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  1. Yes, we HAVE missed you...don't be a stranger! My word just stop over at my car lot and I'll give you a bit of my finest or we'll bot go to the Boars Nest and drink some of Boss' stuff....if he hasn't watered it down again!
  2. Sunshine.....I think Luke called Sunshine a bandit when he and Bo went to pick up some seed and it was higher than they thought.
  3. WTH?? * WHAT is a Huggy Bear? * What The Hazzard??? Sugar Smacks Bear.
  4. Now I'm Watching Duke of a Duke....I think Hoss told us it was a Jaguar cousin Gaylord was driving...I forget the numbers and letters .
  5. I'm NOW watching " Arrest Jesse Duke" and I'm watching strippers take it all off! and...seeing I don't have anything to do tomorrow, That also means it's time for a few adult beveriges NOW...I'm watching Granny Annie and I'm parked on the side of Hound Dog Lake!
  6. Mount Paran ( correct spelling??) Rd. " It's 'crookeder' than Mount Paran Rd."
  7. WOW! You've got that thing covered up good! Oh...by the way, you say " Hemi Orange", I say " Duke Boy Orange " ...... Tomato tomahto!!
  8. True but in show business the fame popularity and money tend to go hand in hand e.g. Tom Wopat and Tom Cruise....see???
  9. Hey, I just figured all the actors in the show ( the main ones) in the show, are worth approximately $ 19,200, 000 together. Cale Yarboro is worth $ 50,000,000.....they got to be a lot more famous and popular than Cale.....just goes to show...YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO HANDLE YOUR MONEY!
  10. You know, we have a section called the " Last 24 Hours", or something like that, well, I'm proposing one called, " What I'm Doing Right Now!" What I'm doing right now ( feel free to join me!), is sitting at my desk top computer, writing to citizens ( and close friends, I feel...) of the greatest place in the world, Hazzard.Net. and I'm watching " The Dukes Meet Cale Yarboro". I'm also enjoying some adult beveriges to give me the care free feeling....kind of like what being in Hazzard gives you!
  11. Trouble....sometimes those things bring out the worst in people!
  12. It USED to be but if you want to get anywhere in 5-10 min. ( 40 yrs. ago) forget it! If you don't have a million dollars to lay out for a house....you better resign yourself to the fact, you'll be living in a bad neighborhood!
  13. no, it's just that I'm from Williamson County ( Frannklin city) Tennessee and everybody moves here and nobody moves out! It's like the Bermuda Triangle!
  14. Well lord knows....everybody else is!
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