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  1. Oh my goodness. Daisy Duke at 70! She's still the second prettiest girl in Hazzard after Emma Tisdale. We love you Daisy. Have a great birthday Friday! Edit: Opey Taylor turns 70 on the same day.
  2. I went through that when I had my Ninja. Young men in cars see you are on something that looks fast and want to challenge you. It reminds me of that Waylon quote "If any of y'all ever drive through Hazzard, well you might remember that if it's got wheels, folks tend to want to race it." (Mrs. Daisy Hogg)
  3. We had grandkids for the weekend so I didn't see any of it but caught some highlights. In fact, I didn't even see dirt bikes. I do have them recorded and have started to watch one race at a time. They have 8 races. 4 heat races, 2 last chance qualifiers and 2 main events. They use 250cc and 450cc motorcycles.
  4. You're right about that. Some commercial are old and boring the second time you see them but that one is still funny.
  5. sun (Oh no, I just had an image of Hobie sunnin' his buns. I'm going to require therapy to recover from this)
  6. Happy birthday in Hazzard Heaven Vance. You will always be loved and missed cousin.
  7. ROFL You were the first person I thought of when the 24 won!
  8. Definitely a classic commercial!
  9. Woops. I hope we didn't spoil it for people who have it taped.
  10. Never would have thought that awhile ago. He wasn't even in the top 20. Any idea what his lowest position was?
  11. 8 laps to go and a demolition derby breaks out.
  12. Thanks for explaining this. I thought MM replaced Hoss with an artificial intelligence robot and I was going to petition to get the real Hoss back. It would make a good episode though....Robot P Hoss.
  13. accent (sounds different than British or South African)
  14. You 2 were way ahead of me on this one. I turned it on at 2:30 and they were talking about women's college basketball. So I went to watch my recorded dirt bike races from last night and remembered they have the weekend off. So I chased my dog around the yard (we call it a zoom meeting) just because I wanted to see something race. I came in last....or second if you are an optimist. I put a checkered flag in the dog's mouth and watched her do a victory lap around the house.
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