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  1. Here is a version I LOVED back in the day after I discovered Black Flag. I was lucky enough to see them before they were no more. Louie Loie - Black Flag
  2. At the place where only the lonely can play. Can't believe this song is 30 years old. I remember the video and the song on the radio back in the day.
  3. And both the lonely boy and girl will have this.
  4. A great 80s punk/alternative band that I loved in HS. Still can't believe this song is 26 years old. I remember hearing it on the radio back in the day and was blown away. I still have the cassette of the album - Candy Apple Grey.
  5. Cheerwine It's a cherry flavored soda available only in the Carolinas and a select few other areas in the South.
  6. Here is a song that still gets radio airplay for being over 30 years old. Billy Squier was HUGE in the early 80s. I'm gone Darrell
  7. "Like A Hurricane" - Neil Young Some old school Neil Young for y'all...
  8. I read this on your Facebook page. I am in utter disbelief that WB would consider this. I guess ths political pressure got to them even though I am fairly certain they will end up losing a lot merchandising money and respect. We can go on and on about how it is wrong and all but it is their(WB) decision and they will have to live with the consequences. Almost on the same topic, MGM is releasing the remake of the movie "Red Dawn" at Thanksgiving. The studio had them change the bad guys and digitally alter flags, uniforms and symbols from Chinese to North Koreans in order to ease anti-Chinese sentiment from the U.S. and for the Chinese dollars so the film can be shown there to more people. Red Dawn review of original cut This is the type of culture we are manifesting to generations now. We do not want to offend anyone anymore. I'm gone Darrell
  9. Happy birthday, Darrell :).

  10. Capt_Redneck


    Wait until you find out who Rebecca's mother is. If you were a fan and watched the original series you already have a good idea. 10 episodes wetn way too fast. It was better than I expected. January can't come fast enough to see more Ewing family drama. I'm gone Darrell
  11. Hoss - sorry that definitely wasn't meant to sound that way. I just happened to start off the my sentence that way and didn't think that it could be taken in another context. My apologies. A little off topic but there was one British show I really enjoyed, MI5 or as it was called in the UK "Spooks". It was shown here on either A&E or Bravo about 5 or 6 years ago and rather sporadically too. I'm gone Darrell
  12. Well it did air last night - Eastern Standard Time @ 1000PM. Not sure if you get A&E over the pond and if you do it might have different programming. not sure how that works. I'm gone Darrell
  13. I watch the A&E show Longmnire and last night 7/22/12 Tom Wopat was guest star. He played a sheriff from a neighboring county. He was only in a couple of scenes. I am surprised this wasn't mentioned here earlier to give everyone a heads up that he was going to be on TV. Maybe I missed it though. I'm gone Darrell
  14. Congrats Tim. Long overdue. Thank you for your knowledge and tidbits on the General Lee. They are always very appreciated. I'm gone Darrell
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