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    I've seen two things recently that have given me hope. An article about Ray Kohn's jump in Detroit mentioned that the flag wasn't a big issue since people like Dukes so much. I'm pretty bad with finding stuff on the web but I saw an article about how even the mayor had a picture taken with the General. (If someone can refind that and post the link here I'd appreciate it). I also opened my Sunday newspaper and saw a section called Parade that has been around in Sunday's paper as long as I can remember. On the front was characters from the TV series Dallas comparing what those stars made to modern stars (adjusted for inflation). Inside was a picture of Bo and Luke with the hood up on the General and no mention of the flag controversy. Politically correct winds change direction with time and I hope that is starting to happen. I'm not saying that society here in America will make any more TV shows with the flag on it....unless it is in a historical context....but I do think folks have woken up and realized there was nothing racial about the Dukes....or any other show or movie that showed the flag. Simple logic shows this. If a person watches "Gone With the Wind" they are not watching something that is promoting the return of slavery or justifying it in any way. But sometimes logic doesn't always win out in tragedies like the one that happened in South Carolina. Taking the Dukes off the air and punishing innocent Dukes fans for the acts of a madman was wrong. I get it. Sometimes knee jerk reactions happen. That's human nature. It is my hope that the tide is turning and we will see a return of the reruns someday. It may not happen soon but as the healing continues and we head in the right direction it is possible. It's like old Waylon says "In Hazzard we tend to like happy endings."
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    That confused me too but I think Dixie means that "nothing" has been posted on fanfic
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    That makes me want to dig out his book and read it again. He sure is an interesting man who overcame some obstacles in life and through hard work and determination became a household word. Unless you're really young everybody knows who you're talking about when you say the name Cooter. The same could be said for all the main stars. The Dukes of Hazzard was so popular its mark on television will live on a long time. The best example of that is "Daisy Dukes". Today's teenagers might not recognize Catherine but they know what Daisy Dukes are.
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    I get what you're saying but I'm fine with Kwanza. If anybody tried to take away Fourth of July because its offensive to British people or St Patrick's Day because it's offensive to folks who aren't Irish then I would be mad. People should be permitted to celebrate their culture as long as they don't take away somebody else's right to do the same. That's what was so outrageous about taking Dukes off the air. It took away the freedom of others to enjoy it.....especially innocent Dukes fans who did nothing wrong. I don't celebrate Kwanza because I don't want to. People who don't like the Dukes because of the flag should just not watch it if they don't want to. Taking freedom of choice away from the folks who wanted to see it was just plain wrong.
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    Comparing Hogan's Heroes with Dukes is something I hadn't heard before. It is a good comparison and makes a lot of sense. Many of the founding fathers in America owned slaves and nobody here is proposing that we rewrite history to boycott them and pretend they never existed. People are smart enough to consider the way the thought process of society at that time worked. After the South Carolina tragedy some people forgot that which caused the knee jerk reaction to happened. It looks like we are returning to sanity and society is once again learning that the Dukes of Hazzard is good. Things like this move slow but at least we appear to be heading back to the right direction.
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    Very well said Roger! Hogan's Heroes reruns still air. The swastika is seen in most if not all the episodes. It's not meant to promote hatred but is rather used in a historical context even though the show is a comedy. BTW, I happen to like Hogan's Heroes. Hopefully people will start seeing the Dukes Of Hazzard in the same way and not hold what some madman did against the show. It's a great show and should be seen.
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    Rain (had 2 total inches Friday-Monday and expecting another 1-2inches Thursday-Saturday) thoughts and prayers to those who got flooded this past weekend
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    If you're the old fart, I'm the older fart. I just turned 50 (a week after John Schneider). I think I'm the oldest person here who posts on a daily basis. In fact, I may be the oldest person here period. I'm probably not though. James Best was posting stuff last year and I know he's older than me....Khee Khee!!!
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    Hey RebellWolf, I'll have you know I check this site every day. Several times a day actually. Don't always have that extra minute to post but I do keep up with what's going on here. You're not the only one old enough to remember the show. You're not the only one who's lived Hazzard style. Son...you are in good company. =) MaryAnne