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  1. RONNIE schell.....remember him?....no boss she doesn't do Kate Smith......
  2. They changed his face. His nose etc. looked Jewish back in the 7o's....couldn't have that! Now they've softened up so much, they don't even show him any more!
  3. I guess your wife doesnt know Emma is " The other woman"!!
  4. EMMA! ( If you don't get it, Let Roger explain it to you! )
  5. CATHERINE .... do I really need to explain...?
  6. There were plenty of animals on the farms in Hazzard but there was NEVER a ZEBRA!!
  7. FORGIVE me please!! I messed up again! ( and I haven't even had any of Uncle Jesse's finest yet! I'm sorry! VICTORY * The General Lee was so good and so fast it always had VICTORY except once! ( Does anybody remember that one?)
  8. Sorry! I forgot to Elucidate my post! ( I stand over here in shame! )...BUT......I'm about to partake in some adult beverages!! ....That means I'm heading for the back of the car lot ( The refrigerator! ) and be a real life Hobie! OK...B$ I head to the back of the lot, I'll redeem myself with the next letter.....U ( I bet this one's never been used ) Ungulate! * The Dukes had several Ungulates on their farm!
  9. ATV's * Lust worthy! LOL!! That's hilarious! Never heard it put like that! Erotic Emma!!
  10. She walks through the tall corn down by the river....!
  11. reminds me of a Johnny Paycheck song....Take this 2x4 and shove it....!
  12. Knowledge ( science is Greek for " Knowledge")
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