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  1. Mississippi (Louisiana woman, Mississippi man....we get together any time we can)
  2. Threads like these are one of many reasons I love the HazzardNet so much. Things always come around that make the DOH feel new again!
  3. NIGHT.... and now it's OSAGE County
  4. He was the kid who spit on the back window of the General Lee in One Armed Bandits and went on to be Randy Moffitt, star of Boss's basketball team. In real life he was born in Georgia. Bo "I hate kids".
  5. Hey Hobie, please make it easy for us and write NIGHT. It just makes it easier to pick the word out. Thanks cuz.
  6. That's the plan for the moment but is subject to change. So far it's just us 2. Anybody else? Breaker breaker.
  7. Hazzard lawmen remind me of the KEYSTONE KOPS
  8. That would be 3:00 your time so maybe it will be before you had to leave.
  9. Pretty impressive that you found that quote of mine Hoss. But then again, impressing people is what you do on a daily basis around here. I have a pair of glasses like Scanlon's. They go with my Santa suit.
  10. Maybe we should try for Saturday afternoon so it would be evening for you Hoss. Still haven't heard from the others so they might not be interested anyways. What do we think of 4:00 Saturday....9 to Hoss. 3 to Hobie?
  11. Rosco and Flash got an INVITATION to the Duke Farm on Christmas Eve.
  12. Out of reactions. They always did a terrible job with Jesse's stunt double. I get that it might have been tough to get someone who looked like him but I wonder how they messed his hair up so badly. You would think that replicating hair would be relatively easy.
  13. Don't waste a sip Skipper. That would put you on Hobie's naughty list.
  14. That reminds me of the old country song..."I ain't never had too much fun!" You are correct. It is humanly impossible to get too much Dukes of Hazzard. The old saying "too much of a good thing" doesn't apply to Dukes.
  15. I'm a Pirate, Steeler and Penguins fan myself because I grew up with them but my second favorites are Atlanta teams because of Dukes. I guess that makes the Cubs number 3 instead of 2. Woops.
  16. And most of them could be traced back to that scoundrel Jefferson Davis Hogg. He's charming as an Army tank and he's laughing all the way to the bank.
  17. Of course I don't hold that against them. I'm just not the type of person who can watch a race (or any sporting event for that matter) and not root for somebody. I'm not as big of a NASCAR fan as you and don't know as much about the drivers and teams as you do, so it can be tough for me to decide who to like. The Dukes connection just gives a little edge in my mind. But, hey...Dukes was filmed in California, so there's that! As you remember, I did like Johnson though! And I do root for the Cubs because of you....unless they are playing the Pirates that day....but anybody can beat my Pirates.
  18. That's 2 of us for Friday then. Anybody else?
  19. I'm out of reactions but you have our love and sympathy cousin.
  20. I know what you mean about missing things. I'm pretty sentimental myself. So much so that Chase is my favorite driver because his father was mentioned on a Dukes episode....and he's a Georgia boy. I still miss Cale because of his Dukes connection but as long as someone in NASCAR has a Dukes connection I'll be rooting for them.
  21. We are going to have a Christmas Party, even if it is just on this thread writing posts like it is a group text. Two questions: Hoss, what is the latest (in eastern standard time) that you could participate? To the rest of you: What days would you not be available in the early evening? I was thinking Friday Dec 16 might be nice since Dukes used to be on Fridays.
  22. My wife looks nothing like this so I must not be the Duke she is talking about.
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