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  1. Well the race was on FS1 once again...so I didn't get to watch it. I was busy anyway. But it was another race...and another race of Ross Chastain upsetting drivers. He spun out Martin Truex Jr who I believe was leading and then spun out Kyle Larson from the top spot. I don't understand what Chastain think he is going to accomplish by spinning everyone out in every race, but NASCAR needs to step in before someone gets hurt or before this gets more out of hand. Rick Hendrick, who owns the Hendrick team that Kyle Larson drives for, has already stated that "If you wreck us, you're going to get it back." I don't go for retaliation, but at the same time, they have to stand up for themselves and do something to not get spun out again like that. I don't understand how Chastain went from last year where he did a great job of standing up for himself and making a good name for himself in the sport to this year where he is wrecking everyone in sight. Though it was great to see William Byron bringing back his throwback Jeff Gordon 24 car back in Victory Lane. (Byron also drives for Hendrick, so he has to be a little happy at least ). And the 100th win for the 24 car! How sweet is that?! LOL (I am a tad biased...) Dang I miss the good ol' days of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson going at it behind their Hendrick Motorsports cars...LOL https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/05/14/nascar-cup-series-2023-darlington-spring-race-recap/
  2. I'm sure it will be worth the wait, Roger. Hope you all had a good visit.
  3. The only TV I watched was Blue Bloods...LOL
  4. Well the race was at Kansas today and William Byron led the field...but the race was on FS1 so, I wasn't able to watch it. I do know that Denny Hamlin won the race. Ross Chastain did something to make Noah Gragson mad, because there was an altercation between the two. Will be interesting to see what NASCAR has to say about it on Tuesday. Below, I will list the link that show's their fight. Ross seems to be making a lot of people upset this season...someone said something that he may be the next Dale Earnhardt in that accord. I say drop the drama, and stick to racing. LOL. Sorry for the lack of a report...I couldn't watch it even if I wanted to (which I really could have today...instead watched several episodes of Blue Bloods that I've been missing out on) thanks to it be on FS1 instead of Fox. https://www.nascar.com/video/franchise/nascar-cup-highlights/exclusive-close-look-at-the-chastain-vs-gragson-fight/
  5. I am so sorry for your your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Aneesh played a big part of the DOH fandom world and he will be greatly missed. I am so glad you all were able to be by his side to say goodbye. Still incredibly sad and hard. So sorry for your loss. Sending hugs your way.
  6. I read that about Maury this morning as I was reading in on the change and realized that I got it wrong last night. I guess I didn't realize Petty stepped out all together. Guess he okayed it though. The move to Toyota, that is. They want to be competitive with Gibbs Racing.
  7. Well y'all can stop throwing dirt on Jimmie Johnson...throw it on Kyle Busch. With that said...I totally agree with you all. I never thought I'd see a day where JJ would be in something other than Chevy. I have seen articles on it, but haven't brought myself to read it. Because...you know, reading it makes it true. I'd rather be the ostrich with my head in the sand when it comes to anything with my Hendrick boys (JJ will always be included in that list...LOL). I don't get why he wants to change or to switch...probably never will. Maybe money has something to do with it. IDK. I do know that the current Chevrolet will stop making parts after (I think) next year. So there is talk about what they will drive after that...so maybe that has something to do with it. I've read articles where they are questioning whether Chevy will be in NASCAR after that. Which I can't see them NOT being in NASCAR, but maybe JJ knows something we don't know. Don't be throwing JJ under the bus so soon...HA HA. And it's not just JJ...it's also Richard Petty. So why you not throwing dirt on him? Just poor JJ...LOL. OK in all seriousness, I agree with you. But I have a hard time being negative about JJ...even if I am disappointed by his choice he has made. He's not perfect afterall. Just super man.
  8. I saw a video of John on Youtube last night that broke my heart of his struggles with widowhood. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with him as he goes through this.
  9. Now look where it set both Elliott and Bowman...and their fans. LOL. Talking NASCAR...rain has been predicted all day today. NASCAR has pushed the race back until Monday at noon ET. Ummmmm don't they know most of us has to work?????
  10. It's too long for me...and I am sure for him. Another reason why the drivers should limit their off time adventures during the season. Save it for the extremely long off season...
  11. Welp my Hendrick boys just can't catch a break this year. Alex Bowman, #48, has suffered a lower vertebrae fracture that he suffered during an accident in a race during the week. He is predicted to miss three to four weeks. Josh Berry will replace him in the number 48 car. Berry is the same driver who replaced Chase Elliott when he was out due to a leg injury earlier this year.
  12. I am glad that the money is going for a good cause otherwise it'd be a sin to pay that much...even for Rick Hendrick. Though it is a pretty car. I am happy for him. Just wish he would give me a small slice of that money. LOL.
  13. Soooooo true!!!!! My online friend who likes NASCAR made a comment about how all this probably hurt him more. And I responded, that I'm not so sure about that! LOL. It was definitely not the same without him. I heard that this injury is hard to come back from, so hopefully he wasn't in too much pain today during the race. I know Josh Berry was there on stand by. Sadly I missed it. My nephew thought watching T Rex camp or something like that was more important than NASCAR. I got some teaching to do it looks like...LOL.
  14. You were gone? Where did you go? LOL
  15. YESSSSS!!!!!!! He's on my roster this weekend...hope to see him in victory lane. I think I deserve...I mean he deserves it. HA.
  16. You are welcome. I was excited to hear this!
  17. I pray that he is finding strength and healing in knowing that she is no longer suffering and is in a better place. It's just so hard. My heart breaks for him as he goes through this. No one deserves that.
  18. Dang I missed his birthday...I pray you get better soon, buddy! Y'all think of the Dukes when you see Cale, I think of his fight on the first televised NASCAR race. He won the spot light over the winner. HA. Though him being on the Dukes and the mention of Richard Petty and that orange car is what started my love for NASCAR. Too bad they complicated things more than they should in today's NASCAR...back in them days, it was about the racing. Just as it should be. No added frills such as the Chase or the segments. It was about the racing. They were allowed to race and not be bogged down by all these man made rules in attempt to make it "more exciting" for the younger people. OK my rant is over, because I still like my Hendrick boys. And I'm excited that Chase Elliott is back...LOL.
  19. Well y'all...here is the news I've been waiting six loooonnnnngggggg weeks for! Chase Elliott will be behind the wheel of the number 9 car again this Sunday at Martinsville as he is returning from his leg injury. Best news I've heard in like forever! https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/04/12/chase-elliott-to-return-to-action-at-martinsville-speedway/
  20. Well I'll take the bait. Was Boss a bad guy? Yes and no. He was greedy and went out of his way to cheat innocent people out of money and belongings with only himself in mind. But he never intended harm on anyone. Under that white suit, he did have a heart and did care. As did Rosco. Rosco just attempted to do what Boss told him to do. Bo and Luke were ex moonshine makers/runners due to their family business. Still illegal. Still wrong. But they kept true to their word (for the most part) and stopped the shine business once they were let out on probation. They went out of their way to protect the innocent people from Boss' greed and to do the right thing. And to make sure no one got hurt. They may have gone to the Boar's Nest to have a drink, but I never saw them drive drunk and I don't believe Jesse would ever let the boys do that. That goes beyond all that they stand for, in my opinion. All the damage that Rosco did or the boys' could have done, could have been prevented if Hogg didn't hire the bad guys to frame the Duke boys or to rob his own people. Boss Hogg may have a misunderstood soul, but that's due to his own greed. There's my two cents worth on it...don't go spend it all at once, now.
  21. Well NASCAR has penalized William Byron and Alex Bowman after last week's race for some infraction or another. I can't find the article off hand, so I apologize for the lack of information. But they were penalized 60 points (regular season) and (10 championship points). I haven't heard anything from Bowman, but Bryon said he was upset. Which I don't blame him. I am too. It seems like NASCAR is just going after them at this point. All Hendrick teams got fined last month and they were fined a lot of points, but the points got overturned when Hendrick appealed it. NASCAR stated they were upset by the points being given back to the drivers because that's what was more important to the drivers. And now they fine them again? Yeah right, NASCAR. As if that's not targeting them... Ok that's my opinion and it's a bit tinted. I'll give you that. But... In more NASCAR news, it looks like Cale Yarborough is in need of our prayers. There isn't any information or at least that is what the article I read on my phone this morning said, but someone just tweeted that the toughest guy in NASCAR isn't doing good right now and is in need of prayers. (Or something like that.) It didn't sound too good. They'll be racing at my favorite track tonight...Bristol! Kyle Larson has the pole...so at least something positive for my Hendrick team. I read earlier that Chase Elliott is healing and doing good and is on track to start as schedule...but has yet to say when he will be back. (I think they said next week would be his set to return day...) Hopefully we will hear back on him very soon...it's not the same without him. Though I am impressed Josh Berry (his replacement) did finish second last week!
  22. Thank you Boss. I hope you and everyone has a blessed Easter.
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