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  1. The crack of dawn found Luke sleeping in his chair, only to be awakened by the squeaking sound floorboards in front of the stairs. Even though he was still a bit drowsy he realized it was still too early for anyone to be out of bed, definitely because of their midnight adventure. The thought of Ben sneaking out of their house anyway despite of their conversation of the night before made him angry. Quickly he hurried to the porch and waited around the door opening with his back to the wall for Ben to step outside. Slowly he heard careful footsteps coming closer and also the farm door was opened in a very subtle manner. Very much counting on Ben’s stature to appear Luke was just as much surprised to see a person 10 inch shorter coming through the door.
  2. Pffff.....luckily. Jesse didn't get shot. Sorry to keep you waiting for that about half a year. Now about the NASCAR mentioning. Be sure to know, all information is strictly Wikipedia or Google knowledge. So if there are any flunks mistakes or real stupid remarks. Let me know. Ciao Ciao, JM
  3. “Uncle Jesse….Maybe you ought to listen to the man.†Luke said getting pretty nervous. “Yeah.†Bo replied weakly. “It’s just a race.†Both men had not counted on the current way that things were going. They had not thought of Ben to be really dangerous, not even thinking about him carrying a gun. But now, when he held their uncle at gunpoint, sweat started to burst out. Jesse pretended not to hear them though. He looked at Ben without blinking or looking away, his face serene, his hands tranquil. Nothing in his behavior told a gun was pointed to his head. “You know Daisy and Nick are also still in the house don’t you?†Jesse started talking again, without moving a muscle. “What are you gonna do to them? Are you gonna shoot them after you’ve shot me? Cause Daisy sure won’t give in easily you know. She will fight you kicking and screaming as soon as she finds out you’ve been conning her.†Jesse looked at Ben as of he wanted to pierce his eyes and reach the brain. “So what you gonna do than Ben? Are you going to shoot them both to win your race? “ Ow F*ck!!†Ben said more to him self then anyone else, moving his hands through his hair in a desperate way. The thought of having to shoot a child and a woman seemed to be too much for him to handle. His legs were getting weak and he crouched down to the ground letting the gun fall out of his hand while he started to moan softly. “What the f*ck is wrong with this town man.†He groaned. Jesse was wise enough to secure the handgun and put it out of reach of the stranger that was moaning at the floor of his barn. “It’s Hazzard of course.†The old man said smiling while he cut the ropes that were binding Bo’s hands together. ‘Not much more to say about that.†It didn’t take Bo along time to release himself from the ropes around his feet and to free his cousin as well. At the same time Ben Haywood had regained himself and was again standing on his two feet. Bo walked up to him in a not so friendly way, obviously in question or he should punch the guy to the ground or not. “You sure to get that gun far away from him Uncle Jesse?†Bo asked whit lots of resentment in his voice while he was standing in front of his former capturer. “Don’t worry about that Bo.†Ben replied in a defeated way. “I will leave ya’all alone. Before the race starts tomorrow I’ll be out of town.†“Not before you gave us some explanation of this whole happening.†Bo retorted. “And I’ll be happy to punch it out of you, don’t worry about THAT!†“Easy Bo.†Luke interfered, knowing how much his younger cousin’s temper could resort in unhappy situations. “I’m sure Ben is dying to start talking, aren’t you Ben?†Luke said with a slight hind of sarcasm. . “But not in here he isn’t†Jesse meddled before anyone could explain anything. â€If we keep standing here all night, ya’all be to caught up with a pneumonia to do anything. Now lets get inside†Of course nobody objected and not much later everybody was sitting in the living room where Daisy had been nervously waiting on their return. “So start spilling.†Bo said impatience the second everybody had taken a chair. “Well actually, not much you don’t know yet I guess.†Ben said with a helpless hand gesture. “Boss Hogg hired me to make sure you wouldn’t win tomorrow’s race.†“Yeah we guessed that much.†Daisy snapped. Like Bo she was pretty upset being lied to. “But why you?†“Guess Boss heard of my name somewhere. I tend to make a living out of driving other people’s races.†“Doing some dirty driving I suppose?†Luke asked. Ben looked Luke in the eye. “If it has to yes. A guy got to earn his living, doesn’t he?†‘Not a real honorable way of making a living.†Daisy retorted. Ben got uneasy. He didn’t like the feeling to be judged. “Look, when Boss Hogg called me, the only thing he said was, I had to drive a race for him. Nothing more nothing less. It wasn’t until I already had arrived in Hazzard, he started about taking you guys out of the race. No it wasn’t personal okay, just business. I had already driven up hear, so declining the job would mean loss of time end money. Not to mention Boss Hoff threatening I would not be able to get a job anywhere near this neighborhood if I screwed this one up.†“Sounds like Boss.†Daisy scorned. “So all about money wasn’t it.†“Nothing more than that.†Ben replied. Jesse frowned. Something didn’t seem right. He looked at the young man, at the simple clothes he wore and the ragged canvas bag he dragged along “You don’t seem much like the money type to me Ben.†Jesse said like he was thinking out loud. “Driving other peoples races most earn you enough. What are you doing with the money?†Ben was apparently getting nervous. “Don’t see why that’s important sir. Now I think it’s better if I went along. Don’t want to impose on you more like I’ve already done. Like I said before, I’ll be out of town before the race begins.†“End why are you so sure we will let you go.†Bo snapped. “We should call the state police you know; after all you pulled a gun at us.†Ben’s nerves almost gave in now. His hands started twitching and he moved nervously on his chair. “You can’t do that…. You don’t understand…If I have to go to prison than…†“Than what?†Daisy asked. “Are you on some kind of drug or something, you need the money for.†Ben seemed to be amazed of her conclusion. “Drugs? No I’m not on drugs.†He said almost disgusted of the word. “Well than what?†Luke repeated his cousin’s question “Why do you need the money for?†Ben sighed and gave in. “It’s my sister okay.†He spat out. “She’s sick. Pretty badly that is. She has been for years. Some kind of lung disease. The medicines are quit expensive and we aren’t that good insured, she still being in college as the darn thing struck her and me not really having a current job, now have I.†“But what about you parents?†Daisy said in a sympathetic voice. “Can’t they do nothing?†“Mom died years a go.†Ben shrugged his shoulder. “And that is in some kind of veterans home, think he’s Napoleon the one day and God the other.†“So when NASCAR didn’t workout, you decided to make the money for the medicine in some other way.†Bo summarized “Exactly.†Ben affirmed. “Not like I ever went to college or something, to get a fancy job and make the money that way. The only thing I ever did was driving a car. I already had done some driving in the Nation Wide series, and you can imagine what a thrill it was when I get the offer to race for Melling Racing in the Winston Cup. Chance of a lifetime.†Ben suddenly became quiet. “But it didn’t go as you had expected.†Bo guessed, even showing some kindness in his voice. “Ya can say that again.†Ben replied. “At that time Jill became ill and well.., just couldn’t focus anymore. Endless nights without sleep resorted in sloppy driving. Made stupid mistakes, started to loose races and than finally the crash. I guess Melling draw the line there. Besides they found a new champ, Bill Elliot, he’s doing pretty well as I heard.†“That’s a real awful story.†Daisy said caring. “No wonder you take dirty jobs like this. Ya were just working to keep your sister alive.†Ben nodded. “So now you know, and you understand that if you were going to call the state police I would do anything within my power to get away from here.†“Put you didn’t pull the trigger.†Luke commented. “You could’ve, but you didn’t†Ben sighed. “Well I guess there are some things that are just not within my powers no matter what the situation is like. But I will fight you if that’s what it takes to get out of here. †“Well let us not turn in to violence again yet.†Jesse stated in his all too familiar voice. “There must be away for all of us, to find some solution to this problem.†“I don’t see how sir….. If Hogg…..†“If JD what…..!†Jesse snapped. “We’ve dealt with him before and we can do it again. There must be a way for us all to drive in that race tomorrow, without anybody getting hurt, without vandalizing cars and without getting you in a fix with that low life of a JD Hogg.†All of the young adults grinned at the passionate response of the old farmer. :â€But how sir?†Ben asked, still not thinking there was a solution, other then him quietly disappearing without his money and fearing never to find a job in Georgia again. “Well Luke is gonna take care of that.†Jesse said with a simple smile. “I am???†Luke replied amazed. â€Yeah,†Jesse said as he came up from his chair and swatted his nephew friendly on the shoulder. “I’m sure you think of a good plan for us all. Now let us get to bed and have some hours of sleep. Ben, Daisy will get you a sleeping bag and a mattress so you can sleep here in the living room. Sorry that I can’t provide you with a proper guestroom but we are currently a bit overbooked.†And with those words the old man left the room, leaving the young adults on their own. “Great!†Luke said sarcastically. “5 Hours before sun up, sure Luke thinks of something, doesn’t he always!†“That’s why we trust you so much cus.†Daisy said and kissed her dark haired cousin on the cheek before she left the room. “Goodnight cus.†Bo replied almost sadistically and also swatted his cousin’s shoulder before leaving. “Again great!†Luke snarled and in a desperate way he let his head fall back against the wall. .
  4. Okay, so this thread and the story that comes with it is rolling again! Pfff when I started to translate the original (witch was much shorter ) in to English I’d never thought I would stumble to so many back roads, new ideas and elaborations and that I’d still be working on it 2 years later! Anyway it keeps you of the streets and I still enjoy writing it and I hope ya’all still enjoy reading it. So…….tonight on the Dukes!!!!: The big race is coming up, Nick’s final hours at the farm are ticking away and the Duke boys get literally tied up as somebody has the nerves to pull a gun on Uncle Jesse!!!! The next 12 days I’ll be in Barcelona with friends, but after that I’ll hope to let you know how this ends. Lov, JM
  5. Now let go of me before I have to shoot you Luke.†Ben ordered Luke had not expected Ben had carried a gun and as soon as he felt the metal pushing his belly he let go of the man. “Okay it seems I was wrong, but don’t do anything stupid now.†Luke said while putting his hands in the air and stepping back slowly. Ben lifted the gun so hit pointed at Luke's chest and forced him to move backwards. “I’m sorry Luke, but I guess since you ruined my plan I have to take the General with me. I can’t let ya’all win that race tomorrow.†“Well if you want that, you first have to pass me now don’t you!†Ben startled as he heard the new voice from behind and turned to see where it had come from. Of course Luke grabbed this chance to lunge for the gun but Ben did not let himself be overpowered that fast this time. Quickly he moved a side kicking Luke in the stomach as he had been stretch out to reach for the gun. Luke doubled up and this gave Ben the opportunity to take another step back and now point the gun at Bo. “Enough already!†Ben yelled, not at all liking how this evening was going. “Now both of you to the wall!†Bo and Luke both did as the man said and stood beside each other against the wall. “Well done cuz.†Bo grumbled “I kinda expected you to get that gun, not to get you ass kicked.†“Well if you had been a better diversion I might have actually had a chance.†“Shut up you two.†Ben yelled again not getting how these two could still be bickering at each other even when they were held at gun point. “Now look I’m real sorry, cause ya’all are real nice people, but I have to tie you up to be sure you’ll stay put while I’m taking the General.†He went on while he tossed them a rope that he had pulled out of his bag. “Weird way of showing you’re sorry.†Bo said resentful. Ben sighed. “Look I ain’t got time for explaining and you would not get it anyway so Luke you just against that pole and Bo you tie his hands behind his back and make sure they are tide around that pole.†Just for a moment it looked like Bo was grinning “Sorry Luke.†Bo said while he got the rope. “But the man is holding a gun.†“So what you planning to do with the General.†Luke asked with an annoyed look on his face while he let Bo tie him up. “I’ll ditch it somewhere way back so when you go look for it you will find it sooner or later, but not before I’m long gone and the race is over.†“How generous of you.†Bo replied, finished with tying up Luke “Now what?†Ben seemed to be thinking how he was getting the both of them tied up him not being able to lay the gun down. “Use this knife to cut the end of the rope and tie it around your own hand. The go and sit against that pole in the same way as Luke is.†“You know you’re not getting away with this right? People are going to be wondering if we don’t show up at that starting line in the morning. Now way you’re going to keep us here and drive that race yourself without somebody is finding out.†“Well I guess I have to find a way, now do as I told you.†Ben said annoyed moving the gun like he was aiming more preciously.†“Alright, alright, no need to get tense now.†Bo said and did as the man had instructed. As soon as Bo settled himself against the pole and held his hand behind it Ben dared to kneel down next to him, putting the gun on the floor to tie Bo’s hands. Just seconds after he finished the last nod, again there were moving sounds and quickly Ben reached for the gun. “Whoever’s out there, show you’re face.†He yelled while he kept the gun pointed to Bo’s face. “Well no need for yelling like that, you wake up the whole darn farm.†Jesse’s familiar voice scolded while the farmer stepped in to the light “And I don’t take it kindly that you point a gun at my nephew either Mr. Haywood†Ben thought he was going crazy. This was not how he had planned this at all. How could everybody on this God forsaken farm now he would be coming here tonight. Ben moved his aim to the farmer and grabbed his bag from the floor. “I’m sorry Mr. Duke, but I have to ask you to go inside the farm with me, where I have to lock you op.†“Well that’s the second time I hear the guy say he’s sorry.†Bo said to no one in particular. “Haven’t they ever told you it’s better to be save than sorry?†Ben ignored him and moved closer to Jesse who was still standing in opening of the barn. He was surprised to see the farmer didn’t make any sign that he was ready to cooperate. “Why don’t you just put down that gun Ben and we can talk about this.†“There’s nothing to talk about sure. It’s my duty to make sure none of you is entering the race tomorrow and I would like to do it without hurting anyone but if you force met than…..†“Than what Ben?†Jesse said looking deep in the man’s eyes. “Are you going to shoot us? Are you going to shoot me? Is that money Boss is paying you worth so much, you are willing to kill for it?†Ben didn’t answer the question. “Please just walk with me Mr. Duke so none of us have to find out.†“Ben your plan to fill this here fuel tank with sugar failed.†Jesse said while he pointed to the paper back with sugar that had fallen on the ground. “Your not dealing with machinery now, you’re dealing with people and you’re in over your head. The police will be on your tail every moment from now. How will you handle that?†“You forget I’m hired by the county commissioner himself. The law in on my site.†Ben argued, but he noticed his argument sounded weak. “There are more law enforcers then just this sheriff’s department son. There is also the state police and they will only hunt you harder when they hear JD is some where involved in this. And like I told you earlier this morning, JD is not a very loyal person. If he’ll feel the heat he‘ll rat you out in a second to save his own hide.†Ben was silent for awhile. Why had this job to be so complicated? It was not like it was the first time he had to do something like this. People paid him to win a race, sometimes he had to cut a fuel line here and there, sometimes he had to do a bit of dirty driving, but never would anybody get seriously hurt, never would anybody have any serious prove against him and more important never would he know any of his opponents. What the **** happened that caused him to hold a gun pointed to some pour farmer he had just had diner with. Jesse could see the desperate look on the man’s face and he knew he was getting somewhere. “Now Ben maybe I’m wrong but I’ve got a feeling you’re not the kind of person who does this kind of thing because he likes to, so why don’t you just put down that gun, untie my nephews and maybe we can find a way to solve your problem together.†The offer seemed tempting but Ben did not know what to think. “Ya better listen to the man Ben.†Bo said from his pole. “He tends to be right a lot.†“You don’t understand, I need this job, I need this money so I have to win this race.†“So how much is JD paying you actually? A million dollars?†Jesse asked with a sour face. If anything, the power of money disgusted him and most of the time he was just plain grateful that they didn’t had a lot of it lying around. “Yeah tell the man, Ben. How much is your soul worth to you.†Bo grumbled. “You just shut up!†Ben screamed at Bo while he pointed the gun at his head. Jesse would be ready to strangle his youngest nephew, who definitely could not control his emotions like so many other times. “I’m not going to stand here and arguing any further.†He said while he changed his aim to Jesse again. “Mr. Duke I’m going to ask you nicely one more time. Walk with me to the farmhouse please.†“Nice going Bo!†Luke hissed to his cousin But as Ben walked up to Jesse the farmer did not move an inch. Jesse was about to take a gamble. “Well Ben, if you want to go through with this it will mean you have to go and shoot me ‘cause I’m not intending to let you get away with that car.†It became dead quiet in the barn, like everybody had stopped breathing. Ben Haywood’s eyes narrowed as he lifted the gun a bit higher and he pulled it sharp………….
  6. In the living room all the adults had gathered for a toast on the race with the whiskey Ben had brought. Some stories were told and some jokes were made but as soon as everybody had finished his glass, they decided to call it a night and because Ben insisted on going back to the hotel instead of spending the night at the farm Ben took of driving Dixie, on witch they had agreed he would return at the race tomorrow. Just a few minutes later all the Duke cousins and there uncle left for their bedrooms making sure they were rested well enough for the race that kept everybody’s mind spinning. That night, around 2.00 A.M leaves were softy rustling as a male figure wearing gloves and a ski mask moved quietly along side the Duke farmhouse and headed for the barn. Suddenly the man was startled by a sound and swiftly he ducked to the ground to make himself small and disappear behind one of the small bushes. He kept still behind the bushes for a couple of minutes until he was absolutely sure the sound could have been nothing more than a bird or a rodent. Slowly he got up and moved closer to the barn scolding himself this was not his kind of job. His fingers felt the gun he held in his pocket. He definitely hoped he was not forced to use it but if he had to he knew he would. There was just too much at stake for him to back out. His eyes were used to the darkness for some time now, 'cause walking up to the farm had taken him some time. He hadn’t wanted to drive to close to the farm, afraid that it would wake the residents of the farm so instead he had parked somewhere a long the road and walked the last end. Finally he reached the entrance of the barn. The people who lived here most be very trusting people cause the doors of the barn were wide open and they had even let their keys in the orange race car that was parked in it. He pulled a small flashlight out of his inside pocket and searched for the cap that let to fuel tank. As he found it he kneeled next to it and pulled the cap of and searched for something in the canvas bag he had dragged over his shoulder, which made the sound of rustling paper. The man sighed as soon as he took the paperback that was filled with some kind of substance in his right hand and leaned over to the car. Suddenly he heard loud moving noises from behind and he jumped on his feet to see ho was there, but because his eye were used no to the small amount of light created by the flashlight he could not see clearly besides a body moving. “You don’t wanna do that Ben.†He heard a familiar voice say but when he turned to where the voice came from a fell light blinded him and he could see nothing else but the hand holding the light. In panic Ben lunged for the light, but missed and before he could do anything he felt a hard blow in his face, beating him to the ground. “So what were you thinking of doing to the General Ben?†The voice asked while he dragged him of the ground and pushed him against the wall. “You’ve got a mean right hook there Luke.†Ben said rubbing his face being sure he most had broken something somewhere. “You knew that I was coming tonight didn’t you?†“I head my suspicions.†Luke affirmed “Hoped you wouldn’t actually you seemed nice enough. Guess you shook and jived us real good.†“Well hate to disappoint you then†Ben said not really sincere. ‘Now let go of me Luke, before bad thing are going to happen.†“It doesn’t really seem you’re in a bargaining position here mate.†Luke said while he tightened his grip. “Don’t be to sure about that.†Ben replied and got the gun out of his pocket and pushed it against Luke’s lower stomach.
  7. Now Jesse was an old man and with those years came some knowledge concerning people. If he thought of a person to be good they most of the time were and if he did not trusted a person then most of the time there was a reason for that. Now in this case Jesse wasn’t quite sure what he thought of the young man who was a guest in his house today, but like always he was ready to give the man the benefit of the doubt. Slowly he walked up to the orange racecar were he still found Ben listening to all Nick had to say about it. “Hey Uncle Jesse!†Nick greeted him “Hey son, how is it going?†Jesse said smiling while he reached his hand through the car window and ruffled the boy’s hair. “Just wanted to let Mr. Haywood hear the General’s horn.†Nick said “Well what’s stopping you?†Jesse grinned. “Let him hear it then.†Nick did not hesitated and within seconds the Dixie Horn echoed over the farm yard. “Sure is al hell of a car.†Ben said impressed. Nick glanced automatically at Uncle Jesse and saw the old man frown but not saying anything. “You should not say Hell in front of Uncle Jesse.†He whispered while he reached over to Ben’s ear. “He doesn’t like that at all.†“O I’m sorry Sir.†Ben said with a big grin playing the game along. “I meant to say this is a real fine car.†“It sure is.†Jesse replied, softly smiling understanding what Nick had whispered. “You know my boys have built it from the ground. Ever since Luke was 16 they’ve been working on it and drove more races in it then I can remember.†“Well then they had quite some practice. No wonder everybody thinks they are liable to win the race tomorrow.†Ben said while he got out of the car and stood besides Jesse. “Well if you drove NASCAR you’re not quite a rooky yourself now ain’t ya.†Jesse said Ben grinned. “No I’m not; I think we can expect a Hell of a race tomorrow.†Immediately Nick shook his head in unbelief and hit his forehead with the palm of his hand like he wanted to say “Ow what kind of idiot is this guy.†Ben laughed out loud at this little piece of theater and made an apologizing movement with his hands. “A real exciting race, I mean of course.†Even Jesse had to laugh now and slapped the man’s shoulder. “So Ben you’ve still got any family around?†Jesse asked just to make conversation. “Only a sister and she lives in Columbia North Carolina, I go and visit her now and then.†“Wouldn’t she have liked to see you race tomorrow?†Nick asked through the window still behind the wheel of the General. “Neh she has seen me race plenty and Columbia is a long way from here.†“So why Hazzard?†Jesse asked. “Why choose this town to race?†Ben shrugged “It was on my way and I heard Mr. Hogg needed a driver, so I thought I’d be stupid to let the opportunity pass.†Ben was quick with answers but something in the way the man wiggled his hands made Jesse wonder. Jesse bit his lip for a moment while thinking. “I know I already told you this during supper.†the old man said than. “But I can’t keep myself from telling you again. I know this man you are driving for almost whole of my life, he even used to be my friend ones, but when it concerns JD nothing good can come of it. This man would sell his own mother as it made a profit and cheats even with a friendly game of checkers. Maybe you should think about whether the money he’s is paying you is word that risk.†Ben stared for a moment buy then steadied his gaze and looked at Jesse. “I’ve just been hired to drive a race, that’s nothing more then I’ve done many times before. I can’t see why that should be a problem Mr. Duke.†Jesse sighed but than nodded. “Well I’m sure you’re the best judge of that.†He said. “I just wanted you to no for certain what kind of man you are driving for.†Then he looked at his old pocked watch he kept in the front pocket of his overalls and turned to Nick who immediately let himself glide down the car seat as if he wanted himself to disappear. Jesse grinned. “It’s almost 9 buddy, time to get in to the house and get ready for bed. If you jump in those pajamas already I’ll make you a bedtime snack. †“But Uncle Jesse…..†Nick said in a complaining voice. “I’m not tired yet and tonight is my last night!†“I know sport.†Jesse said understanding. “But even then you need your sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day.†“Please Uncle Jesse!†Nick begged not showing any sign of wanting to clime out of the car. Jesse did not respond but crossing his arms and giving Nick a very sharp look. Nick knew in advance he would not have a chance to win this argument and the chances Jesse would lat him stay up later were zero, bur something is his head told him not to give in. “I don’t want to go to bed Uncle Jesse, please it’s not fair.†He cried out. “It’s my last night. I won’t be able to sleep anyway. Can’t I just sit with ya’all in the living room? I will be very quite I swear!†Jesse was losing his patience and raised his voice. “Nick, stop your nagging at get out of the General now.†He said stern. “You’re going to bed and that’s it, now I don’t want to ask you again.†If Nick had been in his right mind he would have known this was the sign to move in to house as fast as he could, but somehow an old habit seemed to snug bag in. “No I don’t want to!†he said loud while he crossed his arms in an insulted way. “And you can’t make me!†Apparently that was the drop that did it because just in a fraction of a second Jesse placed one hand in the boy’s neck and one around his upper arm and forced him to get out of the car. Now although Nick had the good sense not to fight Jesse’s grip, the angle he was in giving him every opportunity to wrestle loose though, he didn’t gave in easily. “It’s not fair! It’s not fair, it’s not fair.†He screamed while he got out of the car and gave Jesse a defiant look. As soon as Nick was standing with his feet on the ground Jesse grabbed the boy by the arm, pulled him close to him and gave two firm swats on his behind with his freehand. Not expecting the sting Nick immediately let out a screech and started to cry. “Now what in tarnation is this all about!†Jesse said as he had spun the boy around to face him. “I’m sorry Uncle Jesse but I don’t wanna go to sleep!†Nick repeated in a sobbing voice. Jesse was amazed by the stubbornness Nick displayed all of a sudden. “Now Nick I already told you to stop complaining once and if I have to do it twice I’m going to put you over my knee for real, is that what you want son?†“No sir.†Nick said while he searched the ground. “Then do as you are told and I want to see you, washed, brushed, wearing pajama’s and in bed, within10 minutes. Do I make myself clear?†“Yes sir.†Nick repeated meekly still sniffing away his tears. “Well git!†Jesse said firm and watched the young boy run of. During the argument Ben had respectively stepped back thinking a person should not interfere in this kind op family situations and had turned away from them to save Nick the embarrassment of being watched. After Nick had run in to the house he turned himself to Jesse. “Big temper for such a small boy.†Ben joked Jesse nodded and sighed. “Well Mr. Haywood let us see or that gift of yours not only smells good but taste good well.†Ben grinned. “Sounds like a mighty fine plan sir.â€
  8. After dinner everybody went outside to the front porch where they had watermelon as desert. “So I guess you’ll be driving that orange car aren’t you?†Ben asked while he pointed at the General. “Yes sir.†Bo replied. “That’s the General, never let us down before.†“The General Lee can fly over a creek.†Nick said while he was wiggling his legs to get the porch swing in to movement, not noticing that Luke sitting next to him kept his feet firm to the ground which made his effort in vain “Now don’t you go spill all our secrets kiddo.†He said grinning while he ruffled the boy’s hair. “Now just because Ben here is a nice guy, don’t forget he’s the competition.†“Well not like there is anybody in Hazzard who could not have told him.†Bo said defending his little friend. “You know Ben, after the race there is always a town fest with al kind of famous country singers. You think you’ll be hanging around long enough to go there?†Daisy asked. “Not sure about that yet, like I said I’m just traveling through and I have to be on the road after the race again.†“Well that would be a petty.†Uncle Jesse reacted. “We always have a lot of real good singers coming to town. It’s even said that Mickey Gilley is coming again same as Jerry Lee Lewis.†“Who are they?†Nick asked curious. “You never heard about Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis?†Bo exclaimed laughing. “Boy, have you mist something then. Daisy can you get that tape-recorder and that Mickey Gilley tape you keep in the drawer of your bedside table?†“How you know that!†Daisy said amazed. “Well how else am I going to find that dairy of yours if I don’t keep searching for it?†Bo grinned “Bo Duke you are terrible!†Daisy shouted but then smiled and walked in the house to get the tape. All her family members knew Daisy didn’t kept a diary anymore since she was 18 years old. But it was a fact although Bo would have deserved an A for effort; the times he had actually found her diary were few. Not much later the tape recorder was playing loud and Bo asked Daisy to dance on ‘Don’t all the girls look prettier at closing time’ and ‘city lights’ while the rest finished their watermelon. Ben, who had been watching everything with great joy, was a bit astonished when Daisy took his hand and pulled him up his feet to dance with her, but proved himself a fine dancer. Unfortunately, fun could not last for ever and evening chores had to be done. Nick was already heading to the kitchen to do the dishes when Luke called him back. “Nick, why don’t you show the General Lee to Mr. Haywood here. So he can see where he is up against tomorrow.†“Yeah you bet!†Nick said enthusiastic and run to the General waiting for a softly smiling Ben Haywood who scuffed after him. “Well this is the General.†Nick said. “Bo and Luke build it themselves and it’s the fastest car in Hazzard.†“It sure looks fast.†Ben agreed. Nick maybe had not been such a good mechanic but he had learned a couple of thing at Cooter’s and one of those things was that, men always wanted to look under the hood of a car if they had the change, so he popped the hood and showed it to Ben. In the meanwhile the Duke family had used the time to stick their heads together. “Now Luke I don’t wanna doubt you or anything.†Bo said while he looked worried in the direction of the General “But are you sure it is a good idea to let the man, who is hired to make sure we can’t race tomorrow, alone with our car?†“Take it easy Bo.†Luke said. “I’m convinced he won’t try to do anything with the General as long as Nick is there watching him and we have to give him the feeling we don’t expect nothing don’t we?†“But we don’t trust him right?†Bo asked just to be sure. “I mean he looks down right nice and stuff, but Enos saw him talking to Boss so, he must be up to something.†“Well you don’t know in what kind of angle Boss has him Bo.†Daisy tried to defend Ben. “Remember how Boss forced Cooter to disable ya’all from that race? Couldn’t it be he did the same to Ben?†Luke shook his head. “I don’t know Daisy. Ben isn’t a local you know. What kind of hold could Boss have over him? It looks like he had to come to Boss himself.†“Well if you ask me, he looks pretty different then all them other crooks Boss has hired in the past.†Jesse commented and stood up from his chair “Doesn’t mean we should not keep a close eye on him though. But first let us make sure all things are done around here. If I’m correct them stables still need finishing†He said while he gave Bo and Luke a familiar look. “Yes sir, we’re at it.†Bo said and the two men left the house.
  9. Driving home to the farm, Daisy could do nothing else but noticing that Ben Haywood was a down right nice guy. He held the door for her, thanked her again for the invitation, insisted they made a stop at the liquor store so he could buy her Uncle Jesse a present for his trouble and most important of all, unlike other men he didn’t try to make a move at her once or seemed to be under some sort of spell when she spoke to him. He just made friendly conversation about cars and races, the journey’s he had made and the girls he had met and it was just like she was driving next to Bo or Luke. When they drove up the farmyard and Daisy parked her car next to the General Lee something seemed to change though. “Is that your car?†Ben asked while trying to hide his shock. Daisy had already walked up to the house en turned around seeing Ben wasn’t following her. “It sure is.†Daisy said. “I know he’s a bit flashy but it’s the best car in town. I’m sure my cousins are willing to show it to you after supper.†“Well Daisy you know eh….. maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Like I said I don’t want to be intruding.†“Don’t be silly you.†Daisy said smiling and grabbed his hand. “You’re here already no use in going away again. Come let me introduce you to my family.†Ben knew he couldn’t make a scene now without making himself look suspicious and so he followed Daisy in to the farm hoping nobody could hear his hart pound. “Uncle Jesse I’m home.†Daisy called in to the farm when she entered trough the living room. “And I brought us a guest.†“Well and who may that be?†Uncle Jesse replied in a friendly manner while he walked in to the living room and offered their guest his hand. “Uncle Jesse, this is Ben Haywood, he is in town for the race tomorrow. Ben this is my uncle, Jesse Duke.†“Well nice to meet you Ben Haywood.†“Nice to meet you to Mr. .Duke. Daisy told me a lot about you.†“Well only good things I hope?†Jesse said with a smile. “It sure was sir, and I brought you a little gift for your hospitality. Now I’ve heard there used to be a lot of this stuff made at home in these parts so I won’t think it can live up to what you’re used to but well, I hope you like it anyway.†“Well that’s very nice of you.†Jesse mumbled while he unwrapped the whiskey bottle, removed the cap and sniffed at it. “Well you were right….†Uncle Jesse said grinning. “It not as good as the old days.†And he gave Ben a warm smile. “But it will do, thank you very much I will put it in the cupboard immediately and then I will return to our dinner, otherwise you have come for nothing.†“Come, now I will introduce you to my cousins.†Daisy said and again she took Ben’s hand and escorted him outside to the stables. There she found Bo, Luke, and Nick who had returned home already cleaning the stables and making sure all the horses were fed. Sundance had been brought home by Mr. Harkins this afternoon when he came to pick up his boys. He indeed had diagnosed that the foal was a bit large for the mommy to handle, but if she was send to the clinic two days before the birth, things could be arranged. “Hey there boys, I want you to meet a new friend, Ben Haywood, he’s going to drive against you all in the race tomorrow.†The men shook hands and Ben couldn’t help noticing that the blond man’s handshake was not a real friendly one. “So are these your little cousins as you mentioned them?†Ben asked Daisy unbelieving. â€Well….technically Bo is and well… Nicolas here almost is, only Luke is older then me.†“So you are Bo and Luke Duke?†Ben asked again a bit hold back. “We sure are, heard about us?†Luke asked. “Well yeah actually, people in the Boars Nest told me about ya’all. They said you were most likely to win the race.†“Then they were right.†Bo reacted “So if you want to retread nobody is stopping you.†“Bo be nice to our guest would you please.†Daisy said while she gave him a sharp look reminding him he had to work on his acting skills more. “He might think you don’t like having him over because he’ll be your opponent.†“I’m sorry mate.†Bo corrected himself and gave Ben a grin. “Did not mean it like that, of course you’re welcome, but you know how things can get around a race like this.†Ben grinned back. “Yeah I know, no hard feelings, like I said to Daisy before, it’s very kind of ya’all having me over here. It sure beats being in that hotel or sitting at the Boars Nest†“Are you also racing tomorrow?†Nick asked a bit surprised, he being the only one who didn’t knew anything about why Daisy had invited this man to their home. “I sure am young man and I intend to win it also.†Nick frowned and looked at the man from head to tone. ‘Well in that case I’m wondering how many first prices they are going to give away then tomorrow because together with Bo, Luke and Cooter you are the fourth man how says that.†This comment made all the adult crack up so much that they seemed to forget who they were talking to for a moment that they were still laughing when Uncle Jesse called that dinner was ready. At the table Ben’s nerves seemed to kick in again. How was it possible that faith had lured him in to the arms of the family he was supposed to eliminate from tomorrows race. As soon as he had seen that orange car that exactly fitted the description Boss Hogg had gave him, he knew he had been in trouble. Now why hadn’t that da*ned bargirl said her last name when he’d met her. He already disliked his job as much as he did, seeing how nice this family was didn’t exactly make his work easier. But he didn’t have a choice. He needed the money Boss Hogg was offering him, as friendly as the Dukes seemed to be, he could not let that stand between him and his goal. The only thing he didn’t know was how much this family knew about him. Would they know he drove the race for Boss? Did they know that meant he was hired to stop them from racing?†“So Ben, Daisy told us you’ve been on the NASCAR-circuit. Ever met Cale Yallborough?†Luke said while he reached for the mashed potatoes. “No can’t say that I have. Have seen him in action a couple of times though. That man sure can drive.†“Yeah we know. When he and his daughter were here he sure showed us something.†Bo said full of admiration. . “Cale Yallborough was here in Hazzard?†Ben asked disbelieving. “You bet.†Daisy answered. “Bo and Luke knew him from when they drove NASCAR and so they got to talk.†“You two also drove at NASCAR?†Ben said having the feeling his eyeballs rolled out of his head from astonishment. Boss Hogg had never told him that. “Check that cup on the mantle peace in the living room.†Luke said while he pointed through the opening of the kitchen door. “We’ve been there for about a year, a couple of years ago, but returned here again when we were needed.†“Have you been on the track a long time?†Bo asked Ben had to think of something to say “Eh no….not that long….uh just like you other things came in the way, which I had to attend to.†‘That’s too bad.†Daisy reacted. “So what kind of car ya own?†Nick asked, wanting to contribute to the conversation. “Well I’m not exactly owning a race car at the moment, but the one I’m driving in tomorrow is a Ford Mustang.†“So how you get the Mustang?†Nick asked not knowing he came pretty close to the forbidden subject. “Well eh…†Ben stuttered. “It’s from …from the men I’m driving for.†“So who ya driving for?†Nick asked again before anyone could say anything about it. Luke new that if he would interrupt they boy now, it would be obvious and he decided he let the conversation run his course. “Well…eh….for the man who organizes the race Mr. JD. Hogg. He hired me to drive for him.†Ben thought that saying so much could not do much harm. If the Dukes did not expect anything this fact would not alarm them and if he did they would have known it already.†“Why would you do that?!!!†Nick asked with a disgusted face. He had been long enough on the farm to be fully indoctrinated if it concerned the name of Hogg. “Well ehh….†Ben did not know how to react on that. “What Nick here tries to say.†Uncle Jesse added while he shot Nick a reprimanding look for yelling at the table like that. “Is that when it normally concerns J.D. Hogg not much good is going around and foul play is waiting just around the corner.†“Well I don’t know about that sir.†Ben said hoping nobody noticed the sweat he felt braking out of every part of his body. “Mr. Hogg just hired me to race for him, nothing more then that.†“Nobody is saying anything else.†Luke replied. “Just that we want to warn you, Boss might have some very sleazy plans and you don’t want to be dragged in to that.†Quickly Ben Haywood took a bite of the chicken that laid on his plate so he did not had to react on that and just made a vague hand gesture that could have meant anything.
  10. At the Boars Nest Daisy watched how Ben Haywood still sat at the bar and seemed to be finishing his mug of beer. Watching the fellow she was so moved by the defeated impression this man made she still could not feel any anger towards him even now she knew he was probably having it out for her cousins. She decided that if she wanted to make a move she would have to do it now. With her most authentic smile she walked up at him and reached over to him from the other and of the bar. “So tell me Ben Haywood.†She said “Doesn’t a former NASCAR-driver have a place to go home to at the end of the day?†“No ma’m.†The young stranger replied, while he stood up from his barstool.. “This here bar sure beats staring at the walls of you’all local hotel, but since some of your regulars here told me I should not try the food in here, I’m afraid I have to go back to that grey rat hole anyway.†“Now sugar, I told you not to call me ma’m, but what the food concerns them regulars are sure right. Just mind you, it has nothing to do with my cooking, but all with Boss being cheaper than a low life skunk and not wanting to waste his money on anything that even resembles food as long as it is not for himself. Ben laughed. “I’m believe you immediately Daisy and I’m sure am sorry I have to leave your lovely company right now, but if you would be so kind to get me my bill, I;m sure I will see you tomorrow at the race won’t I.?†“You sure will.†Daisy replied while she reached for the register and handed the man his bill. “But why don’t you come over for dinner at our farm tonight?†Daisy made her move. “My uncle is a great cook and there always a bit extra for an unexpected guest, besides I think my little cousins would love to hear you tell about your time at the NASCAR circuit.. They are big car fans themselves you now, just like everybody else here in Hazzard of course.†Ben Haywood smiled a bit sad. “That’s a very kind offer, but I could not except it.. I just know you for half a day and I wouldn’t feel comfortable trespassing on your family’s hospitality like that.†“Now sugar.†Daisy sad while moving a little closer to the man without making her intentions of sweet talking him to out in the open. “You won’t be doing no such thing. Now my Uncle always told us: A stranger is just a friend ya haven’t met yet, and he would be quite upset if he heard I would have let you go back alone to that awful hotel. Now what ever you say, I won’t take no for an answer!†Ben sighed with a grin on his face. He didn’t quite understand why this woman was so insisted on inviting him for dinner, but he couldn’t say he didn’t like the thought of his first home cooked meal in ages. “Uh alright then†He replied a bit blushing because of Daisy standing so close to him. “I guess I couldn’t say no to that. Now where can I find that farm of yours?†“Well If you’re patient I’ll show you in a minute when my shift is over.†Daisy said returning to her side of the bar cleaning her last glasses. “Me and Dixie will drive you there in person.†The young man opened his mouth to ask what or who Dixie was but actually enjoying his first day in Hazzard so far, he decided to let it be a surprise. Somewhere in the woods nearby the Duke farm, three boys were enjoying themselves with bow and arrow “You know, Bo and Luke have arrows packed with dynamite, because they can’t wear guns.†Nick said while he pointed at a tree. “That’s how they caught them truck robbers.†“Yeah yeah yeah, and you scared them crooks away with fire crackers, you already told us for about a hundred times.†Randy said a bit annoyed “ Now shoot that arrow would you, let us see what you can do.†“Alright, you got it.!†The boy said while he concentrated himself and pulled the string tide. Nick wasn’t a real good shot yet, but he had been practicing at the farm. When he let go of the arrow it made a swift sound and got stuck in to the tree Nick had aimed at. “Not bad is it?†Nick asked for his older friends opinion. “Not exactly were I wanted it, but still not bad.†“Yeah not bad at all.†Max reacted enthusiastic. “Maybe now Luke let us borrow his bow and we all know how to shoot a little we can go boar hunting.†“Don’t be silly, Max.†Randy corrected his little brother unkindly. “Boar hunting you have to do early in the morning and none of us shoots good enough to hit a boar. Most likely we would only wound it but in know way kill it. Let not even talk about when it notices us before we have a time to shoot and he comes after us.†“Man, what’s up with him?†Nick asked Max softly while he watched Randy pull the arrow out of the tree. “Ow he’s cranky all day cause dad whooped his hide this afternoon when he found out he was skipping classes.†“Well he wouldn’t have found out if you had not gone to the teacher and asked where I was.†Randy said cross. “Miss Maple would never had doubted my doctors note if you hadn’t interfered.†“Well if you had told me where you were up to, I wouldn’t had gone asking.†Max replied “I thought something had happened when I didn’t see you after school. “Like what? Me vanishing in thin air?†“No but maybe you had those guys after you again or what ever!†Max yelled back now. “How was I suppose to know?†“Because I told you not to worry about those guys.†Randy bellowed. “I can handle them and I’m definitely not afraid of them.†“O and that’s why you’re skipping school right?†Max said definitely not impressed by his older brother’s tough words “Not at all because you are trying to avoid those retards that are bugging you.†“Are you calling me a coward?†Randy said now dangerously calm while he approached his younger brother. Nick had been watching this scene with his mouth open not realizing what had caused there friendly came to almost change in to a fistfight. “Now Randy calm down, he didn’t say no such thing.†Nick interfered. “Is this still about those two we met by the lake last time, we was playing ball?†“Yeah it is.†Max confirmed. “They’re always on Randy’s case lately, following him around, calling him names, stealing or breaking his stuff.†Randy seemed to have calmed down a bit more and released his last bit of frustration by kicking a tree “So why they after you? Lots of other black kids they can thrash now aren’t there †Nick asked. “I don’t know. Because they are idiots I guess and they can’t stand dad is black and en successful veterinarian or something like that, I don’t.†Nick felt bad for his friend and wished there was something he could do. Randy saw the look on Nick’s face. “Don’t get me wrong now you know.†Randy said while he reached the bow and arrow over to Nick again. “It’s just those two, most people here in Hazzard are real nice people, never had any of this crap. Just like I said they’re just idiots, only problem is that there are two of them and they are quite big.†“Yeah I know what ya mean. They made me nervous too when I first met them. But why don’t you tell your dad about them?†“Because it will rile him up so bad, I’m not sure what he’s going to do and I don’t want that you know.†“And what about the sheriff?†Nick kept asking. “Can’t you go to him?†Randy gave him a weird look. “You’re living with the Dukes don’t you?†He said grinning. “Aint they ever told you how bad our justice system works? If it doesn’t make money, it isn’t important.†“Yeah they told me. But they also told me never to run for any injustice that is done, so there most be a way then to make sure does guys will not bother you again.†“Well, if you‘ve got any ideas let me know.†Randy said. “Until that time just let us have some fun you know.†And he wrapped his arm around Max in a brotherly way. “We always could pretend we were haunting boars of course.†He said grinning “ And I think I see some tracks right there.â€
  11. At the farm Nick had decided he didn’t want to waste anymore of his time to the darn writing exercise and wrote his last couple of sentences down within 30 minutes after Uncle Jesse had left the kitchen. Not that he gave up on it, but he really didn’t know what he could write anymore, already having filled 5 pages of the workbook. Jesse sat in the living room pealing the potatoes for supper when Nick walked in. As the boy handed him the workbook, the old man couldn’t help thinking back of the time his boys were still in school and would show him their homework so they could run of as quickly as possible afterwards. “I know it wasn’t an hour.†Nick said a bit apologizing. “But I really think it’s finished. Couldn’t think of anything more to write about.†Jesse looked at the pages. He was sure proud on the young boy who could obviously do a tremendous amount of work in a very short time. “That’s okay†He said. “It looks pretty good. Well done.†And he ruffled the boy’s hair. “Now hurry up and see or those friends of yours are home from school yet.†“Thanks Uncle Jesse!†Nick said and ran to the phone. Jesse smiled. Except from the situation a half hour earlier, Nick had been more cheerful these last couple of days then Jesse had ever seen him. Of course his careful nature made him worry about what would happen if the plans for adoption failed but some how Nick’s overwhelming enthusiasm and determination even seemed to stick on him. “I had to say thanks for the invitation from their mom, but they can’t stay for dinner, ‘because their Uncle is coming over.†Nick said when he walked back in to the living room. “But they will come over to play for a couple of hours, so they can be here any minute.†“Well that’s also nice isn’t it?†Jesse said “Yes it is.†Nick replied and he sat himself down on a footstool next to Jesse’s chair like he wanted to talk about something. “Uncle Jesse did Bo and Luke had a lot of friends when they were young?†The boy asked. ]â€Sure did.†Jesse mumbled and stared for a moment like he tried to visualize all the young faces that had run down his farm door. “There was Cooter and Enos of course, who sometimes practically lived here.†He started. “Luke had a group with whom he went fishing often and there were some boys from Bo’s old football team.†Jesse smiled. “It sure wasn’t very quiet here often.†“I used to have one friend back in Albany, his name was Joe. We used to go out on the streets together and……….†Nick had to swallow some words knowing Jesse would not like to hear the things Joe and he had done together. “Eh…well ….hang out.†“Hmmhmm.†Jesse made a humming sound that showed he knew what the kid meant. It stayed quiet for a couple of seconds but then Nick said: “Uncle Jesse, actually I’m kind of glad I don’t have to do that stuff anymore.†“Well that’s good to hear†Jesse said smiling while he put a hand on the boys head. “Because nobody wants to be your friend if you do.†Nick explained. “Except from Joe Thom and I never had any friends. All the kids on school used to call us thieves and scum or their parents did not allow them to talk to us.†“Well I can imagine that must have been very awful.†Jesse replied sincere. “Well it wasn’t fun, but me and Thom we managed. We were always together; I had to take care of him of course.†Jesse searched the boys face with his eyes and wondered what Nick wanted to tell him. â€You miss your little brother?†Jesse asked Nick nodded. “I wish he could be here, I bed he would love to see the farm and the horses en he would go crazy over The General Lee.†“Well if you want to maybe we could invite him here one of these days and you could show him around.†Jesse suggested. Strange enough, Nick didn’t react as enthusiastic as the old man had thought and just stared to the floor. “Uncle Jesse I have to tell you something.†the boy mumbled “Well what you waiting for? Spill it!†Jesse said in his authentic way. “Well earlier this afternoon, I wasn’t calling to Max and Randy, I just said that because…well I don’t know why but……†Nick stopped talking because his words didn’t make any sense anyway. “You tried to call your younger brother.†Jesse said convinced he was right. Nick looked surprised at the old man. “Well Yeah, how’d you know that?†“Cause you’re just like my boys and I can see it in your eyes when you’re lying to me, so when I called the phone office and Mabel tolled me you had dialed a number in Albany, I had my suspicions.†For a moment Nick doubted whether he had to feel offended because Jesse had checked up on him, but he realized pretty quick he was not in that position. “So am I in trouble now?†Nick asked insecure, not really able to interpret Jesse’s reaction Jesse sight. “No you’re not.†The old man spoke reinsuring though I wished you would had told me about it fair and square instead of lying about it. You know lying is a hard habit to brake and Dukes don’t lie. Besides you could have just asked or you could call him. That would not have been problem.†“Yes sir.†Nick said remorseful. “ I know.†“So did you talk to each other?†Jesse asked Nick shuck his head. “No only heard his voice. I didn’t dare to say anything. It has been so long since I last saw him. Maybe he is angry with me for leaving.†“Well maybe he is.†Jesse said. “Or he isn’t, you won’t know that before you call him up. You two are brothers and brothers should always be there for each other even when they are sometimes up set with each other. Don’t you think he has a right to know you’re still around and not somewhere in California or whatever?†Nick giggled, picturing himself on the beaches of California. “I don’t know Uncle Jesse. I don’t think I want to call him already, I would not know What to say.†“Well that is your decision and he stood up by the sound of a car that run up the premises. “I just want to ask you to be open with us about it and tell us when you do want to call him, or when there is anything we can do okay?†“I will sir.†Nick promised, well he also stood up and looked to the car with trailer that parked itself on the farmyard. “Good.†Uncle Jesse smiled and put his arm across the boys shoulder. “Let us than welcome your new friends.†He said and together they walked out.
  12. you're might be a redneck.... if your working TV stands on top of your broken one if the wind chime on your front porch is made out of beer cans if your freezer contains dead squirls and rattle snakes You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws. You think TACO BELL is the Mexican Phone Company
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