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    Thanks Hoss. I just thought it would be good to put this here since there are fewer and fewer Dukes gatherings lately. I wish this thing wasn't a thousand miles away because I'd love to go if it was closer. I see the property is 58 acres which is a coincidence since Bo is turning 58. As I said I'll turn 58 just 7 days after that. I wonder if I should start an extravaganza when I jump my dirt bike over that General Lee toy. How much do you think I should charge for admission?
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    Very sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, just found this video of Michael (lex from smallville) talking about John and the general lee. .
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    The subject of Bo's Extravaganza originally came up in the NASCAR News thread, and that's where I posted the video below.
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    I'm starting to have second thoughts about jumping my dirt bike on my 58th birthday. I did some calculations and the toy is 4 inches long and I'm going to need 3 inches on each side of it. I took several hours to add all the numbers up and it came to a grand total of 10 inches. I'm not too worried about my dirt bike even though it's getting old....turning 20 this year. But I am worried about making a jump that long. I mean, what happens if I get 5 inches into the jump and get scared. There's no coming back at that point. The pressure I'm stating to feel is probably what Evil Knieval felt before he jumped the Snake River Canyon.
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    I posted a couple of videos and a couple of screengrabs of Denver in the Andy Griffith Show here.
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    Thanks for posting this Tania. I turned 58 today and Denver was 59 when Dukes started so I'm on my way to being just like my hero Uncle Jesse.
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this. but I just found this video and love it.
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    I agree, I’ve been in a car that’s been airborne (by accident) and the landing was hard, and I’m in my 30s.
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    I'm pretty low tech so I don't ever post videos and don't even know how so I don't know the rules. Hoss answers all the tech stuff if MM isn't around.
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    It's a big day in Hazzard County. John Schneider turns 58 today and Bo Duke is jumping the General Lee in Louisiana. We love them both and wish them luck!
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    Hey, this brings back some good memories. Since joining here Hoss at times carried the HazzardNet on his shoulders and should have been named fan of the month 100 times. So the least I can do is award him the honor for April 2018. Congratulations Hoss.
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    Tomorrow, March 31st, is Peggy Rea's Birthday. She was born on March 31,1921 so Happy Birthday Lulu
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    Hello everybody, I’m Tania from New Zealand. Been a dukes of hazzard fans for years. Own all seasons on DVD. Also own seasons 1 to 5 of Smallville on DVD. I’m working on a dukes crossover with Smallville fic right now, I know there are some out there but still going to write it. thanks for letting me join this group.
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    We dodged that snow here in NW Pennsylvania. Everybody hates those Monday races but I guess they have no choice.
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    I appreciate you figuring that out Hoss. I've been crunching those numbers for a few days and had calculated five mph but that was with a 2 mph margain of error. I know you're better at math so I'm taking your word for it. I'm not sure which is making me more nervous, having to jump that far or go that fast. I'm thinking I should make the jump before I turn 58 next month while I'm still much younger. Another thing I thought of. What happens if I get way up in the air (say 4 inches into the jump) and have to go to the bathroom? Or what if I get hungry? It's not like there's a fast food drive through around that high in the air. Which reminds me, we calculated distance and speed but not height. Could you crunch some more numbers and see how high I'll be?
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    Last year they had this as an undercover cop car
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    I usually pick too many Pirates so I know how you feel about loyalty. I picked 4 this time and even Andrew McCutchen who isn't even a Pirate anymore.
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    I'm sorry I didn't join your league but I couldn't make the draft and I hate having the computer pick for me. I'm only in one league this year and it's a public league so I don't know anybody. That's less embarrassing if you lose but not as gratifying if you win. You'll be happy to know I have three Cubs. My number two pick was Kris Bryant. I also have Lester and Happ. This might be the best draft I've ever had so I'm excited.
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    Thanks for the info Garrett. I always love your NASCAR updates. I hope you get time to keep up on them this year.....I was surprised to hear that about Lowe's.
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    They never said how much older Luke was than Bo but I guess that Luke was 4-7 years older. The reason I say that is on "Happy Birthday General Lee" when they first got the General Lee (it was black) Luke said to Bo "You were just out of high school and I was just out of the Marines". I know from experience that in that era a stint in the Marines was a minimum of 4 years....of course it was possible to do more or less because of the VietNam War....which Luke served in. Since the show started in 1979 and there were few or no American troops there in 1975 it is possible that Luke could have been in longer than 4 years and that's why I said 4-7. Daisy was somewhere in between them in age although I can't remember which episode said that. I'm excited that you're interested!
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    You're older than I thought. I don't know what was making me think you were younger. I suppose it's not possible to make shine as good as yours and be young. Talent like that takes decades to acquire.
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    I agree. If you don't do it for the love at least do it for the money....but just do it!
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    I believe there are only two people in the car. This is how they shot the footage from the driver's view. Clearly, the camera man is in the driver seat operating the camera. Paul Baxley is straddling the center of the car. He has a thick green jacket to lean up against the roll bar. Paul drives the car as the camera man films. Justin "CornDog"