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  1. I've only had one set. Waiting for each season to come out was as exciting as late Friday afternoon and waiting until 8:00 from 1979-1985. One of the secrets to happiness is having something to look forward to.
  2. The detailing inside the engine compartment is unbelievable!
  3. LOL now, that's funny! And now I have the Blues Clues song in my head.
  4. I got together with some of my astronomer friends this morning to view the partial solar eclipse. (In parts of Canada it was an annular eclipse. The Moon was too far away from Earth to be big enough to cover the Sun). It was pretty cool. We missed the first 20 minutes of it because of clouds but we were just happy to see it at all. We tried to observe stars the night before but that was cloudy.
  5. That was just a little too much Duke boy skin for my tastes. The ladies seemed to enjoy it though.
  6. Skipper! Happy Birthday cousin! Sorry I missed it. We were out of town yesterday evening and didn't get back until this afternoon. We didn't have internet where we were at. I hope you had a great day. You are a cool dude and a big Dukes fan and you deserve to have a happy birthday so I hope you did!
  7. Ray had a rough landing. He got whiplash and broke an ankle.
  8. Thanks Hoss. I hope the show went well yesterday.
  9. There is a classic book called Animal Farm where the farmers oppressed the animals so the animals overtook them. Then the animals had to form a government and the pigs took over and the pigs became just as bad as the humans toward the other animals. It seems like that's where we are heading. Of course the oppression won't be as bad as what white men did but it will still be oppression, nonetheless. The mainstream media, Hollywood, Cancel Culture, wokeness and political correctness all have hatred in their hearts and if you are a white, straight, Christian male, they will stop at nothing to rui
  10. Hey Hoss, could you post info on Ray Kohn's Northeast Ohio Dukes show. I think it's tomorrow in West Virginia.
  11. It's raising, not reins. I loved it when she mentioned Charlie Daniels. On TV I saw when they met and he teased her about knowing the words to all his songs.....which is impossible unless she had a memory like Skipper Duke.
  12. You have some serious talent and are a true artist!
  13. I do think you are right about swap meets being specialized. I know at astronomy events that is what they are called.
  14. I pity the fool who comes into Hazzard and thinks hicks aren't that smart. I pity him. LOL I would love to have seen Rosco try to cuff and stuff Mr T
  15. I was hoping Chase would pull this off but second isn't bad. I only saw the last half hour of the race.
  16. That is a good song.
  17. I'm famous in my hometown because "Everybody dies famous in a small town" I'm still alive though in case you were wondering.
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