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  1. Thanks! I have & have watched so many TV shows & movies over the years, that it’s fun when I start recognizing locations & sets used in multiple things.
  2. Yes, I think in that one episode he had a 1970 F-100…and I think it had a shorter bed. But, the rest of the time he had 1973-1977 models.
  3. This is one of my favorites, of Season 7…ultimately being the season premiere! I remember watching this when it originally aired! I love the flashbacks, and seeing things from 8 years before…Boss was thinner (ol’ Sorrell finally got to do an episode without the fat suit ), Rosco has this ridiculous mustache , and Uncle Jesse wore this fedora type hat instead of his trademark red ball cap. However, there were some definite inconsistencies & inaccuracies. First, the Charger that eventually became General Lee was referred to as a “68 coupe”, by a junk dealer. Not only was the General a 69 (as we all know), but the black Charger used (before it supposedly was turned into GL) was definitely a 69 model as well. Not only that, but ‘Luke Duke’ (Tom Wopat) directed this episode! So, he should have definitely realized this inaccuracy in the script?? Then, when testing out the General, Bo & Luke supposedly first make the famous river jump (seen in the opening credits from Season 2 on)…however, they actually first made that jump in Season 2, which was sometime in late 1979 or early 1980, not 1976—the past. Next, since most of this episode takes place in 1976, Uncle Jesse’s truck would have only been a couple/few years old…but it looks to be just as beat up & dirty as if it was 20 years old. Finally, again this is supposed to be 1976 (8 years before), but Boss Hogg’s Hogg Hellcat race car was anywhere from a 1979-1982 or 83 Chevy Malibu. I know these are not detrimental mistakes, and do not hurt the plot. But, for someone who loves cars, I notice things like these. However, the wrong 1968 reference to the General does irk me when I watch this one, lol!
  4. To an extent, yes. The “idea” of Hazzard exists in a way, or our “desire” for a Hazzard-like place to exist. But, just because we want it to exist, doesn’t mean it does. That’s why shows like DOH were & are so popular…because the real world is a lot of cruelty, selfishness, perversion, corruption, evil, etc… In the escape of fantasy entertainment, in places like Hazzard, those things don’t exist on a regular basis…and when they try to infiltrate, they are dealt with swiftly & squelched. We all (or most of us) want that…but like it or not, that’s not reality (as a whole). However, we can take the examples set forth in say DOH, and try to put them to use in our real lives as well, as much as we can. But, like Oz, Mayberry, Hilldale, and the Brady household…Hazzard is a fantasy place that we all wished existed. That’s why entertainment is so popular…it provides one of the “earthly” enjoyable escapes from the harshness of reality.
  5. By all means neither Peggy Rea, nor Sorrell Booke, were thin or skinny people. But, I’ve seen both on many other things, before & after “Dukes”. We all know Sorrell wore a fat suit, as he wasn’t as obese as his character of Boss Hogg. Looking at Peggy in some other things, yes she was heavy…but she was no where near what her character of Lulu was on “Dukes”. I’m thinking she wore a fat suit as well…to exaggerate her weight, just like Boss. Part of the show’s & Hazzard’s charm was everyone & everything was overly exaggerated. It was fun, entertaining, and created a place you truly wished existed.
  6. It’s actually “Too Many Roscos”…but, yeah it was a good one!
  7. Agreed! Or, this guy could have been some half-brother, or a distant cousin, or an uncle, etc… But, to me he still came across closer to Boss’ age, rather than old enough to supposedly be Boss’ father.
  8. Maybe so…although Big Daddy was supposedly as corrupt as Boss, and that’s supposedly where Boss got his greed from.
  9. There are many examples of certain actors playing the parent of another, and in reality they’re not old enough. Barbara Bel Geddes played ‘Miss Ellie’, Larry Hagman’s (J.R.’s) mother on Dallas…but, in reality there was only 9 years difference in their ages. It just seemed unrealistic (even for “Dukes”) to have Boss Hogg’s dad still alive & that ‘able’. The way they played it, he should have been some other half-brother or something, that was only 5-6 years older than Boss. I know not a lot of emphasis towards continuity was utilized, but they’d already shown Boss’ mother a few times in the portrait he had, and referred to her with the ashes in the trophy episode…and they never re-shown her in any way, looking like someone or something else. So, the idea of ‘Big Daddy’ getting with her was ridiculous. It just seems to me that when Bo & Luke left, and ratings started going down hill, the writers started dropping the proverbial ball, and were not caring as much either. I don’t count the 2007 movie, or any so-called “Dukes” things outside the original show & cast. In my opinion any of those are just raunchy rip-offs or pathetic wannabes.
  10. I’m sorry, but I’ve always thought it was unrealistic & strange that Boss Hogg’s dad is #1: still alive, but #2: he basically looks to be barely a few years older than Boss. Also, he doesn’t look like the kind of man who would have gotten with Boss’ momma, under any circumstances —going by what we know she looked like, with her portrait Boss has (just sayin’).
  11. I don’t hate Coy & Vance by any means, though…they tried as best they could! It wasn’t their fault & I actually feel bad for them for what the situation was…it was a no-win.
  12. But, not “bright” enough to carry the show…it still took Bo & Luke to make it work.
  13. I realize & know that older actors many times portrayed younger roles…especially back then. Michele Greene, as much as I loved her on L.A. Law, just looked 24-27 on the Dukes episode, to me. She looked ridiculous running around in the WOZ get-up…”and with her little dog, too!” Nothing against her personally, I’ve always liked her…it was the episode itself. I don’t really care for the “alternate cousins” episodes…but, once every few years I’ll watch a few when going through the show again. I do remember watching them as a kid, when they originally aired. The fools-gold (“Dukes Strike It Rich”, I think) episode is probably my favorite of their tenure on the series. But, the whole thing has just a disaster. It should never have been done. It was amazing when Bo & Luke returned!
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