAR how Jeff Gordon dominated under the old system, but Jimmie Johnson thrived under the Chase format. Though I don't think Jimmie really raced much if at all under the old format. I do know Gordon would have two or three more championships under his belt if they had stuck with the old racing format (which makes more sense to me. Even though at the time, I didn't understand the point system.) . With all that said, Hoss, are you a fan of Max?
  10. If it's not your favorite driver, it gets old and frustrating when the same person wins every time. Is there a reason why Max wins every race?? (Other than that he's good?) In NASCAR there is always one driver that seems to dominate the season, but they never win every race like that. I am glad that someone else won yesterday though for you. That had to be exciting. For everyone. It makes it more exciting that way.
  11. Talking about JTG Daugherty . . . Ricky Stenhouse Jr just signed a new seven year contract with them. I actually thought this was what you are sharing at first, Spike, as I didn't hear them potentially moving to Toyota. (As long as Hendrick stays with Chevy. I'm happy...LOL.) JTG Daugherty signs Ricky Stenhouse Jr. to new deal | NASCAR
  12. It's just a sad day when NASCAR has come to this. It is more about the drama they themselves create and less about the racing. I miss the days when racing was about the racing. Not about NASCAR and how they can control everything.
  13. I appreciate that, Roger :). I missed the race. Had a birthday lunch. But I did hear that Denny Hamlin held off Kyle Larson to win the race. So whoever it was who said they liked Hamlin (Sorry) you should be happy. Chase Elliott finished fifth... Denny Hamlin holds off Larson, delivers at Dover for third victory of season (nascar.com) NASCAR Dover Motor Speedway Race Results, Lineup | Official Site Of NASCAR
  14. I am sorry to let y'all down, but Cale Yarborough was before my time and way before I got into NASCAR. I didn't get into NASCAR until the Dukes were on TNN and it was Jeff Gordon who roped me in. So yeah...he will always be my all time favorite. HA .
  15. Wait what? She had Jeff Gordon and you didn't get any? What's wrong with you? LOL. (I say that jokingly. . .I guess we can't all have great NASCAR taste ) I'd have bought all Jeff Gordon stuff. LOL. Though Petty and Earnhardt (Jr) is great too.
  16. Feeling like the odd guy out among everyone, Garrett silently eyes everyone before taking in his surroundings and wondering why he was even here to begin with. They didn't need him any more than he needed them. Looking for an escape route, he breaks the silence. "Roy and I will go. We should have done that any way, but wanted to touch base. Garrett feels everyone stop and stare at him and he quickly nudges Roy. "Yeah. No need to put the pretty lady in danger," Roy shrugs as Garrett turns and heads back to the truck before anyone can object. As he opens the door, he hears, Roy add, "we will do it and report back." Garrett quietly closes the door and lights a cigarette as he waits impatiently for Roy to join him. As Roy gets in, Garrett quickly smashes out his cigarette while rolling his eyes and putting the cigarette in his pocket. "Bout time. Let's go," he motions Roy forward and Roy silently does as he is told. "Are you crazy? Rosco and Boss already want to send you back to Atlanta to wear the same color as your brother's car!" Roy exasperates before throwing his hands up. "Never mind. Don't answer that. You are crazy. But why you taking me down with you?" Garrett shrugs. "Guess I didn't think to ask." He goes silent. "You can drop me off at the road and I can do it myself if you don't want to do it." Roy shakes his head. "Not a chance. But orange is not my color!" he finally states as he retraces his ride back to the road where they had seen Rosco drive down. Parking it, he looks at Garrett, "What's the plan, hotshot?" Garrett shakes his head as he just recalled Luke's idea of recording it with Cooter's device. "Well. I don't know. I just wanted out of there. What you got to record them with?" "See...this is why Luke comes up with the plans. Both you and Bo just jump without thinking!" Roy snaps and Garrett eyes him harshly at him comparing him to Bo. "Relax, bro," Roy states as he sees how angry Garrett was and grabs something out from under his seat. "I got a tape recorder we can record them with." "A tape recorder?" Garrett questions. Roy sheepishly grins. "Yeah my brother had this genius idea that we could record messages to one another and mail our recordings to each other in greeting. I never used it or the blank tape he got for me as I thought it was a dumb idea," Roy shrugs, "but it would help y'all now if Hogg would say something we could record it as evidence." Garrett nods and gives a brief smile. "Great save, Roy. I'll let you control that. We can sneak down the hill here and walk alongside the cave as to not get to the entry and hopefully not be seen or heard. You ready?" "Let's go," Roy smiles crazily and they both silently step out and quietly shutting their doors to step down through the wooded area that leads to the top of the caves.
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