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  1. Hey! Where have I been?? I didn't see this! ( we've been having trouble down at the car lot!) Happy Belated Birthday Skipper! Come on by the lot sometime and I'll let you have one of my little RED buggies as a present! ( They ALL look red to me!)
  2. ....Blues Clues....heard about it ( them? him?) .....totally ignorant on it!
  3. Of course the oppression won't be as bad as what white men did Why not????? It will probably be a lot worse! The Japanese treated our kind a lot worse than we SUPPOSEDLY did them, in the Japanese internment camps during the war!
  4. Boot Sales.....remnds me of when I go to Walmart to buy my Brahma workboots!
  5. Reminds you of the kids way back when I'll bet!
  6. Allen Jackson has a home in my howmtown, Franklin Tn.
  7. Copperhead road is def. Hazzard style music and it reminds me of where I'm from! ( All this is why I like TDOH so much....one of the reasons...!)
  8. put a tiger in your tank....you're telling off on your age there, bud! ( of ccourse now....I'm telling off on MY age....! ) Beer ( liquor, beer....we're getting into Hobie's area of expertise!)
  9. How did he die? I remember the show but never was interested enough to watch it.
  10. It reminds me of what I tell people. I'm lucky I haven't been picked up by the police......for Public Poverty....violating people's eyes and giving small children emotional complexes! I'm so poor they've got a picture of me on the dart board at the Church Mouse bar, across town! I'm being held in contempt ....!! By Church Mice!!
  11. very nice...( I ran out of " Like" reactions!)
  12. That's a fact! Good to see you Hoggy!
  13. 2nd degree breach of peace?? What will they think up next????
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