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  1. Hi, my husband has his amateur radio operator's license, but he hasn't used it in eons. He even has an old radio (some 30 years old) that he used to use. We don't know if it works, but maybe one day, he'll have it up and running. He's doubtful, but I think once we get a house, we might be able to get him started, and who knows, maybe I'll start working to get my operators license too. Stranger things have happened.
  2. Happy very very very very belated. It's been a while since I've been around these parts, but I just wanted to say many happy returns. Yva
  3. Lovely video. I loved that song. Very romantic, if only...
  4. Just to let you know. I'm sorry that I didn't get anything written for this challenge. Maybe later I can submit a short story of some sort for the next one. Since I leave tomorrow to go on vacation, things here have been rather hectic for the last two weeks. I'll check in when I get back home. Take care everyone.
  5. So was there an extention on this? I really would like to know, because I did start a little story, but got seriously sidetracked. When is the official deadline? Sorry if I missed it, but I haven't time to read over 17 pages of additions. I am getting ready to go on vacation.
  6. I know of people who didn't finish high school and they are very smart. Try not to steretype those who don't finish school to all be like Paris Hilton. If you look at history, you may find a great many people, statesmen and the like who never finished school, but who were very intelligent. Just a bit to keep in mind.
  7. I have absolutely no tolerance or empathy for people who drive while under the influence of anything, whether it be alcohol or controlled substances. We are hearing about this over here, and I am only getting bits and pieces of the story. They said here that she got busted for driving drunk under an expired license. Seeing as she is a 'party girl', I have no reason to doubt it. Having nearly been hit by a drunk driver when I was a child, I am shocked and saddened that such a person gets a lighter sentence because she's a celebrity and it makes a mockery of the system. What if she had killed someone while under the influence? Drunk driving is stupid and it really angers me to the n'th degree. If people are going to drink or mess up their minds in other ways, then they should at least have the decency to call a cab, but not drive themselves. Not to mention this incessant whining because they acted irresponsibly and broke the law. There should not be a legal clause for ignorance. This could have ended vastly different than Ms. Hilton even anticipated. She should feel very lucky that her negligence didn't end up killing or harming someone. I never liked her in the first place, but now my not liking has downspiraled dramatically (if that's even possible).
  8. I've seen tons of his stuff here, and no I wouldn't buy it. I'm not a fan of his, but my best friend knows his niece. I don't. LOL.
  9. 70% Dixie, which is about right, as I was born in Texas. I guess that southern bug is still with me.
  10. Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop in and tell all of you that I haven't fallen off the map or anything, I have been having health issues during the past few months and things are finally starting to look a bit better. I haven't forgotten that I was going to do some brainstorming with Val Strate, or that I got board chilling out and shooting the breeze with Roger Duke. I have just been kind of under the weather lately. So, now that things are starting to look a bit better...Thankfully! I will be leaving town to go on vacation. This year, we're heading to the 3 country corner where Germany, Austria, and Switzerland meet. I am looking forward to that, but my real excitement is our trip to Vancouver in July. Hope all is well with all of you. Greetings from Germany!
  11. I love your avatar Holly13. It's a great picture. His smile is striking to me. I really loved the big ol' Enos grin. Just wonderful.
  12. I'm in a town between Frankfurt and Mainz Germany. The state, if you will, is called Hessen. My husband and I were living in Somerset, New Jersey before we moved to Germany and he came back home.
  13. I got through season four with no problems. We're now slowly working through season 5, and so far so good. I do have seasons six and seven from the US, but haven't watched many episodes on them.
  14. When my Amazon order gets here (the 'Cars' Soundtrack is in that order), I'll post the song title and the artist. Shoot, I'll even post the German title and the artist that sang the translated song as well. Sound good?
  15. Have a great time, ginod. We're not going to make it this year, my husband and I already planned our vacation before we found out about Dukes Fest, so I won't be there this year. Maybe next time around.
  16. There's a song called 'Our Town', which really reminds me of the Dukes, it was played in the Disney / Pixar film 'Cars', and it always makes me think of Hazzard for some reason. I can't remember who sings it though.
  17. That was so funny. I had to back up the DVD and watch that scene again, I was on the floor laughing. I loved that, it was probably my favorite Jesse moment of them all.
  18. I recently finished a large teddy bear and also made a gray colored rat named Fonzie. I figure my next project will be to make him a furry sweater. But, for now, here's how he presently looks.
  19. Glad I could help, but it's no great credit to me, I simply store useless trivia the way squirrels store nuts.
  20. I agree, the writing didn't suffer during the Coy and Vance episodes, in fact, some of them were quite good ideas. I will personally never forget the 'Comrade Duke' Episode where the young gymnast calls Jesse, 'dyadya Jesse'. 'Dyadya' is Russian for 'Uncle', and Jesse's reaction to it was really cute. I was impressed that they were able to use correct Russian words, and even the other stuff that they wrote where they had people mumbling in Russian, they seemed relatively accurate with it. So, I was rather impressed that the level of writing did not suffer because John and Tom were not there. (For the record, Russian was one of my majors in College, thus my citing this particular episode and the good way they wrote it.)
  21. Oh I like Rosco, he's one of the most unforgettable characters in television, and James Best is just fantastic to be able to pull off the role like he did. Of course, I can't do imitations to save my life, but several weeks ago, my husband and I got something in the mail, and I couldn't resist calling him up and saying 'Good news...good news'. He didn't even ask me about it, but I think it cheered him up considerably. Khee! As a writer, trying to write Rosco without going over the top is the hardest thing to do. Even though he's such a barrel of laughs to write, I would be the first to admit that there's no comparison between my stories and seeing the real deal in those classic Dukes episodes.
  22. I caught another great Rosco moment today while watching 'Vance's Girl'. He's sitting on the car hood about to eat a hot dog. *There's no dog in a hot dog, that's just what they're called.* He says this just after Flash 'woofs' at him and he is about to take a bite. I almost fell off my chair with laughter. Poor Rosco, never got to eat his hot dog either. But, that was a really cute moment. IMO. No wonder Rosco's so thin, between Boss Hogg and Flash, the poor guy never gets to eat anything.
  23. I read somewhere that Daisy was not in one of the episodes because Catherine Bach was doing 'Circus of the Stars'. I don't remember specific episode titles. Of course, I guess one would miss Bo, he's such a charismatic character. Oh well, I had two whole seasons of Enos missing...That was terribly hard. But, we did watch all the episodes on DVD. ...Now if only they would release 'Enos' the TV show on DVD, then I will be happy.
  24. Good gravy did that bring back memories. My grandfather was a huge HeeHaw fan and watched it every Saturday night when it was on. I used to sometimes watch it with him, and although I wasn't a huge bluegrass fan back then, I always connected that show to him. As for my grandfather, he died when I was 12 (some 25 years ago), so not only did I love to see the classic Enos grin, I also got catapulted back to my own memories of my grandpa, which was very nice. Thanks for posting the link it was really wonderful for me to see again.
  25. That's real nice. Happy belated, Coy. I was watching a sesason five episode today (One of the Coy and Vance ones), where I found a fun blooper. Most bloopers are fun if you can catch them. At any rate, it was in the episode 'Vance's Girl', which overall is an Ok episode for a Coy & Vance episode. Anyway, I notice that after the two nasties working for the crooked senator ripped out the CB from Uncle Jesse's truck, they threw it on the ground and left. Less than five minutes later, Daisy and Uncle Jesse were using it to contact Coy and Vance in the General. That must have been some speedy CB repair work going on! Now seeing as my husband is an electronic fan and likes to build radios, I don't think he could fix a CB in that short span of time. Y'all got any theories on how that could have been handled? Oh well, I drifted off topic, so hope all is well, and for the record, maybe the reason no one responded to this thread is their CBs were broken like the one in Uncle Jesse's truck.
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