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  1. Not funny. This thread is about the movie being Rated R, it has no relevance to the other thread...
  2. I've been watching all the things about him on Animal Planet. I watched one interview he did in 2004 and cried. I've never cried over a celebrity's death, but he felt like a friend. He wasn't all talk, he put his money where is mouth was, and you could tell he really cared about wildlife. And his accent was adorable <3 Gosh this sucks.....
  3. I wasn't his BIGGEST fan, but I did love this guy...and I still can't believe he's gone. He was an amazing man, and he will be missed. ='[ <3R.I.P<3
  4. Wanna Rock'n'roll--Ray Wylie Hubbard <--This guy rocks =]
  5. I have a Dukes contact table...its pretty =] www.myspace.com/ilovedoh
  6. It was okay, but not worth the 3 hours I spent watching it.
  7. I'll back up that statement, they're almost as pretty as our own 'Yorkshire Roses' Aww ty <33
  8. I mostly listen to Country, southern rock, && classic rock. I like rap && r&b to dance to....but I dont listen to it much...
  9. I dont think he does at all....
  10. Maybe if the movie had anything remotely to do with the show, besides the name, we wouldn't nit pick. To me the movie was the complete opposite of what the Dukes was and if thats the kind of movies they want to keep making then I'll continue with my "nitpickin' and bellyachin''.
  11. What? Your not a fan of any cute boys? Gah lee...
  12. I dont know...I just listen to it on myspace http://www.myspace.com/jasonaldean9908
  13. No its the same song, I just got finished listening to it. I thought it was 2 different ones too ((thats why I deleted my frist post))...oh well I dunno...
  14. I've heard some about Tom too, but I just ignore them. I've never heard anything bad about John though...
  15. He doesn't do one commentary and hes boycotting...pfft...that doesn't make much sense. He did commentary on both seasons 3 & 4. And as for rumors they are just that....rumors.
  16. I've been voting but CSI is steady staying ahead...
  17. Yeah but for how much longer?
  18. georgiagal1

    Dukes not on?!

    Why are the Dukes only being played at 7?! I want them back
  19. I dunno what frewkin is 0.o (freakin'??) but hes okay looking. Hes not like absolutly gorgeous :$
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