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    I am an extremely huge fan of The Dukes of Hazzard and I have my own Dukes of Hazzard Website!YEEHAW
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    Barre, VT
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    ALL THE DUKES OF HAZZARD and few other things
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    The Dukes of Hazzard Collector and Website Designer

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  1. I believe it was Happy B-Day General Lee when it come back on TNN back in the mid 90's or so!
  2. This is my favorite car that I have owned so far at least this one is american made and I love it as much as if it was a General Lee and been working on undercoating it with POR 15 and putting Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil in her and she's been running like a champ since I bought her 2yrs ago and have. Can not wait for summer weather to come so I can start undercoating her with POR 15 which is extremely good at stopping rust. I have just hit 77,450 miles with her, the only thing I have replaced is the exhaust hanger and gotta replace the Blower Motor Resistor as soon as I can.
  3. Thanks haven't been on here for quite a while!

  4. Nope I haven't and preordered it when they first announced it and still have the postcard they sent me saying it was delayed too!
  5. I have all 6 johnny lightning series complete and with all there original shipping boxes with the 8 in each box or so! I'll get pics up as soon as I get my camera back from my Uncle!
  6. your welcome don't mention i was probably the first Playstation user to notice this in the updates!
  7. Yeah if you have high speed internet you just go to the playstation store and go into the videos and if you go to television, then networks and there should be WB and it should be right there.
  8. The playstation network if anyone has the PS3 like I do I just downloaded the whole 1st season! They got 2 episodes in the wrong order too! One Armed Bandits is put as episode 2 instead of one and the same for Mary Kayes Baby is episode 1 when it should be episode 3! anyone have a PS3 on here?
  9. I am trying to get my posts that high but still have a ways to go and hopes to get there soon maybe! YEEHAW!
  10. cool thread I like it a lot and it was pretty nice poll something different for a change I guess! YEEHAW!
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