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  1. Johnny Paycheck and Toby Keith if your include the reuion videos
  2. I like when Boss falls in the wet cement and Cooter says something Like Thanks for a perfect day! Also Opening Night at the boars nest with Rosco believing that he made Boss disappear for good and then how it ended.
  3. are having a Dukes fan show this friday. Or so there website said it was on. yall might want to watch it.
  4. It is official that Dale Jr. will not be racing for DEI next year. I hope he goes to RCR or where he goes he starts winning again.
  5. BH03


    Who have yall seen live? What was your favorite? When I was little I saw Randy Foster, Aaron Tippin, and Reba. This past fall I saw John Anderson, and then this past weekend I saw .38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Hank Williams Jr (Rowdy Friends Tour). All three concerts were great. My favorite was the Rowdy Friends Tour.
  6. I think the genie girl and the female gov't officer in the show where the Dukes make shine to run an enigine.
  7. I like the show it is one of the better shows on today!
  8. I saw it and I feel it was more related to the DOH tv show and I will most likely get it also!
  9. Sorry for my mistake it has been a busy and long couple weeks.
  10. It was an great race, I was glad a DEI driver won but feel bad for Martin not to win. I can see where that race team whos car did not pass inpection could have been fined or had points taken away or how NASCAR delt with it. How did yall think about the last few laps with the 3 or 4 wrecks. I felt bad for Dale Jr. and the others affected but it was racing.
  11. I will have to go see this movie. I have heard about it. I wonder how the Earnhardt family feels about this movie?
  12. Not sure which car would win General Lee or Bandit's transam. I like the jumps and car stunts both the Dukes of Hazzard tv show and Smokey and the Bandit movies (1 and 2). It would be interesting to see which car would win in a offroad race.
  13. I was wondering if anybody else has been looking for any Christmas items featuring Dukes of Hazzard such as General Lee etc? I have been looking but have not seen any. If yall do let me know!
  14. My favorites are: Charlie Brown Christmas and most of the Charlie Brown speicals, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story. I also like the Christmas show the Dukes of Hazzard had in the 3rd season the Great Santa Claus Chase.
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