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    I also watch Hogan's Heroes. I think the difference there is that the Nazis are portrayed as the bad guys, and are always the butt of the joke. Of course, the flag was ridiculed in the 2005 Dukes movie, but the less said about that the better.
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    It's a shame one moron can take a symbol and ruin it for everyone. The Confederate Battle flag is just that, the flag the troops took into battle. It's not the flag of the south as a lot of people refer to it. As Roger Duke said, these progressives or what ever they are called aren't open minded at all. It's their way or no way. The General Lee was a car on a nice TV show that always had the Duke family come out on top as wholesome, kind and accepting of others. But there's the battle flag on the car so the whole show must be bad! I watch Hogan's Heroes and there are multiple swastikas in every episode yet somehow that's not offensive at all. I don't get it.
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    We have a group of folks in America called "Progressives". They expect everybody to conform to their ways. If they think a subject is politically correct, even though it didn't used to be, they expect everyone to change and agree with them but they think they never have to change. I know a lot of rednecks and I don't know a single one who likes the Confederate Flag because of racism. The all like it because it represents the good things about Southern culture. The flag may or may not have represented something bad in the past. If we give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it did they should give us the benefit of the doubt and assume the meaning has changed. But they only want us to accept the change they approve of not the good change others cling to. The are self centered and don't have a clue that the flag represents good to some people. They want to destroy that goodness and only focus on the very small minority of people like mass murderer Dylan Roof who used it for evil. You can take anything good and make it bad. Progressives wouldn't like it if a person with an Obama shirt on did something bad and a conservative said that was proof all Obama supporters are bad. That is stereotyping and anybody who has been victimized by stereotyping knows it is wrong. Progressives are always embracing change. It's time they embrace the fact that rednecks have turned a flag into something good. If they think it used to be bad they should be happy that it isn't any longer.
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    I see Fox News headed it "Crazy Video" (although they could probably put that on most of their videos). The ranting woman seemed to assume she was speaking for everyone of her color, despite the fact that at least one of the people she ranted at disproved this. To mix up a few quotes I found on the Internet, everyone has the right to be offended, no one has the right never to be offended, and just because you are offended doesn't make you right. One last thing - unless you're only sharing your video by letting other people view it on your phone, turn your **** phone around and film in landscape - you know, like TVs and cinemas.
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    You've got some really great picture CDoherty. Thank you for posting them.
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    Sorry Beauregard,Lee 1 was NOT Hemi Orange re-read my post.Don Shisler was in charge of the Georgia Lee's and he told me the color.I don't know where you got you're info but mine comes from the horses mouth. As I stated WB had a company build Generals for them for a period of time instead of WB doing it themselves and that company did apparently use Hemi or Hugger or a special mixture of the two whatever was handy. Then WB went back to building them and Flame Red was used till the end definetly the last 3 seasons so Flame Red was used probably used 75% of the time. If you are building a General and want correctness go with Flame Red.
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    Lizey calling people names shows how intelligent you are. People read my post. According to Don Shisler who was in charge of the Generals in Georgia personally told me at Dukesfest 01 the color is 75 Corvette "Flame Red" or also called "Orange Flame". Tom Sarmento who built Generals for the show also confirms this color was used during the last 3 seasons of Dukes. Now there was a short period of time when the Generals were built buy a company that WB hired and from what I've learned it is not clear exactly the color they used.I've heard HEMI and Hugger also what ever they had handy but again this occurred during maybe a season or 2. Mostly though it was the "Flame Red" used. Lizey by the way I have a General Lee also and it is "Flame Red". I think the guys who built them or in charge should know don't you?
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    The color is 1975 Corvette "Flame Red" or also known as "Orange Flame" Trust me on this cause I have a replica and I've talked to some of the guys that actually built them for TV. Here is the code,DuPont 1975 Flame Red 43462K code 70 or PPG Deltron Acrylic Urethane(DAV2764) C-70-WA-4667 They used this definetly during the last 3 seasons on Dukes and on the Georgia episodes cars.