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  1. B.L. pulls up into the yard and is just able to make out Luke's form climing up the ladder to the hayloft just inside the barn. Shaking her head as she walks in that direction wondering what Bo has done this time. Entering the barn B.L. grins as Bo peeks out over the edge at his angry older cousin. "Hey Bo what'd you do THIS time to rile him?" Bo glares back at their grinning friend "I didn't do nothin for your information miss smarty pants." Luke grumbles as he steps over the ladder toward Bo "Oh no he didn't do nothin at all THAT'S the problem he's slacking off and being lazy." As Luke gets closer Bo's irritated answer is muffled as they move away from the edge of the loft. B.L. giggles at the younger cousin's plight as she makes herself comfortable on a bail of hay for the show....
  2. Oh boy what a dream! LOL I have these weird dreams all the time and I never can remember about what but I usually wake anyone in the room if not the entire household screaming. Ok here's a for instance...I few years ago we took a family vacation to Houston Texas and I met up with some online friends there well on the way home we went into New Orleans just to look around cos none of the family had ever been there. We decided though to stay the night in I think in another town well that night everyone goes to bed (we get one room two beds I slept with my sis) and around 3am I think the light flicks on. Well much to my sister's surprise my Dad has picked up his pistol (never know when you might need one if your going to an unfamiliar town) lol so there it is 3am and my sis is staring down the barrel of my Dad's pistol my scream had woken the whole family (probably the whole floor) and Dad had thought someone was in the room or something I guess. Anyway he wants to know what in the world that noise was I didn't make a sound to let anyone know I was awake. The lights go out I start to giggle then it becomes a hysterical laugh and then everyone knows it was ME who screamed. No idea what it was all about best I can remember someone was chasing someone and whether it's actually me who screams in the dream or someone or something else the scream always manifests itself in me lol. Brandy
  3. Happy Birthday Maryanne hope its a good one!!!!!!!! B.L.
  4. I think that thar Luke Tree is somewhere down in Georgia still. I'd be happy to help ya look,ain't got no sick or hurt animals to see to in the Clinic. B.L.
  5. The way I see it the only one who really knows how the history should have went would be the creator of the show (his name escapes me right now). So that means since we don't know his take that the rest of us can figure it out and come up with a conclusion that makes US happy. Brandy
  6. Your theory seems to work great Maryanne BUT (yeah I'm throwin in a monkey wrench) doesn't waylon say in one armed bandits just before Uncle Jesse finds the slot machines that the boys got put on probation the year before? So that would have meant that ep was in 77 which we know it wasnt or that the boys were put on probation in 77. I say this because whenever a recent year was given for some reason if it was said as happening the year before then the date said was indeed the year before or the current year was given for that year's occurances. I could be wrong I don't have my DVD's handy to check myself so correct me if I'm wrong about the whole date thing. Brandy
  7. Here is the biography for B.L. Davenport,my other two characters Charlee and Emma-Grace will never be seen or heard from in Hazzard. ************************************************************* Brandy Lou Davenport Nickname: B.L. Age: 22 DOB: June 12, 1983 Hair: Long ash blonde with platinum blonde highlights. Eyes: Violet Violet eyes are caused by an eye mutation called "Alexandria's Genesis," in which the eyes become a purple by the time the person is a year old. The eyesight of the person is unaffected and if anything remains 20/20 until death. This mutation was first documented in CE 1330 (common era) but wasn't named until the 1960's. Height: At 5'7" B.L. is tall & slender at a weight of 115 lbs Attire: Jeans and t-shirts Occupation: Veterinarian C.B. handle: Goldielocks Vehicle: Red 1971 Dodge Demon given to her by Cooter and L.B. as a graduation present. Being the first in the family to graduate college. She's a sassy nobody tells her what to do kinda girl attitude with a mischevious fun loving side. B.L. is always ready to do her part to help someone in need friend or otherwise.She's also always smiling but don't let that fool you because underneath that smile is a temper with a slow burning fuse that blows up like dynamite at the end of that fuse but then cools quickly and the smile returns with a radience like sparkling diamonds. B.L. is L.B. Davenport's younger sister born in Coreyville the county seat of Hazzard. She was a surprise to her parent's in their late 30's to early 40's; their son L.B. already being a young adult they thought their child-rearing days were done. She was raised in Coreyville but visited Hazzard frequently,hanging out with Daisy. After finishing college at GA state and a 6month internship with the vet Doc Weatherbee in Coreyville B.L. decides Hazzard with her cousin and their friends the Dukes is where she wants to open her own vet clinic.
  8. Just curious do you remember the names of specific episodes where you have heard they were on probation for only 2 years? I've never heard this but maybe I missed something. Brandy
  9. Thanks a lot alexrules43 for the brief use of your character Duane Cooper. Thanks again Brandy
  10. I'm on at different times throughout the most days and evenings. Weekends would be the absolute best for me though. Brandy Sorry I forgot to say that I'm in the central timezone.
  11. I have a further proposition for those of us who have posted a character biography on here. I saw somewhere on the forum a story by several of the authors if not most of them. It was Maryanne and Brian squaring off in a duel (I can't remember where I found it now). I proprose we write a collective story? What does everyone think? AIM: brandyldavenport
  12. Hmm just five movies huh... 1. Gone with the Wind 2.Little Women 3.Smokey and the Bandit 1&2 4. Walk the line 5. Best little whore house in texas There's a few more that I really like but will stop here. Brandy
  13. I can't explain the blooper in (DSW) shoot lol I never have gotten the math all figured out to come up with the right years of when the boys got the General Lee. Don't they say in One Armed Bandits that the boys got put on probation the year before? Well if that's true and that would have been '78 how come in Happy B'day General Lee the Balledeer says that the boys was even on probation back then? Explain that if you can I'd really like to know. Brandy
  14. It's one of them nice spring days in Hazzard; the trees are a gettin their leaves and the flowers are a blooming. Well lookie yonder there comes somebody looks to me like a stranger to town let's take a closer look. Oh that ain't no stranger that there pretty little filly is 22 year old Brandy Lou Davenport or B.L. for short that's L.B. Davenports little sister. B.L. pulled into hazzard square by the movie theater wondering if anybody besides her cousin Cooter would remember her. It had been a while since she'd been to Hazzard having gone off to college to become a veterinarian. Parking and stepping out of her 1971 Dodge Demon. Taking a deep breath she looks around smiling to herself. Saying to noone in particular and not really loud enough for others to hear "well I see not much has changed around here either same as home." Grabbing her purse and readjusting the gallous of her overalls B.L walks across the square toward Hazzard Garage anxious to see her cousin again. B.L stops just inside the garage door watching Cooter under the hood of a green sedan. Suddenly grinning mischievously she drops a nearby wrench on the floor with a clang causing Cooter to jump and bang his head on the inside of the sedan's hood raising up rubbing his head he grins as he sees B.L "Mother dog girl you scared the daylights outta me. How you been?" hugging B.L. "How's that brother of yours and your Mama?" B.L. returns the hug chuckling “I been doing just fine Cooter. Oh Mama's ok and L.B. is as busy as ever at the garage. How 'bout yourself?" Cooter shrugs "can't complain I reckon." Cooter pulls up an extra chair by his desk "take a seat so we can catch up." As B.L. sits down in the offered chair she looks skeptically at the car with the raised hood inclining her head toward it." Don't you gotta finish somebody might need their car." Cooter regards the car shaking his head as he sits in his desk chair, "Nah ol' Homer won't mind a slight delay." So for over an hour Cooter and B.L. talked about everything from what was going on currently in Hazzard to B.L.'s schooling at Georgia state and her vet internship at Doc Weatherbee's at home in Coreyville (the hazzard county seat we learn in duke of duke). Looking at her watch B.L. stands saying "I'd better go I want to start looking for a place to live and a place to open my vet clinic. Cooter gets up to go back to working on Homer's car "Alrighty we'll see ya tonight don't let ole Boss Hogg give you any wooden nickels ya hear." Waving as she exits the garage B.L. calls "I won't and you don’t be late for supper." Cooter calls back as B.L. is ready to step into the street "10-4." B.L. crosses the street toward the town bulletin board to look for places to live and possibly open her clinic. Searching the many notes put up by citizens she scans a note saying: Small Cabin for sale out near Cripple Creek. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen and a small living room that connects with the kitchen. There is also a medium sized barn on the property and the 5 acres of land surrounding the cabin and barn. See Mr. Ruebottom at the store on Main Street. Pulling a notepad and pen from her purse B.L. jots down the information to talk to Mr. Ruebottom later. She quietly exclaims to herself “this place is perfect.†Just as she is about to turn away from the bulletin board another note catches her eye reading it says: Good with electric systems, cars, musical instruments, and all sorts of other stuff. Leave a note back either next to this one or under the wiper blade of the green '74 Roadrunner, Duane Cooper. Writing down the information from this notice too, B.L. looks around for the green Plymouth roadrunner. Seeing the car in question she notes where it is parked. B.L. pulls out her notepad yet again and writes a note. Electrical work needed see B.L. Davenport. Can be found at Cooter Davenport's farm on Jessup Road or leave a message with Cooter over at the garage. After writing the note she heads for the store to see Mr. Ruebottom. Reaching the store, L.B. reaches for the door as Daisy comes walking out stopping in her tracks sitting down her bags exclaiming “B.L. is that you? I ain’t seen you in a coon’s ageâ€. Daisy wraps B.L. in a hug before she can respond. Returning the hug then letting go just as excited B.L. says “Yeah it’s me, I’m gonna open a vet clinic here in Hazzard if I can find some space. I was just about to see Mr. Ruebottom about his note on the bulletin board and the cabin out near Cripple Creek.†Daisy still can’t believe who she’s seeing “it’ll be great to have you around sugar. Oh Bo and Luke will be so surprised to see you all grown up. What’s it been 5 years since we seen you at your high school graduation?†B.L. thinks a moment suddenly realizing it HAS been that long since she has seen anyone here in Hazzard. “Yeah gosh I hadn’t realized it’s been so long. How’s Uncle Jesse?†“Oh he’s just fine, you come out for supper when you get settled in, he’ll whup ya if you don’t come see him when he finds out your in town.†Laughing at what Daisy says although there is truth in it, “I’ll do that Daisy. I’m staying with Cooter till I find a place to live. “Hugging L.B. again Daisy smiles saying “Good, well I better go and get this stuff home to Uncle Jesse before he throws a fit.†L.B. returns the hug “Ok see ya soon, I’d better see about this cabin.†As Daisy leave’s L.B. continues on into the store relieved to see that Mr. Ruebottom is free of helping customers at the moment. After exchanging pleasantries and L.B. filling Mr. Ruebottom in on the happenings with her of late she gets right down to business. After talking for a while the come to an agreement of $5000.00 which L.B. doesn’t think is a high enough price to be asking for the cabin, barn and 5 acres of land but she doesn’t argue. Shaking hands with the store owner L.B. leaves to go to the bank to open a checking account and as Boss Hogg for a small loan to buy the property. Entering the bank she goes to the only teller in sight’s window. “I’d like to open a checking account please?†The teller gives L.B. some papers to fill out which L.B. sits in one of the chairs against the wall and does while the lady sees to another customer. After filling out the papers L.B. returns them to the teller handing her $800 to deposit all the money she had in savings back in Coreyville. “Is Mr. Hogg in? I need to discuss a loan with him.†After receiving a nod of yes and a finger pointing to Boss Hogg behind the swinging gate. Entering the little partitioned area L.B. gets right down to business. “Mr. Hogg I’m Brandy Lou Davenport and I’d like a small loan to buy some property.†Sneering Boss remembering L.B. from her childhood replies “Oh you would huh and just what do you have for collateral not much I bet. Having been prepared for such a reaction L.B. fishes in her hip pocket pulling out the pink slip to her 1971 Dodge Demon. “Will this do Mr. Hogg? Taking the slip of paper Boss Hogg examines it then grudgingly nods “yes this will do just let me get the papers drawn up.†Getting some papers out of his desk drawers Boss Hogg fills them out then turns them to B.L. pointing to an X, “sign hereâ€. Taking the offered pen B.L. scrawls her name on the signature line then hands the papers back to Boss. Looking them over one more time Boss pulls out a money box from his desk counting out the $5000 dollars and grudgingly handing them to B.L. Taking the money B.L. stands extending her hand “It was a pleasure doing business with you Boss.†After shaking hands L.B. puts the money in her purse and leaves the bank going back to the store and buying the property. Once this is done she goes to the green Plymouth roadrunner placing the note under the wiper blade of the car. Then returning to her own car L.B. gets in heading out of town to start some supper for herself and Cooter, driving by her new property on the way;it has been a busy day and she is ready to eat, take a hot shower, relax and get a good night’s rest. The End
  15. Here's the same story that was on the round robin forum just a little bit of a title change. Hope you like it this is my first try at writing. Thanks Brandy
  16. This story has been moved to the story idea/story in progress forum because I wrote the rest and finished it. Please review I'd love to know what you think about the story. Thanks Brandy
  17. Well lets see here my hobbies are. 1. Doing lots of different things on the computer. 2.reading 3.building models (I've done two general lee's one being just a matchbox size. I've also put together the titanic) 4.Flower gardening (which I've just recently started again) Brandy
  18. I have all 5 seasons and patiently waiting for 6 and 7 so my collection will be complete. I hope they put the two reunion movies on dvd too. Brandy
  19. The Dukes of Hazzard was and is one of my all time favorite tv shows. I can remember watching it while staying with my great grandmother for my Mom to go to the local community college. I can remember my mom's cousin's wife coming over to watch it with me and then indulging me everytime she saw me in a game of makebelieving the duke boys was our boyfriends even her husband got in on it and would want to know what we were whispering about although I'm sure he knew. Such great times for me growing up you just don't see shows these days that you really and truly don't mind your kids play acting them. Brandy
  20. I don't remember him on heehaw as well as I do when he got caught in Rosco's speed trap. I watched HeeHaw every saturday night with my grampa when I was a kid and we'd go visit. Brandy
  21. It is official I am defenitely going to Dukefest yeehaaw. I ordered my tickets a couple weeks ago and they are now sitting on my chest of drawers. Brandy
  22. Hmmm even though I love them all my absolute favorite episodes are. 1.Swamp Molly 2.Carnival of Thrills 1&2 3.Repo Men 4. Mary Kaye's Baby 5.Ten Million Dollar Sheriff 1&2 6.A Baby for the Dukes 7.Dukes Under Cover 8.Cooter's Girl 9Welcome Home Bo & Luke 10.(Cant remember the title) the one where Luke's brother comes to hazzard That's 10 of my most fravorites but in no way even close to the end of my list. Brandy
  23. I like to watch alot of different shows just depends on my mood. Most of what I do watch comes from the 80's. What I try never to miss though 1. DOH 2. Numbers I like these when I can catch them The Nanny Facts of life Andy Griffith Gomer Pyle Golden Girls Designing Women Home Improvement Jeff Foxworthy Brandy
  24. I have to agree trying to keep up with you two was alot of fun but I think I must have miscounted. But I'm going to blame it on having some major computer problems lol. Brandy
  25. How cute I love the picture. who knows bo may have looked just like that as a kid. Brandy
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