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  1. You can't fool me Hobie. There are 3 reasons you watch Beverly Hillbillies. 1) Ellie May lays out beside the cement pond in her one piece bathing suit 2) You think Miss Hathaway a hottie 3) You hope Granny will slip up and reveal her recipe to her rheumatiz medicine.
  2. We had 3 grandkids all weekend so I didn't see any NASCAR and only caught 15 minutes of dirt bike races last night.
  3. I bet you are the biggest redneck in Ireland! (If you are not, just lie and say you are.... or you will ruin the image I have of you)
  4. Hobie has never heard of a flea circus? I can't be friends with you anymore Hobie. You are way too cultured and sophisticated for me.
  5. Hobie went from waltz to vampire? Okay, we'll just go with Skipper's response and I'll say..... TOM and JERRY
  6. Maybe he knows he can't win but he's hoping he can get the fines reduced.
  7. There has to be someone else from Dixie who is competitive.
  8. Welcome to the HazzardNet. How long have you been a Dukes fan? Do you have a favorite character? How long have you been into RC cars?
  9. In The Hazzardville Horror, the bad guys stole and melted SILVER
  10. Well, if they are going to be in Atlanta, you can bet that half of Hazzard County will be there. Too bad that there are no other Georgia boys racing though.
  11. Sorry Hobie, after beer I put can, so you need to respond to can.
  12. Not compared to Emma Tisdale
  13. His car is all black, even the bumpers....so the revenuers can't see him as easily. Jesse calls it a runner.
  14. Good question. I just Googled his name and found a lot of stuff but not his birth year. His hometown isn't much more than an hour from me.... Butler Pa. My mom's side of the family is from down around there. Hey! Maybe I'm related. That would make me Duke cousin!
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