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  1. I believe it was Happy B-Day General Lee when it come back on TNN back in the mid 90's or so!
  2. This is my favorite car that I have owned so far at least this one is american made and I love it as much as if it was a General Lee and been working on undercoating it with POR 15 and putting Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil in her and she's been running like a champ since I bought her 2yrs ago and have. Can not wait for summer weather to come so I can start undercoating her with POR 15 which is extremely good at stopping rust. I have just hit 77,450 miles with her, the only thing I have replaced is the exhaust hanger and gotta replace the Blower Motor Resistor as soon as I can.
  3. Thanks haven't been on here for quite a while!

  4. Nope I haven't and preordered it when they first announced it and still have the postcard they sent me saying it was delayed too!
  5. I have all 6 johnny lightning series complete and with all there original shipping boxes with the 8 in each box or so! I'll get pics up as soon as I get my camera back from my Uncle!
  6. your welcome don't mention i was probably the first Playstation user to notice this in the updates!
  7. Yeah if you have high speed internet you just go to the playstation store and go into the videos and if you go to television, then networks and there should be WB and it should be right there.
  8. The playstation network if anyone has the PS3 like I do I just downloaded the whole 1st season! They got 2 episodes in the wrong order too! One Armed Bandits is put as episode 2 instead of one and the same for Mary Kayes Baby is episode 1 when it should be episode 3! anyone have a PS3 on here?
  9. I am trying to get my posts that high but still have a ways to go and hopes to get there soon maybe! YEEHAW!
  10. cool thread I like it a lot and it was pretty nice poll something different for a change I guess! YEEHAW!
  11. Good thing i'm a pretty familiar with forums and stuff since I have one and the green circle or dot that you have is grey when your offline and green when you are online! YEEHAW!
  12. Thanks A lot, They definitely are that's for sure!

  13. Flash and Herbie you can probably figure who there named after! LOL There both extremely good especially flash who isn't a Basset Hound but a Pure Bread Beagle and he was the one that most looked like Flash from the other baby beagles and he is now almost 3 years old! He is one of the best inside beagles I ever had!

  14. Thank you very greatly everyone who is helping me with this I greatly appreciate this a lot!
  15. Yeah I know thats for sure and another thing to I have done some thinking, I was doing a few things that can help determine whether they are real and one of them is to run your finger over the autograph and you can feal the autograph above the gloss and I can, they definitely aren't autopens. I've compared them to the autographs to ones I have and those ones are Cooter, Enos, Roscoe, Cletus, Bo, Luke, Daisy I got from 07 DukesFest.I don't know if you agree with me on this one though but I think the chances of him being able to do this good of a job at forgery is extremely unlikely and I know that also the rarity of Uncle Jesse's and Lulu Hoggs Autographs make it kinda seem less likely he could forge them because they are so rare and far between too. Maybe what do you think?
  16. I just asked him how he'd got these autographs and this is what he emailed me back on ebay: Yes, I was the "Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club" President for about 4 years, and was there at Warner Bros. Studios, for a week of filming of "Reunion In Hazzard." I had a chance to meet them all. They are all great people. I hope you enjoy them. I could tell by youe eBay ID. that you are a huge fan, and I'm so glad to pass them on to you. Since I live in a small apartment now, I don't have the wall space to display them. I kept a couple other small autographed photos, but passed on the rest to all the fans of the show. That is why I became the fan club president. I helped organize the very first 3 fan club conventions in the 1990's and Ben "Cooter" Jones has carried on the conventions since then. Take care. Mike That is what he said anyways. I took all of them out of the frames and put them in the light and they aren't reprints or autopens becuase you can see the permanent marker and I compared the ones I have already from dukesfest 2007 to them. The only ones I didn't already have were from Uncle Jesse, and Coy Duke. Does anyone have those autographs so I can compare them, Please Help and Thank You! Thank you Very Much!
  17. Bo, Luke, Uncle Jessie, Roscoe, Cletus, Enos, Lulu Hogg, Sherriff Little, and Coy Duke I bought 'em off ebay and the guys name is Michael Streit, He's one of the ones who runs the Official dukes of Hazzard fan club, they are from his collection and I need help verifying that these are real and I am sure they are though but just would like some help with it please and Thank You! E-Mail me here: Or through PM on this site but you'll have better luck through my email.
  18. Yes I have collected all the box sets I have all 7 seasons and am watching them all right now Yeehaw and every night before I go to bed too! YEEHAW!
  19. Wish I could find the video of it that would be nice cause I missed this one and would really like to see it, especially on YouTube.com YEEHAW!
  20. Welcome hope ya make yourself at home here and enjoy yourself! YEEHAW!
  21. That looks like a fun game been thinking about getting it but been saving money to get a new car or truck whichever I find first! But as soon as I get one I'll probably buy that game.
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