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  1. McCutchen won't make them any better. They'll still be worse than your Cubs but he will sell tickets and merchandise. They're paying him 5 million for one year so it should pull a profit for them.
  2. I probably wouldn't have liked that. I'm sure Denver Pyle has played a bad guy or two but I wouldn't want to see that either.
  3. Off the subject....I am so mad right now. My wife worked a double shift today. Her workplace has been having trouble finding employees the past 2 years so has been offering more and more money to attract people. They are now offering to pay their newly hired secretaries the same amount per hour that she is making.....AND SHE HAS BEEN THERE 44 YEARS! I guess this is not the fault of management. They need people and this is the only way to get them. The government is just paying more money for people to stay home than work. Oh well, we aren't supposed to get political here. We can only do that if defending the Dukes so I won't go any further. It's infuriating. I can't wait for her to retire....hopefully in the fall.
  4. That might have been Cletus, not Rosco. Anybody know? He said something like "he's going to college?"
  5. Maybe he drank some bad pond water.
  6. They will be here before you know it! Andrew McCutchen is back on my Pirates!
  7. second (I knew a guy like that. You could ask him what the first, second, third or fourth Sunday was of any month of any year and he always got the number right. Sometimes he got it quick and sometimes it took a few seconds. We tested him a lot because he loved doing it and he never missed. He only did Sundays though. He was in his mid 20s at the time and was about at a 5 year old level with intelligence. It was amazing to witness!)
  8. I love that their coach looks like a water boy. He's one smart water boy though!
  9. Go Bills! I'm about the same distance (100 miles) from Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cleveland so I'll root for Buffalo now that the Steelers season is over.
  10. No Dukes for me tonight. Just got home from a birthday party. I have two calls to make and then watching the Bengals beat the Ravens in a little over an hour. Happy to see the Bills win but sad to see the Vikings lose to the Giants today.
  11. Welcome to the HazzardNet. I can't help you but keeping checking in and I bet someone will have an answer. Has he made other cars from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show?
  12. I agree Hobie but what really impresses me is anybody who loves Hazzard County enough to do this. Of course it's the greatest show in the history of television so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised!
  13. Georgia episodes are all two thumbs up. I wish I had more thumbs.
  14. So awesome to see you paying so much attention to detail.
  15. I'm here cousin! Sounds like a good idea. I'm heading for the DVDs now!
  16. Are the police investigating it as a murder?
  17. Brighten up. Your Cubs are 100% guaranteed of being better than my Pirates in 2023....my Steelers turned it on in the second half of the season but didn't make the playoffs either so I won't tease you.
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