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  1. Thanks a lot for the link, HossC. The words of Burt, John, Tom, Sonny, Rick and Ben are really touching.
  2. I have never met James for real, but I have always loved him in his role as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. R.I.P. He was 88 year old, and, OK, it's normal dying at this age if you think that some people die younger, but it's sad anyway. Denver is gone, and so Sorrel, and Peggy, and Christopher. And now, James. It's sad. I can't say anything else.
  3. Always great stuff on this thread. THANKS for sharing. Even if I rarely log in, lately, I don't forget you.
  4. The story is complete. 32 chapters. Thanks to everybody who have read it
  5. I still wonder if the farm had a guest-room. Looking at this foorplan, it looks like there are four bedrooms, with a small bedroom near the living room, while the family's bedrooms (three bedrooms) are at the opposite site of the possible guest-room.
  6. If you watch carefully the TV show, in some episodes you can see some puddles in Hazzard's streets, proving a previous rain (I think they avoided to film during the rain). Anyway, in a episode you can see raining during some scenes: "How to succeed in Hazzard". In that episode, at some point Daisy wears some boots for the rain, high and pinkish boot in rubber beside a large sweater (I remember it at the beninning of the episode). I guess it was a really cold and rainy day, since Catherine kept on those boots and large sweater (not her usual sexy outfit) for a while. In another episode, I noticed the white cloud of condensation coming out Enos and Rosco's mouth as they talk (proving it was a really really cod day). In that episode, no police cars crashing into the pond, LOL. I don't remember the episode, though. Maybe, "Dead and alive"? Moreover, I find interesting, looking at some pictures Roth posted in his amazing thread about the TV show "behind the scenes", that actors wore jackets, scarfs and sometimes also gloves while they waited for their turn in filming. They had to film just with shirts and trousers on, whereas they needed jackets behind the scenes... Poor Catherine, I think she suffered the cold, while she was acting.
  7. I know it sounds crazy, but it looks like the extractor cap of a stove. I don't know why a stove in a garage, anyway. And the award for the silliest answer goes to... i1976! LOL
  8. Posted chapter 21, "The botany of feelings." I have decided to announce this chapter 'cause it has a strong meaning for me. Time ago I was planning to write a story about Daisy falling in love, again, with a bad boy. I admit that I have always been stunned in her falling for bad boys despite her being a so indipendent and strong woman. In order to write this story I started a research about pathological relationships, emotional manipulation, psychopaths and the so called emotional vampires. I didn't write that story and I won't write it 'cause painful to me to write a so sad story about Daisy... and difficult too. So, I have decided to use my research for an OC in my actual story (brief side story) 'cause I think it's an interesting and important topic for any woman and not just women (emotional vampires are among family, friends and coworkers, destroying people own self in a really subtle and toxic way). As my signature says, writing is a way to understand yourself and people around you, a fantastic journey into human mind and feelings.
  9. WOW! Great job, Roth. I LOVE music videos. There was a time I too used to create music videos (both of Hazzard and anime: you can "find" me on YouTube, my nick is Yukino1976). It's time to go back to music videos. I'm planning to create a video for the thread "Daisy Duke and the fashion", a Daisy Duke's video using "Her morning elegance" as song.
  10. OH WOW. THANKS for the new pictures, Roth Loved Daisy in her 'maid' outfit. Loved 'bad' Luke too, from "Dr Jeckyll and Mr. Duke"
  11. Two variations of "white shirt with red hearts" Here: And here: Feel free to post pictures of your fav Daisy's outfits or to talk about it.
  12. I have hinted to this new thread in the past. It's time to have a try. Now, Daisy Duke is my favorite character (beside Enos, of course ): Catherine is a beautiful woman, long legs, perfect silhouette, sweet smile and blue-green eyes (I know that men out there agree). BUT Daisy Duke is also famous because of her outfits, especially those short shorts that took her name. Along the show is the one who change her outfit in every episode, and sometimes also along the same episode. Ready for a belly-full of Daisy? A perfect show of short shorts and tight top. I find her fashion really graceful and never vulgar, don't you think? Stay tuned for more examples of Daisy's outfit.
  13. I agree. I have been a fan of Hazzard since when I was a little girl, but I forgot about it for a while. This Forum has been a great input, reconnecting me to my old passion. Beside, lately, in Italy the TV-show is aired every evening, episode after episode and series after series, and, at the end of the seventh series, the TV-show starts again from the first one. They tried it with "Renegade" and "A-team" but it didn't work; only Hazzard has so many fans watching it several times and not getting ever tired. So, since last year, they are re-running Hazzard again and again, LOL (I think Hazzard is the american TV-show most broadcasted in Italy, especially along the last years... beside '80ies).
  14. The story is still ongoing, though I'm not announcing every chapter posted. Read and enjoy. Any hint is welcome
  15. Welcome back!!!! OF COURSE I remember of you. Crazy random LOL's and crazy things we used to get from you or anything like that???? I have never thought of your posts as crazy I have always thought of you as a young girl with a big passion for DOH. WOW, 19 years old... with a daughter!!! Time goes by, and things change. Some things change and some others don't: even now, as before, I keep on writing fanfic about Enos and Daisy (though I'm nearly 38year old I act like a romantic teenager when I think and write of my favorite couple ever). Glad to see you back.
  16. I'm really really glad your Muse is back Just had a look of your story (I'm going to read it with more attention when I'll find some time) and it sounds interesting, though I have never seen Blue Bloods. You are writing in first person... if I'm not wrong you are using Garret, as first person.
  17. AMAZING PICTURES, GUYS! OK, it's my turn It's a black-and-white picture, but she wears the top of the episode "Find Loretta Lynn" This isn't from the TV-show: the set is totally different and also her top (never seen it), BUT her outfit is similar to the TV-show (short shorts and tight top), and so her age... a picture from those years, I guess. Or.. maybe I don't remember that top and the set is... Boss' office? OK, I HAVE definitively to start a thread about Daisy's various outfit!!! I'll do it, I have already planned how to develop it but I need to find some time.
  18. Posted the LAST chapter, so the story is definitively OVER. Thanks to everybody who read it and to everybody who is still reading or is going to read it. I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you have felt the joy in it.
  19. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10097901/1/How-to-save-a-friend Time to announce a new story from me. I've already posted 4 chapters along the last months, but I've waited before to announce it, in order to bring the story a bit further. It's called "How to save a friend": Friends are the family you choose: Enos has chosen the Dukes and the Dukes have chosen Enos. When the deputy is in danger, the Dukes will be involved in a dramatic and cloudy case, and they will fight in order to save their friend and family. Hope you're going to enjoy it... beside "Missed chance": two stories ongoing at the same time, OMG
  20. You can see, here, Daisy wearing the white top with little hearts on it (the red spots). It's the same top she wears in the picture with the horse already posted by Roth. I guess that picture was taken from this episode, behind the scene. This top, I mean, here her picture without the horse:
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