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  1. EMERY Potter - Played by Charlie Dell in People's Choice, Coltrane Vs. Duke and Dukescam Scam.
  2. As Rosco would say, "I love it, I love it".
  3. This is a great video and it must have been amazing having John Schneider drive your car. The General Lees in the early Georgia episodes are my favorite look(s) for the car. I like the shorter push bar and the darker blue in the General Lee lettering and the flag. The car looks spot on to LEE1. Can you post some pictures of the interior?
  4. Unfortunately too many people like using Facebook. I'd rather be on a forum. People tend to be friendlier on forums. Here at Hazzardnet it's like a family.
  5. I'll look for it tomorrow. I can't wait to see it again.
  6. This is awesome! I love your attention to detail. Going through all that, removing the windshield, to install the extra speakers is great attention to detail. Your General Lee looks just like LEE1. What color is the body painted? Is it 1975 Corvette Flame Red?
  7. Hey thanks. I'll look through my DVD sets tomorrow.
  8. Welcome to Hazzardnet. I live up in NY but I'm a southerner by heart. In a few years I'm planning on moving south, possibly South Carolina. If you want send me a PM and we can exchange e-mail addresses. If you don't mind I can re-size the picture(s) of your Charger for you.
  9. ALABAMA Jones - Played by Melinda Naud in The Law And Jesse Duke.
  10. I watched that years ago but I don't remember that story. This weekend I'll watch it again.
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