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  1. I was TRYING to grab a pic of a Big Wheels scooter, like a lot of American children used to ride when they were little! !
  2. sorry...I tried to capture an image and messed it all up! .........( Bar Tender!! pour me another!!!!)
  3. oh definitely! Of course my close Hazzardite friends will get in free!
  4. BIG! ( as in Big Wheels! ....remember when you were little and rode your Big wheel?)
  5. well my weight is almost as bad as it was.....!! BUT....I AM a millionaire!
  6. I'm out of emojis tonight but LOL!! Ha! Ha!!
  7. I'm glad you're back! You'll surely be here in the spring for The Moonshine 400! ( It's the craziest road race in Hazzard! They only go 400 laps, not 500, because nobody can stay sober long enough to finish! ( What do you expect Hobie the town drunk + a race called the MOONSHINE 400? You know they're asking for it! LOL! )
  8. yes it's good to see you again....feels like the Good ol' days now!!
  9. Hey, maybe I'm late to the party ( I usually am) but I came across this somewhere, the other day. Paul Baxley, ( everybody knows who he is, right?) He was the stunt coordinator on the GodFather! Can you believe it??? I thought that was kind of neat! ( neat....Hmmm....my vocabulary is going retro.....or maybe I'm still stuck in the ;'70's! )
  10. That was also one of the stupidest things I saw on the show. They had Luke in there so he could keep an eye on the speedometer...BS! Also, what about the added weight that would have to be overcome, by Luke's body? Thias was rthe goofiest one of all 147! I've only seen it a few times because of this!
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