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  1. Hey Hazzardites! I've been busy and it's kept me away for a while but this site is still as good as I remember! This secret Santa thing sounds like a fun idea to me. Let me see if I got this straight, to get in on this, I send a PM to the person who started this thread, tell them if I'd prefer a fanfic written to my special interest or a pic. And if I chose a fanfic I say what I'd like the plot or story line to involve, which character/s I'd like focused on the most, etc., then whoever gets assigned to me writes that story? And if I get assigned to someone, I post the pic or story they want? Is that correct?
  2. I see you have a couple of other fans! That don't surprise me. As I said, your story is great. I love it, I love it! lol I read whatever you guys write during the day right before bed at night. It's my little bedtime story, heehee. You're both doing an awesome job.
  3. I didn't think I would be going to Dukefest this year, however, due to recent developements, I AM GOING!!!!!! YEEEEEHAAAAAW!!!!!!!!
  4. Hehee, I wasn't expecting any responses to this, cool.
  5. That jeep has my name on it, lol
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