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  1. What? You never cheat on Maryann and Ginger!
  2. MotoGP still has the girls who hold the umbrellas and Supercross has a girl who holds up a sign indicating the gate will drop in 30 seconds. And then they have 3 girls on the 3 podiums at the end of the race. None of them are as hot as Emma Tisdale but they're not bad.
  3. What's next, cheerleaders?
  4. Welcome back Joseph. How have you been?
  5. I haven't been keeping up with Ray Kohn but I know he's been getting into Knight Rider lately. The flag controversy hurt him.
  6. I haven't been this shocked since that day I found out Boss Hogg had a twin brother! Thanks for the race report though. Without Chase near the front of the pack it didn't sound too exciting anyways.
  7. But is he happy? He can't be happier than me when I'm watching a Dukes episode so what good is all that money?
  8. He does make the finest. That must be why.
  9. I average a daily appearance. I'm from the upper left hand corner of Pennsylvania, Erie PA by Lake Erie. We are about 100 miles from 3 major cities, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cleveland.
  10. grind (We always used to say "Grind a pound for me" when someone would grind a gear)
  11. You'll blink your eyes and it will be here. Cue the music: It's the most wonderful time of the year.
  12. The older cars are awesome. I can't do internal engine work and am not good with bodywork but I am a fairly decent mechanic with cars from the 60s and 70s. I can't even replace spark plugs on these new cars....can't even find them half the time.
  13. I bet I've said that 500 times since I've been here.
  14. DIXIE (Daisy's great-grandmother from Go West Young Dukes....and her Jeep....and a place as close to Heaven as you can get, but still be on Earth)
  15. I'm a bit sentimental and always miss people when I see some of these old names. But we have a bunch of new people now so that makes it all better.
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