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  1. Me too...no more trying to madly tape every episode/rerun off whatever cable network, and hoping the VHS tapes lasted! The DVDs were a way to finally have every episode, digitally remastered (although not in HD), and official studio quality at the time!
  2. Lol, I was a few years younger, but l still remember watching when the show originally aired! I was so angry when it went off the air...and just a year later, so did Knight Rider. I was devastated...but first came the beauty of reruns for both shows, and eventually home video sets! I can now forever enjoy both shows whenever I want.
  3. Exactly...the memories are forever captured on screen & for us to forever enjoy! But, we do have to live in reality sometimes, even when we don’t want to or it’s painful. However, we’ll always have the memories to cherish, and know & be grateful for what once was—especially if you got to experience them firsthand & when they originally impacted us.
  4. I know...I want those people to remain the ages at the time of DOH, but we all get older & no one lives forever.
  5. It was still sane when Denver’s/Uncle Jesse’s generation was still alive...but, sadly we are losing most of them, as time moves on. He was the same age as one of my grandmas...she passed away just two years after him, in ‘99. I can’t wrap my head around the idea they’d ‘be’...103 (little rhyme there)! RIP, God bless, and miss you both!
  6. Yes, it was an early Season 1 episode “Moving Violation”...Rosie Greer guest starred as this huge, massive guy who gets out of an old tiny compact car (it was almost clown-like). He is so enraged because he’s getting a ticket (I think it was his mom‘s car supposedly, if I remember right—and she’ll be mad at him) that he begins to literally tear/rip the car apart with his hands...Greer’s guest-appearance is credited as ‘Car Killer’, no-less, lol!!!
  7. CHiPs sometimes was serious (for the time), as they once in a while even had fatalities & people dying. But, overall it was fairly lighthearted...although it was definitely more serious than DOH. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Rick Hurst in any kind of serious role.
  8. Another fun, action-filled show I grew up with was CHiPs (1977-1983)! I just watched a Season 3 episode, “Death Watch”, from October of 1979. Part of the plot was the late actor Christopher Stone playing this disgruntled, angry movie stuntman driver purposely causing wrecks on the California freeways for insurance money (Stone’s real-life wife, actress Dee Wallace, who many remember as the mom in the movie E.T., also had a guest-spot). However, the goofy movie director that Stone’s character was the stunt driver for, was none other than Rick Hurst...aka Cletus Hogg! Has Hurst ever played a serious role?
  9. I understand that Mill Creek puts out more budget releases, but there are several series sets of older shows they’ve done that are pretty good—KR included, as well as Miami Vice, Charlie’s Angels, Magnum p.i., etc... Compared to the original DVD sets, the Blu-ray sets by them are pretty cool! However, Turbine Medien is NOT a budget company...they are top of the line! The Blu-ray quality is superb...and their KR set is “perfect”! It’s one big, huge set sealed in an awesome designed box. So, they’re not going to take parts out for a cheaper price. I didn’t care for the sequel TV movie (Knight Rider 2000), Team KR, or the remake series—which isn’t included. But, it’s awesome that the majority of the franchise is included...even if I don’t necessarily need or want it.
  10. I know...it’s not cheap or a budget set. But, it contains almost the entire KR franchise, besides just the original series (the only thing not included was the 2008 remake 1 season series), Including tons of special features & memorabilia items. It’s expensive, but well worth it if you can do it!
  11. I’ve looked up DOH on Blu-ray several times in the past, just to see if there was a set put out at some point & I didn’t realize it, or if there were plans to put one out in the near future. Sadly, no. Not that I know of...I’m sure the whole liberal/woke garbage over the rebel flag is a big part of it. I’ve also heard before that Warner Bros has stated in recent years that they plan to eventually stop putting out & will phase out physical media...going to streaming only. That will be unbelievably stupid if they do! As for KR...I have the original Universal season DVD sets, and the Mill Creek Blu-ray set from a few years ago. However, all of those are syndicated reruns (as that’s what Universal has used for a lot of their older shows when first releasing them to DVD). But, this new 40th Anniversary Blu-ray set by Turbine is SUPERB! It has original uncut episodes, by far out-does even Mill Creek’s Blu-ray quality, and is probably the BEST Blu-ray release ever, that I’ve seen so far! It’s also REGION FREE, and can be played anywhere world wide! But, it is expensive! However, the special features, tons of memorabilia included in it, the programming & quality of programming, etc...do somewhat justify a higher price. The box it comes in is huge, too...it’s not your standard Blu-ray series size. It’s not a budget release by any means. My credit card may hate me , but I’m loving this KR set! If DOH and Miami Vice could get this treatment by Turbine as well, I’d ball like a baby with joy, lol!
  12. I’ve recently discovered this YouTube channel myself & have watched a few of the videos (as I was/am as big of a KR fan as I was/am a fan of DOH). Recently I discovered that a German company called Turbine put out a special 40th Anniversary Blu-ray set of KR this past fall—which there’s a video about that on this channel as well. The set is actually region free, though, and is SUPERB!! It has original uncut/unedited NBC airings for the first time since the show originally aired!, with all original music, and completely restored in THE best quality of an older show I’ve ever seen! The special features & memorabilia included are off the charts, too! I so wish DOH could get the same restored Blu-ray treatment that KR did—it would be amazing!!
  13. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Season 1...which had the Hazzard County barbecue reunion from 2005 on it. I’m thinking it was another reunion with just the “cousins” in 2006. I remember Catherine is wearing a green sweater or shirt of some kind. But...it’s been a while. I could be wrong.
  14. It could be Season 2’s special features, or Season 3’s...can’t remember?
  15. Yeah, they talk about it on one of the special features, on one of the season DVD sets...can’t remember which season has that interview? But, it’s where John, Tom, and Catherine reunite in some NY sound recording room to talk about the show & reminisce.
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