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Whatr are yalls favorite tv shows besides DOH?


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Mine is DOH is first and in 2nd is Macgyver. I just like the fact that both the good guys get in to trouble but manage to think their way out. Ex the duke boys drive a fast race car and Macgyver thinks and uses science to catch the bad guys or most of them.

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I'm telling my age here.

BJ and the Bear


CHiPs (at one time -- After Dukes Ponch just couldn't hold my attention.)

Adam 12

Movin On

Happy Days

(Amy from Luke's Love story was Fonzie's GF Pinkie -- in Fonzie Loves Pinkie)


Being a Correctional Officer and Volunteer Fire Fighter / EMT you'd never see where my influneces came from would you?? And I even get to drive fast and run red lights on calls so that satifies the REBEL in me too though it's done legally --- I know takes the fun out of it. Kind of like the West Virginia Moonshine I've seen in stores. It's taxed and sold legally -- to me that's just corn whiskey -- it doesn't have the 'heart' to it if it's legal! LOL


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I watch a lot of retro shows:

Green Acres (have first two seasons on DVD)

Petticoat Junction

The Beverly Hillbillies

Golden Girls (have season one on DVD)

Gilligan's Island (have first two seasons on DVD)

Taxi (have first two seasons on DVD)

I Dream of Jeannie


MASH (have first seven seasons on DVD)

Three's Company (have first three seasons on DVD)

Happy Days (have first season on DVD)

Laverne & Shirley (have first season on DVD)

Mork & Mindy (have first season on DVD)

Charlie's Angels (have first two seasons on DVD)

Dallas (have first season on DVD)

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power block on spike

monday night raw


other than that, flipping channels, playing gran turismo 4, (the charger sucks, it a 1970m and super slow), I usually use the 87 buick gtx, and win everytime, even lap mostof the field. And of couse surfing the netm and stalking h-net, not really stalking because thats creepy, lets call it a frequent visitor.

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Smallville, Baywatch(back In the Day) , Knight Rider and Dukes Of Hazzerd. I just watched a little movie that looks like it could've been a pilot for a tv show called "Bail Out" it starred and produced by David Hasselhoff . The entire movie was nothing but Chrysler cars in it the movie also has Linda Blair in it.

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my favorite

1. Dukes Of Hazzard and I have Season 1,2,3 DVD box sets..

2. In The Heat Of The Night- Edit: why not they would make seasons DVD yet? huh?

3. Night Court

4. Inuyasha

5. The A-Team- I have season one DVD box set

6. Yugioh!- Have Dvds

7. Pokemon!- Have Dvds

8. Transformers- havd dvds Energons, Armada, G1, soon get Cybertron

9. Law & Order - Have season one DVD

10. Law & Order: Criminal Intent

11. Macgyver

12. Matlock

thanks .... :)

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