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  1. Junior: “I was only trying to help.” Buford: “You wanna help? Jump out the window.” - Junior and Buford, 1983. (Smokey and the Bandit III)
  2. Buford: “I’m saying that it’s time to pee on the fire, call in the dogs, turn off my siren, switch off my lights, and return to my old rocking chair.” - Buford T. Justice, 1983. (Smokey and the Bandit III)
  3. I'm outta reactions cousin. So ❤.
  4. Jerry Dandridge(Fright Night)and Regine Dandridge(Fright Night II)
  5. I love movie! I love all things Dukes original and new stuff!
  6. (Season 4 Goodbye, General Lee)Waylon Jennings:(About Bo & Luke's temporary yellow car he called "Old Yeller"."Friends, she's got the might. But I don't think she's got the moves."(Car makes jump successfully.):"Well, I reckon it's all in who's in the driver's seat."
  7. NICKELdipper! He'll foreclose quicker than a minnow will swim in nickeldipper. (Cooter in Hughie Hogg Strikes Again.)
  8. I am brave! I have eaten the Smokey and the Bandit Jackie Gleason (Sheriff Buford T. Justice) meal of Diablo Sandwich 4 times now. 3 times sandwich only. 4th time the complete meal sandwich and Dr. Pepper with it. My mom tried it in the Slider version. She said "To hot for me Bobby." The 1st 3 times I ate it, my nose ran after I finished it. I see why he ordered a drink with it. To help cool it off. So hot. That's why while eating, he patted himself on the chest and went "Whoa!"
  9. Penny from The Big Bang Theory is a beautiful woman?
  10. (Season 4 Trouble at Cooter's) Waylon Jennings:"That was old Rhuebottom's General Store. Boss Hogg foreclosed on Rhuebottom's to use his store room to warehouse his stolen merchandise. Boss eased his conscience by sending Rhuebottom a turkey. And it was spoiled."
  11. (Rescue From Gilligan's Island 1978) Mary Ann's childhood best friend Cindy visits her before her wedding to Herbert Rucker. Cindy:"Try and pull yourself together. Oh, there's 2 men outside who say they're your old friends." Mary Ann:"But you know all of my old friends." Cindy:"Not these 2. One of 'em, well, so far he's knocked down the bridal bower, the flower arrangements, 2 rows of chairs-" Mary Ann:"Gilligan?" Cindy:"That's his name. And the other one is-"(Circling arms indicating someone overweight.) Mary Ann:"Skipper." Cindy:"Yeah." Mary Ann:"I didn't invite them. I didn't invite anybody from the island. Not to this wedding."
  12. (Rescue From Gilligan's Island 1978)Gilligan and Skipper visit Professor at the college where he teaches classes. Skipper:"Wow Professor! You look exhausted!" Professor:"Unfortunately it's not from work. I am constantly interrupted. Women have become so aggressive since we on the island." Skipper:"Ain't that a shame?"
  13. (Season 4 Trouble at Cooter's)Boss Hogg & Rosco find Bo & Luke and confront 'em about the fur coats. Boss Hogg:"Alright you crooks, what'd you do with them furs!?" Luke Duke:"We reupholstered the General with 'em!" Bo Duke:"Teh. They put 'em in that blue car. They're gettin' away." Luke Duke:"Yeah. If you give us a chance, we'll help you catch 'em." Boss Hogg:"Oh sure you will! An' you believe in the words of a Duke!? Go on lock 'em up!" Luke Duke:"It's time to go!" Rosco:"Alright boys, I'm sorry, but this time yer gonna-"
  14. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02CMedGTtvVUojFCxu4nfeBTR2SWHmzZw5FVt4AdrPGpTzTGTf8V5W5e5t6ftSMhykl&id=100050347695863&post_id=100050347695863_pfbid02CMedGTtvVUojFCxu4nfeBTR2SWHmzZw5FVt4AdrPGpTzTGTf8V5W5e5t6ftSMhykl&sfnsn=mo&mibextid=6aamW6
  15. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02CMedGTtvVUojFCxu4nfeBTR2SWHmzZw5FVt4AdrPGpTzTGTf8V5W5e5t6ftSMhykl&id=100050347695863&post_id=100050347695863_pfbid02CMedGTtvVUojFCxu4nfeBTR2SWHmzZw5FVt4AdrPGpTzTGTf8V5W5e5t6ftSMhykl&sfnsn=mo&mibextid=6aamW6
  16. TRANSMISSION when the bad guys drive in reverse to escape the head on coming truck in Witness, for the Persecution Waylon says "I'm sure glad that ain't my transmission!"
  17. I'm outta reactions again. I 2nd that Cousin Hobie! +2!
  18. Cuzin Roger... In his defense... Thru his eyes they all look red. Remember?
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