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    When you look at the many ways rock music has split in 50 years country music hasn't done much except drop the western in county western. I think it's due for a split though. They need to label some of this stuff county-pop and get it off the radio stations that are calling themselves country. If you want to call yourself country you need to stop playing some of that stuff. Folks like me have stopped listening.
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    Can someone remove the watermark, please? This is a fantastic picture!
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    You nearly threw me with the racetrack, Kamryn. The scene you're thinking of is actually when they report to Majestic Studios in the season 7 episode "The Dukes in Hollywood". The Duke cousins are in the front of the General, with Boss and Rosco in the back. The full exchange is: Bo: Howdy. Name's Bo Duke, this here's my cousin Daisy and my cousin Luke. We're here to help Brock Curtis out with his picture. Guard: Okay. Who's that in back? Luke: Unfortunately, they're with us. That's J.D. Hogg and Rosco Coltrane. Rosco: That's Rosco P. Coltrane, and this is Flash. Say hello.
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    Welcome to the HazzardNet Kamryn. We're sure glad to have ya. I agree. It stunk in every way imaginable. I watched the whole thing once and never will again. The two reunion movies weren't as bad but I still didn't like them and will never watch them again. There's no way all three Dukes would have moved away and left a frail Uncle Jesse by himself...and no way Boss would have died. Those things don't happen in the real Hazzard County.
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    Thanks Roger! Here's the chassis, suspension and exhaust, weathered with wear 'n' tear, and even some rust at appropriate places. Much of it will be covered/disguised by the road dust to be sprayed on last. Once installed, the edges received some orange overspray, indicating a home-done paint job. The wheel hubs are from the old MPC General Lee kit. Chrome removed with bleach, then heavily sanded on the rear until the five openings were actually opened as they should be. Then primed, sprayed flat black, and detailed with aluminum paint. Not chrome. Those bits are shiny, but not quite chrome, with the possible exception of the lug nuts.Tires sanded with fine sandpaper and fine steel wool to remove the shiny vinyl "toy" look. And, even the CB antenna; scratchbuilt styrene base, with a bit of High "E" metal guitar string.
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    So I'm back after like 2 years or something. Not exactly sure why I strayed away but I'm back now. I hope to be a little more active and just may get more of my fanfiction worked on again. They have been such slow works in progress. Well I guess I've had a couple big things happen. Been working still. Cutting hair. Think I had just started when I went away. I'm still with the same company. Had switched stores in the same franchise but come Saturday I will be joining a different franchise. My benefits will be better and as well as the environment. Pay is also better which is always a plus. The best change: I've found myself my own good ol' boy. Like literally my own. When I met him he had a mid 2000s silver charger. Come this past February though he got himself an orange 2017 challenger with a black stripe down the middle of the hood. I technically have my own General Lee. I haven't driven him but man can he handle the road. Funny enough my guy drives just like a Duke boy. Well, without the jumping the car and everything. It's incredible how all that came around. Just my luck. I'm sure very few, if anyone, would remember me. I hope everyone has been doing well. If anything cool has happened, I'd love to hear. Everyone have a happy September almost October.
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    Lol we are!!! The world is right again
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    K-Duke and country girl are hanging out again! Life is good!
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    Been kinda lurking, but I'm here too... sorta... was wondering what ever happened to ya. Cosmotology eh? I hear it's not too bad a field. I've known a few people in it. It's a field of creativity.
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    I doubt ABC had anything to do with it, it was most likely your local ABC affiliate that was going to air the Dukes as it was not scheduled to air on my local ABC affiliate. I miss TNN as well though not for the country music, more for the weekend fishing shows and car shows and racing.
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    "Ain't IT nice to know that there' a place IN this old world where things never change." ---Waylon from "By-Line Daisy Duke"
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    I wish that the The Nashville Network was still in existence. I first became a Dukes fan while watching it on TNN in the late 90's, it was a good country-centered channel. CMT used to be decent, but it has sadly gotten as bad as today's country music as well.
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    I'm afraid that it's back to the obituaries today, and not just one. First, country legend Don Williams has passed away after a short illness. He was 78. Most of his well-known songs have more than one word in their titles, but I'm keeping with the theme of the thread. Miracles - Don Williams RIP. Donald Ray Williams (May 27, 1939 – September 8, 2017) The second death is that of Troy Gentry, half of Mongomery Gentry. He was killed in a helicopter crash in New Jersey, along with the pilot, although the circumstances haven't yet been made public. He was 50. The song I've picked has several references to muscle cars. Speed - Montgomery Gentry RIP. Troy Gentry (April 5, 1967 – September 8, 2017)
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    That's a new one to me, Hobie, but that's why I like this thread. Your song title reminded me of this artist. Runaway - Del Shannon
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    I was gonna keep that one for next time . "Before you go, there is a big, hairy cockroach in that holding cell and it gives me the QUEASIES." - (Rosco tricks Enos in "Enos Strate to the Top")
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    There's a lot of truth to that, yes. I was a kid when the show came out; I am a New England native (born Vermont, grew up in NE Massachusetts) and at that time I had never heard southern accents, or words/terms like "ain't" and "y'all." Naturally I started to glamorize the South in my mind with Hazzard as the basis (kid thing, we've all been there). Since then I've lived in 6 states including 7 years in Louisiana where I married into the culture. Although I would enjoy visiting Covington (had no idea until WELL into adulthood about the place) Hazzard is, more than anything, a place inside us, a place of extreme decency despite the best efforts of the "Law" and local "Leader."
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    “Now, what do you think about folks who mix up KISSING and KILLING?” (Waylonism, from “The Meeting”)
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    It's ironic that the folks who can't figure out that we've progressed past the flag representing slavery call themselves "progressives". Maybe they've never seen a shirt that explains it's heritage not hate. Progressives have become bigger haters than the people they falsly claim are hateful. I'm not saying there aren't some who use the flag in a bad way. If I'll admit that then they should be honest enough to admit that the folks who use it in a bad way are a very tiny fraction. But progressivism never has been about truthfulness.
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    "It don't matter none if there ain't been a call for a taxi in Hazzard since gas was 30 cents and Daisy was QUEEN of the prom." - Waylon in "The Hack of Hazzard"
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    I don't think ANYONE liked it at all, except for the idiots who made and promoted it. It's horrible!!! Doesn't deserve the name "Duke." I finally figured out how to explain the difference: The Duke family on TV was 1) moral and decent, 2) respectful and respectable, 3) likeable and 4) law-abiding (not counting the corrupt local "law" and the speed limits). The so-called "Duke" family in that film were 1) immoral, 2) disrespectful and disrespectable, 3) not likeable and 4) not law-abiding. I don't know who they were, but as far as I'm concerned, the shameful folks in that film were NOT repeat NOT Dukes. It is an ABOMINATION!!!
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    I was at the dirt track tonight and talking to a friend of mine. I asked him if he's still following NASCAR and he said not since Brian France banned the Confederate flag. He also said attendance at NASCAR has dropped since that happened. If he's right that's proof that if you offend your customers they won't want your product anymore.
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    And, y'all are gonna LOVE this one: totally scratchbuilt Dixie Horn! Not sure if anyone else has done this; if they have, I've never seen it. And here it is installed on the front of the radiator:
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    This thread is to compile a list of real things that the actors used and put on the show and made them into Hazzard County things. 1)For example, in his book "Redneck Boy in the Promised Land" Ben Jones mentioned (page 33 and 65) that him and his Uncle worked for a mechanic named Stump Rountree when he was a young man living in Virginia. Stump Rountree was an unseen character that was mentioned on the episode "The Canterbury Crock" 2) Hard Labor Creek (page 154 of the same book) was mentioned in "Dukescam Scam" 3) Rosey Walker (page 232) is from "Enos and Daisy's Wedding" 4) Peach Tree Road (page 177) is from "Heiress Daisy Duke" 5) Jim Bronke was an attorney whose named appeared numerous times on the sign in front of the courthouse. It first appeared on "The Big Heist". In reality, Mr. Bronke was a friend of someone who worked on the show (a stage manager I think) 6) Enos's Uncle Odie (unseen on the show but mentioned by Enos on "Enos in Trouble") was really Sonny Shroyer's way of mentioning his real-life father, Odie Shroyer Can anybody else think of any more? I bet there's a lot.
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    Engine and Engine bay. Replaced Fan belt pullys and belt with aftermarket. Sanded out most detail in engine bay for an insane scratchbuilding job.
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    Hello, I'm French,I am a fan of the serie The Dukes of Hazzard particulary (James Best) Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. I have some photo and western movies: -Firecreek -Shenandoah -Black Spurs -Ride Lonesome -Cole Younger, Gunfighter -Last of the Badmen -Raid -Seminole -Battle at Apache Pass -Kansas Raiders -The left handed gun -Winchester '73... and movies "The Savages Bees, Hooper..." Photo James Best: "Last of the Badmen" I am very happy to see your beautiful car I am passionnate american cars particulary all the Plymouth Fury (Monaco or Coronet) 1975-1978 and I have a collection about The Dukes of Hazzard (Photo, DVD, Model...) and Plymouth, Dodge 1977-1978 (Photo, book, documentation, model...). Hazzard County Rosco Badge, Sheriff Department County Patch, Sheriff Citation Ticket book Patch, Shirt Costume Sheriff, Two model kit Dodge Monaco Sheriff Rosco's Police car, 69 Dodge Charger General Lee 1/18, 1974 Dodge Monaco Police Car 1/18, "83522" Rosco Plate... Photo Sweatshirt "James Best" I search other photo of the actor James Best, I will be very interesting. Thanks you very much. Solange
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    there is no way for me to know that sadly, I have no idea what anyone contributed to the show, except Daisy. When I seen the show "the life and times of the dukes of hazzard", in the interview with Catherine, it was mentioned when Catherine was hired for the part of Daisy, she would have to wear matching clothes to the table cloth at the Boars nest. Catherine's answer to that was, "Daisy Duke is not wearing that...." That's when she suggest them short pants Jeans and producers of the show all excepted. So , that's the only thing I know, catherine contributed them shorts.