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    Merry Christmas everybody. Does anybody have any special plans? I don't.......just mostly stay home with a little time traveling short distances to visit family.
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    Our Meadow Muffin is safe! YESSS!!! Come on by the car lot sometime Meadow and we'll slip behind the building and have a sip to celebrate your safety! ( You never waste a sip!)
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    You know you've been watching Dukes too much when you post the above sentence.
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    This is bad news, bad news. I haven't heard this yet and it is upsetting. I hope you'll use that time you spent on fantasy NASCAR and put it toward your NASCAR threads here Garrett. I'd hate to lose contact with you. You've been a good friend for a long time.
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    Hi ya'll! Just came up with this for fun. You know you've been watching Dukes of Hazzard too much when... 1. You call your best friend a dipstick. 2. Your boss is your "little fat buddy." 3. When you need a new license plate, you try to get CNH 320. 4. You try to drive like Bo. 5. You name your kids or animals after characters in the show. (Oh I plan on doing this one!) 6. You practice so that you are just as good with a bow and arrow as Luke and Bo are. 7. Your family car is equipped with a custom horn, the first 12 notes of "Dixie". 8. Your favorite outfit is a pair of tight blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a yellow and blue or blue checkered shirt. 9. You try to hood slide. 10. Your ringtone for your cell phone is "Good ole boys". 11. You climb in your car through the window, even though the doors are not welded shut. Please come up with your own. I would love to see what others think!
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    I feel your pain. It's been pretty cold here on Lake Erie. The good thing is that it makes us appreciate it more when it's warm.
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    Wife and I cut our Sunday plans short so I could Install a new battery in a relatives car in 20 degree weather with windchills near zero yesterday because said relative didn't feel like waiting at the auto center for an hour or more for their mechanics to change it Saturday . Would have been done taking the old one out and putting the new one in in half an hour if I didn't have to wait in checkout line at Walmart for 45+minutes, I kid you not it was over 45 minutes because some genius only scheduled one cashier to work the auto section yesterday . Luckily got back in time just before sundown to put the new one in the car.
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    This is getting bizzare! Today I saw Hoss's post. Earlier today I saw a commercial for Applebee's Restaurant. Yesterday I was at a basketball game and a player's last name was Appleby. My mother-in-law went to Cleveland the day before that to see a dementia specialist named Dr Appleby. Four Applebys in three days!....even though they aren't spelled the same that's pretty amazing! To add to the coincidence I had a piece of apple pie just before I logged in (I swear I'm not making that up)
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    Just today I found this small interview/documentary from a Dutch TV show from 2002/2003 where they visit James Best. This was during the time the TV channel Veronica started re-airing the show which seemed to be quite a big deal. Thought it would be interesting to share. There's some parts which are in Dutch but most is English with some dutch subtitles or interesting video.
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    It's also amazing that Uncle Jesse was only 15 years older than Enos in real life. I'm already half way through my Charlie Daniels book. He made a few mistakes when he was younger but today he is definitely worthy of respect. What an amazing life!
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    "Please Come to Boston" by Dave Loggins The Wikipedia page suggests that the "man from Tennessee" was Dave himself.
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    Well, we expected about an inch of snow and that it would melt in time for us to go over to my sister's for Christmas dinner and my birthday party. We ended up getting about 3 1/2 inches of snow and in our area, that's "snowed in" because they don't plow the mile of road from our house to the main arteries. No BBQ Christmas dinner and cheesecake dessert for us. We made the best of it though, made a snowman. Hubby made fudge and raspberry cream pie. He's throwing together some last minute chicken and stuffing for dinner. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
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    If you think about it every day is a holiday because every day is unique. That's why I tip a glass of buttermilk every evening just like Enos.
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    Rudolph (beer? That surprises me. I figured you'd be leaving old Saint Nick a bit of Hobie's Finest.)
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    We just had a friend stay with us on Tuesday night from Tennessee. He was traveling to the other side of Pennsylvania....which reminds me of that song "There's no place like home for the holidays". Part of the lyrics are "I met a man who lives in Tennessee and he was heading home to Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie."
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    Yes but on the days that we're not having a holiday you need a sip to cheer you up. I see a trend here...LOL
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    Amen to that Brother Hobie! I went to see Star Wars today with my daughter, her husband, my grandson and his girlfriend. It was okay.I like those movies but am not a huge fan so I'll just say it was okay. Movies are starting to get a little too politically correct for me. I'm excited about tomorrow. As I type this"White Christmas" by Johnny Mathis is playing. I like all Christmas music but I really love Elvis's Christmas stuff.
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    LOL Hobie is always looking for a reason to take a sip or two. Now that he knows MM is safe he might even have three to celebrate!
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    Christmas (A much better reason to kneel is thanking God on Christmas)
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Heading to the In law's on Xmas eve and maybe heading to the theater on Christmas to see Star Wars depending on how much snow we get.
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    Merry Christmas everybody! I'm just going to my mom's open a few presents and that's about it!
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    I have been online for 24 years. Net neutrality rules have only been in place in the US since 2015. Attempts by ISPs to throttle or otherwise mess with their customers' online experience over the years have been met with lawsuits and the government has generally sided with customers. Since 2015, I've noticed less competition (i.e. there are fewer options for internet in many areas). People I know in rural areas have actually lost home internet access and have to drive a half hour into town or more to use libraries or free wifi at local businesses. I don't think you have a lot to worry about. In other words, the Internet did just fine for the 46 years before net neutrality rules were in place. I think it'll be fine with the rollback.
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    It's not possible to watch Dukes too much so the title of this thread is ridiculous.
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    Nice thread idea, here's a few more: 1. You wash your car by driving it into the local pond. 2. You go out for a drink with friends and order a buttermilk. 3. You fill your car up with gas and get surprised when it costs more than 65.9 cents a gallon. 4. When you visit the General Store, you think they should be selling '69 Chargers. 5. You hit your thumb with a hammer and, despite having an array of ruder words in your vocabulary, say 'dang it'. 6. You see a dip in the road and think 'what if I hit that going a bit faster?'.