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    Boy’s Best Friend Creepy Voice?

    That's true but it was a good episode though....of course I like every episode!!!
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    Cousin Roger yep it's basically the same format.
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    There's a pretty good replica for sale at benfordyachthat.com, but it's $249 + postage. On the plus side, it's available in 11 sizes.
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    Skipper Duke

    What do you think of season 7?

    Roger... Snake let's not forget he was Russell "Snake" Harmon too.
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    Uncle Jesse's episode reviews

    And the fairground owner in Smokey and the Bandit II.
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    Uncle Jesse's episode reviews

    Thanks Skipper!
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    Very cool! Besides The Dukes of Hazzard, I am Gilligan's Island and The Andy Griffith Show fan. My favorites are Bo Duke and Skipper Jonas Grumby. Hence my username of Skipper Duke.
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    Skipper Duke

    Question About Hobie

    Awe poor Hobie R. I. P.
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    Skipper Duke

    Question About Hobie

    Hoss... I think the cop on the left is from some color episodes of T. A. G. S. the ones when Barney lived in Raleigh and worked as a Detective for the Raleigh P. D. And he had sent Barney for coffee in one of those episodes. Can you check for me?
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    NASCAR news

    Darrell Bubba Wallace is not returning to Richard Petty Motorsports for 2021 https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2020/09/10/bubba-wallace-not-returning-to-rpm-after-this-season/ Bet he will be announced as the driver for the #42 Chip Ganassi Racing Chevy in the coming days.
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    NASCAR news

    Looks like Jimmie Johnson will be racing for Chip Ganassi Racing next season in the Indycar series https://www.jayski.com/2020/09/09/jimmie-johnson-partnering-with-chip-ganassi-for-indycar-deal/. Wonder if Ganassi will be switching to Chevrolet engines next season as Jimmie has said he'd like to keep his partnership with Chevy.
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    She's All That

    I didn't see it but it didn't look like the kind of movie that I would like. That doesn't mean that you wouldn't like it though.
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    The last 24 hours

    Our daughter and her family will be staying with us for 4 days (Fri-Mon) so I probably won't be on much the next few days. I hope everybody has a great weekend.
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    Favorite Dukes of Hazzard Vehicles

    About an hour after I wrote this I was driving through town when a black 2017 Mustang passed me. I couldn't have planned it better!
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    Favorite Dukes of Hazzard Vehicles

    Here's Farrah on her Mustang II. I originally posted this picture in the General Lee is #01 - The 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time! thread.
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    Do you see many of those over there? I would assume they are like older Corvette's would be over here. You see them on the road but not that often. Do you ever see many Corvette's over there, even newer ones?
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    I just watched "Dukes Strike it Rich" and the Dukes were talking about building a lake on their property and buying a yacht for it. I bet that would be your favorite vehicle if they would let you be the Skipper!
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    Chandler Prime 01

    Duke Farm

    Im going to visit some filming locations next weekend and I know the duke farm isnt looking so good i did hear a few years ago that a fan in alabama was thinking about buying and rebuilding the farm to how it was any news or updates on this ?
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    NASCAR news

    Jimmie Johnson interested in running all Indycar road and street courses next season https://www.jayski.com/2020/08/19/jimmie-johnson-interested-in-full-indycar-road-street-schedule-next-season/. Would be neat if he could race the #48.
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    Insurance Hazzard

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    If there are any fingerprints, get Rosco to dust for them and he'll find out who's been messing with your stuff!!
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    Uncle Jesse's episode reviews

    ROFL....If it helps, have her sign up for the HazzardNet. That way every time you're watching an episode she can log in and yell at me. That way we're all happy. You're happy because you're watching Dukes. I'm happy because I helped you watch Dukes. She's happy because she gets to blow off steam to the guy that started all the trouble.
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    Hobie Harkins

    Dukes DVD Boxset?

    Yes, it's good to see you again JH! Come on by the car lot sometime and we'll turn up a few Mason Jars of the good stuff!!
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    I'm hungry now..
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    I also thought it was some kind of extractor hood, although, like Mark, I was leaning towards welding rather than cooking. I found the one below by Googling "extractor hood for welding". The description says "Fume extraction canopies. Manufactured to order from 0.9mm galvanised mild steel. Ideal for welding and general fume extraction within industrial environments (not suitable for commercial kitchen extraction). Hoods can be supplied in a flatback design - enabling installation against a wall, or a symmetrical configuration i.e in the plan view the top spigot is centrally located." It looks like we may have to take away your award, Ila .
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    Hobie Harkins

    coy and vance's car

    I love this......!! HA HA!! I hope I can remember it!! LOL!!
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    Feeling old

    What a happy thread.... if I had known you ALL were going to start talking of death (and of dying young) I wouldn't have started it, ROFL.
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    Daisy's Jeep

    This one seems to have taken ages. It's my own fault for starting 2 projects at once . It proved very hard getting good reference photos for this one because hardly any Jeep owners seem to keep their vehicles standard. I've tried to make it a stock CJ-7. Dixie kept changing, and trim such as wipers and mirrors disappear and reappear between shots. I've gone for a manual transmission version. I based the 'DIXIE' hood graphics on the Jeep at Cooter's because the photos I found online were much higher resolution than any screengrabs I could get - they are slightly different from the series (I think the Jeep at Cooter's is a CJ-5, not a CJ-7 - any Jeep experts can correct me if I'm wrong). The Jeep emblems have been left in place as that's how they appeared in earlier shows.
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    Bahahahaha! MaryAnne's turned 21 a lot. But, I won't reveal her actual age ( I don't have the necessary degree in anthropology, for one thing) because she and I have a pact in that respect. I've turned 21 a lot too.
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    I'd like to see that. Can't she take a couple pills or something?
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    I know, some people have it tough. Speaking of tough, I don't know who I'm going to get to provie a report of the Daisy Duke contest at the Allen's Grove Boar's Nest this year. I was thinking MaryAnne would enter the Daisy Duke contest, but she's allergic to Wisconsin.
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    2010 Christmas Party

    What are you saying?....that Meadowmufn made the fruitcake again this year?
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    Garrett Duke

    lets play a dukes game

    (LOL...poor ol' Cooter. You do have to feel bad for him, though I guess I don't feel too bad because it's been awhile since I gave him any points. But I make it a point not to take a point from him. Gotta count for something, right? I normally give the point I take away to the same person. Perhaps I shouldn't admit that...LOL. I'll let y'all guess as who that is. Bet that isn't too hard. )
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope everybody had a great turkey day!!!! Ya gotta love those pilgrims. They had an adventurous spirit just like them Dukes.
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    Favorite funny moments

    Funniest thing in Dukes is Bo's shining moment. LOL his blonde moment in Limo one is missing. "Well there wasnt more than a gallon in that gas can.." The look on Luke's face is priceless. "In a one gallon gas can no kiddin?" Bo: "I can't believe I just said that..." This scene cracked me up. I was laughing so hard my stomach began to hurt lol.
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    And we said it is cause Mufn' has connections to Jimmie and knows it is him. I'm about to knock you into next week.
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    Song from Daisy's Song

    I found it! It's called "That's the Way a Cowboy Rocks and Rolls." It's on iTunes on the Jessi Colter Collection album. The sample of the song has that line that Lukas noted. Argh...iTunes is bein' a pain and I can't purchase the album or the song at this time. Frizzin'...frazzzn'...&%*$!&%!
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    Funny game!!!

    The title sums it all up that game got me in so much trouble i was grounded off the phone for 2 years!!!!!!!:evil:
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    lol I have a reputation? It lies only with you I think my friend lol
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    Poll: Favorite episodes

    My favorite episodes are the original Georgia shows...also, any episode that focuses on Enos or Uncle Jesse. I also really loved Happy Birthday General Lee, Find Loretta Lynn, Baa Baa White Sheep, Welcome Waylon Jennings, Go West Young Dukes, but welcome Back Bo 'n' Luke is probably my all time favorite though because I sure missed those good 'ole boys. I'm gone.
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    Poll: Favorite episodes

    My favorite episode is "Enos and Daisy's wedding." but since it wasn't listed I voted for Ghost of the General Lee. Jimmy Best's preformance in the beginning where he was talking to Uncle Jesse about Bo and Luke was Awesome!!!! I get choked up every single time I watch it.
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    Enos Fan

    Poll: Favorite episodes

    Of those listed, my favorite is 'Ghost of the General Lee'. I thought the overall emotion in the episode was quite good and the way they managed to make the General look driverless was pretty brilliant. Of course, my all time favorite episode is not listed, but is 'Enos and Daisy's Wedding'. I think that any episode that focuses on Enos will end up at the top of my list. I also like the episode where Daisy becomes Deputy. She's brilliant in that. How can someone run down a hill in high heels deserves great credit. Catherine Bach was just great in that episode.
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    Deputy Dukes

    I think the brunette was Cindy Lou. I love Luke's line as the girls are getting away.... "Girls! Wait! Take the clothes and leave the money!"
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    Least favourite episode

    I cringe everytime I see "Strange Visitor to Hazzard" Someone must have been mighty high when they were thinkin up that one. Without a doubt its a jump the shark episode.
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    Favorite Quotes???

    what about in Limo one is missing Luke- Bo you know why you get those hiccups is because you scarf food like its the begining of a 12 month famon. Bo- Cute luke.
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    Uncle Jesse's episode reviews

    There's very little about Danone Simpson/Camden online, but I can't find anything linking her with Jessica Simpson.
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    NASCAR news

    I hope this rumor isn't true but it appears Toyota is trying to court the King. I just can't see the fabled #43 on a Toyota . https://www.jayski.com/2020/08/26/bubba-wallace-richard-petty-motorsports-denny-hamlin-michael-jordan-toyota/